Return of John Titor (s)

by Former White Hat

Three versions of John Titor have shown up in 2012, one from 2037, one from 2040 and one from 2044. The later showed up with Philip Kramer and again an attempt was made of Crowley’s life and again Crowley went down but rose from the dead.

The 2040 Titor showed up on the Andromeda biosphere with Alex Collier.

The 2037 Titor showed up outside Asket’s beamship, which was parked in the Sedona desert area in Arizona.

“Expect more of me, from all timelines,” all three explained.

As we near the war of time, it is not a surprise that so many time travelers are now popping up all over the place…50 versions of Casbolt, five versions of Kramer, ten versions of Tesla…

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