July 9 Sightings

by Former White Hat

I am hearing that many others are announcing the mass sightings, from Greg Giles to various forums, and the information is being twisted, which is most likely Cabal agents. The sightings fopr July 9 are not all over the world, but the US/Canada/Mexico only, and only over major cities, not rural areas or “lesser” cities. The whole point is to say, “Hello.”

However, we have learned that the Cabal is planning to attack any visible ships via their stealth, reversed engineered ships, Dracos and grey ships, possibly Laher, and orbital platforms. If air battles become dangerous for people on the ground, it may have to be deterred to a unanncouned date. This is of course always the problem when announcing such things, the Cabal will try to stop it, which is why it was not announced last time.

The Aftranes and Timmers from the DAL-Universe will be in orbit for cover fire if necessary.

Be advised that the Cabal may try to create fake and false flag events, abductions and attacks on structures to cause distrust of the “good guy” ETs.

If Drake or Cobra say that sightings are proof the ETs are engaging in the mass arrests, it is not true and the typical b.s. from those two.

If you have night vision goggles, you will see a better show.

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