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A Test…the Archangel FWH?


I was summoned to a high dimension council…who knows what dimension in the 7 super universes…11,12, 27?

The Council of Creation,

Lo, I was brought there by Archangels Raphaiel and Uriel, and told I would be granted the powers of an archangel for one month. I knew who sat at the head of the council: Metatron.

I did not have to answer yet.

Is this some kind of test? If I am granted archangel powers, do they want to see if I would be corrupt with the power? That I would ignore the Law of One? That I would cheat the matrix game of good vs. evil and wipe out the Cabal with one swift blow of my rainbow sword?

Why me? I humbly ask.

What does this offer mean? Would it be a gift for a curse?

Am I being tested?


Time O Time!

I had to jump back to July, 2012, and fix something in Anya Briggs’ life. Of course, she will never know of it in this timeline, because I stopped something. But I know. 

I am the Ghost of Christmas Future!!!!!

My Final October Revelation

You are all living in a hologram. This is nothing new to many of you, and you have heard it from others: this reality (and many realities) is a dream,  a construct; part of the Great Game and the Grand Experiment.

Nothing around you is real, and instead of being part of the game, your goal is to become a Gamemaster.

I have said you are in the beginning of the Timequake, you are looped into moments and your lives are circular, and I have admonished to break out of it, to wake up and change your reality.

Hack the hologram.

Do not be of the Program and programmed; be one with the Program and become a programmer.

The hologram can be yours, not  theirs.

A new world awaits you – if you can take it.

Return of John Titor (s)

Three versions of John Titor have shown up in 2012, one from 2037, one from 2040 and one from 2044. The later showed up with Philip Kramer and again an attempt was made of Crowley’s life and again Crowley went down but rose from the dead.

The 2040 Titor showed up on the Andromeda biosphere with Alex Collier.

The 2037 Titor showed up outside Asket’s beamship, which was parked in the Sedona desert area in Arizona.

“Expect more of me, from all timelines,” all three explained.

As we near the war of time, it is not a surprise that so many time travelers are now popping up all over the place…50 versions of Casbolt, five versions of Kramer, ten versions of Tesla…

The Timequake: What it is, What it Be

I have, from the beginning of this blog, talked about Time Wave Zero and the War of Time. This is when linear time ceases to exist in the 3D world (it never existed in 5D). Time is the 4th dimension — you can look at it in 5D the way one can look at 1D and 2D in 3D, and control it. When linear time ceases to flow the way we have known it in 3D, one can control it, which way it goes.

But before Time Wave Zero and the war, the Timequake will occur.

Now, Kurt Vonnegut was onto something only because John Titor had sent him a letter about the Timequake. Vonnegut fictionalized it in his last novel. In the novel, all humanity has to re-live ten years of bad mistakes without any free will to change things.

The coming real Timequake is somewhat like that, but vaster, bigger, and worse or better, which will be your choice.

Some say Hell is having to re-live the worst parts of your life over and over for eternity….

I wrote, when I returned from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that I was caught in a time loop that felt like 100 years but was really only seconds. In that loop, I kept reliving certain events in my life, and in many ways it was Hell, in some ways it was Heaven. What if you could loop an orgasm for 100 years?

Time will be shaken up, for all who are left in 3D. Your souls will be tormented. You will re-live, over and over, the worst moments of your lives, the worst mistakes, from childhood to adulthood: pain, embarrassment, fear, loss…and yes you will FEEL that you are powerless and without free will, that you cannot stop it and cannot change it.

However, that is not the rule of Source. The challenge for millions, billions is to DEMAND and ENFORCE free will, not to stop the Timequake, but to realize that you CAN CHANGE the bad to the good, that you can alter your past, that you explore other choices, and thus change your present and future: but what you are or will be doing is breaking down the barriers of the forced concept of time and multiple universes….

Overcome the limits of time and dimension, and you can marry that person you did not, or not marry someone, or turn left instead of right, or leave five minutes later to avoid that car crash, or stop a friend or loved one from taking their life, or go to a different college, take a different job, move to a different city — every bad choice and every horrible moment in your past CAN be changed by demanding your free will from the Creator, the Source who does not adhere to what you may believe is impossible, into a multiverse where all is possible and all facets of life can be explored.

And then you choose and create reality, the reality meant for multi-dimensional beings.

