Mass Arrests Update: A Tale of Two Clones

by Former White Hat

The Drake Clone has finally spoken out about why he was absent from his show — I want to say that while he claims to have been kidnapped by agents of the ONI, I did not have a hand in Drake Clone’s Water Company service visit. On his Facebook Page, he writes:

I will talk about the matter in more detail later when I get my brain unscrambled. I am very sorry that the green light has now turned to red and it is uncertain when it will go green again. I was not on Global Voice Radio last Sunday because I was “detained” by men from the Office of Naval Intelligence. These turkies like to say things like “detained” and that sort of thing but what they did was kidnap me from my home blindfolded, roughed me up, and flew me to the Pentagon where five generals chewed my old ass out something fierce. They said the green light was red and the fireworks are called off. They said it was all a test run or a psyops or some such thingamabob to see how We the People would react to such news. I feel in my heart the mass arrests will happen one day and I hope soon. That doesn’t mean we can’t take matters into our own hands. This is what I think those generals were implying. They will help those who help themselves and that sort of thing. I will have more details later. In the meanwhile, listen to Bill Brockbrader and ignore Cobra. Cobra was part of the psyops. I am sorry if this disappoints you. No one is more disappointed than I.

The clone of Bill Brockbrader, freshly minted, is now speaking of the mass arrests. As we see in this video, the clone is already breaking down and not looking well:

Here and on his Monday night show at Wolf Spirit Radio, the Brock states the mass arrests will happen after July 4th, perhaps from a False Flag event, and that the people must instigate the mass arrests and push the military into it through so many people protesting the streets will be over-filled and the cops will not be able to transport protestors away. This has been happening in other countries, from Brazil to Japan, with the police even joining the citizens in protest against the bankers and politicians and Dracos-run governments or usury and fiat money,

Drake Clone claims he is bowing out from embarrassment and shame, that he will “fade away,” and that the Brock “will take up where I left off.” Seems like the two have mended their disagreement — and then like a Janus effect, or schizophrenic, Drake says the Green Light is back on and urges American militias to do what the Pentagon won’t: take the law into their own hands/ He writes:

I have been on the phone all day with militias all over the dang nation and no one wants to sit on their duffs and do nothing. I am hereby calling all American patriots, in or out of service, common defense and neighborhood watch alike, to get together and prepare for war. Mobilize now, gentlemen and fierce women, and let’s show the world that we are in the freedom business for real and that sort of thing. Form groups of no less than 12 and begin the mass arrests. Start at the local level by arresting all city council and mayors, assemblymen and women, state senate, and onward to the Governor of each state. From there, we will arrest district congress members and senators. By this time you will not be alone because the sheriffs, marshalls and military will have no choice but to get off their heineys and join in like these turkies were supposed to. This unstoppable force will converge on Washington D.C. and take the Bushes, Hilary Clinton, and President Obama into custody to answer for their crimes.

If these Cabalists and bankers and crooks do not surrender peacefully, take a shot over the bow as they say in the Navy. If they put up a fight, and some just might do that sort of tom-foolery, then you will have no other choice but to use deadly force. With extreme prejudice, people.

THE GREEN LIGHT IS ON FOR JUSTIFIED SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND EXECUTION. Most of these Illuminati turkies are monsters and not even human, so they do not deserve the constitutional rights of humans or the Common Law of decent people. When a farmer catches a fox in the chicken coop gobbling up eggs and baby chicks, does the farmer arrest the fox and give the critter due process? No, he shoots to kill because the fox was stealing and killing what is not his. The same applies to the Cabal critters: they have stolen from you and killed your friends and family, thus karmic universal law goes into effect. An eye for an eye and that sort of thing.

Form your militias now, people! Hit the streets and start knocking on the doors of your city council, your mayor, your assembly people and Governor’s mansion. Many of them will sing like scared little magpies and give up other bad guys. I now believe this was the message those Pentagon generals and ONI spook boys wanted me to convey: We the People must begin job, and then they will join us when the public rallies on our side.

If you have a militia formed and we have not spoken, you can call me in West Virginia at 304-799-6927. Your call will be re-routed to my cell phone where I am at. If you get a message, leave your name and number and I will return the call and explain in further detail and give you contact info for the men and women who will act as regional colonels and majors at the CentComs set up in every state in the US and every province in Canada.

The red light is now back to GREEN!





Brock calls for passive-resistance and Drake calls for civil war and a coup d’etat.

Tomorrow will tell which way independence has its day.

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