Did You Look Up?

by Former White Hat

Tonight in the Western Hemisphere, 2,000 ships were dispatched to fly over all states and providences of the US, Canada, and Mexico between 10 pm – 1 am in all time zones, splitting up into groups of 3 and 5. If you were outside and looking up, you perhaps saw something unexplainable. This was a message to you watching that we are here and you are not alone.

I would have given a heads up but I learned of this after the fact; I was in Paris having dinner with an old friend.

Tonight the same will be done over all nations and their states and provinces in Europe and Australia and New Zealand from 10 pm – midnight in their respective time zones.

July 28, same time, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa and Morrocco.

July 30, same time, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Iran and Syria.

Another mass sighting run will occur in the US, Canada and Mexico on the night of July 9, between 11 pm – 1 am all time zones.

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