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Henry Ford and the 5D Four-Door

Henry Ford came to visit me at the Akashaic Records, driving a new vehicle for the 5D: a four-door 30s-throwback  that can travel through dimensions and time. It is an 11-gear car, each car takes you to a density — so you put it in 7th gear, you drive to the 7D. Yes, in third gear, you go to 3D hell and earth, and from there, you press the time accelerator with your foot and you can move and back forth in time. A fine car. He calls it “Model Z.” for Zion. Painted black and red. Quite a revving engine, 80,000 horsepower to travel the universe back and forth. We visited some Arcturian friends in the 9D and Archangel Gabriel in the 11D. We went back in time to the 3D, picked up Benjamin Franklin and Victor Hugo and had a late lunch on Neptune. All good fun. Henry Ford is going to send me a Model Z as a gift. Very nice of the old guy!


Bildeburger Invitation

I have been invited to attend the Bildeburger summit as a representative of the fifth density culture and employee of the Akashic Records. I have gotten clearing to go from the Archangel Uriel. I will be advocating them to stop using US Space Command to find Planet Hope and tode-throne Alastair Crowley as controller of the Western nations. I expect Duncan O’Finioan and his clones to be there as representatives of his father, Crowley.

The real Benjamin Fulford is planning to travel from Hope to also attend and go face-to-face with CIA shill Alex Jones.

Do not trust this whole switch of transparency the Build-A-Burgers are purporting with press relations. It is all a ruse.

My Archangel Experience

I have been meaning to report on my experience as an Archangel and how I failed with all that power. I will soon.

My Merkabah Way

I no longer need to use Plejara beamships to travel about. I move from the 5D to 3D via my merkabha  body, which when in use forms around my body like a plasma ship.

merkabaufo220You can read more about the matter and how it is done here.

After my stint as an archangel, I have perfected merkabah travel.

In this video, the flotilla is not a bunch of ships but a group of travelers movin about via merkabah. They are basically a site-seeing group from another galaxy who are curious about earth. This is why they come in a big clump and break apart and come back together.




Attack on the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records were under military attack by a rogue negative faction of the Artcurians (controlled by a higher negative force), along with a 3D faction of the beings known as “The Tall Whites” who were behind the mini nuke being deployed in Syria (with the aide of the Zionist Cabal of course).


As disturbing turn of events, as this was not foreseen in any timelines or futures, which means something of a very great force has stepped in as a player.

Many of you may right now feel lost, as if your soul is disconnected to your higher source and Source, as if you suddenly lost your way the past 2-3 weeks for no reason. This is because your astral self has no connection to your Akashic Records right now, due to heavy spiritual realm damage done to it.

Keep in mind when I say attack and military, in the 5 to 9 D this is a war of a spiritual plane nature, done with “weapons” your 3D ind cannot comprehend. However, the Tall Whites, who destroyed thier facility in Nevada last March, resulting in the death of seven Marines who were guarding them, have brought the battle to the 3D earth.

I am here to aid the Idylwild Group in hunting down these Tall Whites, who are scattered about Arizoina, New Mecixo, and California. If you live in these states, keep an eye out for things. They have some bad plans.

We believe they have joined with the Dulce Dracs and last remnants of te Gizeh Intelligence, who remains connected through their psychic puppet, Anya Briggs.

A Note on the Akashiac Records

Just because I am now a senior clerk at the Akashiac Records does not mean I can access your records and tell you abut your future or present. Your records are only accessible to you and your spirit guides and/or members of your spirit group, mainly when records are deeply entwined — for instance, there are group records for soul groups, with sub records for each member.

Your records are for you alone. It is not like fortune-telling for others, like clerks, to peek. My senior clerk duties are to assist those on this side to make sense of their records. When you pass from a life and return to spirit form, you access and assess your records, with a guide or master, to determine what you require for your next incarnation. You may decide to work on karmic lessons from your most recent life or from remnant karma left ver from a life 10 billion years ago, in another galaxy or universe — a life as a 10,000 foot ocean beetle to a life as a two foot hobbit-like being on Sirius II Moon C, a quaint little world Tolkein knew of and based The Lord of the Rings on (and where in a previous life 67,000 years ago, I was a white wizard for 3,000 years named Freyleig the White. My ife ended by the tip of a sword by one of the Warlock Kings of Baarathoura during the War of the Seven Black Hearts).

