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Month: August, 2012

10 Million

This blog has hit the ten million hits mark!

“This blog’s on fire,” says Die Antwoord.

Quakes and Ike

Been busy dealing with matters connected to the 100 plus earthquakes, a creature from the Salton Sea, time travel adventures with Ike and Tesla, and the Die Antwoord concert on the Andromeda bio-sphere.

Alien Music

Three Aldebarans — although seems the woman is a hybrid — have infiltrated human culture via electronic music calling temselves Die Antwood:

And some Bafath is going around  calling himself “TechnoViking”


I am not sure if I mentioned it before, but the electronic music craze was created by hybrids, who fused the reptitive patterns of their alien side brains with digital sounds.


Falling Eggs

These are eggs for a bird creature from inner earth called a Rehdorian.


Return to Hell

I am back to 3D earth tasks, aka Hell. What a contrast one is aware of when spending quality time on Hope (the past week here was two months for me there) and coming back to this armpit of the Galaxy. Sorry — do I sound like my counterpart from the GAL? Perhaps an influence. She decided to remain on Hope and hang out with children because she knows she cannot, and will not, have kids in her Universe or here. Nor can I. Family is not cut out for people like us: we do not have the time, and they would only be in danger and used against us. So we choose family in other ways.

Transporting and re-location integration of 9,002 children under ten, 2,303 babies under one year, 3, 227 teenagers and 2,015 adults is exhausting yet worthwhile. It makes one feel like a positive difference is being done, rather than the continued battles with lizards, clones, diamond spiders and one-eyed Lahrens.

Meanwhile, we keep tracking the anti-reality virus and how much it is erasing itself and who will be erased from this reality for the 27 days after the Olympics agenda.

No intel from Eisenhower and Tesla about stopping the Timequake, if they can.

I feel an odd calm before the storm.


Black Ops and Bobby Joe Fannin Clone

Confirmation received: the Bobby Joe Fannin clone aka Duncan O’Finioan was indeed activated and his alters were involved in both the Aurora and Oak Creek shootings as one of the masked gun men. He has been programmed for this sort of thing many times, in the USA and other nations, so the black ops guy got some extra mileage from the old man.

Of course, like the many he has murdered, he feels no remorse over this, and he already suspects one of his alters was activated and involved.  He has no honor, like all clones, nor a sense of justice to turn himself in and stop his alter(s) from being used in future incidents, which will occur.

Instead, he will find a way to bilk money out of it with more “seminars.”


Who would have thunk it, that the anti-realty virus would wind up deleting its own reality and essentially make itself non-real. That seems to be initial findings of Andromedan research.

I am on Planet Hope and won’t be posting as much for a while.


Always be prepared for anything to happen.

Don’t be taken by surprise and unprepared.

Brace for it.

Anti-Reality Virus

There is a rumor going around that the “false flag” of the Olympics is that everyone there was infected by a dormant virus that will activate 27 days after the closing; that as all these people returning to their countries will bring the virus with them to cause a world-wide pandemic.

Our intel is a bit different, and if true could have serious repercussions on all timelines. These people may have been infected with an anti-reality virus…basically nanites designed to slowly erase the reality of the host.

What does this mean? It means that each infected person will gradually be erased from the timeline, from the memories of everyone that ever knew them; in essence, these people will cease to exist, ever, in their reality.

Anti-reality nanites were designed as a method of removing an enemy force without the use of nukes, disease or violence.

More on this later…

Op 711 Clone Incident

This is just one of many on the micro-scale.

Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati!

Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA.

Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. Besides, earlier Drake was claiming he had “info” that I was “kicked out” of the White Hats. He must have got his info from the same person who told him the mass arrests would go down back in April-July.

He does mention him, or he and a few people, trying to get info on me off government databases that would get him charged with a federal offense. This is probable. There are files on “me” in every agency server, all inconclusive and filled with misleading info. These fools never know when they are slamming into a brick wall until their bones are broken and their noses bloodied.

I have a feeling one of my former colleagues in the compromised white hats has been giving him false info for a laugh. Many have given Drake false info for a laugh. He has been the joke bag  of the Pentagon and the Bricklayers for months.

Lady Dragon is no longer connected to Drake for a very good reason…she is in a dark cell.

Oh yeah the “St. Germain Trust” does not exist, just as the White Dragon Family Fund does not exist…and yet, the Templar Fund does.

