Drake Bailey and Dave Corso: Drag Queen Duet!

by Former White Hat

Drake Kent Bailey, Vietnam veteran, and Sgt. David Corso, Ret,, US Army, Active CIA, Vietnam vet, were both spotted in San Francisco Thursday night in a drag queen show in the Castro district. The two senior citizens were dressed up in full drag regalia, high heels and tu-tus, and sang Liza Minelli songs as a duo. After their set, they passionately kissed on stage and then left, hand-in-hand, promising everyone they would have hot cross-dressing man-on-man sex.

I am saying it too: What the hell?!  Didn’t Drake and Dave have a lover’s quarrel which lead to Drake leaving Wolf Spirit Radio?

Dave Corso was on his way to Sacramento, for Bobby Joe Fanin’s Luciferian ritual disguised as a survival course, but what was Drake doing on the West Coast? And San Francisco? Rumors are he was on a turkey hunt, or maybe he just wanted to find some hunky sailors in Alameda to recruit for his mass arrests…

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