Of Thule, Vril, and Aryan People from the Past

by Former White Hat

I have returned from Germany and Austria…as I noted I was in Europe, first having dinner in Paris with an old friend from my intel days, who said important people from the past had arrived here in 2012.  From there we went to Berlin and met with a striking young woman with very long brown hair…her name was “Sigrun” in the 1930s-40s and she is 170 years old, but looks no older than 25. She is not an alien, she has kept her body in a perfect, unaging state using Vril energy. Yes, she is of the Thule and later Vril Societies from Nazi Germany fame…

She told me about the ten thousand Aryan Ukraine women who had been taken in 1944 to the Antarctica as wives/breeders for 2500 selected Aryan men, to create a pure master race that would always stay young and powerful via Vril energy, what would later become the 4th Reich. Something went wrong, they were infiltrated by the Bafath and Dracos…

She said 2,000 of these women and their children left in 100 Vril ships to go to Aldebaran but they were stopped by the Wingmakers and Laher People from the future, many of them killed or captured. 349 women and 200 children were flung into 2012 and landed in Austria.

They had wound up in 1998 for a while, but left for 2012.

We were met outside Berlin by another member of the group, Heike, also striking and young-looking but was born in 1865, and then taken to the Black Forest, and joined by Semjase, Nellet, Olein, Asket and others, who transported the Vril women and children to the Andromeda bio sphere. They are being hunted. They are pure blood Aryans with 5D bodies like Plejarans and would be choice prisoners for the Cabal. The women and children are as humanity once was and always meant to be: perfect healthy, beautiful, with bodies meant to last 600-800 years and never looking older than 40.

Sigrun knows some weaknesses of the Bafath and Lager that could be of use…she also says a fleet of 10,000 Aldebaran ships are on their way to come to earth January 2013…what their intentions, friend or foe, is unknown.

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