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Will the Real Ben Fulford Please Stand Up?

I am happy to report that the real, original (no clone here!) Benjamin Fulford posted on his site today…it is good to have him back, none of these bizarrely programmed clones and Rothschild agents ranting nonsense.

Fulford’s Post-Drag Stall

Benjamin “Leon in Neon” Fulford puts this on this blog:

Due to an embargo on ongoing negotiations, this week’s Geopolitical News and Analysis will appear on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012.

Translation: “I need to recover from the Cabal drugging me and making me go out in public with Choidon Dailkaku in drag, and the shock of the spliced clone made of Choidon0-san and me.”

The Daikaku/Fulford Incidents: Karaoke in Drag and the Curious Choiben Fulkaku Clone

Benjamin Fulford was spotted walking around Tokyo wearing women’s clothes and limping, singing Donna Summers songs to himself.

An hour later, Martial Arts Society leader Choidon Daikaku was also seen wearing drag and dancing in the streets.

Two hours later, both Daikaku and Fulford were spotted in in Tokyo’s Decadence Bar, a well-known transvestite lair, in the Shinjuku area, karaoking to Sony and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

an example of it being done…

It seems the reason for this off behavior is that they were both slipped a mind-control drug, the same kind the CIA used on Invisible Childrebn’s Jason Russell, who went on a strange nude/masturbation rampage two weeks ago in San Diego, California. Daikkaku and Fulfford are undergoing tests for the drug.

It is unknown if Fulford will update his blog or appear on Mopal this week, given the circumstances.

Dave Corso, Pahrump Nevada’s notorious draq queen CIA assassin, said on Wolf Spirit Radio, “Those two cutie pies can come with me and sing in Vegas anytime.”

THIS JUST IN: Even more stranger, an apparent spliced-clone of Fulford and Daikaku has been wandering around the Ikebukuro Village area, naked and displaying masturbation movements very similar to Jason Russell. The odd clone calls itself Choiben Fulkaku. The oddity of spliced cloning has been detained by the Brethren of the White Robe for Plejaran testing.

War Updates

The Laher People have refused negotiations of peace. Tanjerea of Aftrane’s mothership has destroyed Laher vessels in the Northern Mariana Islands and Southern Italy.

East of Coquimbo, Chile, more of the Alvah Consciousness attempted to arise from inner earth and were stopped by the Aftranes and hundreds of feral cats.

In Guerroro, Mexico, Olein’s fleet found one more small Draco base and took it out.

In Eastern Honshu, Japan, the Cabal set off a small underground nuke and another in the ocean bed in hopes of causing a larger earthquake. The White Dragons have detained two Israeli Mossad agents they suspect were behind it. Benjamin Fulford is expected to announce plans for retaliation on the Mopal show and on his blogs, although after the strange occurrence between him and Choidon Daikaku (see upcoming post) that may be delayed.



Those posting in the comments:

1. I don’t have time to answer long elaborate multi-point questions. These things I will address in future posts.

2. I know who the spies are. You think you’re that clever? Spy or not, you are welcome.

Those with internet radio shows:

I know what you have been saying about me. I hear your shows, not often live, but I get around to hearing them later, yes I do, Mr. Asshat Maugans. Oh hey I will even give you a link since you bitch so much that people never link you when mentioning Wolf Transvestite Radio. ;) –you know I luv ya all. And oh, Randy, your blog article only generated three hits to this blog, which means…well…not many people read your blog, nor do many listen to your show. But, and that is a big butt if you get the hint, your interview with Whitley the other day was excellent.

Drag Queen Dave: McCullum has been in IRAQ not Afghanistan. You have gotten that wrong THREE times, you old queen, either your mind controlled brain is slipping or you have been drinking too many martinis at the Vegas tranny clubs you like to haunt and lip-sing at. Say it: eeeeeyyyeee-raque. His mission is over, his alter asleep, and he is back in Ohio with wife and K9. and I hear he will be promoted upward from Lt. Cmdr. And oh–I won’t send any more pulse beams to knock out your computer like I did on Tuesday; I was just playin’ witcha. And while I know my ABCs, I no longer play in that sandbox, eh, old timer.

Bill Brockbader aka Brock Williams, CIA: Congrats on your handler giving you your own show, you are certainly a better host and a man’s man.  How is Canada, laddie? We know where you are with Eva, Canadian Army Intelligence, recently cloned and turned werewolf. But on the Ben Fulford issue: you know very well those posts were made by clones! But the real Fulford is back and will soon be a keyboard commando again.

Rebecca Jernigan: A former white hat does not mean black hat. It means I am no longer associated with the white hats as they have been compromised and some have been cloned.



A slogan many will be chanting in the coming days when Project Strawman becomes apparent and when Operation 711 is launched in July…but, Sean, what does it mean when a clone says that? Clone self-hatred?

Yoshihiko Noda, Prime Minister of Japan, Secretly Cloned by the Cabal

(Knight-Ridder) — Shape-shifting reptoid Cabalist Stephen Harper, aka the Prime Minister of Canada, visted Japan several days ago. We have now learned that the Grays from Orion abducted Japan Prime Minister Yoshihoka Noda and had him cloned.

Then the Noda Clone entered into a Luciferian agreement that could result in complete destruction of the Japanese maninland.

“Perhaps the proposed fiat AmeroDollar is a soulable solution,” said Noda in a press  conference.

Concurring, the lizard boy Harper stated, “It is the dawn of a new day, eh.”

Asked for comment, Choidon Daukaku, leader of the White Dragons Society, grumbled, “I will send out 100,000 ninjjas to find the real Noda-san!”

Ben Fulford, still shaken by his visit from Allah, was not available for comment.


Compare the Fulfords

Here is a photo of the real Benjamin Fulford today, taken seven hours after his rescue from Monaco. As you can see, his hair is long and he looks haggard, underfed and tortured.

