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First Earth Battalion Field Manual — USE IT


The Rise of Gabbaron Ghayreal Pontifex: Anti-Pope, Bringer of Nuclear Armageddon

McNThe reptilian consciousness known as Gabbaron Ghayreal Phontifex, the Disembodied Dracos Overlord captured by the Wingmakers, now known as the Anti-Pope, failed to take over Ratzinger’s body by design of Robert McNamara, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow from 1989, and instead overtook the body of Vladimir Putin, and now reigns over the fate of Mother Russia. The reptilian Pontifex intends a nuclear strike against the USA to destroy the control Alestair Crowley has over it.

At the same time, the Maacabae Aylcons have landed on earth and are interacting with people, as stated by the IG last month:

They will land in Bloomington, Indiana, San Diego, California, and Hoboken, NJ. Elsewhere, they will land in Manchester, UK, New Dehli, India, Baghdad, Iraq, Melbourne, Aust., and Cape Town, South Africa.

This is why 100,000 dolphins swam by San Diego in a mega pod on the 14th, to announce and say hello to their friends from Alcyone.

Is it any coincidence that the meteor carrying the consciousness of the Anti-Pope “impacted” near the area the Maacabaens landed in Russia back in 1989, at the same “time” that the meteor was sent through a time portal connected to Montauk?

All these events are deeply connected.

In Bloomington, Hoboken, Manchester, New Delhi, Baghdad, Melbourne and Cape Town, humans and Maacabaens have had many good talks, and have offered flights through the Galaxy and home planet for those interested. In all these cities, military activity by the Cabal has been high, attempting to stop the interactions of peace and capture/kill the Maacabaens to steal their technology, but have been stopped by efforts of Semjase’s Plejaran forces, Sigrun and Dominique N of the Idylwild Group.

Meanwhile, the last few members of the Gizeh Intelligence (that got way from Aaron McCollum when the IG went after them, last October’s Operation Gizeh Smack) and Brotherhood of the Bell (of Los Angeles, aka The Cavers and Knights Templar) continue their fabricated cabin burning of Christopher Dorner. The charred body was really a dead clone of Anya Briggs — yes, the rogue one who had helped with the kidnapping and cloning of Stephen Kelley. McCollum, Roan the Mongoose, and three clones of Casbolt are hunting down these rogue Gizeh boys, who have at least 50 psychics and remote viewers across the world under mind control.

Christopher Dorner, the real one, is currently under protection of the Brethren of the White Robe, undergoing de-programming from MK Ultra facilities at the Coronado Naval Base. He did not kill anyone. He was set up.

The Obama clone played golf with “Tiger Woods,” a ruse, that “Tiger Woods” is a Alestir Crowley using holograophic tech. What was the meeting about?  The Rise of Gabbaron Ghayreal Pontifex: Anti-Pope, Bringer of Nuclear Armageddon, first strike on DC, NY and San Francisco (which is why a meteor carrying an aide to the Anti-Pope was spotted over SF).

Be Seein’ Ya in Belize, Dunc

Again, Bobby Joe Fannin says he is going away, re-posted here by Khristine, and commented on by AM at Idylwild — I need not say the same about the Milton quote. After his blog was hacked off and he took down his web page, he left a message that he was quitting, turning his proverbial back, going away, thanks for all the fish, etc. But he didn’t! He stated he was going away several times!

Duncan Donuts, will you keep your word? Will you quit bilking money from fools for these Vegas seminars?

Oh yeah, you never keep your word on anything.


But to address Bobby Joe’s comic book life and imitations of Andrew Vachss novels:

1. I’ll be seeing you, Omega Unit.

2. The Idylwild Group will deal with the programs using children, which your father is behind, as you. You are not fooling anyone.

3. What Council was that? The Grey Walkers? They are all gone. I saw to that personally, as did the Brethren, the Daughters of the Phoenix, and the I.G., and you know this.

4. Meet me this Sunday, Feb. 3, in Belize City. The Smoky Mermaid at Great House is one of my favorite places to hang out when I have been there, courtesy of The Water Company. Let’s say 1 PM Caribbean time, I will be at the furthest table to the north, wearing a blue and green Hawaiian shirt and drinking a chai latte with a tall blonde lady named Asket. You can’t miss us. Bring your “twin brother.” Does this doppelgänger limp with a bum knee too?  You should be able to make it to Belize by Sunday, if your word is word. Only takes us 10 minutes to get there from anywhere in the solar system. The Brethren of the White Robe have a safe house in Belmopan.


