The Timequake: What it is, What it Be

by Former White Hat

I have, from the beginning of this blog, talked about Time Wave Zero and the War of Time. This is when linear time ceases to exist in the 3D world (it never existed in 5D). Time is the 4th dimension — you can look at it in 5D the way one can look at 1D and 2D in 3D, and control it. When linear time ceases to flow the way we have known it in 3D, one can control it, which way it goes.

But before Time Wave Zero and the war, the Timequake will occur.

Now, Kurt Vonnegut was onto something only because John Titor had sent him a letter about the Timequake. Vonnegut fictionalized it in his last novel. In the novel, all humanity has to re-live ten years of bad mistakes without any free will to change things.

The coming real Timequake is somewhat like that, but vaster, bigger, and worse or better, which will be your choice.

Some say Hell is having to re-live the worst parts of your life over and over for eternity….

I wrote, when I returned from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that I was caught in a time loop that felt like 100 years but was really only seconds. In that loop, I kept reliving certain events in my life, and in many ways it was Hell, in some ways it was Heaven. What if you could loop an orgasm for 100 years?

Time will be shaken up, for all who are left in 3D. Your souls will be tormented. You will re-live, over and over, the worst moments of your lives, the worst mistakes, from childhood to adulthood: pain, embarrassment, fear, loss…and yes you will FEEL that you are powerless and without free will, that you cannot stop it and cannot change it.

However, that is not the rule of Source. The challenge for millions, billions is to DEMAND and ENFORCE free will, not to stop the Timequake, but to realize that you CAN CHANGE the bad to the good, that you can alter your past, that you explore other choices, and thus change your present and future: but what you are or will be doing is breaking down the barriers of the forced concept of time and multiple universes….

Overcome the limits of time and dimension, and you can marry that person you did not, or not marry someone, or turn left instead of right, or leave five minutes later to avoid that car crash, or stop a friend or loved one from taking their life, or go to a different college, take a different job, move to a different city — every bad choice and every horrible moment in your past CAN be changed by demanding your free will from the Creator, the Source who does not adhere to what you may believe is impossible, into a multiverse where all is possible and all facets of life can be explored.

And then you choose and create reality, the reality meant for multi-dimensional beings.

Not all will be able to master this or accept this, of course. We suspect that only 25% of those who do not ascend will be able to do it (and thus have the choice to ascend to 5D in a universe where nothing is impossible) and the other 75% will be caught up in the War of Time, a war fighting for the old order, fighting to keep time linear, to keep to a certain timeline…in essence, to battle against the enlightenment of the powers of the human mind and soul, to keep the weak and ignorant as slaves to the old system of thinking and believing.

You can choose which earth to live in.

You do not have to be a victim of the Timequake; when it happens; you can break free of that personal hell and control time and your destiny. It may go against your religion and programmed, against what you “think” reality is…and that of course is the very challenge presented: the quake can shake up your beliefs, your soul, your perception, and you either submit to it or break free.

The Cabal does not want this, as apparent; this is why they have already been fighting the enlightenment, with chemtrails and nanites and floruidated water and GMO food and programming and fear mongering. They will tell you this is impossible, that it is an extraterrestrial trick, that terrorists have put hallucinogens in the water, etc.

It will be a war — of time, of truth, of the soul.