Anonymous B.S. and Project Wannabe

by Former White Hat

Anonymous did not take down a bunch of websites two days ago as rumor has it. Anonymous does not exist. It was infiltrated long ago by various agencies making false internet attacks to blame it on yet another faked “terrorist group.” There are some idiot gamers and keyboard cowboys out there, mostly chubby little geeks in momma’s basement, who like to pretend to be Guy Fox, but like coach potato soldiers of fortune and veggie militia nerds, they are simply worthless road kill on the Information Highway.

The GoDaddy event was a NSA op, just like Julian Assange.

Project Wannabe will be an international crash of the web — banks, ATMs, satellites, porn, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, you name it, that will be blamed on “Anonymous” to beef up Cabal control over internet freedom. The TSA will search your computer and cell phone contents to make sure you are not a Guy Fox. Your internet access, your freedom of information, will be limited and monitored.

The Deparment of Digital Securty (DDS) will be formed, your webcams activated to watch you, your door broken down and your computers, tablets, phones and pods seized without warrant or due process. They will frame people, put false data on machines, and create a wide fear of ever seeking the truth and the flow of free-thinking in cyberpace.




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