Drake Moves the Deadline Another Week

by Former White Hat

Nothing happened the past two days as Drake said it would “if the military is for real about this.”  When the Plejarans don’t do the arrests instead, will he say the ETs also backed down on their word?

Of course, this unsigned posting reveals it will happen in July, perhaps by the 4th. Let’s see what Drake says on his radio update today…most likely he will move the date up another week or two, and then August, and then an October Surprise, and…

UPDATE: Yes, Drake moved the date again, before 4th of July. He said he would not give an exact date “but sometime this week…could be tonight, tomorrow, but it will be this week.”  He says a great 4th July of freedom, and refers to the movie Independence Day. What? As in alien invasion?

Before, he said he was chosen as spokesperson because of his connecton to high ranking officals in the Pentagon, even though he left the military as an E4 Corporal.Now he says, “I don’t know why these chose me but they did.”

He also says he, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones were chosen to deliver the truth during the arrests….so, he raises himself as high as Jones and Limbaugh…when both these talk show hosts are paid Cabal shills.

He has kept his followes excited…so when nothing happens by July 4, he will of course say, “It’s happening soon…next week…”

He said he was given date but asked not to give it, that the green light has been given, nd he would post these details on his website after the show. He has posted nothing.

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