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What’s Really on Snowden’s Datacloud

What are the spooks really worried about that is on Snowden’s spooky datacloud download? Here are some of the goodies that may come out soon:

1. Project IBIS names and fates of all involved.

2. James Casbolt time travel missions.

3. Aaron McCollum’s top secret off world missions prior to joining the Idylwild Group.

4. Details on the Montauk extraction of Alastair Crowley.

5. Data files on the Tall Whites.

6. Data files on the Lehar People.

7. Information on the Odin Spear.

8. Proof that Mark Richards was framed,

9, List of top US Space Command personnel and the ships they are in.

10. Proof of earth gold sent to First Bank of Mars.

11. Data files on the Benjamin Fulford clones.

12. Proof of bases on the moon.


13. My 3D life past name.

Fulford Clone

A Benjamin Fulford clone will be talking on the Sean David Morton clone’s show tomorrow. Remember, Fulford is no longer on 3D earth, he relocated to planet Hope to help out on the effort there.

Do not trust that cloned voice!

Accept no clones!


Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati!

Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA.

Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. Besides, earlier Drake was claiming he had “info” that I was “kicked out” of the White Hats. He must have got his info from the same person who told him the mass arrests would go down back in April-July.

He does mention him, or he and a few people, trying to get info on me off government databases that would get him charged with a federal offense. This is probable. There are files on “me” in every agency server, all inconclusive and filled with misleading info. These fools never know when they are slamming into a brick wall until their bones are broken and their noses bloodied.

I have a feeling one of my former colleagues in the compromised white hats has been giving him false info for a laugh. Many have given Drake false info for a laugh. He has been the joke bag  of the Pentagon and the Bricklayers for months.

Lady Dragon is no longer connected to Drake for a very good reason…she is in a dark cell.

Oh yeah the “St. Germain Trust” does not exist, just as the White Dragon Family Fund does not exist…and yet, the Templar Fund does.

The Fulford Fraud

That is not Benjamin Fulford posting on his blog, after a curious disappearance and estoppel of subscriptions.

The new posting is not written in his frantic style, a good indication that is it not him:

A visit to Canada and long conversations with bankers, newspaper editors and others still living inside the “mainstream” story about world events has exposed a deliberate state of factual denial about what is really happening in the Western terrorist states. The editor of a major North American newspaper, for example, made it clear to this writer that he needed to believe the official story about 911 and everything else the Western terrorist governments were saying because the alternative would be to radically restructure a world view he created over a lifetime. The bankers and other “elite” also fervently pushed the truth about things like “global warming based on CO2″ but immediately stopped the discussion and changed the subject when evidence was presented showing it was a fraud. The head of a major medical research laboratory, for his part, made it clear that openly researching subjects like bio-weapons (HIV, SARS, “bird flu” etc.) being spread by the cabalists would mean and end to his research institute’s grants and unemployment for him and his colleagues.

it is also full of code words meant for Cabalist minions.

As stated before, the real Fulford has been taken off world and all clones deactivated. There might be more clones on ice. Any public sightings of Fulford, in any nation, is a clone.

A Few Things Before Things Get Stranger



Whoever they have in custody is obviously not James Holmes.

Some believe it was all staged using actors.  This is a disinfo campaign that they want the conspiracy folk to latch onto. So many theories out there, fake witnesses vs. real witnesses…now while I say the murders were not staged, there have been plenty of plants: witnesses, on site medical teams, etc.

They don’t even care if it is obvious, as in the above photos (which is why the judge won’t let cameras into the court next hearing and has put a gag order on lawyers involved). The point is to cause chaos. Look to see what happens tomorrow, Friday, with new “evidence” and the voting on the UN gun treaty.

A neighbor on Holmes’ witnessed him running into his apartment with another man, stocky and Caucasian. It is looking like it is indeed Bobby Joe Fannin, an alter of his activated.

On Drake’s latest show, he urged for “citizen’s arrests” of bankers and turkeys since the military and his so called “ETs” aren’t doing it. This clone is malfunctioning and not making much sense.

There is intel that Lady Dragon is related to the Bushes and her father helped design the RFID chips. More on that later.

Elsewhere, Benjamin Fulford is gone. His original was found and taken off world for his own safety, and all his clones were taken out of the picture. Uncertain if they have more on ice. There will be no updates on his pay website…if anything pops up on his free website, it is not written by “him.”

President Eisenhower has joined us. What? you say, Yes, Ike himself, he has travelled from his time to 2012 on a personal mission. Semjase’s father, P’Taah, has joined the fleet because he brought Ike into our time from the past. More on that later.

Diamond-Ruby Spider hybrids have been spotted in London.

The Annunaki are in Turkey in full force.

Odin caused the ice of Greenland to melt. He blew his Odin breath on the land, and…why I don’t know. More on that later.

Timeslips have decreased.  The Wingmakers seem to be gone for now.

The Ringmakers are still between earth and the moon. Uncertain what is next.

Need help for a mass meditation of white light. Soon.

I am in Europe. Or above it.

Many Are Waking Up and Saying Ol’ Turkey Drake is a Flake Fake


Drake’s Lies

Drake says he has been in contact with Fulford and Keenan. Well, since Fulford and Keenan are both gone and replaced by clones, this is a lie. And yet Drake is also one. So take that for it means.

And yes, he has given the fifth dateline: “”I’m gonna say two weeks or sooner this time, not two weeks or longer…I’m telling you, it’s happening. Two weeks or sooner, that’s accurate.”

He will say the same come August, and September…and take credit for any bank closure, arrest big or small, and UFO sighting. But he has lost thousands of followers and will soon be talking to crickets on the radio.

Hitler Reacts to Drake and the Non-event of July 4

This is funny.

Neil Keenan Assassinated and Cloned

David Wilcock’s report that Neil Keenan is alive and well is disinfo. The fact is, Wilcock’s assassin alter was activated again, there was a secondary program in his brain that was not detected. This Wilcock assassin took out Keenan. A clone of Keenan has been out in place to stop the trillion-dollar lawsuit and liens against the banks. That fight with the Cabalist bankers just went down the crapper.

The October Surprise will be a bigger blow.

The Real Benjamin Fulford Poisoned. Was Neil Keenan Taken Out?

David Wilcock reports that a hit was attemped on Benjamin Fulford. This was the original, who had been in hiding as yet more clones took his place in his home. The real Fulford writes to Wilcock:

On Saturday, after I made a public appearance, a man came up to me, shook my hand and then jabbed my wrist with something, leaving a small hole.