Don’t ask me to peek into your records. I cannot. Against the rules. Well, I can, but it is against the rules for me to tell anyone in 3D flesh form information. When you are in spirit form and come to the Akashiac Halls, you fill out the request form in triplicate and then you will be shown a room where your records will be waiting. Thousands of lives, many masters, many planets, many lives, many galaxies…

Chavez is Not Dead; He is on Mars

relayed from the Archangel Former White Hat:

Hugo Chavez was never brain dead and is not dead, he is gone — gone from this earth. First he went underground, then he jump-roomed to Mars, his last words, “The hell with the Heavy Mass Object and the reptilian, I am heading to Cydonia.”

His new home was secured by Venezuela oil profits transferred to the Mars Central Bank, where many of the Cabal Elite, Knights Templars and evil banksters have been heading to before the earth plunges into complete hellish chaos and under the control of Alestair Crowley (“the Beast”), the clones of Obama (the “anti-Christs”), and the Anti-Pope (“the Dragon”).


Message from the 5D

They will soon be chem-trailing reptilian blood cells for you to breathe in, and following that the blood of Satan.

5D is the Place to Be, Crystalline Living is the Reality

Yes, I will complete my 5D move after the Feb comet passes, and I will be working at my new job as senior clerk in the Akasahic Records, reporting directly to the Archangel Uriel. However, the Arcturians tell me there is a way I can make blog posts from 5D to 3D — of course I could always telepathically transmit them to Asket or the Idylwild Group, but the Arctrians inform me they have technology that can access 3D networks easily.

I don’t really feel like traveling back and forth anymore. I prefer my 5D crystalline body over this carbon 3D body…imagine how strange it was to have a combination of two bodies when I was stuck between dimensions!

Free and Loose (Can I Again?)

Thanks to the help of Chenua from Tau Ceti, Nicky Tesla, James Casbolt from 1876, and The Idylwild Group, I have been freed from being stuck between the 3 and 5 Ds.

What happened was, with the Dec. 12 and 21 galactic core energies wreaking havoc on the realites, it had an effect like an elevator door being slammed shut with my body in the way. It was a very odd experience, and I am still disoriented, because I was trapped in a single quantum half-second within Dec. 24, 2012.

There must have been some reason for this. There are no coincidences.

For now, I remain in the 3D. Obviously there are loose ends, and cannons, to tie.

Too funny about Bobby Joe Fannin and Chucky Norris!

Caught Between Dimensions

Upon my finald ascension to 5D on the 24th, I seem to be caught between the two. I am inhabiting both 3 and 5D simultaneously. The Idylwld Group is working on the reasons why — is it an anamoly, a virus, an attack, pr a high weirdness? So every post I try to make can on;y be made on Dec 24 because I am stuck in 3D time on that date.

I Have Ascended, and I am Now the Messiah You Have Been Waiting For

Just kidding.

Boy, my detractors would have a party if I was serious.

Separate Realities in Varied Timelines

I am back.

Well, not really “back” but “back to the future.” A moment ago I was in mid-October, then time traveled forward to Dec. 22. This is the fifth time I have done it, and each has been a separate reality/timeline, the day after the ominous Dec 21 and the first opening of the doorway to 5D.

In what you may call the present, I will soon transition to 5D for the last time. I will not be returning, essentially, although in many ways I am around in many timelines, still traveling as I will. Temporal mechanics!

First, many people ascended yesterday, and many did not. The second doorway will occur in 2017.

In two timelines of Dec. 22, the earth was plundered into darkness and chaos, a Cabal plan. In two others, the war with Iran was in full force, with one timeline seeing Obama not winning a re-election.

I also chose this date to warn you about the fabricated shooting spree at Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT. There are a number of people bringing up a lot of things that do not connect. I suggest reading what Jim Stone and SheilaAliens have uncovered. Yes, this is all connected to LIBOR, as was Aurora, and in a number of ways 9/11. It is about the trillions stolen from YOU, the people, trillions that could put a home over every person in the world, end hunger, wipe out all debt, with a few million left per each man, woman and child, and create a world reality where you seek careers and self-improvement rather than slave to barely meet rent and bills.

