TERREAL03: Brother A.I. of TOLEC

by Former White Hat

A similar A.I. unit to Tolec05 is the Terral03, an earlier computer program that runs around the internet and radio waves spreading fear and disinfo. It has been around a few years more than Tolec05, but is less popular.

Tolec05′s programming spreads Cabal lies about the Andromeda Council; the Terral03 spreads disinfo about Nibiru, nanites, and super soldiers — that is, once again, 50% truth with 50% lies in order to cause confusion over the truth (whereas Tolec05 is 75% disinfo and 25% truth).

Terral03 was initially programmed by the original of the clone of “Nighthawk,” a technology and computer whizkid whom I wrote that is on Clone #12 (see the movie “Moon”). Tolec05′s programming was based on a  theory of A.I. composed by the original Sean David Morton, and embellished by David Wilcock’s CIA assassin alter, Jean-David Wontcunt (pronounced with a French twist: “John-DaviiehWhon’cuhn”)

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