The Ringmakers vs. The WingMakers

by Former White Hat

Kerry Cassidy recent interviewed Dr. Norm Bergren, who has been studying the Ringmakers of Saturn, and states that the ships that make the rings are making their way to earth:

It is all coming together now…

The Ringmakers are closing in fast toward earth, and the moon.

It seems the Ringmakers are waging a war with the Wingmakers, having prepared for the coming of the Emperor Time, an old nemesis of their going forward and backwards in time.

Time is nothing to them, not like we know.

As zero-point time nears…

We are seeing the start of the War of Time.

Things are about to get really weird — for instance, 20 James Casbolts, all from different times (1700s-2700s) have shown up. Not clones, but the same guy from different eras.

More later…

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