Hope’s New 3,000 Residents

by Former White Hat

I have been away helping transport 3,000 children to Planet Hope. Soon, in a few months, that will be my main job before shifting to 5D permanently. It takes careful compassion and understanding helping all these children adjust — but they do get excited traveling in a spaceship and looking out the windows (well really screens receiving signals from whisker probes but you get the idea). Despite the excitement of it all, they are leaving their homes and 9 times out of 10 their family (although in some cases, the people destined for Hope who have children go together as a family), so they become uncertain and scared, but they are met with so much love on Hope, with nice new homes and new surrogate parents, their discomfort goes away.

I cannot even begin to explain the divine beauty of Hope that would do it justice, a terra-formed moon on the other side of the galaxy, far away from other inhabited systems, in direct alignment with the Galaxy’s center so that energy is always there. Hope has two main land masses, Bridliam and Templiam, with only a dozen islands where the defense bases and the planet cloak centers are. Towns instead of cities, homes spread out, schools with no more than 35 choldren in each (adults have their own educational centers); a thickly green planet with only vegetarian animals, no predators (some earth , some Martian, some from Erra and Procyon, like the wonderful three-headed winged giraffe, the singing flowers, and fairy folk in the 7D). Waterfalls, mountains with snow, jungles and forests and deserts without any industry. Free energy, no money, no stress, no banks, no bills, no hunger, no 9 to 5 slavery, simply a transitional safe place to work on the spirit and prepare to ascend without interference of war, fear, and lizard people.

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