Insane, Inane Rambling of Rick Light aka “The Minuteman” or the Undercover FBI Informant

by Former White Hat

The Minuteman, one of Drake’s radio buddies like Lady Dragon, is an idiot, plain and simple, but reading script from the Cabal. Rick Light is one of these good ol’ boy Texas “American patriots” without a shred of military or police experience (or fit for combat duty, the fellow is a stickman of bones) yet calls for such and the use of militias.  Here is what he said on a “Special” show yesterday, after Drake’s Sunday show was cut off (gee, how did that happen?):

We get with FBI, militia, LEO, they are seeing the same things we see. There is going to come a time (my date is the 27th), I don’t care if that gun treaty passes or not. Anyone who votes YES or supports anymore of NWO crap, and tries to shove it down someone’s throat. It’s time WE start arresting these people We get a coordinating effort to place them under arrest. No guns and violence, but a coordinated effort to communicate with FBI, LEO, military, people’s militias. Time to pull this all together…I am calling on FBI, Military, Militias and Law Enforcement and everyone who believes in this country who believes in freedom, and all you who hear my voice. It is time for this to
end. It is going to take us to end this….

Okay, let’s look how ridiculous this call of action is: the FBI works for the Cabal, the FBI infiltrates American militias seeking sedition and domestic terrorism, and to go to te FBI and say, “Hey, you gotta start arresting all these Cabal bankers and politicians” will get you laughed at or even detained and questioned. Minuteman says the FBI was created to protect us…this fellow must not have read his history right, to see why and what for J. Edgar Hoover created the FBI (to stops threats against the Federal Reserve Bank and quell any uprisings and revolt against the Cabal) with cute male agents all shorter  than J. Edgar (he did not like to look up at anyone, only down, so many G men were short men) and all looking good in dresses behinds the scenes (the Ivy League-Elite drag queen gov agency), using the newspapers and newsreels and Hollywood as a propaganda machine that lied about what the FBI was, when from the get-go until today, that agency does not follow any laws and rules of citizen privacy…

Rick Light/Minuteman is play stupid but is in fact propagandizing the FBI…which leads to one conclusion: Rick Light/Minuteman is an FBI asset who has infiltrated the militias.

This has been confirmed: Rick Light is an FBI informant.

He says, “Does the sheriff want to be arrested too? If a sheriff doesn’t take his job seriously, and doesn’t take the proper procedures, they will get arrested!”  Arrested for what, Rick? What law on the U.S. books says a law enforcement official can be arrested for not arresting, unless said official is in cahoots with the bad guys like YOU are, Rick Light? All we hear from these guys is: “Arrest! Arrest them all! Take them down!” without warrants and due process, without solid evidence and a clear war to indict and convict…and who will file charges? Does he forget that the Justice Department also works for the Cabal?

Meanwhile, Drake has been desperately pleading for the military to make arrests, even one arrest, public, to vindicate his claims; he has lost 80% of his followers, as evident on the Global Voice FB Page and the listener stats on the blogtalkradio site.

Drake’s warrants? Civilian-based warrants that he thinks can be switched to as militray arrest warrants. He says:

This is for you military listeners. I have a military arrest warrent for a civilian. A lot of people don’t know how it is involved. So, if military want to arrest, and if they want to exercise something like that, and I will help them culminate the arrest of that dink.

Anyone can write up a “warrant” on their computer and claim it to be viable under citizen’s arrest, although lacking a grand jury hearing and sworn indictment. These are warrants that exist in Drake’s brain-damaged head and nowhere else. (Although I give him some kudos for suggesting that the military makes sure that all Cabalist clones be rounded up so that an arrested Cabalist will not show up again.)

Next, Drake says he will go to his local sheriff and demand arrests be made, with him at the forefront, leading the way in his cammo gear.

A hoot, seeing that the Sheriff of Pocahontas County, of N.V., is currently investigating complaints that Drake Kent Bailey is a militia domestic terrorist advocating violence.

And this:

Denise: When will Drake make his first arrest?

Drake: When sheriff partners with me we will make arrest.

Denise: Should we concentrate on big person?

Drake: Soros, Pelosi, Holder, both Clintons, Bush, run down the nasty list, and yea it’s a good idea, the more the better.

Hmm, yes, Drake and a few Sheriffs heading to D.C. to arrest these top Cabalists, sheriffs outside their jurisdictions of arrest power.

Say, Section 8 Drake and FBI agent Rick Light, the evil ones are all in Bohemian Grove, why not start there? What’s keeping you turkeys from getting the Illuminati Thingamabobs there?

BTW, Drake’s Sunday show was never “cut off by the Cabal.” That was done intentionally by Denise and Drake, to garner supporters, to make people believe that the evil gov wanted to shut them up (like shutting down blogtalkradio takes any effort). It was a PR ruse. No is buying it, guys.

When it comes to mass arrests, I say let’s have Betty White take the lead, not Section 8 Drake…


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