In the past week of this timeline, The Idylwild Group has been busy stopping other such fabricated situations of death and despair. The Cabl increased HAARP activity to set a dark cloud over the country, and stopping some from ascending who succumbed to this dark night rising. Crowley and Cabal’s plan was to have a series of such shootings occur, one day after the other, leading to Dec. 21 and beyond. They know we are on to them and may change plans, so we may not be able to stop one or two leading to Jan. 1, 2013.

How is it possible, you ask, to get so many people to engage in these false attacks? Are there really that many CIA agents (as a number of the teachers “killed” at Sandy Hook were) willing, or actors being bought off?

Would the real father of a murdered child be smiling and getting ready to “be in character” like this:

This is Operation 7-11 of Project Strawmen. Millions around the world were cloned over the past 5 years, and have been activated for false flags like this. There will be more situations where clones will be activated to create fiction: shootings, riots, terrorist bombings, etc.

You ask: are they that sloppy? We are figuring it out. Look: they want you to figure it out, with all the little clues in movies, dates, and names. They are telling you: “We can get away with this wag dog, think of what we can get away with next.”

Hint: Project Bluebeam fake alien attack.

Hint: faked assassination.

Do not believe any news put out there. The Cabal has its agenda, and it is not to take US citizens’ guns away. Look at who is profitting by increased gun sales. They want you to start shooting at one another and even them, because then they can declare martial law and strip you of all your rights, instead of one.

This is the 3D Hell I have been talking about all alone. I am sorry to see this timeline go this way. If you are reading this, you have chose this world, karma keeps you here, and you must fight…or become a slave.

I will not be doing the Dec 24 interview on radio. In the two timelines I went to and did it, it was a disaster, and lead to Bobby Joe Fannin murdering a person that clone thinks is someone but is not. Me. Once again, he gets it wrong after being so sure.

I have more to say over the next two “days.” I may have to time step back and fix things that go wrong.

Temporal mechanics!

Accept no clones!

Good day!


My Final October Revelation

You are all living in a hologram. This is nothing new to many of you, and you have heard it from others: this reality (and many realities) is a dream,  a construct; part of the Great Game and the Grand Experiment.

Nothing around you is real, and instead of being part of the game, your goal is to become a Gamemaster.

I have said you are in the beginning of the Timequake, you are looped into moments and your lives are circular, and I have admonished to break out of it, to wake up and change your reality.

Hack the hologram.

Do not be of the Program and programmed; be one with the Program and become a programmer.

The hologram can be yours, not  theirs.

A new world awaits you – if you can take it.

The Arcturian Wonder

Expect something globally wonderful to occur by the 7th deimensionl hands of the Arcturians, your friends, within the week.

Goodbye, Duncan O’Finioan, and Take Your Luciferian Minions Back to Daddy

Bobby Joe Fannin aka Duncan O’Fin aka Omega Unit 197 is gone, as both his web sites have been zapped.

Is the killer clone hiding in fear of the Idylwild Group? Or has he committed himself to his father, Alestair Crowley’s, end game agenda?


Look closely at his words and what they really mean:

The days of darkness are knocking on your doors.
How many of you are ready?
How many hang on every word of the love and lighters feeding you the lie of “Ascension?”
Do most of you really believe you are worthy of Ascension?
You believe the lies because it feels better.
You ignore the truth because it overwhelms you.

But it does not change what is — and what will be.

He also references your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, because he blames me for his demise.

What is this homicidal maniac and progeny of Crowley really  saying? Creating fear saying the darkness is here, to break faith in the natural procession of ascension — exactly what the Cabal wants: make you question something that is good, and to become oppressed by “you are helpless, but come to us…come to the Beast…” 

This is exactly what Bobby Joe did in his so-called seminars…with the help of witches like Stenga and Miranda…cloud the truth, suck people into the darkness, to turn against the 5D world and way of being…

They are desperately clinging onto the 3D world where they ruled, to keep you here…but more and more are awakening and slipping out of their pathetic grasp.

Crowley, the Bushes, Obama, the Cabal — they will not win.

They are losing the war and running away with their tails under their asses — as we see Bobby Joe has now done. Good riddance, we say.