And here is the Fulford clone they tried to covince people today is the real deal, with short hair, along with the Rothschild/Putin agent Alexander Romonov, self-proclaimed nephew of Queen Elizabeth and true heir of the Russian throne…

…or Nat Rothschild shape-shifter.

Bogus Cabal Video Released with a Fulford Clone

My fellow humans (and off-world friends),

Mere hours after the real Benjamin Fulford was rescued from captivity off the shores of Monaco, Nathaniel Rothschild and Vladimir Putin put out this video online, which was taped almost two weeks ago

One hint is that they discuss Putin’s election victory as recent, when that happened two weeks ago.  Strange that they call Putin a hero and great leader when everyone else in Russia is saying the election was rigged? And that Putin is a Satan-worshiping member of the Illuminati, related to the Rothschilds, and has stolen billions from the Russian people, tucked away in a Vatican bank account…and here it seems they are hinting that Putin could be a good leader of the world and the new system. Huh? Is the Soviet Union some fine example of good leadership to lead as example, Russia with its mafia-controlled government, crime everywhere, the main exporter of child pornography, selling off its cache of suitcase nukes to rogue armies and unstable nations…and terrorists…such as the very Russian-made suitcase nukes the Cabal placed in Osaka last week?

And who is this alleged Alexander Romanov, “grand master” of the Gnostic Illuminati who looks and dressed like some Eurotrash they found in a Tokyo bar?  Prince Alexander Romanov died in 2002. This guy addresses Queen Elizabeth as “aunt” — if this is true, then this guy is a reptilian, right? We have just discovered that this “Romanov” is actually a shape-shifter, and is actually Nathaniel Rothschild!

Not long after the video went live, the Fulford clone or someone writes on the free blog:

This Alexander Romanoff or Richard Sorge or whatever it is he calls himself has provided physical proof that he represents seriously powerful and dangerous people. That is why I opened a dialogue with him. It does not mean I agree with everything he says.

Richard Sorge was an old Russian spy from the Cold War days.

And this “leader” of the Martial Arts Society who can summon up 200 million warriors, holding a sword and dressed and talking like a bad stereotype character out of a Japanese B-grade film or anime?  This is the same “actor” who claimed he rescued Fulford when kidnapped by the CIA:

yet the Fulford clone has been claiming he was not kidnapped, whereas the truth is, the Rothschilds had kidnapped him on Dec. 13, cloned him many times, and he has only now been freed from his prison.

Here is the real Fulford last year, talking about UFOs and other dimensions:

Compare that Fulford with this clone they are parading around, and decide for yourself: is this the same man?

Also, notice the medical computer to the clone’s side, connected to the clone’s back. That machine is keeping the clone running. (You may also notice the clone rubbing his nose like coke addicts do.)

And where is this being video-taped? In some small room with a bedsheet tossed up as a backdrop, with these “important” men sitting on small chairs at a tiny table?  If they were really sending out a grand message to the world, would it not be logical that they would at least find a nice setting? And who are those three people sitting in front of them?

finally, the Fulford clone claims that the God of Abraham and Allah are actually Satan. This is a nice slam by the Cabal to piss off the Jews and Muslims, being called Satanists, that could lead to strife and a war in the Middle East, which is what the Cabal wants.

This is not a “new” video and was only released as disinfo because the Fulford is now free…with two bad actors as some kind of powerful players…praising the Satan-worshipping Putin while accusing Israel and every Islamic nation of being the actual Satanists.

And consider this: why would the world want these men to be the new leaders of the grand new financial system?

This is a fraud, a con game manufactured by Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/the Priory of Dracos/etc.


The Real Benjamin Fulford

We have found the real, original Benjamin Fulford as of midnight EST March 27, 8AM in Europe; he was being held on a Rothschild-owned yacht off the coast of Monaco. Clone tests were adminsitered and he is indeed the original. However, we know there are a few clones out there and the Cabal might parade him in public as the actual Fulford.

We have also discovered that Vladimir Putin, co-criminal of Bush/Clinton/Obama family, has been behind this with the Rothschild/Rockefeller Banking Crime Syndicate.

Update on the Morton/Fulford Clone Situation

Right now, Sean David Morton’s Strange Universe radio show has Ben Fulford on as a guest…but it is a repeat show from two weeks ago. Why is there an old show being played? you ask.

The Sean David Morton clone, as I noted earlier, has gone missing the past five days and there have been various sightings of the clone in Las Vegas, Dallas, and New York City; one report has him at the JFK Airport aruging with TSA because American Arilines required him to buy three seats in a row…

And of course the Ben Fulford clones have been rounded up, although it seems some new ones have popped up.

So know, tonight’s show is not live, with a clone talking to a clone.

And a two-week old replay proves that they cannot find Morton. But we are looking for him, and looking for Fulford still.

The Wet Gun Powder of the Fulford Clone, Quick-Thinking Whrenjase, and Operation Kaiju


I know some of the readers here are growing wearisome of news of the Benjamin Fulford clones’ global antics, but it is relevant news to what is happening…and there are two new things: the detainment of the second, and hopefully last, Fulford Clone in Japan by Plejaran quick-thinker, Whrenjase, and the top-of-the-week new posting allegedly written by a Fulford.


Part One

First the posting…

One will notice that a number of readers commenting on the blog do not believe this is the “real Fuldord” because the posting contains matters that is old news, and other matters that are quite contradicting; sprinkle in a few truths and you have classic disinformation:

1. After claiming I am Mike (“Steve”) Cottrell yesterday, this person (not Fulford) now says I am someone named Danny Gammage of Hawaii working with Bush-man Cottrell. Who is Danny Gammage? I seem to remember someone on a forum claiming that Tolec was really a guy named Danny Gammage, but I could be wrong. There is a “Gammage” connected to the Federal Reserve. All Daniel Gammges from an internet search reveal several, none in Hawaii, the most prominent being a dentist in Louisiana who used to practice his DDS at Keesler Airforce Base in Biloxi, MS, a base known for housing USA-made anti-gravity ships and a cloning facility underground. Asket has made no psychic connection to the name, so it is possible “Danny Gammage” is a code for something to someone. If anyone knows anything about Danny Gammage, please let me know — and oh, no, I am not him, keep trying.

