Roswell and a Crappy Book from the Bogus Intel Guy

by Former White Hat

An alleged veteran of the CIA has come out to state that the Roswell UFO incident is “real.”  Well that is nothing new or news; we all know it is real and the funny “crash test dummies” story from 1997 was basically the Pentagon’s way of saying it was true without saying it is true.

And who is this Chase Brandon, CIA, Ret. — come on, “Chase Brandon” is about as obvious as “John Barkley” and “Chad Chadwick” code names, or even “Jason Bourne.” He comes out about Roswell to promote his novel, now out, The Cryptos Conundrum, a truly awful, badly written tome whose publication was paid for by the CIA, filled with some crazy disinfo.

A curious work of COINTELPRO, but to what means?

Notice that every time a “new whistleblower” comes on the scene, they are promoting an alleged book? Like Bill Brockbrader (“Brock Williams” almost as good as Chase Brandon), in his first interview talks of a book but there does not seem to be one (he was trying to sell one); and Bobby Joe Fannin, who had a self-published book, truly awful then (much more readable after AX edited it), this fantasy of a once-super-solider turning against the drug mafia and gray-walkin’ it (and keep in mind Bobby Joe said in his first interview with Kerry a movie was being made in Hollywood about it, although this was another delusion, prior to his cloning).