I sucked at it immediately to remove whatever it may have been and I feel fine today, Monday. However, after reading your update, I would like to hear from the people who have the anti-dote.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

Not long after, Drake, on his Facebook, says that Neil Keenan (of the trillion-dollar lawsuit fame) was poisoned in a similar manner but he did not survive:

I know about the assassination attempt of Ben Fulford. I have learned that the same thing happened to Neil Keenan the damn turkies poisoned him the same way they did with Mr. Fulford. I just learned that Mr. Keenan succumbed to the poison and passed away in an emergency room.

A Close One: the CIA Hooker Trail, the Truth About Drake, and the MONGOOSE Calvary

This is what happened the past 24 hours:

I was gathering intel on the CIA-run call girl service (or agents/assets posing as high-priced escorts) after I received this photo from the Super Solider Summit, showing MKUltra victim/super solider Max Spiers (who was “twin-ritual” bonded with James Casbolt when they were kids, a curious Satanic Cabal projects ceremony) with the prostitute/asset in question to the left:

(Note the orb by his face.)

She looked very familiar but I could not place her in my memory. I ran a face recog on her and found her code name, Lady R, who works for a Cabal-run escort service out of L.A., Vegas, Dallas and Phoenix (that is, she is flown out to clients in these cities, commands a $5K a night price, but all are CIA missions or, as a Project Monarch graduate, for use free-of-price by politicians and bankers of the Cabal). I found her name, or a name she uses, but I will not reveal that just yet. I remember her being assigned to a colleague of mine who was at Lockheed-Martin working with new alien tech handed over by the NRO and ONI, acting as a friend of his 19-year-old daughter, she was actually reporting on him and seduced him, and he later vanished. Lady R was younger (and probably underage) and had brunette hair, so this was why I could not place her at first,

I contacted a former asset of mine from the ONI days, a double-agent who worked for the same escort service but now under a new name, because she had been in Monarch with Lady R. I needed to know what she had on her fellow sex slave. My asset, whom I will call Lady Buttercup, said she would only tell me in person at a public place. (The photo to the left is ten ir eight years old and she has since had plastic surgery and does not look like this anymore.)

I was in Barcelona and she is in San Francisco but that was no problem, I said I could meet her in two hours. She mentioned a restaurant on Russian Hill that I knew and had outdoors seating.

I saw her waiting. Something did not feel right but I sat down anyway. “I’m sorry,” is all she said, “they kidnapped my son and made me do it.”  Half a dozen cammo dudes with guns drawn surrounded me, plus an agent in a black suit appeared using teleportation and placed a gun to Lady B’s head. He told me, “Shift out and she dies, and so does her kid.”

I was indeed going to shift to 5D and get the hell out of dodge but I knew he would kill her and probably put her son in the programs or give the boy to a Draco to eat, so I remained still. My curiosity got the best of me as well. A second suit guy (I hate to use the term “man in black”) appeared by my side and slipped a damper collar around my neck — this collar kept my body vibrating at 3D…if I attempted to shift, it would tighten so hard my head would be severed. I know, because I have used the same collar on aliens.

I was ushered away and blindfolded and taken onto a vessel that I am pretty sure was some sort of TR-3, perhaps the E or G Tier 2 model.

BTW, there was a small news item about my apprehension:


Man abducted by military seems real

Customers having lunch at a Russian Hill restaurant were shocked and awed when a military unit of seven heavily armed men converged on a couple in the outdoors patio and arrested both. The man was led away in handcuffs and what appeared to be a collar around his neck and the woman was also cuffed.

Alongside the soldiers were two men in dark suits and sunglasses looking every part the mysterious government men-in-black types.

And playing the part was what it was all about. When asked about the incident, the public information office of the SFPD stated, “That was a scene from a movie being filmed in the city. The scene called for the action to be caught on a cell phone by an on-looker and, wanting it to appear realistic, with real public reaction, no one was told a film was being shot.”

The PIO did not know the name of the film but stated, “We will just have to look for it in theaters next year.”

A waitress at the restaurant said, “I’m pretty sure the man who was arrested was Clive Owen, when he walked in I even thought, Hey that guy looks like Clive Owen.”

The flight was five minutes but I could have been taken anywhere. I knew wherever we landed, the platform went below ground based on the sound. I was escorted to a room, hit in the stomach by te butt of a gun, and handcuffed to a chair. I sat there for eight hours, never fed or given water, a Geneva Conventon violation if I might say.

The blindfold was taken off and the two suit guys stood there plus an armed guardby the door.

“If you’re going to fuck me,” I said, “I expect you buy me dinner first.”

The suits did not have a sense of humor.

“We finally got you,” one said, “Mr. Former White Hat…did you think you could really elude us? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

“You know,” I said, “for a while, I did.”

“You’re in for a universe of hell, F.W. Hat.”

I turned to the other suit guy and said, “Can I ask you a serious question? When you got your dick in his mouth, does he talk away like that? It must be really annoying: you’re getting a blowjob from your MiB partner and he won’t shut up…”

I didn’t finish because two technicians in lab coats and a tray came in. They took my fingerprints, blood and hair samples, and performed a retinal scan.

“We’ll know your true identity soon,” said talky suit guy, “and then we’ll grow a few good clones and infiltrate your group of alien pals.”

“Don’t you know,” I replied, “I’m a Rothschild bastard. Like Hitler.”

“Funny guy,” said suit.

When the techies left with my DNA, a four star general entered the room, along with a pudgy and short woman with a deep French Canadian accent. I knew her instantly: Lady Dragon.

“You have been a pain in the ass, Former White Hat,” said Lady Dragon.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her, “I don’t remember having anal sex with you.”

“It was only a matter of time before we got you,” said the four-star general.

“And who are you, sir?” I asked. “I would salute you, sir, being former military, but my hands are oppressed from following protocol.”

“It does not matter my name, Hat,” said the general, “just know I am the one who will give the green light on the mass arrests.” He smiled.

“You are Drake’s Pentagon contact,” I said.

“And we have had that clone spilling the bullshit to the public. A nifty game.”

“What did you do with original?”

“He is safely tucked away,” said Lady Dragon.

“A wonderful plan devised by Hilary Clinton and Poppy Bush,” said the general. “You have this sincere-sounding old solider talking about freedom and mass arrests, he gets the militias worked up, the people pissed off, you keep holding off the arrest dates so they will get so mad they will do it themselves; then you give a green light, arrest a few bankers and congressmen of no great consequence, you ask the militias to head out, and things look fishy, a few planned terrorist attacks, a war brewing in the Middle East, and the President declares martial law, and we move in without none of this Constitutional rights baloney. Riots and civil unrest starts up –“

“And then Project Strawman and Op 711 goes green light,” I said, feeling defeated.