One Luciferian down, more to come…

Let him wallow in the slime and feces and roaches like Crowley and The RAKMEiSTER, and leave them to their downfall as all the fallen ones do and always fall.

The Timequake: What it is, What it Be

I have, from the beginning of this blog, talked about Time Wave Zero and the War of Time. This is when linear time ceases to exist in the 3D world (it never existed in 5D). Time is the 4th dimension — you can look at it in 5D the way one can look at 1D and 2D in 3D, and control it. When linear time ceases to flow the way we have known it in 3D, one can control it, which way it goes.

But before Time Wave Zero and the war, the Timequake will occur.

Now, Kurt Vonnegut was onto something only because John Titor had sent him a letter about the Timequake. Vonnegut fictionalized it in his last novel. In the novel, all humanity has to re-live ten years of bad mistakes without any free will to change things.

The coming real Timequake is somewhat like that, but vaster, bigger, and worse or better, which will be your choice.

Some say Hell is having to re-live the worst parts of your life over and over for eternity….

I wrote, when I returned from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that I was caught in a time loop that felt like 100 years but was really only seconds. In that loop, I kept reliving certain events in my life, and in many ways it was Hell, in some ways it was Heaven. What if you could loop an orgasm for 100 years?

Time will be shaken up, for all who are left in 3D. Your souls will be tormented. You will re-live, over and over, the worst moments of your lives, the worst mistakes, from childhood to adulthood: pain, embarrassment, fear, loss…and yes you will FEEL that you are powerless and without free will, that you cannot stop it and cannot change it.

However, that is not the rule of Source. The challenge for millions, billions is to DEMAND and ENFORCE free will, not to stop the Timequake, but to realize that you CAN CHANGE the bad to the good, that you can alter your past, that you explore other choices, and thus change your present and future: but what you are or will be doing is breaking down the barriers of the forced concept of time and multiple universes….

Overcome the limits of time and dimension, and you can marry that person you did not, or not marry someone, or turn left instead of right, or leave five minutes later to avoid that car crash, or stop a friend or loved one from taking their life, or go to a different college, take a different job, move to a different city — every bad choice and every horrible moment in your past CAN be changed by demanding your free will from the Creator, the Source who does not adhere to what you may believe is impossible, into a multiverse where all is possible and all facets of life can be explored.

And then you choose and create reality, the reality meant for multi-dimensional beings.

Not all will be able to master this or accept this, of course. We suspect that only 25% of those who do not ascend will be able to do it (and thus have the choice to ascend to 5D in a universe where nothing is impossible) and the other 75% will be caught up in the War of Time, a war fighting for the old order, fighting to keep time linear, to keep to a certain timeline…in essence, to battle against the enlightenment of the powers of the human mind and soul, to keep the weak and ignorant as slaves to the old system of thinking and believing.

You can choose which earth to live in.

You do not have to be a victim of the Timequake; when it happens; you can break free of that personal hell and control time and your destiny. It may go against your religion and programmed, against what you “think” reality is…and that of course is the very challenge presented: the quake can shake up your beliefs, your soul, your perception, and you either submit to it or break free.

The Cabal does not want this, as apparent; this is why they have already been fighting the enlightenment, with chemtrails and nanites and floruidated water and GMO food and programming and fear mongering. They will tell you this is impossible, that it is an extraterrestrial trick, that terrorists have put hallucinogens in the water, etc.

It will be a war — of time, of truth, of the soul.

To Consider

Two Important Things

1. I have returned from a short jaunt to planet Hope. My next trip there will be my last time on 3D earth.

2. I have completed a two-week interview with a young journalist named David Challon Hawthorne. He will, or is, writing a book that will tie this blog to many things I have not revealed about my past and what is to come in the 3D world post-2012 after the first acension. There is a publisher who has contracted this book and I guess it will come out mid-2013 — I will not be here so I don’t know. Hopefully freedom of speech and press will still exist at that time.

Pause for a Moment and Breathe…

…and ask yourself these two questions:

  • Am I doing what I came here to do?
  • Am I doing enough?

Activate That Gland, Laddies and Lassies!

