The Latest Turkey Crap from Drake Hillbailey

by Former White Hat

Drake is telling people he has “a couple of surprises” for me. I tell you, I get this twice a week, so it must be Tuesday. I will be waiting, Drake. Maybe it was not meant to be a threat, but his surprises will be songs dedicated to me during his next drag queen show in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, he posted on his blog his alleged DD-214 Army discharge paper:

In the comments section, the text is marked out. What did the release officer write that Drake wants hidden?

Why does he not post his VA med papers, the one about his brain damage, hallucinations, and the meds he takes so he will stop seeing dragons on the ceiling.

For a man who holds the military in high esteem, and claims to be a Pentagon spokesperson, why did he nit stay in the Army and become a career officer, working his way up to a Pentagin position? He  was discharged honorably for his combat injury, but it was his injury — brain damage — that made him unfit for a military career.

On his Sunday show, he sounded like he was a clone on a nervous breakdown. He did not address any dates and times for mass arrests, for a change, but bragged about carrying a firearm and had he been in that Aurora theatre, he would have shot Holmes down before the turkey could get two shots off.

Yeah, Drake: a handicapped old clone faster than two highly weaponzied young gun men…and did you forget Holmes was wearing Kevlar?

Drake does not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. They do not give people with verified mental illness permits to carry guns in public.

He revealed his continued lack of knowledge about legal procedures. He said he could go to any sheriff and swear out an affidavit to arrest bankers, politicians, Cabalists, whatever, then the sheriff would hand it over to the FBI to make an arrest. Well, if this were so, why isn’t he doing it? Does he and those few who still listen and follow really believe the FBI, under Cabal control, would actually arrest one of their own, or even listen to such crazy turkey crap?

Drake, old fellah: arrests cannot be made by affidavit accusations alone. First such accusations need to be investigated thoroughly, then handed over to the Attorney General who will proceed to prosecute and issue the arrest warrant. That could take a long time — years in fact. Why does the FBI often spend months gathering evidence on criminals? They need a lot to build a case. You do not just go hand a sheriff your affidavit to give to the FBI and wa-la, mass arrest!

You previously revealed your ignorance of law and due process when you threatened to have Kerry Cassidy charged with domestic terrorism over a forum post she did not even write.

I will be awaiting the surprises you have for me. I hope it’s a good cabaret song while dressed as Donna Summers. Oh wait, she is black — someone is amassing evidence on you and Rick Light that you are both racist “white is might” American militia types. Must be the reason behind your racist, anti-Mexican rant you gave on the July 4 show, eh, pappy?

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