Olympic Closing

I stated earlier that the Olympic false flags were stopped, including the close, which is why I did not call for a meditation on it, nor gave any warnings.

The Queen was not there because she is upset about the hatching of the two new queens, and she knows her end is near, when she will be eaten in a ceremony. I would not put it past her to send out her minions to try to kill the two baby queens, however. But she cannot reign forever. She wants the 3D earth of the future for her own, but she has controlled things long enough: a darker, more deadly 3D future comes…

Zionist Cabal Attacks Iran with HAARP

The quake today was a warning shot at Iran, it was not natural.

The Furture Third Density North America

This is the future United State/North America, with Atlantis and Lemuria risen, the result of karma and natural change. This is the USA for those who remain in 3D and inhabit that world. Note the island of San Diego, which will cone to be known as a sanctuary (and a sovereign nation) for those seeking enlightenment in a Dracos-controlled world, and where the Resistance and Rebellion of 2085 will emerge, after finding advanced weaponry found on Lemuria.

While Neveada will be under the ocean, the underground bases will still thrive, as they are designed to survive this change.

Travel Back to 1776: Tesla, Ike, The Speech of the Unknown, and the TimeQuake

Only three of us could go, I was told, something about the triad required for this Arcturian tech we were using. This happened a few days ago, August 2. Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower, who had travelled forward physically from 1958 with old friend P’Taah, Semjase’s father, told me it was necessary to find Nicolas Tesla. Tesla had never died in the New Yorker hotel, that was a double and a ruse; Tesla had gone deep underground to work on Project Rainbow, and instead of being used by the growing shadow government, he disappeared into time, going backwards and forwards, essentially escaping death although he had visited the body his soul was in 2001-onwards (temporal mechanics here).

The Arcturian tech would not send the three of us physically back in time because we were going to attend an event where we would have stuck out, and did not have an invite to; our normal presence would cause a timeline shift.

We were going to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The tech allowed our psyches to do a walk-in of a person who was there, that we had some sort of DNA-connection to. Ike walked into the body of Thomas Jefferson, P’Taah walked into the body of  Samuel Adams (who was a Lyran soul) and I went into the body of Francis Lewis from New York, also a Lyran soul but whom was a human ancestor of mine, apparently.

What an experience! There I was with the Continental Congress in Pennsylvania; the document had een approved on July 4 and now it was August 2, 1776, and ready to be signed…

…but a number of the esteemed men there were hesitant to sign the parchment, for fear of retaliation by the Crown. They would be branded traitors against England, their property could be taken, they could be imprisoned or killed, their heads on gibbets.

I was wondering if we had altered the timeline doing the walk-ins. Francis Lewis seemed prepared to sign, as did Adams and Jefferson: while we were in these bodies, and could control them, and see through them, the essence of the souls inside were still over-all in control, with history not at stake.

“GIBBET!” cried a loud, booming voice that echoed throughout the building. All looked up at the balcony, where stood a tall, regal man dressed all in white, holding a white cane and top hat.

“The doctor,” someone mumbled.

“The professor,” uttered Benjamin Franklin with a smile….

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Drake’s Fundraiser Water Dunk!

Having lost 90% of his listeners and supporters, Drake’s platorm, Global Voice 2012, is badly need in operating funds, so Drake participated in “DRUNK THE TURKEY” at a fundraiser. Every time the ball hit the target and Drake was dunked, he bellowed, “GET ‘ER DUNN!”


Message from The Wingmakers:

The Timequake is soon and it cannot be stopped in any timeline. The Timequake is galactic and not of our doing. Not even Nicholas Tesla can stop the Timequake. We offer this forewarning in the name of all living beings in all possible eras. The Timequake stretches from the first moment of this planet to the last, and chimes in the War of Time like the overture of an opera.


There had been predictions of a major quake in southern California for August 8 that, for reasons we do not know, was diminished to several 4.5s in Los Angeles. Expect more. These are natural and karmic. Possible 8.8 on August 13 but don’t hold me to it. “Someone” seems to be intervening on the timeline (possibly Tesla).

The 4.9 and others off the Coast of Oregon is the first tremors of the volcano that will awaken and rise up from the sea and destroy the Pacific Northwest. Expect more. This is natural and karmic.

