COBRA: New Age Scammer from Slovenia or: Boštjan Košir Wants Your Ascended Money!

by Former White Hat

I cannot take credit for this net detective work, it was mostly done by a reader here, Honey Badger, with some slight follow-up and verification by your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, Inc.

My first assessment that COBRA was Lady Dragon using a voice modulator was wrong (I can admit when I am wrong, contrary what some turkeys would there contend); it was the syntax of English language use that made me believe this. While COBRA is not French-Canadian, it turns out he is Eastern European, from Slovenia.

The trail:

Honey Badger sent COBRA an email asking how one could donate money (COBRA was asking for donations in $1,000 increments, far more brash and bold than Deatra Loomer, freedom scam artist). COBRA said one could use the Paypal of a “friend,” giving this email:

That email belongs to someone named “Istar Antares,” author of this article full of terms used by COBRA, such as the Galactic Codex that justifies the use of space dust on the Cabal, etc. Ishtar writes:

I live and work in Slovenia, Europe. I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and am a Cosmic astrology consultant. I began leading workshops about twin souls in 1993 and was very active in the following few years spreading messages from the Ascended Masters about the transformation that Earth is entering into. I also wrote a book about this transformation called ” Ascension Star” in Slovenian language. I translated it into English also but has not yet been published outside Slovenia. I spread knowledge about tantra, Light Body Activation, telepathic communication, group merger process and other higher dimensional teachings on group meetings and workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and USA. I like to do workshops worldwide and I can travel anywhere if there are people interested to hear what I have to say. I am enclosing my program of activities. My contact phone number is cellular: 386 40 236 600 and my email is .
The source of my information is Ashtar and Krotron of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and a physical source that once belonged to the Resistance Movement. I belong to the Antara Star Family that originates from the Pleiades.

COBRA also belongs to the Resistance Movement, which sprinkles wondrous “stardust” into the atmosphere to nullify the Cabal, although he now claims:

Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

You can hear him on this blog talk radio archive, where he talks about meeting “Pleiadians” who helped him become aware. (Believe me, he is not one of the 250 and he is not a Plejaran contactee.) Ishtar Antares runs this blog: Aroura2012, shich is a lot like COBRA’s blog, Portal2012. He even has a book you can buy! Of ascension, Ishtar writes:

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of Ascension will occur. Mother ships of the Galactic confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the mother ships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in Ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light. Soon afterwards another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of Ascension will happen. Masses of Ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of Ascension and for the Evacuation. Great planetary cataclysms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet. At the moment of most intensive cataclysms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of Ascension with final Evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension…

Now this is somewhat correct, but not exactly, and is in the same use of words and ideas that come from COBRA.

On this page, we find that Ishtar Antares is really Boštjan Košir, who lives in Brebovnica, Slovenia. He has a photo on his Facebook


“Send me $3,000 and you will ascend.”

One can see/feel the dark energy around him. Bostjan/Ishtar/COBRA is nothing more than a New Age scam artist, repeating the same that greater gurus have been saying, first scamming his Eastern European audience with seminars, a book, and asking for donations, now scamming the Western Hemisphere audience by jumping on the Drake mass arrests bandwagon, and asking for donations. He has in the past come to the United States to spread his disinfo, at the invite of New Age groups in Encinitas, California, home of the upper middle class Cabal-led cults.

What does an ET like COBRA need with money?

Bostjan is being mind-controlled by the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and the nagative Aldebarans, allies of Dracos. He may have indeed been taken into a ship and “awakened,” but it was a Bafath ship and he was “programmed” to believe he is a messenger for the false light beings of destroyed Ashtar Command.

Now, some of you may say what Ishtar says rings true, and some of what he says is true, like Plejarans only contact those who are souls from Erra or ancient Lyran souls, but the Bafath know this because they are also Lyrans and keep the incarnated souls of their faction close by and as human agents (which Bostjan seems to be). But what of the meditations both Ishtar and COBRA call for? These are ruses; they may seem like light-based meditations on the outside, but imbedded in the protocols and wording is a method that opens YOU up to Bafath mind-control.