Not all will be able to master this or accept this, of course. We suspect that only 25% of those who do not ascend will be able to do it (and thus have the choice to ascend to 5D in a universe where nothing is impossible) and the other 75% will be caught up in the War of Time, a war fighting for the old order, fighting to keep time linear, to keep to a certain timeline…in essence, to battle against the enlightenment of the powers of the human mind and soul, to keep the weak and ignorant as slaves to the old system of thinking and believing.

You can choose which earth to live in.

You do not have to be a victim of the Timequake; when it happens; you can break free of that personal hell and control time and your destiny. It may go against your religion and programmed, against what you “think” reality is…and that of course is the very challenge presented: the quake can shake up your beliefs, your soul, your perception, and you either submit to it or break free.

The Cabal does not want this, as apparent; this is why they have already been fighting the enlightenment, with chemtrails and nanites and floruidated water and GMO food and programming and fear mongering. They will tell you this is impossible, that it is an extraterrestrial trick, that terrorists have put hallucinogens in the water, etc.

It will be a war — of time, of truth, of the soul.

My Counterpart Returns Home

My counterpart decided to return to her universe.

It was simple really. Nothing spectacular, other than Archangel Michael appeared on the Andromeda biosphere, used his Sword to open a doorway into the GAL-Universe, and my counterpart stepped in and the door closed.

She is where she belongs now. She has work to complete in that universe, as I have mine here in the DAL.

Philip Taylor Kramer Sends Crowley In-a-godda-davida

Former bass player for 60s psychedelic band from San Diego, Iron Butterfly, Phillip Taylor Kramer, later became a rocket scientist and worked for Northrup and came up with formulas for the quantum computer and time travel, and then vanished…years later, bones in a van were found supposedly belonging to him, but it was a lie…

Kramer did indeed travel through time — to September 29, 2012, the full moon squaring Neptune-Uranus; he showed up at Mt. Weather with a gun and assassinated Aleister Crowley, yelling, “I will not let the moonchild finish the timequake, you evil bastard!”

He shot Crowley three times in the head.

Duncan O’Finioan was there, along with Barbara Bush and her sons….Dunc cried, “DADDY!” and tried to tackle Taylor, but his bum leg gave out and he fell flat on his face.

Barbara Bush tried to grab Taylor, to do what her younger brother Bobby Joe failed at…

Taylor activated his quantum device and vanished…to what time, who knows…maybe back to the 1960s…to another life…

George Bush, Jr. cracked open a beer and said, “Sweet Jesus, I will never time travel.”

Crowley sat up and said, “Oh yes you will.”

Three bullets in the head and the man does not die…he is the Beast.

Boy, things are getting weird.

My Counterpart and AAM

My GAL-Universe counterpart has returned from Hope and I am heading to Hope to pick up where she left off — no this is not the trip that ends my stay on earth, not yet…

My counterpart returns with amazing news: she was approached by Archangel Michael who told her he can return her to her Universe.

But she is having second thoughts…Planet Hope can do that to you. Who would want to leave a 3D paradise behind?

Return to Hell

I am back to 3D earth tasks, aka Hell. What a contrast one is aware of when spending quality time on Hope (the past week here was two months for me there) and coming back to this armpit of the Galaxy. Sorry — do I sound like my counterpart from the GAL? Perhaps an influence. She decided to remain on Hope and hang out with children because she knows she cannot, and will not, have kids in her Universe or here. Nor can I. Family is not cut out for people like us: we do not have the time, and they would only be in danger and used against us. So we choose family in other ways.

Transporting and re-location integration of 9,002 children under ten, 2,303 babies under one year, 3, 227 teenagers and 2,015 adults is exhausting yet worthwhile. It makes one feel like a positive difference is being done, rather than the continued battles with lizards, clones, diamond spiders and one-eyed Lahrens.

Meanwhile, we keep tracking the anti-reality virus and how much it is erasing itself and who will be erased from this reality for the 27 days after the Olympics agenda.

No intel from Eisenhower and Tesla about stopping the Timequake, if they can.

I feel an odd calm before the storm.


Anti-Reality Virus

There is a rumor going around that the “false flag” of the Olympics is that everyone there was infected by a dormant virus that will activate 27 days after the closing; that as all these people returning to their countries will bring the virus with them to cause a world-wide pandemic.

Our intel is a bit different, and if true could have serious repercussions on all timelines. These people may have been infected with an anti-reality virus…basically nanites designed to slowly erase the reality of the host.

