Black Witch Sarah Stanga Gets the Water Company Treatment: Refusal to Enter the USA

by Former White Hat

I am the one that had Priory of Dracos priestess and black witch Sarah Stanga detained and denied entry into the USA and from spreading her lies at Bobby Joe’s bogus seminar of clone deceptions.  She had been warned not to try to come to the US but she tried anyway.

Her passport was flagged. She was given the Water Company treatment. She was not, however as she claims, psychically scanned and invaded, and there were no Satanists behind it. It was all the Brethern of the White Robe. She was given an extra nudge in Germany by the Knights of the Silver Sword.

Your kind does not belong in the US, Gupta Stanga. Keep your Dracos-loving ways in jolly ol’ England. We will not allow you to deceive more people here on free soil, and your reign of deception and black magic is soon to come to an end.

Try again and you may find yourself in a cell on the Andromeda Council bio-sphere to face charges against humanity.

Bobby Joe Fanin received his message in Sacramento., Drake will receive his in West Virginia and Lady Dragon hers in Canada. We will be shutting these people down as we begin to cleans the realm of these agents of Dracos.


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