Operation 711

by Former White Hat

I have been warning about Operation 711 for some time. It is the final phase of Project Strawman, where people all over the world, millions of them, were clandestinely cloned and placed back into society for the day they will be activated at the same time.

We have in custody the Pentagon general behind this who had the activation codes, but we know that Hilary Clinton — who strategized Project Strawman back in 1997 but was not begun until 2004 — also has the codes, and she is in Vietnam right now. Why? To be far away from the US if things go wrong? Because 1/3 of the people of Vietnam are clones?

It is estimated that 20 million plus in the USA are sleeper clones, the same number in Europe, Austrailia, and Africa. Some nations, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Phillipines, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, all of Latin America and Mexico, have a society of 1/3 clones. Numbers for Russia, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia are unknown. For unknown reasons, there are very little or no clones in New Zealand, Iceland, Greenland, and Tibet.

However, do not expect to see some sort of mass chaos tomorrow. These clones are simply being activated. Their programming will be evident in the next week or month or in the Fall…they will instigate riots and turn peaceful protests into violent events.

Many of these “zombie” incidents are not from bath salts but are malfunctioning clones…it is no coincidence this has started up so close to July 11.  You may see zombie cannibalism rise to a scale of thousands attacking other people and eating them.

If you are a clone, will you know? Uncertain.

How do you know if a friend, family, neighbor or spouse is a clone? Look for sudden changes in behavior, in political and religions beliefs; if they have sudden cravings for raw and rare meat; if they start to drink a lot of alcohol but do not get drunk; of they suddenly switch sexual orientation without any notice, “sudden” coming out of the closet which makes no sense (a tough masculine ladies man who suddenly switches to seducing men).

Some believe this mass cloning is what the Book of Revelations was talking about, that 1/3 of humanity would perish. These clones are not, per se, humans: they are lab-created flesh bodies without souls.

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