Donald Trump Trumps His Own October Surprise

by Former White Hat

Donald Trump, who is himself an Aldebaran-Human hybrid whose true father was killed in the Procyon liberation wars (and was not even in the conflict, was collateral damage when a ship he was on was mistaken for a Procyon cargo vessel and destroyed by the greys) knows very well that the original Obama is no longer, and that 3 to 5 Obama clones are being used for public experiences. So why this whoo-haw about college records and passport applications? Why not ask for the real nitty-gritty: medical records that reveal there are cloned bodies, and records about those surgical scars on the head of one clone where the brain of a mantoid was put in to replace the clone brain?

Trump flipped his trump card…so what is the hybrid mogul’s true agenda?

Listen to what is between the words he speaks.

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