Section 8 Drake

by Former White Hat

From Drake’s sister,  Lee: “Sad to say, my brother Drake suffers from PTSD & brain damage he got in Viet Nam. I hope he doesn’t get himself in trouble. He does better now with his meds, I thought. This is upsetting.”

From one of his daughters, asked to not be named: “Dad has had these issues since I can remember. Sometimes he can be funny, sometimes not so funny and scary. He grabs onto these crazy ideas and doesn’t let go and it gets worse and worse. He talks to himself and talks on the phone but no one is on the other line. Confront him and he says, ‘Things are not what they appear to be.’ He says that he is an important asset at the Pentagon… he has been saying that for 25 years.”

His ex-wife, Joyce Peters, divorced him because she could no longer deal with his grand delusions, and he would get abusive verbally and physically toward anyone who questioned him, convinced they were being mind-controlled by the CIA.

Discharged from the Army under Section 8, psychological evaluation: “Cpl Bailey has lost the ability to discern between reality and fabrication. Tendency toward dissociation reaction and paranoia. Hallucinations frequent. It is of the opinion that Bailey is no longer fit for duty.”

That was 1968. They no longer call it Section 8 but “Administrative Separation” under Army Regulation 635-200.

Engaged in conspiracy theories with fellow ex-soldiers he met at the VA in group therapy. After reprimand from medical personnel, he believed the CI had targeted him and started to move about fringe groups, such as occultism, numerology lore, black magic (Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon), UFO contactee/abductees, and regional militias, branching off to Sovereign Citizen Redemption Movement, Anti-Immigrant Minutemen, and Patriot’s Socialist Movement. Expressed a desire for coup d’etat and the taking down of the Federal government.

Drake has mentioned that he had been demoted and/or passed over for rank advancement because of his mouth, not following orders, and disrespect for the chain of command. His service record indicates that he would have episodes much like Terret’s and curse at officers who gave him direct orders, talking about how he was the Chosen one, had friends in high places, was mankind’s savior, was in contact with time traveling military personnel from the Pentagon since he was a child.

He was not even fit for latrine and KP duty and refused to take duties that he deemed were below a man of his importance. “Did Jesus clean the outhouse? I don’t think so!” he told a Gunny Sergeant. Believes that citizens should be subject to “strict military rules of law until such time as they are ready for responsible and structured freedom.”

Believes he should be placed into position of authority, believes his military career was sabotaged by those who knew he was destined to be a four-star general in the Pentagon. “They are afraid of my power, and the all-facing rainhow sword I was given.”