Nanites and Frappacinos

by Former White Hat

Starbucks, by order of Alestair Crowley (who rules the western world from Mt. Weather like a Lex Luthor in the Halls of the Legion of Doom) has stepped up the increase of nanites in its products. The nanites are placed in coffee and expresoo beans straight from the Latin American farms run by the Jesuits, and more are put in through the supply chain.

This can only mean the Cabal plans to activate the nanites in the bodies of million, perhaps to explode. Yes, human bombs in the form of Venti mocha frappacino.

It will come out that those who are patsies for the Bostom bombings were addicted to Starbucks. Many Starbucks cups were found on the scene.

The true meaning of their Illuminati logo says it all:



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