What does this mean? It means that each infected person will gradually be erased from the timeline, from the memories of everyone that ever knew them; in essence, these people will cease to exist, ever, in their reality.

Anti-reality nanites were designed as a method of removing an enemy force without the use of nukes, disease or violence.

More on this later…

In Another Timeline, Syria is Gone, but in This One…

Ten hours ago, Israel almost launched a heavy military strike on Syria. Iran has been urging Syria to attack Israel with chemical weapons and missing suitcase nukes from South Africa are in Damascus. Jets were fueled and arms and almost ready to go, Obama OK’ed it, but the old guard of Israeli generals stopped the new guard, many clones, hasty for war, and NuttinYahoo called off the strike.

“Better to wait after the Olympic games start,” the clone Henry Kissinger allegedly advised the clones of Obama.

I know another timeline were it did happen, which stopped the Olympics after Syria was obliterated and nuked, leading to Pakistan nuking India and North Korea nuking Japan.

Things are getting edgy.

The Deception Continues…

After examining the remains of The Emperor of Time/the FAL-Universe me, the Plejaran medics have concluded that this person did not originate from the FAL-Universe, the cellular vibration does not match that Universe…this person was a synthetic. Not a clone, but a synthetic made from Draco-Grey technology.

The Dracos working with the Wingmakers, that is no surprise.  Does this mean that this synthetic never went to the Andromeda Galaxy four trillion years from now, and did not kill the others of the Time Consortium? We would have to inquire with the “present” Time Consortium but no one feels contacting them would be a good idea, for they might be involved in this massive deception?

The question remains: why me? I know they made the synthetic “look like” Drake to nudge me to go to the Moon and confront him. But why make a synthetic of me and make us believe it was my doppelgänger from the FAL-Universe? Was it really all for moving ships and troops interdimensionally to Colorado?

I know there is another, more nefarious reason.

I believe this it fitting as the first job for the Idyllwild Group to take on, a mystery to be solved.


Words of Wisdom from the Arcturians

           Arcturian crop circle formation art from here.

The Arcturians asked me to pass along the following messages because they know many of you cannot fathom or understand or believe certain things — not just what I say and write, but what others have in the past, present and future (that do not exist, there is only The Moment of Truth).

A number of you cannot wrap your brain around concepts no matter how I try to explain, because the limitations of 3D human language cannot interpret higher dimensional realities; some of you have such egos and hubris that you are offended by anything that is beyond your intelligence (such causes of many religious wars); some of you are so trapped in the limitations of your programming that instead of meditating on the vastness of life Creation created, in all possible forms — yes, even high intelligent vegetable and fruit-based life, sentient trees and insects — that your fear of the unknown causes you to be sardonic and even rude.

Thus say the Arcturians:


Revelation is evolutionary but always progressive. Down through the ages of a world’s history, the revelations of religion are ever-expanding and successively more enlightening. It is the mission of revelation to sort and censor the successive religions of evolution. But if revelation is to exalt and upstep the religions of evolution, then must such divine visitations portray teachings which are not too far removed from the thought and reactions of the age in which they are presented. Thus must and does revelation always keep in touch with evolution. Always must the religion of revelation be limited by man’s capacity of receptivity.

Because your world is generally ignorant of origins, even of physical origins, it has appeared to be wise from time to time to provide instruction in cosmology. And always has this made trouble for the future. The laws of revelation hamper us greatly by their proscription of the impartation of unearned or premature knowledge. Any cosmology presented as a part of revealed religion is destined to be outgrown in a very short time. Accordingly, future students of such a revelation are tempted to discard any element of genuine religious truth it may contain because they discover errors on the face of the associated cosmologies therein presented.

Mankind should understand that we who participate in the revelation of truth are very rigorously limited by the instructions of our superiors. We are not at liberty to anticipate the scientific discoveries of a thousand years. Revelators must act in accordance with the instructions which form a part of the revelation mandate. We see no way of overcoming this difficulty, either now or at any future time. We full well know that, while the historic facts and religious truths of this series of revelatory presentations will stand on the records of the ages to come, within a few short years many of our statements regarding the physical sciences will stand in need of revision in consequence of additional scientific developments and new discoveries. These new developments we even now foresee, but we are forbidden to include such humanly undiscovered facts in the revelatory records. Let it be made clear that revelations are not necessarily inspired. The cosmology of these revelations is not inspired. It is limited by our permission for the co-ordination and sorting of present-day knowledge. While divine or spiritual insight is a gift, human wisdom must evolve.