Also, this person claims that I, and this blog, are associated with the White Hats, which is false. Before, the real Fulford has stated the White Hats were working with the White Dragons to usher in a new financial system…why does he now claim the White Hats are the bad guys, and no mention of the White Hats being compromised. To wit: I am no longer with the White Hats, and only keep ties with the Uncompromised White Hats.

2. He lists the structure of the Rothschild Family’s holdings in Europe and the USA — all old info. Why re-list what everyone already knows?

3. 450 arrests of bankers. Well, who are they? This is partially true — these bankers were actually rounded up, killed, and replaced by clones. The Cabal targeted them as possible defectors who would betray the Cabal.

4. No further information on Anonymous, the March 31 deadline, Bill Gates’ arrests, Geithner, and so on.

5. He claims the CIA are now good guys. Uh…the CIA is run by the Cabal, Poppy Bush was once the head of it, the CIA does all the Cabal’s wet and dirty work…yet he states the Pentagon, FEMA, and the CIA are preparing to round-up bankers for arrests…the truth is these round-ups as mass replacements with clones and shape-shifters.

6. He states the earthquake attack on Japan for 3/22 was switched to Mexico, without mentioning the removal of nukes from Osaka, which the real Fulford would have known about and reported on. He does not state why Mexico was hit, and what really happened. He states “this earthquake was advertised in advance through pamphlets distributed locally,” which is somewhat true, the Brethren of the White Robe and Plejarans did spread the word to prepare for the attack on the Cabal Draco base under Oaxaca. Why wouldn’t the real Fulford mention this loss on the Cabal’s side?

7. He mentions an attempted coup in China by Japanese secret agents. This is true and the reason behind the mobilized invasion army China is planning.

8. He states the story of Lord Blackheath finding about the $15 trillion heist is a fake…wait a minute, “Ben,” wasn’t the arrests of Bill Gates and Timothy Geithner all about this $15 trillion bank heist masterminded by Poppy Bush? Now you are putting out disinfo to cover for them? This makes no sense.

9. He ends: “Overall, things are looking very good.” The entire post smacks of “all is well, the bad guys are going down, kick back and let us clean things up, the world will be hunky-dory.” This smacks of the same thing that Tolec and others do: make us believe we have nothing to worry about, to fight over.

Over all, this post is filled with contradictions, illogical assertions, old data and false information…since another Fulford clone has been located and detained, I am saying this post was not written by the real or cloned Fulford, but by an agent for the Rothschilds, who were behind the Dec. 13, 2011 kidnapping and cloning of the one true Benny “Leon” Fulford.




Part Two

Shortly after one Fulford Clone attempted the sanctioning of Daisaku Ikeda, another Fulford Clone was thwarted in its attempt to assassinate Eijiro Katsu, the Japanese senior minister of finance and secret head of the Yamaguchi-gumi, by a fast-thinking young Plejaran ground operative, Whrenjase (left), who had been tracking leads on the Fulford clone. The clone was packing a water pistol filled with what the clone claimed to be “liquid cynanide for a brave new world.” Tests concluded that the contents of the water pistol was indeed a diluted cyanide misxed with cocaine that, if sprayed on a person’s skin, would result in an instantaneous death.

Eijiro Katsu commended the actions of “our kind Plejaran space sisters like Whrenjase-san not only for stopping the clone assassin, but for the radiation clean-up headed by Semjase-san at Fukushima, as well the removal of the Cabal nukes in Osaka. The Plejarans will surely be an asset in the world changes to come,” noted Katsu, “and the new financial system, stopping all nefarious plans by the Rothschild cabal.”

When asked to comment, Nathaniel Rothschild, in London, said, “Japan is yet in for some uncanny surprises.”

A source at the Pentagon indicates that this “surprise” is known as “Operation Kaiju” in London “Project Godzilla” by Rockefeller.  Is this another planned earthquake attack?

“What it  is,” said the Pentagon source, “is a land invasion of giant Dracos warriors, reaching 500 feet tall; 200 of them could flatten a city like Tokyo in 12 hours and sink the whole damn island in a week.”

We have learned that these monster-sized Dracos are in cyro-stastis inside the seventeen-mile long craft that emerged from the Pacific ocean yesterday by the Kuril Islands.

“Hiroshima, mon amour.”


NOTE FROM FWH: Does this mean all the Fuford Clones have been captured or eliminated? Let us hope so; however, some unverified reports are coming in that Fulfords have been spotted in Berlin, Tel Aviv, Hiroshima, and Okinawa Island.

UPDATE: China Mobilizes Clone Army to Invade Japan

The Chinese Military Defense is mobilizing their vast units of cloned female soldiers to send into Japan should further earthquakes leave Japan’s borders defenseless. The plan, we have learned, is for the Chinese government to take over all financial institutions within Japan and control all Yakuza territories in drugs, sex traffic, and political corruption, working with the Cabal to force Japan to succumb to the Federal Reserve Bank’s fiat money and Rockefeller/Rothschild rule.

General Xu Caihou, the highest level officer in the military and head of the clone soldier program, told the world press, “We are sending in our female units only, because Japanese men are weak like women! But our Chinese women are strong!”

The clone of Benjamin Fulford is urging Masaaki Shirakawa, 30th Governor of the Bank of Japan, to release money for the creation of a Japanese clone army. “George Lucas knew what the game was!” said the Fulford clone.

