George Kavassilas: Shapeshiftig Reptilian Deceiver

by Former White Hat

George Kavassilas is not a human, he is a shapeshifting lizard boy, and has been seen shifting live.

He was, however, once human and true. But he was taken and replaced much in the same way as Bill Ryan, who were both replaced while in Australia around the same time. They are not the only ones to have been replaced by shapeshifters, rather than clones, Down Under in Oz, because of a large shapeshifter base in Mt Ziel and fortified by Cabal US/UK military.

He said he and others would ascend March this year. It did not happen. So of course he moved the date March 2013, saying,”Well if it does not happen, it’s what I feel.”  Ascension for those ready will happen earlier than that, but Lizard Boy George will not be one of them. He will continue to deceive people after March, 2013, where we will probably still keep hearing Drake saying, “The mass arrests are about to happen, just wait for the fireworks…”

Are the real Bill and George still alive? They may be and if they are, they are being tortured, used as sex slaves for perverted reptoids, and their souls being drained under Mt, Ziel.

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