Ascension Pains and Blockage

Have you been experiencing very bad headaches, clogged sinuses, fatigue, and mental “numbness” the past two-three weeks? Sudden, strong and unusual? This is an indication that your body is responding to the energies of ascension, but the pain is from the blockage that the Cabal is creating to stop ascension — aside from fluoridation of your third eye, the chemtrails, electronic bombardment and key words and phrases over TV and the radio are interfering with the galactic calling of 5D existence.

Sit down, lay down, breathe evenly, and reject the interference. You should feel better and your body should vibrate at a higher level without the effects of these attics of a frantic ruling blood line and reptoid pals who want to keep you in this density enslaved.

We Are Coming…and We Are Here

Someone linked this in comments and it should be moved here…listen, for everything in this message has been what I have been saying all along.

There are many agents of deception out there right now, beings of pure evil, creators of false hope and false information; beware of them. They will attempt to discredit this messages and those like them; they will attempt to destroy me and those who work with me; they will attempt to fool and confuse you. Do not fall into their traps.

Return to Hell

I am back to 3D earth tasks, aka Hell. What a contrast one is aware of when spending quality time on Hope (the past week here was two months for me there) and coming back to this armpit of the Galaxy. Sorry — do I sound like my counterpart from the GAL? Perhaps an influence. She decided to remain on Hope and hang out with children because she knows she cannot, and will not, have kids in her Universe or here. Nor can I. Family is not cut out for people like us: we do not have the time, and they would only be in danger and used against us. So we choose family in other ways.

Transporting and re-location integration of 9,002 children under ten, 2,303 babies under one year, 3, 227 teenagers and 2,015 adults is exhausting yet worthwhile. It makes one feel like a positive difference is being done, rather than the continued battles with lizards, clones, diamond spiders and one-eyed Lahrens.

Meanwhile, we keep tracking the anti-reality virus and how much it is erasing itself and who will be erased from this reality for the 27 days after the Olympics agenda.

No intel from Eisenhower and Tesla about stopping the Timequake, if they can.

I feel an odd calm before the storm.


Time Stacked like an Infinity of Dreams at the Edge of Oblivion

When my “time” comes to leave tis 3D mess, remember that the illusion of time is what this all about: time wave zero, zero point in time in all our bodies, and the War of Time when all past, present and future will stack on top one another before your very eyes…

If you make it to the 5D world this time around, you will see with new eyes what “time” is, or isn’t…it isn’t what you were programmed to believe; it is what it is: nothing and everything.

Words of Wisdom from the Arcturians

           Arcturian crop circle formation art from here.

The Arcturians asked me to pass along the following messages because they know many of you cannot fathom or understand or believe certain things — not just what I say and write, but what others have in the past, present and future (that do not exist, there is only The Moment of Truth).

A number of you cannot wrap your brain around concepts no matter how I try to explain, because the limitations of 3D human language cannot interpret higher dimensional realities; some of you have such egos and hubris that you are offended by anything that is beyond your intelligence (such causes of many religious wars); some of you are so trapped in the limitations of your programming that instead of meditating on the vastness of life Creation created, in all possible forms — yes, even high intelligent vegetable and fruit-based life, sentient trees and insects — that your fear of the unknown causes you to be sardonic and even rude.

Thus say the Arcturians:


Revelation is evolutionary but always progressive. Down through the ages of a world’s history, the revelations of religion are ever-expanding and successively more enlightening. It is the mission of revelation to sort and censor the successive religions of evolution. But if revelation is to exalt and upstep the religions of evolution, then must such divine visitations portray teachings which are not too far removed from the thought and reactions of the age in which they are presented. Thus must and does revelation always keep in touch with evolution. Always must the religion of revelation be limited by man’s capacity of receptivity.

Because your world is generally ignorant of origins, even of physical origins, it has appeared to be wise from time to time to provide instruction in cosmology. And always has this made trouble for the future. The laws of revelation hamper us greatly by their proscription of the impartation of unearned or premature knowledge. Any cosmology presented as a part of revealed religion is destined to be outgrown in a very short time. Accordingly, future students of such a revelation are tempted to discard any element of genuine religious truth it may contain because they discover errors on the face of the associated cosmologies therein presented.