Another all woman clone army is situated on the Calexico/Mexicali border between the US and Mexico, also preparing for an invasion by order of David Rockefeller. The Red-Haired Giants of the Salton Sea are lining up to stop them, backed up by 4th Reich anti-gravity war vessels.

NOTE FROM FWH: The story has always been there is a shortage of child-bearing young women in China, and one of the reasons to invade the West is so Chinese men can interbreed with Western women in the USA, Canada and Europe. So why not just clone women for every lonely Chinese man? I suppose there would be no variety in that, but seeing that the Chinese are damn good at cheap mass-production of product, perhaps they could export their clones to lonely American men? Just a thought.

Rogue Benjamin Fulford Clone Attempts to Assassinate Buddhist Tycoon Daisaku Ikeda

For Immediate Release

(Phoenix News Wire) — One of the remaining unfound clones of Benjamin Fulford has gone rogue and attempted to sanction well-known political and financial Buddhist mogul, Daisaku Ikeda.

Ikeda has been called “the bad boy of Buddhism” and is leader of Soka Gakkai International (SGI), a controversial Buddhist sect, and the power behind Japanese political party New Komeito. SGI has ensnared many Hollywood stars into its beliefs. It is rumored powerbroker Ichiro Ozawa‘s pro-G5 criminal syndicate has been attempting to get its claws into SGI’s vast sums of non-fiat wealth.

Currently a financial war is on the verge of going global as Japan and other nations refuse to accept newly printed fiat-money issued by the Federal Reserve Bank, the Satanic/Draco cabal’s black screen menace.

Confronting Ikeda at an SGI meeting, the rogue Fulford Clone attempted to terminate the tycoon with a handful of plastic umbrellas used in cocktails from bars. The clone was screaming phrases such as “Time to storm the Bastille!” and “Give the people back that money!” and what sounded like “Viva les Clones!”

The clone was stopped by Ikea’s personal security, who noted the clone smelled strongly of alcohol and had flecks of cocaine on its upper lips and nostrils. Japanese police took the clone in custody, but the clone grabbed a gun from an officer and self-terminated its function.

Another Fulford clone was spotted outside the main offices of Sumitomo Bank, yelling, “Stop your worship of Lucifer, Lucifer left the universe and so should you!”

It is unknown if any other Fulford clone are out in the world; most have been detained by the Brethren of the White Robe and human-like extraterrestrials from the Pleiadean star system of Taygeta.

NOTE FROM FWH: I do not suggest that the real Ben “Leon” Fulford uses drugs or makes a drunken fool of himself in public. I am not responsible for any claims made in this news story.

The Fulford Clone Claims I am a Global Elite Banking Criminal

It is getting amusing, the many people who think they have figured out who I am and where I am at.  Today, either one of the Fulford Clones (aka “Leon in Neon”)  or Mr. Rothschild’s agents wrote this on the Fulford free site:

My sources are telling me that the “former white hat,” is an agent by the name of Steve Cotrell (please respond in person Mr. Cotrell if you wish to deny this). Mr, Cotrell is being hunted by the Russian FSB because he was, along with Leo Wanta, one of the people who looted the resources of Russia and helped cause the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is in London, England right now.

Here is a big clue that this clone or operative does not have his info right: the guy he means is Michael C. Cottrell, not “Steve Cotrell,” who was wingman of Leo Wanta, the CIA agent who, via Ronald Reagan, was instrument in the collapse of the Soviet Union economy and knows were a hidden $27.5 trillion is (where the hell can you hide such a sum other than off-world, say, oh, the Royal Bank of Mars)…and is also closely tied to Paul Volker and Timothy Geithner, and….drum roll…the Obama Clones!

And isn’t it curious how Wanta resembles David Rockefeller…as if, mayhap, Wanta is actually a Rockefeller cousin, and, oh, just OH, the Rockefeller Banking Cabal has possession of that $27.5…hmm…

Let’s see, this must be the tenth name I have been targeted with, loose cannons all within the alternative media/CIA/publishing/Hollywood/porn/White Hat/Cabal assassin community, none of them coming even remotely close.

I am not Steve Cotrell, nor am I Michael C. Cottrell, and I am not (currently) near London, laddie. I am not even on the ground.

Our information has the real Cortell in the state of Nevada, and he has access to cloning tech.

Also, Leo Wanta is not in prison, at least not his original. That is a clone doing time. Does anyone think that the “27.5 Trillion Dollar Man” would actually be held in federal lock-up, when such money could buy the Moon?

Those reading closely may surmise that the Fulford Clone is writing in code, hence the name mistake. Other Steve Cotrells are a sifu fung-ku master, and the Bishop of Clemsford in the U.K.  Are either of these men Cabal financial crime masterminds?

What is interesting is that Cotrell and Wanta were deeply involved in the cloning program in Russia, underground the city of Valdivostok, known as Project Cossack, where clones were grown at the original’s spinal column and removed after reaching two inches, where they were put into vats to completion of growth. The Fuldord Clone hints at this, putting this out-of-context passage in his “letter” about “me”:

I recently found out the bizarre tumor removed from my spine a few years ago was something known as a teratomatic tumor which has many different types of cell in it. The Japanese doctor who removed it did not want to tell me what it was because, thinking I had typical Japanese sensitivities, he thought I would be upset at the loss of my “twin.” That is why it was a mystery to me at the time it was removed.

Without saying it outright, this Fulford copy is ADMITTING THERE WAS A CLONE GROWTH INSIDE THE ORIGINAL FULFORD, a “twin”…

The other curiosity is that, in searching for the original Fulford, we have a theory that Michael Cottrell, the real one anyway, is an agent of the Rothschilds and may have been behind the Dec. 13, 2011 abduction of Benny Fulford — the “I was at a stream” story is bogus, when the original story was that he had been arrested by the CIA and members of the White Dragons negotiated his release. What the White Dragons did not know at the time was that a clone was handed to their custody, not the original. At the time, the White Dragons were unaware cloning technology and trickery was at play here.

