Some Notes on the Stalkers and the Psychotics

by Former White Hat

In the past 24 hours, a mentally disturbed individual who goes by a number of names, such as “I Pity the Fool,”has written nearly 100 comments  here, not realizing most went into the Spam folder and nobody, not even me, read them. Much of it was vitriol and insane ramblings, one has been let through to see.

They also seem to be a follower of Bill Cooper; and claims to have “power friends” who will take down this blog. It must be Saturday; the weekly threat against the truth in this blog arrives like clockwork. Many fear it.

What kind of person wastes that much time and energy when no one read or heard this person’s indecipherable rantings from the insane asylum? From the start, I have had a dozen or more people who have become strangely obsessed with me; they have fallen down rabbitholes and harassed several people whom they thought was me, loose cannons and all; they have attempted to packet bomb this site with no success (they are not intelligent enough for that kind of hack); they have threatened me over and over, set deadlines when I would be taken out, even took flights to cities they think I am in, only to run into brick walls. They have all fallen into the rabbitholes I created long ago: it is better for these people to believe they are so certain they have found out something, only to find out they were tricked or even betrayed by someone they trusted — I know, this pisses tem off even more, and with the deranged and psychotic, these stalkers can be dangerous.

Not that I have any fear from these would-be mercenaries and has-been super soldiers and wanna-be hackers; I have faced foes of far more strength and threat: organizations, entities, people and ETs who would make any one of them shit their panties and scream home to momma…what I would like to pose to you is this: what kind of person spends so much time and energy and anger and fear and makes threat after threat (the bark bigger than the non-existent bite)…do these people have no lives other than to fantasize about my demise?

We all know what kind of pathetic people these are. Should we pity them, are they products of a world gone to hell, are they agents for evil, or are they bored little boys deep down in Mommy’s basement, trying to dig out of the rabbithole?

They are sad, sad excuses for humanity. Is it any wonder our good ET friends look upon this race and sigh heavily with a shake of the head (or heads in some cases) and that our bad ET foes look upon this race and say, “What a waste, who cares, let’s rule and eat them.”

To those who love to make death threats: I strongly advise not to do the same to The Idylwild Group, they are not as forgiving as I, and they will hunt you down and say, “Show us what you got, big talker.” The costraints of time and space are not a hinderance for that group, and you cannot mask your identity from telepaths.

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