Something Smells Foul in Denmark

by Former White Hat

As previously noted, a group in Finland scheduled for re-location to Hope went missing, and all evidence indicates that some Danish thug known as The RAKMEiSTER is behind it.


The “name” is also  Sanskrit for “Lord of the Full-Moon Day” aka राकईश aka a demonic, Draco title.

This Rakmeister is an aberration of a hybrid human-insect-Draco DNA experimenting done in the underground base at Peasemore, U.K. These hybrids were moved to another base in Antwerp, Belgium for disposal but a few escaped, including this creature later to be called Rakmeister. It was found a week later in a men’s public restroom feeding off feces and urine, and had raped and murdered several young boys who had gone into the bathroom, as well as one adult crystal meth dealer. This Rakmesiter had ingested the meth and became addicted to it, seeking out other dealers in Antwerp (a city of high crime and drug use) to get the drug, kill, rape, and create mayhem.

Here is a photo from Interpol:

When the Rothschilds heard of this bottom-feeder hybrid that ate shit and piss, was addicted to meth, and had a knack fot evil, they urged the Cabal handlers involved not to destroy the creature but train it as an operative to collect bodies needed for Satanic and black ops rituals, tortures and sacrifices. What they needed was a beast that could pass for human and would have no ill-feelings about doing the Cabal’s dirty tasks.

And so the name was given to the creature: The RAKMEiSTER, relocated to Holland, trained, tasked, and for the past decade has been involved in, what Interpol determines, 75% of all child abductions throughout Europe and North Africa.

This thing is also a Worlds of Warcraft fanatic and has claimed to be a member of Anonymous, but key members of Anonymous have denied any connection to this Cabal lapdog and what it does for its Luciferian masters. However, the Rakmeister has a connection to Barrett Brown, self-proclaimed Anonymous hefe, who, in his memoir, writes about his BDSM homosexual affair with the Rakmeister.

Something smelling fishy in Denmark? Indeed. While child prostitution and porn is now illegal in Denmark, when it once was tolerated, the Rakmeister continues the practice there, providing the Cabal fresh bodies for sacrifice, and Dracos Overlords with food.

This vile thing is the worst of the worse of hybrid aberrations, but at least it is not completely human, for what human could be such a traitor to its species?

As for the missing Finnish group, we suspect they are gone.

The Idylwild Group is on the case.

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