When we find the original and true Fulford (if he is still alive), it is certain he will have quite a story to tell, and verify the narrative released here.

P.S. And to those who are not with the Cabal and are not assassins, those of you sitting up late in your tiny apartments or mommy and daddy’s basement spending a lot of time and energy to “unmask” me, why do you care? Don’t you have better things to do like, oh, let’s see, prepare yourself for 5D acension and making sure you and yours are protected during the coming Great War of Time? Go meditate, read a book, smell a flower, make love to a lover…surely these are finer activities than stalking me and endlessly making a fool of yourself when you get caught up in the net-maze that leads you further away from who I am…next someone will claim I am Bill Clinton or Timthy Geithner…and you know, maybe I am…

Update on Fulford Clones Issue

Most of the Benjamin Fulford clones have been rounded up except, as far as we know, two still in Tokyo. However, a report has reached us that a Fuldord was sighted in the Carnary Islands and another in Rome. We are investigating this — seems people are out there in a Fulford-spotting frenzy. In both the destroyed Venezula and Iran-Iraq border clone labs were 66 vats of Fulford clones in varying degrees of growth, and six that were ready for release.

Outrageous False Information From the “Fulford” Free Site

Today, a bunch of false information was issued from Ben Fulford’s non-subscription typepad blog. There are a number of red light clues indicating that the real Benjamin Fulford did not write these:

1. A lame excuse over the assassination of Lord Blackheath. This “person” claims a member of the Rothschild family called to tell him. Why would anyone from the Rothschild bloodline tell Fulford anything when he is working against them? The REAL FULFORD would have known that Blackheath had been killed and then replaced by a clone.

2. Claims that the White Hats are putting out disinfo, calling “Fuldord” a cocaine addict and insane. Yet no mention of being a clone. Rather curious, yes? And this “person” claims the White Hats are trying to subvert the new financial system. Now, granted, the White Hats have been compromised, but  the uncompromised have been working with the White Dragons all along. Why did this “person” not mention the White Hats being compromised, instead blames all White Hats? This is the Cabal’s attempt to smear the White Hats as a whole. (Although I and others have split away from the White Hats, we still work closely with those we trust have not been compromised, turned or cloned.)

3. Claim that there was a March 13th announcement from Anonymous and that one member had been poisoned. Where is the message, the grand one? Why was this not addressed on his weekly update paid site? As I reported, the Anonymous members who were to release the message were terminated by the Cabal and other Anonymous members would release the message at a later date.The REAL FULFORD would know this and not murky the waters of this bullshit.

4. Claims Turkey has removed “Sabbatean Luciferian network from the government, media and armed forces.” This is hardly true. Turkey remains ensconced in Cabal control, but after the air battles between the Dracos and Plejarans in Turkey today, it is expected that Turkey will indeed soon be purged of the lizard boys’ and Rothschild/Rockefeller/Bush control.

ONCE AGAIN: Unless reported here, anything released on both Fulford sites is disinfo from Nathaniel Rothschild. Look at it this why: why has “Fulford” not addressed the clone issue? The nukes removed from Santa Monica Bay and Osaka? What happened in Mexico?

P.S. Side note: Fulford never had a staff, unless you count his wife and their bonsai tree. A staff for what? A weekly blog? Another indication that whoever is writing on these sites does not have all the facts on hand.

Nukes in Osaka Located and Deactivated

The White Dragon Society and Knights of the Silver Sword have removed and deactivated three suitcase-sized nuclear devices in Osaka, Japan; one locatted in the Kansai Airport, one in the Otami Airport, and one the area of Gojo. The locations were provided by one of the Benjamin Fulford clones, who has turned against his Cabalist creators.

Plejaran beamships destroyed half a dozen Cabal ships underwater in the bay, where a larger nuclear device was also located. Members of the Brethren of the White Robe deactivated it.

It was hoped that the Fulford Clone might be the original but after tests, it has been determined this is a clone.

Rounding up the Fulfords

Nine of the reported 13 Benjamin Fulford Clones have been rounded up and are detained, their fate to be determined. This leaves four Fulford Clones still out there, if there are not more. I cannot imagine a world with 200 Fulfords all over the place; what would we do with them? Put them all on an island? I doubt that will happen but anything in these times is possible, and N. Rothschild has just that sort of sick sense of humor.

proof that the one known as benjamin fulford is missing: notes on the fraudulent post

This posting is not composed by the one known as the Former White Hat. This post is written by Asket of Erra, known to you as a member of the Plejaran race, to point out that the current dated post of 19 March 2012 by the one known as Benjaimin Fulford (DOB 19 March 1961), age 51, titled, “Rival Emperor stakes claim to Japanese throne,” was not written or posted to the Internet by either the original or cloned doppelgänger of the one known as Mr. Fulford of Tokyo, Japan.

Viz: Many of the reader members of the blog have seen through this unfortunate attempt of deception by noting the writing style and syntax of Mr. Fulford’s usual prose oratory does not match the lackadaisical and by-the-numbers style of this new post. The post, as many have noted, reads like “a shelf post” and a “reprint from last year” and a “magazine mini-feature.” It is indeed nothing more than a profile of a man who claims natural inheritance to the throne of the Japan by heritage and blood, claiming the current Emperor “Akihito is descended from a group of illegitimate pretenders who were put up as puppet rulers by foreign Cabalists who use the Satanic star as their symbol.” What does this have to do with the concerns and financial state of the world, the normal themes of Mr. Fulford’s texts? Mysteriously missing are Mr. Fulford’s usual run-on-sentences, typos, unfinished thesis points, warnings, threats, accusations, and breathlessly archaic pontificating.

