Banish Your Fear

by Former White Hat

I have just “returned” from several fascinating time travel jaunts with Dwight D. Eisenhower, P’Taah and, yes, Tesla…but before I get into these (which I do believe altered the timeline greatly), I would like to say this:

With the many powerful, strange, and bizarre things that will be happening, do not give into fear. Banish it.

Your fear is what the Cabal wants. They thrive on it. They suck on it like a baby to a teat. They dine on it like vampires to a neck, werewolves to moonlight flesh, zombies to brains.

Dracos to baby bodies.

You will want to succumb to fear. You will not understand things, you will suspect they are a trick and they may be; you will suspect you are being lied t any you may be; you will hear dozens of explanations riddled with truth and lies and you will be confused.

Just say: “Fuck it, I won’t let these fucking fucks fuck with my mind and soul.”

Stop, breathe, close your eyes, and follow your heart and intuition. Empty the fear out of you. Do not feed them. Send out love and ask for love back.

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