The Pathetic Voice of The RAKMEiSTER

by Former White Hat

The RAKMEiSTER has sent out video messages about its love for Bobby Joe Fanin, Alestair Crowley, the Bushes, and everything Illuminati and New World Order. While its descriptions of super solider sex with Bobby Joe is horrid in detail, watching it talk with shit and piss drooling out if its mouth and cockroaches crawling all over its face is utterly perverse.

Don’t get me wrong here — while The RAKMEiSTER is evil and devious, it is not very intelligent; it is merely a deviant machine created in the programs. Its voice is quite pathetic: mumbling like from the bottom of a dirty latrine, a very poor grasp of English grammar and enunciation, cowardly Eurotrash inflection, gurgling and puffing.

Soon the Idylwild Group will track it down and do what is necessary.

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