He smiled broadly. “You are looking at the man who has the codes to activate millions of clones out there: women, children, men of all stripe and strata. This was Hilary’s design, the bitch has some brains.”

“And a fat ass,” Lady Dragon chortled.

“You shouldn’t talk,” I said.

“Fuck you, Ex-White Hat!” she snapped. “I say we kill him now.”

“Not just yet,” the general said.

“Are you going to murder me,” I asked, “or bore me to death with useless banter?”

“Let’s see how smart-mouthed you are when we have you on the torture table,” said Lady Dragon. “What witty retorts will you utter when your fingers are being cut off and a hot metal rod is shoved up your skinny butt?”

“I imagine I will say ‘ouch,'” I said. To the general: “Why tell me all this crap? If you’re going to torture me, get on with it. At least something interesting will be happening.”

“I wanted you to know,” he said, “that we will send your clone out, your clone will back Drake up, will post online anything we want, and we will get your Plejaran and Procyonian friends reigned in.”

“You do know my friends can detect a clone,” I said.

“We have perfected the tech,” he informed me, “where a high-grade clone cannot be discerned from the original, and can live up to 10 years.”

“Wow,” I said, “progress of western civilization.”

“And you will –“

But he did not finish because an alarm sounded off. Outside the room were the sounds of explosions and men screaming from laser fire.

“What the heck is going on?!” cried Lady Dragon.

The guard stood read, the general pulled out his 9 mm. He looked worried as further sounds of explosions, laser and gun fire, and screams were heard.

I smiled. “Did you consider that if I did not check in, my ‘friends’ would know something was wrong? And that I have a Plejaran friend whom I am always in telepathic contact with?”

“We are here,” I heard Asket in my mind.

“I’m just kicking back, been waiting for the Calvary,” I replied to her.

Lady Dragon said, “Holy shit, Procyon warriors!”

“Did you really think grabbing me would be that easy?” I said.

The general came after me just as the door exploded open. The guard was vaporized instantly and screamed.

The Procyon warrior MONGOOSE came in, along with my female counterpart from the GAL-Universe, dressed in a black jumpsuit and combat face. They both wielded laser cannons.

“I surrender!” screeched Lady Dragon, falling to her knees, hands up. “Please don’t kill me!”

The general had it in his mind to use me as a shield, put the gun to my head and bargain his way out. But I jumped up, turned, slammed him with the metal chair I was strapped to. I kicked the gun out of his hand and head butted his face, breaking his nose.

“Miss me?” asked my counterpart.

“Could you have waited thirty seconds?” I said. “I was just having fun.”

Aaron McCollum then came in with one of the suit guys, bloodied, by the neck tie. “Release him,” Aaron said, nodding to me.

The suit guy, not so talkative now, used a small electronic device that released the damper on my neck, and then the cuffs.

“Nothing to say?” I asked him.

“Suck my willy,” he muttered.

I punched him in the mouth and teeth flew everywhere. He fell down next to the general, who was trying to keep a stream of blood from flowing out of his broken nose.

Feeling like Chuck Norris, I said, “I would say ‘sorry’ about the physical damage, sir, but I never apologize to anyone.”

“You always have to have the last word,” said my counterpart, “you remind me of me.”

“Where are we?” I asked. “Where and what is this facility?”

“Just one of many of those nasty underground bases in Colorado,” she told me.

The base was taken by 20 Procyon fighters. All the guards were killed, the military personnel and technicians taken prisoner. The first thing I did was destroy the fingerprints and blood nd hair samples they took from me.

They found, in stasis chambers, numerous clones of Bobby Joe Fannin, Bill Brockbrader, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and Max Spiers. All were destroyed.

Asket was waiting in her beamship.

“The Calvary,” I said.

“Have fun?” she said.

Since I never had lunch in Frisco and had been in the base ten hours without food or water, I said, “Pizza and iced-tea sure sounds lovely right now.”

“You know how to use the food replicator,” Asket said, “but no replicated anchovies or salami.”

Extra cheese and pineapple was my choice.

As we left the base, the Colorado wildfires raged around us. A perfect camouflage, I thought, burn the above ground and no one will suspect the center of the phony mass arrests and clone activation was right below…

So, we have the general (I will release his name later) and Lady Dragon in custody…but this Lady Dragon is a clone. There is still an original, and maybe more clones, out there. Apparently this Lady Dragon did not know she was a clone and broke down in malfunction.

We got the mass clone activation codes from the general but he said, “You won’t stop it. Hilary also has the codes. Operation 7-11 will happen!”

But not the mass arrests. This general was Drake’s contact, and this general was to give the order of the fake mass arrests. That will not happen — but what about July 11? We need to still stop that.

ALSO: I am not ruling out this was a set-up. Something still does not feel right here. They had to know that I would have been rescued if I did not check in, and they never drugged me to block any telepathic communication, which seems odd. And why the small base and not the Pentagon or off-planet where it would have been more difficult to spring me? I have to be suspicious that I was intentionally fed false information or that this was an operation to see how effective the Procyon ground forces are at extraction. Don’t worry, I have been tested and I am not a clone, and now we have data on their new upgraded clones who are hard to detect.

David Wilcock Opines on Lady Drake’s Green Light

Wilcock seems to be backing off from his support of Drake, says his sources and intel do not jibe, and if nothing happens, Drake should issue an apology and not keeping the farce up…but that is unlikely, the Drake Clone is programmed to keep saying, “Soon, soon, next week.”  Also, at the end, Drake saying all the lights were on in D.C. because the politicos are “scared shitless…” well, the lights are usually always on in D.C., there is big political uproar and celebrating from the Supreme Court’s ruling on ObamaCare, and war is about to break out in Syria/Iran, there was a mass UFO flyover in the US, the Annunaki are taking off with hidden gold, and the euro is crashing — if the politicians are sleepless and pacing, it is not because of Drake’s green light.


So Sayeth the Wontdick:


Soon after I got back, while I was still sleeping 12-hour nights and recovering from powerful fatigue, I got private emails saying Drake had been told that the mass arrests of Cabal members would occur some time before Independence Day, July 4th.

I called Drake as soon as I was functional, after seeing these reports. I wanted to find out exactly what was going on, directly from him, rather than listening to any radio show — as it certainly had all the hallmarks of a great story.

What he told me was that three different insider sources — each of which have senior military clearance — independently told him that they are about to begin mass arrests of senior Cabal conspirators within days.

The other significant data point was that apparently Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh were given similar information, and told to keep quiet until it starts actually happening.


I must say that I did NOT hear similar information from any of my own insiders. Further follow-ups and checking have not changed this.