Also missing are any updates on matters brought up the past two weeks and addendum to promises of “more” information, such as continued arrests of banker criminals, upper management resignations en masse, information on what really happened to the one known as Bill Gates and the one known as Timothy Geithner. There is no explanation as to why the promised profoundly important message from the Anonymous Hacker Group never appeared and no update to the great revelation to be revealed March 23. Inserted in the middle of the text is a paragraph out of context that appears to address the contemporary:

This clique is now isolated and hiding in the Imperial Palace behind 6,000 uniformed guards. However, since White Dragon Society members are part of the inner staff of the Imperial palace, they must surrender and allow Eijiro Katsu, the senior Ministry of Finance Bureaucrat and Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa to open up the BOJ Black Screens and release the funding for the new financial system. Japan’s Ministry of Finance will then receive an initial payment of $10 trillion to be used fort post-earthquake rebuilding and to set up a new International Economic Planning Agency.

This passage contradicts everything Mr. Fulford has made contentions of in the past, that the White Dragons are fighting for the future and the good. Why “must” the White Dragons lay down their swords and surrender to allow Katsu, a member of the World Cabal, access to the Black Screens?

To wit: this “article” was neither written nor posted by the one known as Benjamin Fulford, nor was it written and posted by any of his many (at last count, 13) clones spread across three continents. The post, if read carefully, contains coded messages to members of the Dark Cabal, the ones who have been enslaving the humans of earth to a false-valued monetary system, dishonest organized religion, fraudulent governments of “democracy,” clandestine tyranny and secret blood sacrifices (wars, terror) to the Overlords of Dracos.

The one known as The Former White Hat forewarned to not trust any post claimed to be by Mr. Fulford and this article, not written in Mr. Fulford’s textual stylization, is proof that the admonishment is one of value.

Members of the Brethren of the White Robe, the White Dragon Society, the Knights of the Silver Sword, the Abecedarians, the uncompromised White Hats, as well as several Andromeda Council chair holders, are currently searching for the true one known as Benjamin Fulford or discover what happened to him should he have expired.

Unless written so by the one known as The Former White Hat, any posting on the Fulford Blog has been fabricated by agents of the Cabal or a clone.

With love, light, and sincerity,

Asket of Erra

And Where is the Benjamin Fulford Clone?

It is Monday, Match 19 in the west , March 20 in Japan, and there is no Fulford update. Whatever clones are out there do not have access to the web site. Perhaps it is a good thing there are no clone lies. But we are worried about the missing original. We are looking for him.Those out there claiming they are in contact with him are Cabal disinfo lads.

Remember: until we find the original, trust no update, if there is any; it is most likely Nathaniel Rothschild at the keyboard.

Should he have perished at the Cabal’s hands, we the Brethren of the White Robe propose his profile be featured on any new future currency, paper or coin:

Invasion of the Fulford Clones

I am sad — and frustrated — to report that what we thought was the original Benjamin Fulford did not pass the clone test. It would appear that this clone strongly believed he was an original; he went beserk and murdered the other clone with a knife before he could be subdued.

And with the reported sightings of Fulford all over the globe…what a mess. This was a plan to create chaos and confusion by Nathaniel Rothschild himself.

Do not trust whatever clone writes on his blog tomorrow.

NOTE: Any “Fulford” who claims he is not a clone is NOT the real Benjamin Fulford. The clone does not realize it and/or has been programmed to deny he is a clone. Do not trust any clone’s claim of  being the original until the Brethren of the White Robe has put him through scrutiny of a clone test.

How Many Fulford Clones Are Out There?!

Okay, this is getting ridiculous and weird — and for me to say that is something!

There have been reports of Fulford sightings all over the place — in Tokyo there was at least five reports, when Fulford and his clone were indoors; in Osaka, two Fulford sightings were reported at the same time but on opposite sides of the the city; one was spotted in London with a mgeahorn outside the Royal Bank of Scotland; one was spotted in Tel Aviv inside a cafe, screaming about the evil Zionists; one was spotted in New York City outside the offices of Goldman Sachs; and yet another sighting was in Los Angeles at the gates of Paramount studios, demanding that they stop making films filled with disinformation.

So how many damn Fulford clones are out there?!

Or are they reptoids using hologram tech to create confusion?

Coded Messages

Notice the quick insertion of Cabalist disinfo assassin David Wontdick..uh, Wilcock (inside joke there).

Benjamin Fulford Rescued from Montserrat, Alive, and Safe — But Now There are Two Fulfords!

Missing since December 13, 2011, and replaced by a clone, the White Dragon Society, along with members of the Knights of the Silver Sword, received credible intel that Fulford was being held hostage on the island of Montserrat, in an underground Cabal base near an active volcano.

Montserrat is a United Kingdom protectorate and owned by the Rothschild.

Fulford was being held by reptilians and Cabal human mercenaries. The battle left all Cabalists dead and three of the White Dragonsand one Knight were injured. Fulford was not injured in the battle but he had broken bones, cuts, and bruises from three months of daily beatings and sexual abuse by reptoids.

Returned to Tokyo, Benjamin Fulford was shocked to come face to face with his clone. Fulford did not known he had been replaced, saying, “It’s what these evil Satanists do — dupes everywhere we look!”

What will happen now, a world with two Fulfords, is unknown. Last report is that the clone remained in the original Fulford’s residence after two operatives from the Brethern of the White Robe fixed and  re-prgrammed the clone. It was the orginal Fulford’s idea that instead of terminating his malfunctioning clone, it could be useful.

“I can be in two places at the same time,” he told his rescuers.

Fulford is expected to write about his ordeal on his website on March 19, 2012, and talk about it on the Mopal show.