Truth is always a revelation: autorevelation when it emerges as a result of the work of the indwelling Adjuster; epochal revelation when it is presented by the function of some other celestial agency, group, or personality.

These levels of reality are convenient compromise symbolizations of the present universe age and for the mortal perspective. There are a number of other ways of looking at reality from other-than-mortal perspective and from the standpoint of other universe ages. Thus it should be recognized that the concepts herewith presented are entirely relative, relative in the sense of being conditioned and limited by:

  1. The limitations of mortal language.
  2. The limitations of the mortal mind.
  3. The limited development of the seven superuniverses.
  4. Your ignorance of the six prime purposes of superuniverse development which do not pertain to the mortal ascent to Paradise.
  5. Your inability to grasp even a partial eternity viewpoint.
  6. The impossibility of depicting cosmic evolution and destiny in relation to all universe ages, not just in regard to the present age of the evolutionary unfolding of the seven superuniverses.
  7. The inability of any creature to grasp what is really meant by pre-existentials or by postexperientials–that which lies before beginnings and after destinies.

Reality growth is conditioned by the circumstances of the successive universe ages. The central universe underwent no evolutionary change in the Havona age, but in the present epochs of the superuniverse age it is undergoing certain progressive changes induced by co-ordination with the evolutionary superuniverses. The seven superuniverses, now evolving, will sometime attain the settled status of light and life, will attain the growth limit for the present universe age. But beyond doubt, the next age, the age of the first outer space level, will release the superuniverses from the destiny limitations of the present age. Repletion is continually being superimposed upon completion.

These are some of the limitations which we encounter in attempting to present a unified concept of the cosmic growth of things, meanings, and values and of their synthesis on ever-ascending levels of reality.

Restored DAL-Universe…maybe…

I am assuming this is a somewhat restored timeline B-variant 7 of the DAL-Universe, except that the July 14 Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun did not take out all western hemisphere power grids, communications satellites, electric cars, trains, and planes since James Casbolt — or 50 of them — were successful in diverting the CME to miss earth.

I am now able to rest after seeing 63 different outcomes or 2010-12 by the hands of the WingMakers and the Emperor of Time.

At first I could not accept it: they had me believing the Emperor of Time was a clone of Drake, reprogrammed by the WingMakers and sent four trillion years in the future of the Andromeda Galaxy, where he became an emissary member of the Time Consortium, programmed to kill the others and set himself up as Emperor of the Past, Present, and Future. When he made a broadcast to the Andromeda forces, the EoT looked like Drake, and spoke like Drake:

To all you turkeys and thingamabobs, I am the Emperor of Time and I control the past, I control the present, and I control the future. I control reality. I control all lives. I will endure from whence time first blinked until it ends and doubles over itself. I take earth as my first prize.

It was a distraction and ruse. It was meant to freak me out so I would go straight to the moon and confront this Drake Clone megalomaniac. My counterpart and I made several attempts that ended badly. It was not until the Ringmakers arrived that we were able to make headway. The Ringmaker ships ATE the WingMaker weapons platforms, just engulfed them and excreted the waste as a several rings around the earth in the far gamma ray spectrum (unseen to your eyes and many instruments). These rings protected earth from any further timeline changes (as they do for Saturn, Neptune and Uranus, as well as acting as communications beacons between the planets).

Meanwhile, 50 Casbolts took 50 beamships to concentrate sonic fire to divert the CME from frying the grids in the Western Hemisphere.

When my counterpart and I got t the moon, the Emperor of Time’s powers were diminished by the rings the Ringmakers were forming around the moon. He was not Drake, that was a hologram…

He was me, from the FAL-Universe. The FAL is a direct opposite of the DAL, where what is god here is evil, or dark, there. My evil doppelgänger was abducted by the WingMakers and presented an offer of power he could not refuse: to become their representative on the Time Consortium four trillion years forward in the Andromeda Galaxy, kill the other members and set himself up as Emperor, to work with the WingMakers to alter earth timelines so drastically that humankind would never be able to reach Ascension.

Unable to harness time or anti-time, my evil doppelgänger was powerless, and my female counterpart and I killed him.

Neither of us had reservations about this apparent “selficide” or “alternaicide,” because there was no possibility of turning him.