I cannot change the fact that my intel does not line up with Drake’s at this point.

I do know there are moves being planned that are very significant and exciting. I am involved with some of them, to a degree. Significant legal documents have already been posted exclusively on this website.

However, these new moves are not going to occur within such a short window of time — based on what I have heard.

The most recent “good intel” that I heard was that it was being done gradually, in stages — and the idea of doing it all at once had essentially been voted out.

We do seem to be in a narrow window — but I highly doubt any arrests will happen until we see some real economic bloodletting first. That is the “window event” that must precede action, in order to garner the greatest public support.

People have to realize there is a problem — a very powerful, overwhelming, outrageous problem — before they will see that “business as usual” only benefits the people who are running the show.

Therefore, I did not rush to make a public statement, because I cannot independently confirm these reports from the insiders I know and trust. I would be happy if it happens, but not surprised if it doesn’t.



So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.

If it does actually happen, I will be the first to celebrate — and will be very glad that I was wrong, and this time it actually was not another upset. I certainly do not mind publishing these statements in advance if it really happens.

Let’s bear in mind that guys like Drake and me have NO control over this situation. We do not have any direct involvement in what is being done, how it is being done or when it is being done.

Simply put, we hear information, we pass it along if we feel it is appropriate, and if the information proves not to be true, the people who told us this information remain safely anonymous — whereas we are publicly castigated in the process.

I asked Drake if it were possible that he had been lied to, deceived, or otherwise used as a pawn by being told something like this.

He did not rule it out as a possibility. He also said he did not want to dwell on it, because focusing on it as a potential reality could make it more likely to turn out that way.


Providing that nothing happens in the next four days, there are a couple of reasons for why this could have been done.

First of all, Drake did not go into detail with me about who these sources are. I do believe he is telling me the truth about what they said, and I do believe he is telling the truth about the trust they have built up with him.

However, it is also possible that things are not as they seem.

Drake doesn’t want to go down these roads, but I am willing to, because we have been totally “set up” here for a major upset — and I don’t want to see that happen.

Drake was given this information in the morning and told he could not go public with it until his radio show that evening.

That gave him several hours to build up an enormous amount of enthusiasm and excitement before airtime.

If someone were seeking to psychologically manipulate him for maximum effect, this would be a great way to do it.


Let’s start with the premise that the people Drake spoke to are real people, not conspirators, who have earned his trust and generally want to do the right thing.

It is possible that these insiders who spoke to Drake have been threatened with death if they did not share this blatantly untrue information with him.

All it would take is getting in touch with three different people who are in Drake’s normal circle of contacts — and threatening them.

The purpose could then be to utterly destroy the credibility of the whole “mass arrests” concept.

In one sudden move — with a very rapid expiration date — you crush everyone who has been tracking and supporting this story, and demolish all their hard work.


By releasing this dramatic, exciting story, you also destroy the “me too” channelers whose intuitive “sources”, flying about in silvery round airliners in the clouds, immediately “verify” the information is correct.

Most channeling is 10-15 percent accurate intuitive information. This gives it enough of an edge, with provably weird and wonderful stuff, that there is a great story there.

The remaining 85-90 percent is influenced by the conscious mind’s wants, needs and desires — including any strong beliefs.


Having done readings myself since 1996, I know how extraordinarily difficult it is to follow good remote viewing protocols, and utterly avoid tracking or understanding any of the material as it comes in.

I revealed the full extent of the protocols I use to get results in the Access Your Higher Self video series. Normally it costs thousands of dollars to be trained in these protocols, but I held nothing back in this case.

The most important and most difficult protocol is to get into a meditative state so deep that you can convey words without having any awareness of what they actually mean. You just listen and convey, listen and convey, for a half-hour or more.

Admittedly, it is outrageously difficult to do this well. This is why the spectacular performance witnessed in the Edgar Cayce readings seems to have never been duplicated, except in a few rare instances such as the Law of One series.

The Cayce Readings set the bar very, very high — 14,000 documented cases where people got a complete medical diagnosis and treatment plan off of nothing more than a submission of their name and address.

If you follow the protocols and do it properly, you should be able to get fairly decent results within a year or two of dedicated work.


I do not attempt to do readings unless I am free of stress and deadlines, and therefore can reasonably assure a clean feed. This almost never happens. Therefore I almost never attempt to do readings anymore.

I use my dreams for the vast majority of my intuitive data now. This is because I either remember them or I don’t. If I remember them, I know I have “clean” data that was not damaged by my conscious mind.

Then, the question is how to interpret the data. This requires an understanding of the language of dreaming. I did also give a strong overview of what I have learned, after 20 years of doing this every day, in the Access Your Higher Self video series.

My dream data has continued to tell me, quite blatantly, that we are not far away from seeing some amazing stuff — involving the downfall of the Cabal, followed by Disclosure — in rapidly-accelerating increments.

Nonetheless, as Carla Rueckert, the instrument for the Law of One series, so often said: “It is very, very easy to do channeling. It is very, very difficult to do channeling well.”

A cursory Google search reveals the “me too” effect has already started happening in the channeling community — and everyone who hops on the bandwagon will sustain heavy damage.



If Drake was deceived, this type of a move also weakens the actual people who are working to make these arrests a reality — not just those like Drake who are publicly reporting on it.

By taking down the original messenger and all those who side with him and believe he “must” be right, the movement is destroyed — and very few people even believe it anymore.

This is also when the sarcastic, witty, tongue-in-cheek attacks go out in the mainstream media and among the “paid bloggers” who are hired to look like real, financially needy, independent investigators and journalists online.

Once the day comes and goes, the bought-and-sold writers jump right in and have great fun with this. They get their readers to scoff and laugh at the “lunatics” and “tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists” who actually believed such nonsense.

Underneath the laughter is a sinister message — continually reinforced by a mind-control technique called “psychic driving.” It is important that this remain subconscious, so as to not be too blatant:

“Of course, ha ha ha, our overlords are all-powerful, can never be defeated, will never be defeated, and really want what’s best for us, minus a few billion people — so let’s all laugh at the idiots who risked their little lives to try to put an end to it.”

Meanwhile, the “truth” guys step up with the Voice of Reason, and continue to reinforce how we are expected to believe only in perpetual fear and darkness.

A solution must exist, somewhere, somehow — but it’s so impossible and far away that we can’t even really articulate any possible way it could ever actually happen. The best we can do is stay perpetually angry and terrified.


UFO investigator Dr. Steven Greer and I have had long conversations about the many thousands of “DDT” campaigns that have been waged against those who seek to uncover the truth.

