Return to Hell

by Former White Hat

I am back to 3D earth tasks, aka Hell. What a contrast one is aware of when spending quality time on Hope (the past week here was two months for me there) and coming back to this armpit of the Galaxy. Sorry — do I sound like my counterpart from the GAL? Perhaps an influence. She decided to remain on Hope and hang out with children because she knows she cannot, and will not, have kids in her Universe or here. Nor can I. Family is not cut out for people like us: we do not have the time, and they would only be in danger and used against us. So we choose family in other ways.

Transporting and re-location integration of 9,002 children under ten, 2,303 babies under one year, 3, 227 teenagers and 2,015 adults is exhausting yet worthwhile. It makes one feel like a positive difference is being done, rather than the continued battles with lizards, clones, diamond spiders and one-eyed Lahrens.

Meanwhile, we keep tracking the anti-reality virus and how much it is erasing itself and who will be erased from this reality for the 27 days after the Olympics agenda.

No intel from Eisenhower and Tesla about stopping the Timequake, if they can.

I feel an odd calm before the storm.


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