Mankind should understand that we who participate in the revelation of truth are very rigorously limited by the instructions of our superiors. We are not at liberty to anticipate the scientific discoveries of a thousand years. Revelators must act in accordance with the instructions which form a part of the revelation mandate. We see no way of overcoming this difficulty, either now or at any future time. We full well know that, while the historic facts and religious truths of this series of revelatory presentations will stand on the records of the ages to come, within a few short years many of our statements regarding the physical sciences will stand in need of revision in consequence of additional scientific developments and new discoveries. These new developments we even now foresee, but we are forbidden to include such humanly undiscovered facts in the revelatory records. Let it be made clear that revelations are not necessarily inspired. The cosmology of these revelations is not inspired. It is limited by our permission for the co-ordination and sorting of present-day knowledge. While divine or spiritual insight is a gift, human wisdom must evolve.

Truth is always a revelation: autorevelation when it emerges as a result of the work of the indwelling Adjuster; epochal revelation when it is presented by the function of some other celestial agency, group, or personality.

These levels of reality are convenient compromise symbolizations of the present universe age and for the mortal perspective. There are a number of other ways of looking at reality from other-than-mortal perspective and from the standpoint of other universe ages. Thus it should be recognized that the concepts herewith presented are entirely relative, relative in the sense of being conditioned and limited by:

  1. The limitations of mortal language.
  2. The limitations of the mortal mind.
  3. The limited development of the seven superuniverses.
  4. Your ignorance of the six prime purposes of superuniverse development which do not pertain to the mortal ascent to Paradise.
  5. Your inability to grasp even a partial eternity viewpoint.
  6. The impossibility of depicting cosmic evolution and destiny in relation to all universe ages, not just in regard to the present age of the evolutionary unfolding of the seven superuniverses.
  7. The inability of any creature to grasp what is really meant by pre-existentials or by postexperientials–that which lies before beginnings and after destinies.

Reality growth is conditioned by the circumstances of the successive universe ages. The central universe underwent no evolutionary change in the Havona age, but in the present epochs of the superuniverse age it is undergoing certain progressive changes induced by co-ordination with the evolutionary superuniverses. The seven superuniverses, now evolving, will sometime attain the settled status of light and life, will attain the growth limit for the present universe age. But beyond doubt, the next age, the age of the first outer space level, will release the superuniverses from the destiny limitations of the present age. Repletion is continually being superimposed upon completion.

These are some of the limitations which we encounter in attempting to present a unified concept of the cosmic growth of things, meanings, and values and of their synthesis on ever-ascending levels of reality.

Hope’s New 3,000 Residents

I have been away helping transport 3,000 children to Planet Hope. Soon, in a few months, that will be my main job before shifting to 5D permanently. It takes careful compassion and understanding helping all these children adjust — but they do get excited traveling in a spaceship and looking out the windows (well really screens receiving signals from whisker probes but you get the idea). Despite the excitement of it all, they are leaving their homes and 9 times out of 10 their family (although in some cases, the people destined for Hope who have children go together as a family), so they become uncertain and scared, but they are met with so much love on Hope, with nice new homes and new surrogate parents, their discomfort goes away.

I cannot even begin to explain the divine beauty of Hope that would do it justice, a terra-formed moon on the other side of the galaxy, far away from other inhabited systems, in direct alignment with the Galaxy’s center so that energy is always there. Hope has two main land masses, Bridliam and Templiam, with only a dozen islands where the defense bases and the planet cloak centers are. Towns instead of cities, homes spread out, schools with no more than 35 choldren in each (adults have their own educational centers); a thickly green planet with only vegetarian animals, no predators (some earth , some Martian, some from Erra and Procyon, like the wonderful three-headed winged giraffe, the singing flowers, and fairy folk in the 7D). Waterfalls, mountains with snow, jungles and forests and deserts without any industry. Free energy, no money, no stress, no banks, no bills, no hunger, no 9 to 5 slavery, simply a transitional safe place to work on the spirit and prepare to ascend without interference of war, fear, and lizard people.

George Kavassilas: Shapeshiftig Reptilian Deceiver

George Kavassilas is not a human, he is a shapeshifting lizard boy, and has been seen shifting live.

