Where Did All the Bankers Go?

by Former White Hat

Reports coming in of sightings of Drake Bailey and The RAKMEiSTER around the Hague in South Holland, apparently waiting for those 600 bankers to be marched in a perp walk for all the world to see. Drake was there to cry “I TOLD ALL Y’ALL SO!” and The RAKMEiSTER was there as a show of loyalty to its masters, for all the kidnappings and ritual tortures it has done in their name.

No bankers showed up. Just another quiet day at The Hague.

“But…but…but I read it on Kerry Cassidy’s blog,” moaned The RAKMEiSTER in a little whiny wussy Eourtrash accent that grinds the molars, “it has to be true!”

“I’m gettin’ a sinkin’ feelin’ that not everythin’ on the internet is true,” muttered Drake, “that them turkeys and thingmabobs play folks like us for fools.”

“Is it the rabbithole, Drake?” asked The RAKMEiSTER in a very small, very cowardly Dutch inflection.

“It’s a fool’s paradise,” said Drake.

Hand in hand (or paw in paw), the two wabbits hopped away, ready to take another wrong turn.

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