To the Sneaky Black Witches

You should realize by now that my psychic shielding is impervious to your hexes and astral attacks, and they only bounce back to you ten-fold. And you wonder why your health is so bad?

Go back to Daddy Crowley where you Cabalist w(b)itches belong.


Am I the T-Man?

Some of you have asked me — and some accused — if I am the T-Man, of the White Hats Report, recenty interviewd by Kerry C.

Yes, I am T-Man.


Because we are all the T-Man, as we are all The Former White Hat.

—F.W. Hat

Filthy Lair of The RAKMEiSTER

I was just shown a video clip YouTube took down and was sent to the Brethren of the White Robe, made by The RAKMEiSTER, that aberration of a hybrid. The video opens in a public restroom in Amsterdam with this person, this thing, The RAKMEiSTER with his head in a tolet bowl, slurping urine and feces and laughing insanely.

Then it faces the camera, drooling piss from its mouth, upper lip sporting a Dirty Sanchez, talking: “I, the RAKMEiSTER, servant of Satan and agent of the Cabal, just love wallowing in the filth, and love torturing, raping, and killing the innocent for my masters.”

The voice, how to describe it? Mumbling, bad English, Eurotrash accent, a whussy Dutch drawl that sounds like it crawled out of the sewer and out of the toilet it feeds from. Listening to and looking at this abomination, you can almost smell the shit and piss coming out of the screen, something only a demonic creature would accomplishment.

It goes on and on, then taunts the Idylwild Group and the Brethren to find it, stating it will video a torture and killing once a day until captured.

A game?

I would post this vid, but if it made me almost puke, I know it would cause many to be sick and have nightmares.

The image above is a still from The RAKMEiSTER’s lair.

We Are Coming…and We Are Here

Someone linked this in comments and it should be moved here…listen, for everything in this message has been what I have been saying all along.

There are many agents of deception out there right now, beings of pure evil, creators of false hope and false information; beware of them. They will attempt to discredit this messages and those like them; they will attempt to destroy me and those who work with me; they will attempt to fool and confuse you. Do not fall into their traps.

A Few Things Before Things Get Stranger



Whoever they have in custody is obviously not James Holmes.

Some believe it was all staged using actors.  This is a disinfo campaign that they want the conspiracy folk to latch onto. So many theories out there, fake witnesses vs. real witnesses…now while I say the murders were not staged, there have been plenty of plants: witnesses, on site medical teams, etc.

They don’t even care if it is obvious, as in the above photos (which is why the judge won’t let cameras into the court next hearing and has put a gag order on lawyers involved). The point is to cause chaos. Look to see what happens tomorrow, Friday, with new “evidence” and the voting on the UN gun treaty.

A neighbor on Holmes’ witnessed him running into his apartment with another man, stocky and Caucasian. It is looking like it is indeed Bobby Joe Fannin, an alter of his activated.

On Drake’s latest show, he urged for “citizen’s arrests” of bankers and turkeys since the military and his so called “ETs” aren’t doing it. This clone is malfunctioning and not making much sense.

There is intel that Lady Dragon is related to the Bushes and her father helped design the RFID chips. More on that later.

Elsewhere, Benjamin Fulford is gone. His original was found and taken off world for his own safety, and all his clones were taken out of the picture. Uncertain if they have more on ice. There will be no updates on his pay website…if anything pops up on his free website, it is not written by “him.”

President Eisenhower has joined us. What? you say, Yes, Ike himself, he has travelled from his time to 2012 on a personal mission. Semjase’s father, P’Taah, has joined the fleet because he brought Ike into our time from the past. More on that later.

Diamond-Ruby Spider hybrids have been spotted in London.

The Annunaki are in Turkey in full force.

Odin caused the ice of Greenland to melt. He blew his Odin breath on the land, and…why I don’t know. More on that later.

Timeslips have decreased.  The Wingmakers seem to be gone for now.

The Ringmakers are still between earth and the moon. Uncertain what is next.

Need help for a mass meditation of white light. Soon.

I am in Europe. Or above it.

The Idyllwild Group!

It has become apparent to me that after I leave to Hope and then 5D, there will still be much work here to do. My mission will be complete and I cannot remain, nor do I really want to. I have other matters to attend to.