Now, here is what I am wondering: how do we know that the Fulford who was rescued isn’t another clone? That this rescue was a set-up to insert what people will think is the real Fulford but is actually a controlled doppleganger?

A clone expert is supposed to run some tests on Fulford to make sure.

I’m told he is looking thinner…


The Hague Issues Indictments and Arrest Warrants for Omega Unit 197 and His Handler for War Crimes

For Immediate Release

(AP) After Omega Unit 197”s video testimonies and interview with Jesse Ventura, admitting that he had murdered dozens of men, women and children on U.S. soil and foreign nations in Europe and Southeast Asia, the Hague has issued war crimes arrest warrants for this cold-blooded killer.

A spokesperson for the World Court in Belguim stated, “Just as we continue to prosecute former Nazis, there is no statute of limitation to war crimes and political assassinations. ‘I was mind-controlled to do it’ and ‘I was only following orders’ are not valid excuses for engaging in horrific violence against humanity and the world.”

Currently, similar crimial warrants have been issued for George Bush Sr. and Jr., Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney; while officers of the World Court do not have jursidicton to enter the USA or Great Britain to apprehend these criminals, their travels in Europe and Southeast Asia are limited because they are subect to immediate detainment and extradiction to Belguim. (Kissinger and Rumsfeld have both signed orders to deploy O’Finioan with Corso as his case officer.)

The queston remains: will the killer mind-controlled Omegs unit and Staff Sergeant Corso willingly stand before the world court and admit to the blood lust they enjoyed many years ago?  Somehow it is not likely the Cabal will allow them to tell their stories about MK Ultra, Projects Talent, M.A.R.S., and Monarch, and the criminals will disappear before reaching Belgian soil, the truth once again buried into the murky waters of conspiracy web sites and books.

Journalist Benjamn Fulford in Tokyo, Japan, placed a video on Youtube, stating, “With the current arrests of many Satanic bankers, stock brokers, Bill Gates and Timothy Geithner, it is obvious that the good guys are winning, esposing these monsters that have caused war, disease and unnecceasry poverty and hunger all over ten planet, from the top puppet masters right down to their homicidal puppets and their blood-stained hands, okay?”

When asked for a comment, Duncan O’Finioan lifted his cane in the air, shaking it like a weapon, screaming, “I am a fighter! I am a victim and a survivor!  Now that I am charged with a crime stemming from the years I spent in these black projects is the day that will come a shout of joy and triumph like nothing the world has ever heard. Because to charge me with anything done while in the service of the United States government in a black operations project would mean WE WON. That day would be an admission of guilt by not only the government of the United States but of all the major nations of the world.

When asked if he was concerned about a life prison sentence, he stated, “I would gladly stand charged of any crime if it would free my brothers and sisters from their tormenting hell – ANY DAY!!!”

He added in a lower voice, “I am someone that their kind can’t deal with. I fight to win . I’m  their worst nightmare. And I’m not afraid to die. If it’s worth fighting for, it’s worth dying for!”

6.8 Quake in Japan…More Attacks to Come…Fulford Clone Missing…Nukes in Santa Monica Bay Removed…Chinese Troops Ready for Invasion…Obama Looking for Distractions Away from his Scandal…I Am Switching Locations…

The 6.8 Quake that hit Japan today was the Cabal’s “nudge” over the Ben Fulford Clone’s warning on Monday, and Anonymous’ hacking of the Vatican again on Tuesday. That was part of the big message…the Anonymous video message was thwarted and the men and women involved were murdered by the Cabal, or so I have been told — I have not received confirmation.  Others maybe able to upload the video today or tomorrow.

The Cabal has been instrument in the arrests and assassinations of many members of Anonymous (the LulzSec Collective of Europe, agents in Latin America, and three in Seattle).

The Fulford Clone stepped out of his residence yesterday and has not come home…I did say it was malfunctioning and needed to be replaced. Or it could have been…terminated of its programming…and it is possible that, due to malfunctions, it has gotten lost in the vastness of Tokyo.

Also: the nuclear bombs that the Cabal planted in the Santa Monica Bay were removed and acquired by a joint operation between the Gnostic Illuminati, the Brethren of the White Robe, and the White Dragons (now some will know why I have been in southern California, but I am now very far away from that region). These nukes are the ones the Fulford clone wrote that were planted in Jerusalem and Rome; others will be placed in cities that cannot be named yet.

This is becoming a very dangerous game and next week, along with matters in Iran, Uganda, and Korea, could be quite dire. A good distraction from the Obama scandal brewing where Obama could suspend the Constitution, thus impeding any further court hearings on his birth certificate, blocking any impeachment proceedings, and arrest Oirly Taitz and Sheriff Arpaio, where they will “vanish” in the furor of nuclear exchange on the other side of the planet.

There is, of course, the good possibility that the Plejarans and Andromeda Council will stop any nuclear exchange.

Chinese troops on the US/Mexican  border are getting ready for the green light to invade after the USA is hit with an EMP bomb.

With all these developments, I need to switch country locations so this will be the last post for today. So Off Planet Radio and Duncan, I will not be able to listen to your show in real time; I will catch the archive when I am settled snugly in the city of _____ in the country of _____.  Not that whatever you pussies have to whine about, your pettiness and fantasy, is as important placed against what is on the verge of possibly happening to this world in the next 10 days…note I say possibly. Many are working to stop it. I for one am not in favor of retaliation using nukes…but at least those bombs are away from Los Angeles.

Readers of this blog: please link this post in all forums you visit, email to friends, and send the Brethren, the Gnostics, the White Dragons, the Knights, the Lightworkers, all others fighting the Cabal, your white light of protection.

Thank you, and be safe. Do not let your fear and anger rule and program you but rule and de-program your fear and anger.

Clues that the Fulford Clone is Malfunctioning

Today the Fulford Clone stated that “Satan has already left the universe.”  This is a clue that this is indeed a clone, and being used for outrageous disinfo.

