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Op 711 in Anaheim

It continues.

Another Broken Promise from a Malfunctioning Clone

A broken down, malfunctioning clone named ClareSpeaks (a man, not a female, who previously posted here as “Stormy” and a few other alters) promised/threatened me three days ago that in three days I would be captured, kidnapped, tortured and stopped.

I have been waiting. Nothing. Another clone who can’t keep its word.

ClareSpeaks is aligned with Sarah Stanga: an MKUltra transvestite, graduate of the programs who admits he/she enjoys Dracos energy and is in fact a tool for the lizard boys and greys, like Gugpa Stanga is.

And is a clone…a very malfucntioning clone with a very low IQ, which makes it a dangerous and homicidal clone, but its threats, like its head, empty.

Keep this clone away from movie theaters; it may have the same programming as James Holmes. It has been givenĀ  “Burns Notice” by Jack Burns, a code for a homicidal and suicidal beserker last act.

Evey week I get someone telling me, “In two days, three days, this week, this blog will be shut down and you will be taken prisoner,” etc etc. and it just never happens. Back in March Bobby Joe Fannin O’Finioan said he was coming for me, said there would be a televised grand jury inquiry on me, said I would be publicly flayed for exposing who he was and was not.

Notice how these clones believe themselves so important that way?

I was looking forward to it. After all, what happened last time I was captured?


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