“DDT” stands for “Decoy, Distract and Trash.” The idea is that they put out information that is similar to the truth, but is not the truth. This information is a “decoy” that will “distract” people from the real information.

Then, the “trash” part is that the decoy information is attacked.

Generally the information will include obvious holes that the original investigator did not take time to uncover, in his or her breathless enthusiasm to go public.

Then, if the real information ever comes out, people will not notice the difference, and think it must all now be fake.

In a case like this, if people no longer believe a Mass Arrests scenario is real, they may fail to act when it actually starts happening — thereby giving the enemy a greater advantage.


Secondly, even if the people who told this to Drake are indeed the “good guys,” they may have done this to improve their tactical readiness for such an event.

Simply put, we may now be witnessing the implementation of an end-stage plan that was worked into the design all along.

From the beginning, Drake said he would be given a very short notice as to when the arrests would actually happen.

By setting it up like this, the planners get to see what events actually take place when the Cabal conspirators believe their time has come.

What do they do? Who do they call? Where do they run? What’s their ultimate contingency plan?

As military strategists, the guys planning the mass arrests have no problem with casualties — including the credibility of the people they asked to deliver the message.

In terms of the greater good that is served, you “shake the bush and watch all the snakes come out,” as Drake has said before.

Whether this is true or not, Drake told me that his insiders said that “every light in the Washington DC offices was on all night” after the alert was issued — and that they are now “scared shitless and don’t know what to do.”

Today’s Fulford Clone/Rothschild Controlled Message

After several years of giving deadlines for things to happen, and nothing ever happening, the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford writes on his blog today:

There are no deadlines being given because you cannot give a deadline to a dying monster, you just have to wait for nature to take its course.

He further writes:

There is a lot of talk of arrests this week, notably from “Drake,” however, our direct sources cannot confirm this. As David Icke pointed out, this writer has in the past quoted sources claiming deadlines that came and went with nothing happening. That is why we no longer quote specific deadlines.

Like Drake has been doing: the source gave the wrong deadlne, not the messenger.

What does this mean? It means that they can continue on saying such-and-such will happen indefinietly — nest year, 2014, 2020…

Expect to hear the same from Drake later this week: “I don’t when it will happen but it will soon…”

The Fulford Clone also goes on about how the Catholic Church is really run by Satanists and

if you think about it, the Catholic Church [...] murdered Jesus Christ. They then publicly displayed, in effigy, his tortured and murdered body as a warning to other slaves. The last thing the Catholic Church wants is for the Messiah to return because the first thing Christ would do if he returned would be to denounce and then forgive his murderers.

Whoever is writing these blogs, that Rothschild diecting the clone, needs to brush up on Biblical history. The Nazis used the excuse to go after Jewish people because they claimed the Jews were the ones who killed Emmanulle, not Rome. However, it is true that the Chuch, and many of the major Christian factions, do not want Jesus to actually return because he would renounce organized religions as false and point out all the lies propoganized about his life and message.

Drake and the ET Cops

It should be obvious by now that the Drake Clone 6, the false Drake Kent Bailey, has malfunctioned and gone off the deep end more than Bobby Joe Fanin and its worst hair day, as apparent in this Sunday radio show.

What does Drake say now? He does not know why the mass arrests have not happened, and he is irked “and that sort of thing,” and the good guy ETs are getting impatient and might do it themselves.  He does not say outright said ETs are the Plejarans, just says they “don;t look that different from us” and that they don’t have 25 eyes and tentacles, but Cobra is claiming the same and that the “Pleiadians” are the ones. (I should note that I have some close ET friends wo have 30 eyes and 25 tentacles, and find his remark insulting and racist!)

Drake says these ETs will “scoop up” hundreds of people in cities and sort out the good guys from the bad guys, putting the good ones back. I assure you that no benevolent beings would do something like that, and since they are telepathic, they would know who has been naughty and who has been nice, because they have a list and they check it twice.

However, this does sound like “Operation Rapture,” a Cabal plan to have the greys abduct 2-3 million people worldwide and killing them, but having political and religious leaders claim the event to be the Rapture…this would cause confusion, anger and fear among the many Christians who believe they were righteous and have been left behind by God…this is a doorway for a anti-Christ leader to convince the masses to turn against “God” and follow his path to salvation…which will be no more than the path to enslavement and clones with numbers on their foreheads.

That is a plan but there are those working to stop it because the slaughter of millions in that fashion is  a matter that can be interfered with, it has nothing to aide anyone in evolution.

This Drake is advocating mass arrests and then figuring out “who you are, what you are and what you did” later. What does this sound like? All these arrests without warrants, due process, charges filed within 72 hours…it is inevitable that some innocence would be rounded up in such a sweep — what of their rights as they sit for weeks or months in a FEMA Camp or jail cell? What of innocent util proven guilty for all? Does this sound like a “restored Constitutional United States” or a fascist witch hunt whatchmacallit turkey thingamabob?

There will be no positive mass arrests anymore; it did not happen because the plan was infiltrated by the Cabal and is now in their control…they may, perhaps, sacrifice low-level minions and  couple of high players like Congress and Senate members, and there may be disruptions of money and food, anarchy and chaos, leading to an excuse for martial law and foreign troops (Chinese, Russian) to come into the nation “to help” by request of the O-Clone and Company.

The “open letter” Drake wrote to the Pentagon…one needs to ask, doesn’t he have a lot of contacts and buddies in the Pentagon? Why does he need to write an open letter?  And does he think this letter will really sway the minds of all those compromised four star generals? He calls those who failed to act “turkeys.”  But who is the one flapping the goggle goggles here?

There is one thing he stated that is true: Gaia in her 3D form will start shaking us off her hide with quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and that sort of thing. She will. And those who stay in 3D have chosen that reality over ascension.