He was, however, once human and true. But he was taken and replaced much in the same way as Bill Ryan, who were both replaced while in Australia around the same time. They are not the only ones to have been replaced by shapeshifters, rather than clones, Down Under in Oz, because of a large shapeshifter base in Mt Ziel and fortified by Cabal US/UK military.

He said he and others would ascend March this year. It did not happen. So of course he moved the date March 2013, saying,”Well if it does not happen, it’s what I feel.”  Ascension for those ready will happen earlier than that, but Lizard Boy George will not be one of them. He will continue to deceive people after March, 2013, where we will probably still keep hearing Drake saying, “The mass arrests are about to happen, just wait for the fireworks…”

Are the real Bill and George still alive? They may be and if they are, they are being tortured, used as sex slaves for perverted reptoids, and their souls being drained under Mt, Ziel.

Of Thule, Vril, and Aryan People from the Past

I have returned from Germany and Austria…as I noted I was in Europe, first having dinner in Paris with an old friend from my intel days, who said important people from the past had arrived here in 2012.  From there we went to Berlin and met with a striking young woman with very long brown hair…her name was “Sigrun” in the 1930s-40s and she is 170 years old, but looks no older than 25. She is not an alien, she has kept her body in a perfect, unaging state using Vril energy. Yes, she is of the Thule and later Vril Societies from Nazi Germany fame…

She told me about the ten thousand Aryan Ukraine women who had been taken in 1944 to the Antarctica as wives/breeders for 2500 selected Aryan men, to create a pure master race that would always stay young and powerful via Vril energy, what would later become the 4th Reich. Something went wrong, they were infiltrated by the Bafath and Dracos…

She said 2,000 of these women and their children left in 100 Vril ships to go to Aldebaran but they were stopped by the Wingmakers and Laher People from the future, many of them killed or captured. 349 women and 200 children were flung into 2012 and landed in Austria.

They had wound up in 1998 for a while, but left for 2012.

We were met outside Berlin by another member of the group, Heike, also striking and young-looking but was born in 1865, and then taken to the Black Forest, and joined by Semjase, Nellet, Olein, Asket and others, who transported the Vril women and children to the Andromeda bio sphere. They are being hunted. They are pure blood Aryans with 5D bodies like Plejarans and would be choice prisoners for the Cabal. The women and children are as humanity once was and always meant to be: perfect healthy, beautiful, with bodies meant to last 600-800 years and never looking older than 40.

Sigrun knows some weaknesses of the Bafath and Lager that could be of use…she also says a fleet of 10,000 Aldebaran ships are on their way to come to earth January 2013…what their intentions, friend or foe, is unknown.

A Few Words from Your Friendly Neighborhood Former White Hat Operative

Gentle peoples,

I appreciate your confidence and support, but some of you have been asking in the comments (which I delete) or via email personal requests from either me or the Plejarans/Andromedans/Arcturians that are not in my, and their, necessity to do: we cannot, and will not, turn your electricity back on, pay your bills or put money in your bank account, get your spouse to return, keep the demons away, pick you up just because you want to ride in a UFO, save you from the country you are in and take you to a new home,  take you to the 5th Density or teach you “how” to ascend, and, to quote Drake, “that sort of thing.”

They are here to assist mankind as a whole, not fix individual problems in your life — these struggles are challenges you must face yourself, and figure out the best solution.

This is exactly the sort of thing that out ET family is concerned about: that many people would worship them as gods, or a direct line to Source, and petition the selfish and impossible. Like prayer to Source, there is a big gap between what you want and what you need. Many stories have been written regarding the folly of choosing lust over love.

We need only look at our past to see how the ET presence affected cultures: building the a Tower to reach heaven, building monuments as gifts for the “gods” to return or engaging in human sacrifice because they think that will  appease the gods to return or grant prayers. While a good many of people in the Western world are prepared to, or can handle, the revealing of the ET presence and the truth about the galactic community, the number who are not, in other countries, outweighs those who are: the shattering of paradigms and the threat to their faith and view of the Universe (that mankind is superior and “God” favors the earth) will result in riots, violence, suicide and war. However, the time has come that revelation is unavoidable and must be handled delicately and responsibly.

You are not alone and you never were. Some things you must do for yourself; you will receive guidance but it won’t be just handed to you.



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