Open Letter to Lady Drake & Lady Dragon/COBRA

by Former White Hat

Today, Drake in his update says, “We will know by the end of Monday or Tuesday if the military is for real about this or not. If they are, they should give me a green light.”

Got that rainbow sword in hand, eh, Lady Drake?

Yo, Drake-y,

I am giving you the same warning as I did to Sarah Stanga, Bobby Joe Fanin and Lady Dragon: Enough with the lies, the deception, the false hope and the games. If you do not discontinue the bullshit that is harming innocent people and causing confusion, you will be required to pack your bags and forced to a new home.

You are calling for war and violence on the home front; you are frightening We the People with false information. This must stop.

In your voice, I can tell you are still mentally trapped in Vietnam, these memories were transferred from original to the clone you are, and all the Drake clones suffered the same. I am very sorry you were sent to kill people by the Cabal over a false conflict in a bogus “Cold War” and young men were used for control of the drug trade, that it was all for “their” profit and control, for the CIA to fund their black projects. Many died who should not have died and many suffer mentally still, as you do: your suffering has caused you to live in a fictional world where you are the savior of humanity, as you claimed with your Rainbow Sword, are an insider in the Pentagon, and messenger to the free world. I know you see an ugly world and feel powerless to do anything to stop the bad guys, so you have concocted a role-playing game. Your stating that you are waiting for a helicopter of Pentagon generals to land on your property to have an elite meeting with you to plan the mass arrests is a Green Light indication of your delusions of grandeur and messiah complex.

Leave the cleaning up of the planet to the professionals, and stop telling lies about the Plejarans — they will not “scoop up” people from cities and fling Cabalists into the sun. If you knew anything about what “benevolent ETs” means, you would know they do not resort to violence outside self-protection.


Lady Dragon,

Enough with Operation Stardust nanites that “can immobilize or kill a Cabal person.” You never explained how these nanites discern between a Cabal person and a regular person. And if this were true — the Plejarns do not use this sort of thing and it is not “of the cosmic law thingy” as you and Cobra claim. If anything, the nanites being spread in the air is to harm and control We the People, to dumb down and thwart the many who are awaking up, whose energies and powers are coming to fruition: the very thing the Cabal fears and does not want.

You say, “Don’t shoot at the aliens, please.” As if they could be harmed by shotgun pellets. If “all the bad aliens are gone” as you and Cobra contend, then why are they still everywhere? Why is Queen Elizabeth still on her throne? Why are the shapesifters still in seats of power in the world governments?  Why are their bases at Dulce, NM, South Africa, China, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, England, and Austria heavily fortified and active? Why is their high priestess Sarah Stanga still on earth?  You say, “If you see a UFO, they are here to help you,” is exactly what the Cabal wants people to think, to trust the reptilians and greys. Ever see that Twilight Zone based on the Damon Knight story, “To Serve Man”? Or the show V? 

The “bad aliens” are being dealt with but they are hardly gone and still have mankind enslaved…they are losing their grip and are uselessly trying to tighten the rope. They cannot stop Ascension. The 3D world they and the human Cabal will inherit will not have the amount of people they need to remain as monarchs and lords, and that really bothers them, they do not want to let go of their slave race, life would not be any fun for them without people to play war games, to impoverish, to make hungry and scared.

Go back to stealing money from gamblers and playing your video games, Lady Dragon, instead of making the radio a video games to play your bullshit and ask money for COBRA.

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