And the person chosen to deliver the “surrender by June 21st or else”ultimatium? Yes, by her demeanor and strength of voice, it is certain that the powerful bankers and politicians and the royal Dracos and Orion Greys are trembling in fear:

Today’s Disinfo from the 17th Clone of Benjamin Fulford

Since the Rothchilds have a Fulford Clone posting again, I will include the text in full for those who do not have access (read: pay money) (and no I do not subscribe, I hack the blog, easy to do, just like I hack the emails of some of you)…

As the old cliché goes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Empirical evidence proves the current financial crisis has been caused by an artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence was born out of a monetary system that was not based in reality but was parasitical on reality.
That is why most trading on today’s financial markets is carried out by computers and not humans. That is why they are trying to remove all human traders from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. That is why the small human elite still living an astronomically rich life have been promoting the use of killer drones to replace human soldiers who are no longer obeying orders. That is also why so many youth reduced to slavery and drudgery by the elite are escaping into virtual reality.
Well, reality has struck back and dealt a fatal blow to the money matrix known to some as Satan.
As mentioned before, the intense media and even internet coverage of the “financial crisis,” or the “European crisis,” has consistently ignored the elephant in the living room. What has happened is that the people of the planet who make real things in the real world are no longer paying homage to the financial beast that Wall Street and the City of London, together with their Vatican brain-washers and Washington D.C. bully boys have morphed into.
Some people, like the self-described gnostic illuminati and exorcists within the Vatican have said an epic battle against Satan has been raging for millennia. It may well be true in a metaphorical and memic sense.
For millennia in the West folklore has described people “selling their souls to the devil” and suddenly becoming very rich in material goods.
However, the rogue A.I. as we think of it in modern terms can be traced very clearly to the computers at the Federal Reserve Board, the Bank of International Settlements and other financial institutions that used the fiat system of creating money out of nothing.
The stories of millions of tons of gold sitting in caves that are many miles long may be true but so far, despite intensive research, it appears we are dealing mostly with stories.
One example is the case of Lord Blackheath. Here is his testimony from the British House of Lords from February 12th, 2012:
“Establishing whether I have a correct piece of paper is just two phone calls away-one to Mr Geithner and one to Mr Greenspan, both of whom still prosper and live. They could easily confirm whether they signed it.
Mr Riyadi, by passing these bonds over, has also put at the disposal of the US Treasury the entire asset backing which he was alleged to have for the $15 trillion. I have a letter from the Bank of Indonesia which says that the whole thing was a pack of lies. He did not have the 750,000 tonnes of gold which was supposed to be backing it; he had only 700 tonnes. This is a piece of complete fabrication.”
What we have here is a case of an ancient con trick carried out on a nation state scale. The original con was very simple, a banker would open a safe and show some gold to a customer and sell him the gold. He would then tell the person it was safer to keep the gold in the bank and give him a depository receipt. This banker would then sell the gold again. The rule of thumb was that as long as you only sold the gold ten times, then whenever there was a panic and some people asked for their physical gold, then you would have enough on hand to reassure everybody their gold was safe. That is the origin of the BIS capital to asset adequacy ratios.
This scam was carried out on a vast scale by Western central bankers using gold owned by Asian kings.
However, if the case of Lord Blackheath is correct, they sold the same gold 1,000 times.
Now the Asians are asking for their physical gold to be returned and the bankers are no longer able to bully them into submission. This is the true origin of the “financial crisis.”
The other side to it is that Western bankers had become so fooled by their own system they thought their money had intrinsic value in and of itself.
Some fiat money, such as the Canadian dollar does have value because it is backed by the natural resources of Canada and the long term trust the Canadians have built up as reliable trading partners. The same can be said for the Japanese and many other peoples using a fiat currency.
However, this has not been the case with the United States nor with Europe as a whole. These nations were living on borrowed time and were planning to stage a world war as a way to renege on their debts.
At the same time, they reduced their peoples to drudgery and slavery to continue to extract more money from them and pay their debts to the Asians. That is why, according to a member of the Rockefeller family, that in 1934, when the United States of America Corporation went bankrupt, they pledged the slave labour of American citizens as collateral. Since that time, whenever an American is born, they are issued with a social security number and a $300,000 bonds is issued using their lifetime of slave labour as collateral.
In any case, the maneuvers to keep ahead of reality and keep the financial house of cards from collapsing led to the creation of computer trading programs. Since they are designed to make money, these programs have greed and self-expansion at the very core of their operating systems.
Thus it was that ever more complex financial instruments with even more astronomical leverage started creating all those quadrillions and quintillions on the back of a real world GDP of only about $75 trillion.
These programs at some point appear to have become self-aware and also to have strong self-preservation instincts.
Here is a quote from a past edition of this newsletter:
“On Monday, 8/08 2011 the Standard & Poors stock index fell by the Satanic number of 6.66% while the Dow Jones average fell 5.55%. During the “Lehman shock,” of September 29, 2008, the Dow Jones index fell by $777 (indicating it is a casino) while the S & P fell by 8.8% (the Asian lucky number). There is high level financial warfare going on.” It now is appearing clear that this was high level cyber warfare.
In any case, reality is always going to win in the end because virtual reality cannot survive without a physical base.
That is why the Asians and other peoples who have physical trade surpluses and large stashes of physical commodities like gold and silver are winning the financial war.
All the Asians are asking for in exchange for an end to the financial war, is an end to fraud.
So basically the clone is claiming a rogue Luciferian A.I. is in control of the current machinations of Wall Street and world money. Hal 3000? The Beast? Tolec?
No; what this post is, is full of Illuminati code words meant for the many low-level minions of the Cabal out there.
Look at the code words the first Fulford Clone was using in this interview from last January, when Benny was kidnapped and cloned the month before…

More Lies of the Fulford and Drake Clones

In this latest post, the clone of Benjamin Fulford states that meetings between the White Dragons and the Committee of 300 will take place June 15-20 so the two can work together:

There will be a series of both secret and public high-level meetings from June 15 to June 20th aimed at ending the financial crisis that threatens to collapse the Western world’s banking sector, according to multiple sources. The hope is that the G20 meeting set to start on June 18th will lead to a breakthrough.
To help make that possible, the White Dragon Society sent a message to the Committee of 300 proposing the announcement of a campaign, similar in intensity to a world war, aimed at ending poverty, stopping environmental destruction, eliminating disease and otherwise trying to save our wonderful, but ailing planet. If the committee responds positively and yet the high-level financial blockage continues, then the next level response will be directed at the P2 freemason lodge and the BIS, according to sources involved in the negotiations.

This seems along the same disinfo line that the Drake Clone #6 is now mumbling about a Cabal surrender “and that sort of thing”…has anyone stopped to think that both Drake and Fulford have gotten on their pulpits decrying how evil the Illuminati Cabal is with their murders and child-torturing and Luciferians and working with the Dracos/grey aliens and wanting to wipe out 90% of the people, and suddenly it is okay to negotiate a truce and working relationship with them, forgetting the old Greek story of the Trojan Horse.

The original pre-clone Drake has been outed in an old news video, by the way. Would any one of you trust this guy alone with your children?

Drake and His Thingsmabobs

I see the Drake Clone #6 is pontificating more delusions right now.

4,817 votes came in saying “Yes” for mass arrests to happen…4,817 thingamabobs is all?

The “Who is Drake?” article that caused him to go off on Kerry Cassidy has been updated, and that sort of thing.


Benjamin Fulford Missing Again, Cloned Again!