Numerous quakes in Central Alaska were the result of taking out black cabal military bases to be used by Dracos at a later date.

Ditto Central Peru.

The destruction os Sydney in certain timelines is the result of an August 17 asteroid landing in the Indian Ocean. Whether that happens is up to YOU. Can you, as a collective race, divert that asteroid through intent and thwart the Cabal’s plan in this timeline?

Who is Pulling the Strings of Drake?

Well, lo and behold: two weeks ago Drakeman said things would happen “in two weeks or less,” and of course: nada.

Now he is saying, “in three weeks…’

And claiming the sightings of troops in the streets doing drills, military movements, and tanks are all of “the good guys” to “protect us” now that the “end game is near.” Uh huh. So why would the so-called good guys flaunt it in front of the Cabal? Who is really pulling Drake’s strings to mutter this disinfo and b.s.?

And those 100s of tanks seen going south from Burbank n Youtube? Well, Drake says they are going to the border for the border closure, and continues on a somewhat racist diatribe about Mexicans and their culture.

If Drake was as military-savvy as he wishes he was, he would know that (1) these are old tanks, around 8-12 years old, and many are M1A2 Bradleys without cannons, which is an indication that they are decommissioned (often the tank commander or one of the crew will take the 25mm cannon home as a momento– tank commander comes to love his tank the way a cowboy loves his horse, especially the Calvary models). Bradleys are used as scouts, possibly good for the border, but doubtful. While the few M1 Abram tanks have their big cannons intact, the ones we see are too old for field use, and an Abram is too bulky for the border, unless it were up against similar tanks and heavy armored vehicles. These tanks are heading to Camp Pendleton to be stripped or used on the bombing range for training and target practice (bazookas, anti-tank guns and helicopters).

The military has not done the arrests, the ETs have not done it, so now Drake is begging citizens do it so he will be vindicated for his bogus info.

Drake continues his ignorance of legal procedures, stating that to arrest someone for “treason” there only needs to be two affidavits supported by documentary facts delivered to a sheriff for arrest. Okay. Sure. While such complaints can certainly be filed, before an arrest would occur for “treason” or “evil banksterdom,” an investigator would have to investigate and submit fundings to the D.A. or US attorney’s office, who would determine if prosecution is viable, and then the sheriff or marshal would be sent in for an arrest. What Drake seems to think — and indeed is urging people to do — is for many to engage in citizen’s arrests or to walk into sheriff’s office with affidavits of complaint and demand this banker or politician be arrested. That ain’t the way it “gets er done,” you idiot.

Or maybe Drake wants people to make fools of themselves in this manner to get press coverage?

And why is Drake not at his local sheriff’s office filling out claims and demanding his West Virginia bankers and politios be tossed in the pokey.

He calls for state judge’s to ignore guidelines and penal codes and legislate from the bench who should be charged with felonies or get life sentences. There is a reason why the judicial branch follows legislative branches so that so-called judges do not abuse their power…of course Drake thinks is okay.

All Drake can repeat like a broken record is “arrest, arrest, behind bars, arrest” as if that would be the solution, failing to realize that these folks would quickly pay bail and have lawyers all over it to bury things under years of courtroom prodecures….and then there would have to be a trial…jurys…legal manuevers…Drake’s followers seem to think all that needs to be done is toss an evil cabalist in the jailhouse and lose the key, forgoing due process and certain rights, and then the U.S. will be fixed.

So who is pulling Drake’s strings as shown on the above art I found online?

Answer: himself.

He is pulling his own strings like he is pulling his own pud.

This is Drake masturbating to his delusions of grandeur.

August 4 Births of Two Queens

Something big did happen on August 4th, as predicted by the various crop circles and alignments, and it only has now come to light topside of the planet:

On August 4, one hour between each, two Dracos Queens were hatched, one in a base under Washington State, one in the nether regions below London.

While a new Lizard Queen is born every 1-2,000 years, two hatching at the same time is extremely rare in Dracos culture and history; this happens perhaps every 50-75,000 years and often results in a civil war among the Dracos as some side with one queen, some side with another. This perhaps explains the division in the ranks of the Dracos ships parked outside the solar system, why some have left, some have fired on each other. It makes sense given this new info.

The hatching of the new queens was announced by a reddish full moon over London and the Olympics.