But why me? Why did the WingMakers choose my opposite from the FAL…perhaps they were mad that I broke through their time barrier last time and re-set the timelines…or that Al Bielek and Casbolt had helped.

I cannot be sure all has been set to normal, because in all time variants there were no 50 Casbolts to change the CME; in this variant 7 of Timeline B that you are reading from, you should not be reading, because all internet connects and computer boards were fried permanently by the CME of July 14, 2012.

I will have to go outside of time and observe matters.

There are still so many unanswered questions…

A Note on Comprehension and Viewpoint from the Limitations of the Third Density

To those of you out there who keep saying, “That’s impossible” and “how can that be?” and “I don’t understand…” well, noL you do not.

You have been programmed since a child (and even in the womb) by society, TV, your schools and your parents (who were also programmed) to believe “this or that” is impossible, that there are limits; you find it incomprehensible that there are sentient, intelligent vegetable for fruit-based lifeforms smarter and more advanced, spiritually and technologically, than humans; you find it impossible that the myths you heard of are not myths but real; that there are alternate universes with alternate versions of all us, male and female and third and fourth sex; you find time travel and telepathy and UFOs and human-eating reptilians that shapeshift into world keaders not within your grasp of reality; your paradigm (fearful of being shattered) does not have room to include demi-gods, monster spiders, or giant walking rutabegas that want to eat Chicago (yes, we stopped one of those in 1982)…

Do not twist your mind trying to figure it out, or what and how reality is in the 6-20 densities, how they are possible or impossible, for you are wasting your time and energy and will only give yourself a headache and then you will try to justify your inability to comprehend and grasp these matters by saying, “Well that is impossible.”

Some things of higher densities are “impossible” or do not exist in either 3 or 5D; the laws of physics and reality differ greatly there, just as you in your carbon-based body could not exist in the 7-8-9Ds, because there is no oxygen there, or food, and you could not travel by thought as those beings do.

Myself, I have a 5D comprehension of things and only minimal when I am in 3D; even in 5D, I have no way of truly understanding how reality is in, say 7D or 15D, nor can I attempt to explain it in language symbols; only that I know these realms exist but I do not know who truly is there, what reality is like for them, how they travel or exist, etc.

For those who keep saying it is impossible, it could not be, it does not fit in your paradigm: I leave you the limitations of your 3D minds and bodies, and moreso: the lack of what inspires Creation: the manifestation of the imagination, to make any thought transform into the “real.”

The Cobra/Lady Dragon Deception

This “entity” calling itself  “Cobra,” is, as I said before, full of shayte, pardon my Irish. It gave its first interview the other day and claims that the Plejarans have joined “the Resistance” and are going to step forward and make the mass arrests since the Pentagon generals have not, something Drake is now saying as well.

The Plejarans, nor any other friendly ETs, or EDs, or light beings, are not going to start arresting bankers and politicians and Luficerians. yes, they have arrested the likes of Astra and St Germaine but that is under galactic and universal law, for crimes on many planets against many beings.

The issue with the Cabal is something for 3D bound humanity to deal with on its own.

Cobra is Lady Dragon using a voice changer and claims to be a reincarnated Plejaran. This I can say for certain: Cobra/Lady Dragon is not one of the 250. What is most likely is that he/she/it is a Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence, as this is the sort of psyops they engage in. Plus, no one refers to them as Pleiadeans anymore except the disinfo shills.

The Cobra has a Nazi connection…

And consider this: these people all have reptilian nicknames…Drake (Dracos) of the Royal Order of the Dragon…Cobra the snake and Lady Dragon who runs an online gambling business…gambling being an addictive matter that destroys people just as addictions to alcohol, heroin, and pornography does.

And gambling being one of the Cabal’s bigger money makers.

This video that my counterpart posted, while employing animation as humor, speaks of how the Cabal and evil entities fool people as being “The Galactic Federation of Light” the way Ashtar was luring people in, the way Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga and Stewrt Swerdlow lure people in with false hope, lies and bullshit, to snag them in a web of deceit as an offering to the Dark Overlords of Bullshit.


Report on What Happened @ the Mt. Ararat Summit

Here is my report of the meeting of ET and ED and Godlike minds at Mt. Ararat today — or I should say inside Ararat, in the City of Utnapishtim, where Utnapishtim himself and the angel Metatron were hosts. Alex Collier, my GAL-Universe counterpart and I were human observers, and the other two humans were two women from Prague, Aimme and Jolie, who looked like teenagers, but said they were 500 years old and time travelers from Atlantis.