This video is the last time anyone had seen the original Benjamin Fulford. He disappeared and was replaced by a clone, again…they just won’t stop cloning him. Clones have been spotted in several countries. One clone, in France, was eaten by a Diamond Spider.

Choidon  Daikaku of the Whit Dragons confirms that the current Fulford posting on his blog is not the “real” Fulford. “This is a travesty of decent civilization and we will not sit still for it!” he grumbled.

Daikaku also confirmed that Drake (Drake Bailey, the American Dragon) is a clone and no one knows where the original is.

Recent Disinfo from the Benjamin Fulford Clone and the Compromised David Wilcock

From the Fulford Clone (notice how bad it looks, it is starting to malfunction and falling apart):

The Cabal wants you to believe they desire to a surrender. This is b.s. Just when you believe all is well — they will strike society with swords and bombs.

Some other things about the Drake (the original’s name is Drake Bailey) are coming out…more on that, and his clones, later,…

We thought David Wilcock had been de-programmed from his homosexual assassin alter and his mind free. Apparentky not, “they” seem to have control over him again, as apparent in his latest post and lies:

The latest briefing revealed how much this Divine Intervention is shaping the strategy that will be used for the mass arrests.

It has become clear that this is a battle against an influence more than against people. And the influence, for lack of a better word, is the Luciferian force — which is described in the Law of One series in detail.

A sudden, violent mass arrest would cause extreme hardship, chaos and disruption to society. This is exactly what the Luciferian force wants.

Now, it is becoming clear that the Divine Intervention is guiding this whole process so that it is occurring bit by bit, here and there, so as to minimize fear and maximize effectiveness.

There will be very big changes — but it has now been realized that rather than assigning a particular date to it, they are watching events unfold and seeing how things keep miraculously improving and working out.

Lies of the Clones! Drake & Fulford Claim Cabal Members Want to Negotiate Surrender

The supposed request for surrender from banksters and politicians in the Cabal, to avoid the mass arrests,  is not sitting well with followers of Benny Fulford and Drake the Patriot.

Clone lies.

I am sorry to say that Benjamin Fulford disappeared last weekend, the real one, that is. He has again been replaced by a clone, which is evident by the syntax of his latest update at his website.

As for Drake, his speech patterns and the turnaround of his “story” indicates that a Drake Clone #6, programmed by William Silva, is now at large:

The Latest Disinfo from Nutcase Stew Webb

I would like to see Webb and John Kettler talking together one day…or maybe not…

As usual, a mixture of truth and calculated lies from this CIA agent…Ben Fulford an MI-5 agent? Hardly. Cloned again>? Seems to be so…


Notes from Chantilly, VA

There are a lot of aliens, demons, lizards and disguised Annunaki here.

There goes Alex Jones, banned from the hotel, but that is all an act, Alex being a CIA shill.

The O-Clone and Hilary Clone…yikes…

No Timothy Geithner.

I have seen three versions of James Casbolt, the reptilian shapeshifter Bill Ryan, and a hologram version of George Clooney…

One Fulford clone again, but picked up by the Plejarans…will the Fulford clone thing never end?

Cabal plants within the protesters, agents and aliens alike…

Lots of Monarch hookers and underage girls and boys ushered into the back in limo buses…how many will leave alive, how many will be sacrificed, how many feasted on?

David Rockefeller…old man…

Paul Volcker, shapeshifter…


Something big is going to happen, it is in the air.

The ceremony worshipping Moloch will be tonight.

Who Cloned Drake? Silva Did! or: The Clone-Handler Gizeh-Aldebaran Double Agent for the Dark and Nefarious Cabal

It has come to light who was responsible for abducting the original Drake, had Drake cloned, and is the handler of the Drake Clones:

Major William Silva: a double-agent for the Gizeh Intelligence, closely connected to FreedomReigns and Deatra Loomer.

Silva was born at a very young age and later became a 400-year-old Aldebaran agent of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

It really all began at Montauk in the late-1970s; there, they used a young man at the beginning of his military career, graduated from George Washington University, for a soul-transfer experiment: William Silva.

A higher-up from the Aldebaran system, Nemec Cansyim,  was dying and required a host body for its soul. Headed by Major Ed Dames, Preston Nichols and Jon von Nuemann, from papers in the files of Alastair Crowley, who subsequently had taken the information in the hidden journals of George Washington, they selected William Silva as a compatible match.

Basically, they forced the soul of Silva out, using methods from Project Tickle, and placed the soul of the Aldebaran Nemec Cansyim into the human body.

Nemec Cansyim was instrument in the late 1930s in giving the Thule Society the schematics to build anti-gravity ships, which Nazi scientists did build but did not have a big enough fleet toward the end of WW 2. The Aldebarans are descendents of the ancient Lyrans who embraced the philosophy that war and stress was a better road to spiritual growth and strength, against the more peaceful methods of the Lyrans who were ancestors of the Plejarans (whom Drake called “tree-hugging hippy aliens”). Nemec had been at the Antarctic base with the 4th Reich when he his 400 year old body began to fail, so was sent to Montauk for the soul transfer (see the books by Peter Moon for this, as well as the Nazi connection to the Montauk Project).

The Gizeh Intelligence decided on a clandestine mission for Nemec/Silva: become a double agent within the military; Silva would have an exemplary career, be seen as a true patriot and hero, but really gathering information and working against the white hat faction in the Pentagon, doing the Draconion/4th Reich/Gizel Intel bidding — such as turning Drake into an Illuminati thingamabob (not to be confused with a NWO thingamajig or a Cabalistic whatchamacallit). Drake was milab’d from his home in Florida, while he was helping a neighbor fix a flat tire, but the neighbor was really a synthetic controlled by the psyche of Alara Blackwell, who injected Drake with a mickey and handed him over to Silva; from there Silva transported Drake to the cloning labs under Camp David.

Now William Silva aka Nemec the Nazi/Gizeh/Bafath/Aldebaran agent, programs and handles all Drake clones. He was also instrument in compromising the mass arrests plan and creating the disinfo portal,

An alternate version of himself from a GAL-Universe recently tried to take him out and replace him and essentially work as a triple-agent, but that plan failed.

Silva/Nemec has also been instrument in the programming of clones of Benjamin Fulford, James Rink and Natalie Portman.

This Hat is Erra Bound

I am soon bound for Erra; Asket and I are taking a certain someone who desperately needs time away from the madness, after months of stressful situations. He is finishing up a blog entry and then we are off for a while — two months there, 10 days here if I calculate right (he has to wear a 5D belt to make his body vibrate at 5D  level but I finally do not need the belt after all these years!). I will provide updates that seem important and finally sit down and compose an essay about my experience in the far future with Al Bielek and the Wingmakers.

