Is Drake Jesus?

by Former White Hat

Drake is now telling people he is The Second Coming, that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ AND Mohammed rolled into one. “I don’t mind turkeys cracking jokes about me,” he says, “so people, don’t be so sensitive, ewwooohhh, it ain’t none bothers me, and I say this as Jesus and Mohammed, who I really am, whether you like it or not, I am here.”

Is this the face of the two prophets?

“Churches across the nation are ringing their bells for my coming,” he claims. “I have contacted many religious radio stations and told them that I, Jesus, have returned to save the world.”

He urges people to join the Jesus Militia and take out the evil bankers.

And yet, still no mass arrests…”in two more weeks…in a few days…”


And he no longer takes live calls and questions, just selected written questions vetted by his producer. He doesn’t want to get caught off guard or questioned why nothing he has predicted has happened.

Who knew Jesus was such a turkey!

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