The Nommos People do not wish to adhere to the Andromeda Council non-interference policy. They will do what they feel they must and no other ETs will stop them short of something that would result in mass destruction.

Gilgemesh called for the complete eradication of all mankind except for 5,000 people, all ages 5-15,  to re-start the race. The Arcturians points out this would be the fourth time that has been done the past 5 million years and looks what happens each time.

Odin says he would rather collect all humans with a bloodline that traces back to him (about 20,000 people all together, mainly in Greenland, Iceland and Norway) and take them to Valhalla, his bio-sphere in orbit between Mercury and Venus (the one seen by Mercury when the solar flare hit).

Zeus, dismayed at the condition Greece is in, wishes to wall off Crete alone as a home for his bloodline (about 10,000 people) and return to society as a whole in 2,000 years  when the Age of Taurus comes).

Quetzalcoatle advocated a scorched earth and the planet returned to the Dracos.

The Annunaki Rebel Faction advocated that the reptilians live on their own continent, such as Australia, and human and reptoids share the planet but do not interact much, as it was in the time of Mu and Atlant.  The Atlantian time travel twins, Aimee and Jolie from Prague, noted that while such an arrangement worked for 10,000 years, the two races eventually wiped each other out — plus the suggestion that every person in Australia would be a long-lasting food supply, did not sit well.

Mishe’hatu’i, a representative of the Penepopootaknuatieh Meoantanu’i Hahakenbofawhu’i race of sentient plant and vegetable beings (they kind of look like seven feet tall turnips with legs), believe that it is mankind’s karma to be eaten the way mankind has been eating plant and animal life since the beginning. Apparently these beings have indeed been feeding on some humans for several hundred years, which results in the occasional human mutilation remains. The counterpart race from the double stay system Acubens, which has ten inhabited planets of various vegetable, plant, tree, and fruit-like beings, the Memomeehaau’i (imagine centipede strawberries and carrots) are prepared to take over New Zealand as their own karmic feeding ground.

Aimee and Jolie feel they can help mankind ascend quicker if they go public.

Gilgemesh suggested that he present himself as a powerful savior instead of total destruction, that he would conquer the earth with hope as he conquered all lands when he was King of Uruk, and take the Throne at Jerusalem as King of Gaia. When Aimee and Jolie objected, Gilgemash grabbed both. Jolie time transported away. Gilgemesh took Aimee’s time device from her and began to rape the woman. No one stopped him. “This is how a King conquers!” he cried. Al Beilek then popped in with a time device, pushed Gilgemesh off Aimee, and vanished with the victimized woman from Atlantis.

The Nommos stated they would take care of the Diamond Spiders, the Project Kafka plague, and stop the destruction of Syria. They left.

Metatron threw up its hands and boomed: “A WASTE OF TIME!” and vanished.

Bottom line: nothing was really resolved.

Utnapishtim offered guests a fine meal of exotic fruits and vegetables plus a berry wine bottled 7,000 years ago. This insulted Mishe’hatu’i; it went to its ship and left.

The berry wine was magnificent, even though I do not drink, I had a glass so not to insult the host. Alex Collier drank a whole bottle by himself and started dancing around, singing, “I am singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain…”

Outside Mt. Ararat, a unit of 50 Duncan O’Finioan clones were attempting to find an entry to kill everyone at the Summit but they were terminated by a guard unit of 12 Procyon warriors lead by James Casbolt’s synthetic clone that is half human and half sabre tooth.

Agartha, Zeus, and Odin

When we reached Agartha, the Diamond Spiders were already dead, which I should have figured. They were killed at the mighty hands of the forgotten gods, the ETs known as Odin and Zeus, ancient brothers.

Agartha is 5D so there is no time there as we determine it in 3D. While 48 hours passed on the surface of Sophia, in Agartha is “felt” like six months.  We were welcomed guests, we were given housing in a magnificent palace designed out of pure crystal and gold. The food was unbelievable and, in 5D, only small portions were needed for our 5D bodies.

Many things were discussed, about what to do, what not to do.

