The Rothschild Cabal Threatens India

by Former White Hat

Much in India was without electrical power for two days, leaving millions in the dark, in the heat, if the general smell of excrement throughout the nation was not bad enough (like much of outer London smells like piss all the time)….why? The Rothschild arm of the Cabal is demanding, in private of course, that India militarily move in on Pakistan that will lead to a nuclear exchange. India refused, so their grid was shut off as a “warning” of what could be done. HAARP will be used next, with “natural” disasters there, which we are already seeing.

This is the Cabal desired plan: double nuclear exchange in Iran and Pakistan/India, which will lead to one or two U.S. cities to be hit by suitcase and ballistic nukes.

What a surprise they are in for when they discover all of India and Pakistan’s nukes have been deactivated by your friendly neighborhood tree-hugging hippy aliens.

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