Who is Pulling the Strings of Drake?

by Former White Hat

Well, lo and behold: two weeks ago Drakeman said things would happen “in two weeks or less,” and of course: nada.

Now he is saying, “in three weeks…’

And claiming the sightings of troops in the streets doing drills, military movements, and tanks are all of “the good guys” to “protect us” now that the “end game is near.” Uh huh. So why would the so-called good guys flaunt it in front of the Cabal? Who is really pulling Drake’s strings to mutter this disinfo and b.s.?

And those 100s of tanks seen going south from Burbank n Youtube? Well, Drake says they are going to the border for the border closure, and continues on a somewhat racist diatribe about Mexicans and their culture.

If Drake was as military-savvy as he wishes he was, he would know that (1) these are old tanks, around 8-12 years old, and many are M1A2 Bradleys without cannons, which is an indication that they are decommissioned (often the tank commander or one of the crew will take the 25mm cannon home as a momento– tank commander comes to love his tank the way a cowboy loves his horse, especially the Calvary models). Bradleys are used as scouts, possibly good for the border, but doubtful. While the few M1 Abram tanks have their big cannons intact, the ones we see are too old for field use, and an Abram is too bulky for the border, unless it were up against similar tanks and heavy armored vehicles. These tanks are heading to Camp Pendleton to be stripped or used on the bombing range for training and target practice (bazookas, anti-tank guns and helicopters).

The military has not done the arrests, the ETs have not done it, so now Drake is begging citizens do it so he will be vindicated for his bogus info.

Drake continues his ignorance of legal procedures, stating that to arrest someone for “treason” there only needs to be two affidavits supported by documentary facts delivered to a sheriff for arrest. Okay. Sure. While such complaints can certainly be filed, before an arrest would occur for “treason” or “evil banksterdom,” an investigator would have to investigate and submit fundings to the D.A. or US attorney’s office, who would determine if prosecution is viable, and then the sheriff or marshal would be sent in for an arrest. What Drake seems to think — and indeed is urging people to do — is for many to engage in citizen’s arrests or to walk into sheriff’s office with affidavits of complaint and demand this banker or politician be arrested. That ain’t the way it “gets er done,” you idiot.

Or maybe Drake wants people to make fools of themselves in this manner to get press coverage?

And why is Drake not at his local sheriff’s office filling out claims and demanding his West Virginia bankers and politios be tossed in the pokey.

He calls for state judge’s to ignore guidelines and penal codes and legislate from the bench who should be charged with felonies or get life sentences. There is a reason why the judicial branch follows legislative branches so that so-called judges do not abuse their power…of course Drake thinks is okay.

All Drake can repeat like a broken record is “arrest, arrest, behind bars, arrest” as if that would be the solution, failing to realize that these folks would quickly pay bail and have lawyers all over it to bury things under years of courtroom prodecures….and then there would have to be a trial…jurys…legal manuevers…Drake’s followers seem to think all that needs to be done is toss an evil cabalist in the jailhouse and lose the key, forgoing due process and certain rights, and then the U.S. will be fixed.

So who is pulling Drake’s strings as shown on the above art I found online?

Answer: himself.

He is pulling his own strings like he is pulling his own pud.

This is Drake masturbating to his delusions of grandeur.

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