TO THE WISE: Agartha wishes for humanity to ascend but will not help, will not fight the Cabal, will not stop earthquakes or floods or asteroids or nuclear bombs. It is up to humanity to ascend on its own…when they do, the people of Agartha, with the Andromeda Council, will guide humanity on how to adjust to a 5D life…and then humans can come and go from inner to outer earth by free will.

In Agartha, Odin and Zeus awake from long sleeps. They were distraught with their bloodline in Greece, Turkey, Albania, Crete, Sicily, Norway, Sweden, Iceland…

They have decided to come back.

Today, Zeus emerged from inner earth and appeared on the island of his birth, Crete. His coming was behind today’s earthquake in that region.

When quakes occur in Scandanavia, know that Odin the One-Eye has come back to scorn his children.

Valkyries following him will look like glowing white light beings in the sky.

Agartha Bound is I

A heavy bloody and difficult battle, but all Diamond Spiders in Chile and Argentina have been killed, making for red giant food. Villagers have been collecting diamond chunks and shards and will probably get rich.

Three pods entered the atmosphere and fell into the northern pole entrance to inner earth. I am joining a group of Plejarans and Andromedans to head into Agartha and find them.

Not sure how long I will be in Shambala, it’s a pretty nifty place to visit.

Typology of UFOs

My GAL-Universe counterpart soul was looking at various Youtube vids and wondering why no one points out which kind they are, race and reason behind ship designs. Good question, I guess I assumed people knew, but not many people even open their eyes and look up to see the skies full of these (expect those with cameras).

So she has been posting explanations about various ships…

Update: Diamond Spiders in Chile

Seems that while the red-hair giants can tear off the limbs of the Diamond Spiders, and have tried t cook the bodies in huge iron cauldrons, the bodies of the legless spiders quickly re-grow their legs, and individual legs start to grow new bodies. This is something there was never any intel on…

The sonic cannons that can kill them have arrived on earth. Since I have experience, I am training several operatives and Procyon soldiers how to use them here in Chile, then we will go to the U.S. and India. My posts on other things will be minimal but my counterpart is in the field with the Plejarans, crewing on Semjase’s command ship. She also has experience with the cannons when she fought the Ruby Spiders 12 years ago in the GAL.

In Japan, ninja units of the White Dragons have not found any success in killing the spiders with katana swords. All ninjas have been eaten. The spiders there are growing much faster as they have also been feeding off radiation fro Fukashima.

Several spider pods have landed outside Chicago but Semjase’s team took care of them. Obviously they were attracted to the high level of radaition.

Obama Soon to Be Exposed

Clarence Thomas in the Supreme Court and several members of Congress as well as the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms will soon be calling the O-Clones of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama II (a name he never made a legal change for) to the carpet and answer the charges of forgery of legal documents, his Kenyan birth, his Indonesian citizenship, his stolen SSN, his fraudulent Selective Service card, his connection to Saudi Arabia, his lack of published legal papers despite being the head of the Harvard Law Review, Michelle ghost writing his  J.D. dissertation at Harvard, and his illegal and fraudulent holding of the office of President of the U.S. Corporation.

But this was the plan from the start, to make him a fall guy and eventual martyr for the Cabal’s overall plan, the biggest con job on the people and strawman corporate entities of the U.S. Corporation.

My Female Doppleganger from the GAL-Universe

This is what happened:

When we stormed the base in Bolivia, the Mantoids activated a trans-universe portal to not only escape us, but to flee from being eaten by the Diamond Spiders who had infiltrated their lair. The portal was unstable and caused a rift between this Universe, the DERN, and the GAL-Universe where certain things are opposite, such as a world without democracy and ruled by kings, queens, monarchs, dukes, earls, lords, knights and even an Emperor or Empress. Many of our dopplegangers, or counterparts, are of the opposite sex. I wrote about this when James Casbolt found himself in the GAL and became romantically involved with his female self.

My female self from the GAL was thrown into this universe when her team from the Daughters of the Phoenix stormed a similar Mantoid base in their Bolivia.

The portal is shut and we don’t know how to open it. One hundred Daughters of the Phoenix and twenty-five members of the Sisterhood of the White Thing are trapped here, many captured by the Naval Alternate Universe Tactical Office. Asket and I have taken my female doppelgänger to the base on the island of Tongo.

This could be a problem if we can’t find a way of returning these doubles to the GAL.

Then again, two of me could be quite a team. I have before dealt with my other selves from the past and future, as well as a clone from a future timeline that was stopped.


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