The Second Order of Manrule from Sirius-8

by Former White Hat

There have been reports of robotic-type beings, or robo-men, or androids or whatever, showing up, abducting and kidnapping, their antiquated ships appearing in the air.

Last week in Cancun, many people went missing for hours, some not returned, after these sightings of the machines knows as The Second Order of Manrule from Sirius-8.

3 millions years ago, a battle between humans and a low-tech race of robotic beings occurred, but the robo-men won, taking over three moons with human life, enslaving them, and calling themselves the Second Order of Manrule (who the First Order were is unknown, but apparently ruled over “men” 50,000 years prior in the Andromeda Galaxy.)

Maybe you have seen them?


In the 1970s-90s, they attempted many times to launch an invasion of earth, but did not have the numbers, so mind-controlled thousands of humans, until the Arcturians sent a planet-wide de-programming signal over FM/AM Radio and all TV channels, releasing many from the control of Manrule.

They left…but now, in late 2012, they seem to be back…

Some are even colored pink. We need Yoshimi to take care of this.

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