If Satan had left the universe, all his reptoid, gray and Mantis minions would be off the earth; there would not be mind-controlled soldiers slaughtering innocent Afghanis to start up another war; troops would not be amassing in South Korea; Chinese nuclear subs would not be off the West Coast; Tokyo and Los Angeles would not be facing destruction this month by the Cabal’s hands; all the underground bases would be vacated or crushed; Obama would be out of office; the Bushes would be in jail; Alex Jones would be out of a job; and David Wilcock and Sean David Morton would be deprogrammed from any more assassin jobs, blah blah.

Remember what The Good Book warns: Satan (and the Cabal) want you to believe he does not exist, that he has been defeated, that he has departed the universe…they get you to believe that, they get you with your guard down.

But this seems more an indication that the Fulford Clone is malfunctioning. I have heard from several White Dragons in Japan that the Fulford Clone has been acting stranger by the day, walking backwards, tap dancing on the street, sticking cocaine in his eyes and ears, and tickling himself in public, screaming, “David Rockefeller makes my funny bone giggle!”

Sounds like they need to manufacture a new clone….maybe this time it will be a thinner and younger one. If the Fulford Unit’s next Youtube appearance has short hair, no beard and a thinner face…well, we will know.

On another note, I wonder what tomorrow’s grand message from Anonymous and the Gnostic Illuminati will be…

The Benjamin Fulford Clone Types a Half-Truth

Some truthful disinfo from the Fulford Clone today:

Western embassies in Tokyo will all be shutting down on March 20th, ostensibly to celebrate the vernal equinox. If this embassy closure is a pretext to evacuate personnel in preparation for a mass terror attack against Tokyo, there will be unfathomable consequences for the Western ruling oligarchs and their extended families. In addition, nuclear weapons have already been placed in both Jerusalem and Rome by gnostic agents and these two cities will vanish forever if Tokyo is attacked. We urge all citizens of these two cities to evacuate immediately should Tokyo be terrorized by the Romans. Furthermore, the Chinese and Japanese military have finalized preparations to sink the La Palma rock formation into the ocean and cause a 100 meter tsunami to hit the US East coast and Southern Europe in retaliation for the planned attack on Tokyo. The world will no longer tolerate Roman terror. The Romans must renounce Satan and the Vatican must be purged of all Satanists.

What the Fulford Clone fails to bring to light is this all a false flag scenario by the Cabal. The Cabal will arrange the destruction of Tokyo and the Cabal will be behind the retalitations.

A set-up.

This really has become The Clone Wars.

A Note on the Fulford Clone

A trusted collegaue in MI-6 noted that it is possible, perhaps most likely, that the Benjamin Fulford doppleganger is not aware that he is a clone. Something to consider.

However, if he a lookalike agent/actor, or even a hologrammed reptilian, that is another story.

The Sean David Morton/Benjamin Fulford Deception

It has come to our attention (I speak for the Brethern of the White Robe here) that the Fulford Lookalike/Clone spoke up on Sean David Morton’s radio show and jested about  “next time” he is cloned he wants a thinner, younger version…note that he said “next time.”

Here is some info on cloning technology used by the dark cabal: the “units” are they are called have an expiration date, anywhere from one week to three years, depending on the need and the programming. Normally, a clone (as we have seen with certain politicians) needs replacing every 3-5 months; the “new unit” will carry new programming.

The Fulford clone let the cat out of the bag, as it were, by stating “next time.”

Now, about Sean David Morton…he is a mind-controlled disinfo agent but he is not consciously aware of it. He used to work for the military as a remote viewer, where he was also placed into a mind-control MK Ultra type program for future use.

He has, for more than 15 years, been given information true and false to repeat in public as his visions or spiritual messages. He was never in a Tibetan monastary or was friends with the Dali Lama…he believes this, but they are implanted “memories.”  If you listen to him, he talks about having once known many important people — from Terrence McKenna, former astronauts, senators, etc. No, these are implanted falsehoods. He believes these false memories but his controlled matrix is beginning to break down.

I know this myself because for three months, while I was employed by a certain government entity, I was on the Los Angeles team that handled his programming. I am not proud of doing this to him and others, which is why I broke off and joined the White Hats effort.,

One of the side-effects of being given false memories and programmed instructions is grotesque weight gain, as we have seen is Mr. Morton’s case:

This is the same case with Preston Nichols, who is a mind-control victim and has been programmed, and probably is still programmed.  His gradual obesity is a direct result of the body’s reaction to cabal reptilian programming.

Mr. Morton is what the public would call “A Manchurian Candidate,” and what we called, in the agency, a “Sirhan Chapman.” I am afraid Morton may be given a final program order and he will either go on a homicidal rampage or assassinate a politucal or Hollywood personality. The only way Morton can stop this is to find the right de-programmers, either from non-compromised White Hats or proper psychologists…one clue is that every time he “sees” UFOs in the sky at the beach where he lives, those are screen memories that he has been abducted (or Milabed) and given proramming, memories, and orders from the military industrial banking cabal of the NWOs.

Also, Morton’s programming handler, his case officer if you will, is his own wife “Melissa,” a hybrid, not unlike the situation in the movie Total Recall.

In future posts, I will reveal other mind controlled and programmed — or conscious agents — of the black ops/black cabal/Illuminati reptilian Satanic Freemason order, people who are in the media or public and spread disinformation and work for the Clinton/Bush/Obama/Rockefeller/Kissinger/Greenspan evil crime organizations, including:

George Noory

Alex Jones


Sheperd Smith

Bill Ryan

Jeff Rense

“Bill Wood”

and so on.

I end with this quote –

And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they [were], should be fulfilled. –Reveleations 6:10

and leave you with this image to decode the hidden message that your heart can read –


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