This may also explain why Queen Elizabeth seemed so forlorn at the Olympics: she knows her reign is near its end, and both the new baby queens are of another bloodline, since she failed to produce a new queen progeny.

In 10-12 years, the two young queens will fight have to the death; the victor will take the throne in a ceremony were she will feast on the body of Elizabeth and take Prince William as her adopted off-spring and groom him for King and take the shape of his wife, after eating his human wife.

This is, of course, if the new Queen is approved of by the Dracos Empress, who will come to earth and judge over the battle between the two. The Empress is a 1,000 foot long lizard who is 7,000 years old, and rules over all Dracos occupied worlds in seven galaxies.

The Queen eggs only come from the Empress and take 300 years to hatch.  Apparently a faction within the earth Dracos smuggled in a second egg, placed in the North American continent in the early 1700s to incubate in volcanic lava. we believe this is the rebel faction within the Dracos, the hybrids, who seek co-existence with humans without feeding on and ruling them. Yet, they wish to merge with us in total hybridization, so the earth is nether human nor reptilian majority, with limited pure beds kept on New Zealand for humans, Madagascar for reptoids, in whatever is left of the 3D world.

Time Stacked like an Infinity of Dreams at the Edge of Oblivion

When my “time” comes to leave tis 3D mess, remember that the illusion of time is what this all about: time wave zero, zero point in time in all our bodies, and the War of Time when all past, present and future will stack on top one another before your very eyes…

If you make it to the 5D world this time around, you will see with new eyes what “time” is, or isn’t…it isn’t what you were programmed to believe; it is what it is: nothing and everything.

Time Loop Hell

What was ten seconds here seemed like 100 years to me when I fell into a time loop returning from 1776 in Pennsylvania, where I went with Dwight Eisenhower and P’Taah to find N. Tesla…

and it was Tesla who pulled me out of the loop…

My mind is…blown…

Wisconsin and Detroit

Do not believe what the commercial media is putting out there, scripts pre-written.

There will be more such incidents, I am afraid.

Banish Your Fear

I have just “returned” from several fascinating time travel jaunts with Dwight D. Eisenhower, P’Taah and, yes, Tesla…but before I get into these (which I do believe altered the timeline greatly), I would like to say this:

With the many powerful, strange, and bizarre things that will be happening, do not give into fear. Banish it.

Your fear is what the Cabal wants. They thrive on it. They suck on it like a baby to a teat. They dine on it like vampires to a neck, werewolves to moonlight flesh, zombies to brains.

Dracos to baby bodies.

You will want to succumb to fear. You will not understand things, you will suspect they are a trick and they may be; you will suspect you are being lied t any you may be; you will hear dozens of explanations riddled with truth and lies and you will be confused.

Just say: “Fuck it, I won’t let these fucking fucks fuck with my mind and soul.”

Stop, breathe, close your eyes, and follow your heart and intuition. Empty the fear out of you. Do not feed them. Send out love and ask for love back.


You thought the first six months of 2012 had a lot of weirdness, the next six months are going to be even weirder…

Curious Predictions

James Holmes

Some things correct here, some not.

Martial Law

The Cabal wants Barack Obama to declare martial law in October. They plan to have much civil unrest with the so-called “heavy mass object,” the Oregon disaster, false flag bluebeam UFOS, terrorism and religious fervor…

Martial law will stop the election process as well as any criminal charges for forgery and fraud and illegally occupying the White House.

To the naughty boys and lizards: don’t try it. The Andromeda Council will intervene.


Not 50 years but more or less 50 days.

The Rothschild Cabal Threatens India

Much in India was without electrical power for two days, leaving millions in the dark, in the heat, if the general smell of excrement throughout the nation was not bad enough (like much of outer London smells like piss all the time)….why? The Rothschild arm of the Cabal is demanding, in private of course, that India militarily move in on Pakistan that will lead to a nuclear exchange. India refused, so their grid was shut off as a “warning” of what could be done. HAARP will be used next, with “natural” disasters there, which we are already seeing.

This is the Cabal desired plan: double nuclear exchange in Iran and Pakistan/India, which will lead to one or two U.S. cities to be hit by suitcase and ballistic nukes.

What a surprise they are in for when they discover all of India and Pakistan’s nukes have been deactivated by your friendly neighborhood tree-hugging hippy aliens.


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