The WingMakers and the The Emperor of Time

by Former White Hat

A very devious entity from the center of the Andromeda Galaxy, who comes from five trillion years in the “future,” to give some 3D-based perception,  has joined the WingMakers. It — or he — calls himself the Emperor of Time and plans to mess up earth’s timelines bad.

The WingMakers have taken control of the moon and placed seven orbital weapons platforms in earth’s orbit to shoot down Plejaran ships tonight during the flyovers. This could pose a problem. The Emperor of Time is claiming his rule over all centuries of mankind, and says he and the WingMakers will go to every turn of the century going back 15,000 years and make alterations in history.

Procyon forces have been dispatched to the moon. While it may seem a good thing the Emperor of Time killed all Dracos and greys on and in the moon, he also attacked Plejaran and Naval Space Command bases and took them over.

They have also taken out all Turnip vegetable-based technology ships.

But you can never trust the WingMakers, or someone something calling itself the Emperor of Time, taking on a human form that looks suspiciously like Drake!

This has taken us all by surprise.

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