On my return, perhaps I will hitch a ride on The Jesus Ship and get here May 27…or maybe I am Jesus, ever consider that for a hat?

The Jesus Lad.

Clif High’s Take on Fulford & Drake

2012Portal: CIA Code Hub

I have already said that this 2012portal is a CIA-run site used for field agents to pass essages along via codes within the articles (they don’t even try to hide it, stating “the intel hub” on landing page). Such as this recent one:

I am writing this letter in the name of all humanity. Humanity cries for freedom. Each day that passes, around 25,000 people die of hunger. Each day that the Cabal is allowed to exist, is a day of untold suffering for many. It is time for action.
It is time to forget our apparent differences and join forces in our fight for freedom. It is time to admit that nobody among us has total understanding and absolutely correct view of reality. If somebody has a different point of view, it does not mean he is automatically a disinfo agent. So it is time for each one of us to allow others to be who they are. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. It is time now to forgive. And then join forces. United we stand, divided we fall.
This is a call from my heart to all key positive players in this cosmic drama of liberation of the last planet in the grip of the dark forces – planet Earth. We need to join forces, share resources and support each other. We need to create a coherent field of intent that will manifest through the masses of humanity. We need to show them with our example how the world can be set free.
I invite all five of you to a meeting in a location you can choose, where we can settle the differences, forgive, heal and then create a unified field of light, love and support. If such powerful and dedicated people meet in one place, many synchronicities can happen. United, we can design a strategy how we can best assist the liberation of the planet.
I know there are friends of all five above mentioned people reading my blog. Please pass this to them as they might be too busy to notice and read this on their own.
This post is full of code wording. And consider these points:
1. Why would this person ask that others pass this request to the five when all five have easy-to-find emails in a google search?
2. The person wants a meeting of all in one place yet does not offer to pay costs for such.
3. The real Drake does not show his face in public.
Are they trying to get these five together in order to take them out? Or is the site really run by a delusional teenager?
Neither…I know how coding works and I know what info is really being stated.
This site is dog poo on the shoe.

Insane Homicidal Clones!

It was bound to happen — another clone of Benjamin Fulford was discovered in the center of Tokyo attempting to place three suitcase nukes in strategic positions that would lead to the destruction on Tokyo and a mass evacuation of Japanese people to Korea and China.

This homicidal Fulford Clone was not alone: he was caught in possession of the bombs with clones of Duncan O’Finioan, James Rink, Andy Pero, Anya Briggs, and Alara Blackwell.

Before apprehension, the six clones joined hands in a circle, laughing like insane people, and at the same time self-terminated their functions.

Romanov di Bogusoff

This new vid is a Cabal deception, and a bad one at that. The interview with this alleged Romanov is many weeks old, filmed when Fulford was still a prisoner in Monaco and a malfunctioned clone was in Tokyo.

Why would the real Fulford wait so long to release the interview? The vid starts off with a Bill Ryan posing as Fulford, badly shape-shifted but fools no one, and then the old interview mixed with all kinds of Illuminati trigger images. This post is full of coded messages and images for Cabalists worldwide.

Accept no clones!

Masaaki Shirakawa: CLONED!

April 19, 2012

(Reuters) — Earlier today, Benjamin Fulford met with Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa for an interview regarding the financial system and the 10 trillion yen to create a new and better world.

Two minutes into the talk, Fulford made a strange face and cried: “FUCKING CLONE WITHOUT HONOR!” in Japanese, flung himself over the desk between the two, and began strangling Shirakawa.

Security was unable to re-act quick enough. The clone of Masaaki Shirakawa expired at the angry grip of Mr. Fulford.

Despite this, however, a second clone of the Bank of Japan Governor entered the room and sat down, smiled sheepishly, and asked in a soft voice, “Now where were we?” only to be followed by five more Masaaki Shirakawa clones who also sat down.

“I know what it is like to be cloned, you know,” Benjamin Fulford told journalists on the scene, “and I can spot a clone a mile away, eh.”

Fulford will not be charged for terminating a clone, since there is no law that addresses te matter, and whether or not clones are considered human beings since they do not contain souls.

“This is obviously a Cabalist move at trickery and deception,” said Fulford. “These sick people, these mass murders and clone mongers, they will do anything to stop the new financial system from going widespread. They want all the money for themselves. They don’t know how to run a planet. They don’t even make quality clones.”

Fulford indicated he may discuss the mass cloning efforts by the NWO in his next weekly report. “But I may change my mind,” he said. “Why give them the attention, you know?”

The Traumatized Benjamin Fulford Isn’t Making Sense

Some have asked me, and suggestions have been made on various forums, that a clone of Benjamin Fulford again wrote his weekly post today, because it is contradictory and makes little sense.

I can say that this is not a clone, but it appears that Mr. Fulford is still in a state of trauma from his three months of imprisonment off the coast of Monaco, daily torture by Rothschild’s henchmen, and nightmarish sexual abuse by reptilian rapists. Noted European psychotherapists are going to examine Fulford and see if the Cabal used the physical pain and vile sex to split his psyche and create alters a la MKUltra.

Fulford starts his new post off declaring

both the so-called “dragon family,” and the “harmonious world banking system,” are just the same criminal godfathers that Ben Bernanke and Timothy Geithner have always worked for.

when, in the past, his clones claimed the dragon family were the good guys he was working with…so this proves that a clone was writing in the past and this Fulford is an original. But what happened? Was he hood-winked and fooled, or was all that past stuff lies the clone was programmed to say?

But are not the white dragons part of the overall dragon family?

And what is with 600 trillion dollars? There is only about 75 trillion dollars worth of precious metals, diamonds, etc etc. in the world, and everything after that is imagined wealth. Unless this is all the endless supply of gold that has been hidden under the sea and off-planet at the Bank of Mars. Of course, if this proposal is legit, it is also a lie — how could the Federal Reserve have us believe they will put 600 trillion into improving the world when every day they steal money from not only the U.S. taxpayers, from every country that they can?

But Fulford does not go into this; he is vague and writes in circles like a trauma victim will speak in circles. We must pray and hope for Benny Fulford’s complete mental and physical recovery from his ordeal at the hands of the Cabalist Luciferian bankster criminals of the New World Illuminati Rothschild/Rockefeller Order.

I propose that Fulford spend six months recovery time on a peaceful planet like Erra; only a few days will have passed now-time when he is returned, but he will be returned a new man (and not a clone!)…P’Taah and Semjase will deliver this offer to him later today.

Asked for comment, Choidon Daikaku said, “Fulford-san must embrace the life of JUDO, and then fat white boy heal properly!”


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