Drake Bailey’s Combat Brain Damage and Schziophrenia

by Former White Hat

Intel reveals that Drake’s sisters, ex-wife, and his many children from two marriages have no idea what Drake has been up to on the radio waves; they are concerned about his mental instability because Drake has had a history of delusional and schizophrenic outbreaks.  Whether his current wife, Ellen Bailey, knows what her husband has been up to when he is on the computer and phone is not known; I seriously doubt she does, and has dealt with his delusional episodes before.

Drake suffers from PTSD, which s obvious in his voice every time he talks about his combat experiences, and was severely injured in Vietnam resulting in brain damage, possibly from the grenade exploding near him that he has mentioned.  He has been on various medications and in and out of psychiatric hospitals since the 1970s.

I released damning information on the likes of Deatra, Bobby Joe Fannin, Sarah Stanga, etc. because they are con artists and lairs.  The issue with Drake, the PTSD and mental illness/handicap transfers over to clones. Because Drake is an injured solider, I will not release embarrassing information, emails from his family and ex-wife, copies of his VA Medical records and psychological assessments if he does the right thing and do what David Wilcock suggested, or fade away. (I should note that Drake claims his ex-wife, siblings and the VA doctors are all lying and being controlled by nanobots to destroy him, the typical paranoid schizophrenic excuse that everyone is conspiring against them.)

It is the 4th July and no mass arrests have happened, no Calvary has arrived, no special fireworks are launched to kick back and enjoy; this is the third dateline he gave. Three strikes and you are out.

David Wilcock wrote on his web site:

“So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.”

If Drake is a man of honor (but being a clone, this may not have transferred), he will issue the retraction and apology.The best choice would be for him to stand down and fade away. But clones do not have honor, conscience, or souls; clones malfunction and the evidence in Drake’s voice show that this is happening.

People are having their hones foreclosed and some have expressed suicide if the mass arrests do not happen and they have to keep living in a world run by usury, fiat money and Luciferian Zionist Cabalists. Drake will answer for these matters.

The “mass arrests” and disclosure will not start happening until the end of September for a true October Surprise. Much light will be shed on the Cabal, grand juries will meet, indictments handed out, trials public and fair — for human minions that is; for shapeshifters, Dracos, greys, and all other bad ET/EDs involved, things will be handled differently.

NEXT: Cobra’s true identity has been discovered and intel that Lady Dragon is a Christian-hating Luciferian will be revealed.


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