Roswell Incident

by Former White Hat

How does the secret government put out some truth? By showing the Roswell crash ship in a model kit, which no one would take seriously.

Here is some good info on that and other stuff.

Remember in 1997 when the Air Force gave a bogus press conference on crash test dummies? That was their way of saying Roswell is true without saying, “It’s true.” Who would really buy that story?

In the linked post, note that there were several body types based on rank, the commander a tall grey, the pilots synthetic bodies. These bodies were how the Cabal got their hands on synthetic body tech, bodies used by humans bred and trained to control the bodies via psyches (the “super soldiers”). I have operated these kind of bodies in the past, along with Casbolt and Spires. I have written before how when the synthetic body is killed, you yourself are alive but experience the pain and horror of that death, which can mess with your mind (one reason why many of these super soldiers have issues in their human life).

This is why in the Alien Autopsy, the body looks “fake” because it is not biological, per se, but manufactured body material.

It is in this way these beings can move about different planets without having to breathe, eat, or be in danger of bacteria and viruses; it is the way humans can go to distant and strange planets safely, as well as these beings. Their “real” bodies are on a base or ship, suspended, their psyches operating these synths.  Note the lack of genitalia, the way synthetics and some clones are (although Casbolt always demanded his larger hybrid and solider synthetics have 12 inch cocks).

How to release the truth? The real autopsy and crash 16 mm films, let people debunk it or think it is disinfo, add a few actual disinfo materials the way NASA does with photos of the moon and Mars: some true anomalies, some whited out parts, some fake pics. Keeps the confusion away from the truth.

This is how they use people like Drake: give him some truth to say along with some b.s. and divide people.

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