Did Crowley Sire Duncan O’Finioan?

by Former White Hat

Aleister Crowley, from reports coming in, has admitted that he has been traveling through time as much as Tesla, and various versions of himself has sired a number of children important and no-so-important. He has stated that children he sired after 1950 have all been inducted into MK Ultra programs and used in various ways for black ops — one of them being Bobby Joe Fannin.

I did a double-wobble when I read that in a report…what the frack…the original of that hacked out killer clone was actually fathered by Crowley?

It started to make sense…Bobby Joe’s Luciferian leanings…the darkness and horror he has created…the innocent people he has murdered…

I compared photos…and the resemblances are, needless to say, shocking!

He does not exercise demons, our Bobby Joe, he calls them forth in the Name of His Father, The Beast!

This means Omega Unit 197 and Barbara Bush are siblings. They have the same chinline, or lack thereof….

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