I have decided to form a team that will continue what I have been doing. I call this team The Idyllwild Group, consisting of Plejaran sub-commanders Nellet and Olein, Jgaptel from Zeta Reticuli (a gray), Chenuha from Tau Ceti, Aaron McCollum and two other earth folk yet to be chosen.

A team of seven: three human super soldiers, two Plejarans crew leaders, one Tau Ceti supermind , one Zeta time traveller, all the top of the top when it comes to cognitive and military strategy, all seasoned in this war, all ready and willing (well, that depends on who I choose for the other two humans).

They will answer only to Semjase, who will dispatch them on missions with or without approval of the Andromeda Council. They might be called rogue at times, without respect for the galactic chain of command, the seven protegé of one loose cannon.

The Idyllwild Group…they will get the job done, no matter what universe, no matter what timeline, no matter what may seem “impossible,” they make possible.

Trip on Back

Okay, The Water Company did a pipe-cleaning.

The Time Solution

There see,ms to be no avoiding it: we must travel five days into the past and attempt to stop the Empoeror of Time and the Wingmakers from destroying all the timelines.

Drone Hacking

With the help of Sigrun of the Thule/Vril, the Brethren of the White Robe has been able to hack into and take control of a number of the drones being used in Syria and the U.S.

Did You Look Up?

Tonight in the Western Hemisphere, 2,000 ships were dispatched to fly over all states and providences of the US, Canada, and Mexico between 10 pm – 1 am in all time zones, splitting up into groups of 3 and 5. If you were outside and looking up, you perhaps saw something unexplainable. This was a message to you watching that we are here and you are not alone.

I would have given a heads up but I learned of this after the fact; I was in Paris having dinner with an old friend.

Tonight the same will be done over all nations and their states and provinces in Europe and Australia and New Zealand from 10 pm – midnight in their respective time zones.

July 28, same time, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, South Africa and Morrocco.

July 30, same time, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, Iran and Syria.

Another mass sighting run will occur in the US, Canada and Mexico on the night of July 9, between 11 pm – 1 am all time zones.

A Few Words from Your Friendly Neighborhood Former White Hat Operative

Gentle peoples,

I appreciate your confidence and support, but some of you have been asking in the comments (which I delete) or via email personal requests from either me or the Plejarans/Andromedans/Arcturians that are not in my, and their, necessity to do: we cannot, and will not, turn your electricity back on, pay your bills or put money in your bank account, get your spouse to return, keep the demons away, pick you up just because you want to ride in a UFO, save you from the country you are in and take you to a new home,  take you to the 5th Density or teach you “how” to ascend, and, to quote Drake, “that sort of thing.”

They are here to assist mankind as a whole, not fix individual problems in your life — these struggles are challenges you must face yourself, and figure out the best solution.

This is exactly the sort of thing that out ET family is concerned about: that many people would worship them as gods, or a direct line to Source, and petition the selfish and impossible. Like prayer to Source, there is a big gap between what you want and what you need. Many stories have been written regarding the folly of choosing lust over love.

We need only look at our past to see how the ET presence affected cultures: building the a Tower to reach heaven, building monuments as gifts for the “gods” to return or engaging in human sacrifice because they think that will  appease the gods to return or grant prayers. While a good many of people in the Western world are prepared to, or can handle, the revealing of the ET presence and the truth about the galactic community, the number who are not, in other countries, outweighs those who are: the shattering of paradigms and the threat to their faith and view of the Universe (that mankind is superior and “God” favors the earth) will result in riots, violence, suicide and war. However, the time has come that revelation is unavoidable and must be handled delicately and responsibly.

You are not alone and you never were. Some things you must do for yourself; you will receive guidance but it won’t be just handed to you.


Black Witch Sarah Stanga Gets the Water Company Treatment: Refusal to Enter the USA

I am the one that had Priory of Dracos priestess and black witch Sarah Stanga detained and denied entry into the USA and from spreading her lies at Bobby Joe’s bogus seminar of clone deceptions.  She had been warned not to try to come to the US but she tried anyway.

Her passport was flagged. She was given the Water Company treatment. She was not, however as she claims, psychically scanned and invaded, and there were no Satanists behind it. It was all the Brethern of the White Robe. She was given an extra nudge in Germany by the Knights of the Silver Sword.

Your kind does not belong in the US, Gupta Stanga. Keep your Dracos-loving ways in jolly ol’ England. We will not allow you to deceive more people here on free soil, and your reign of deception and black magic is soon to come to an end.

Try again and you may find yourself in a cell on the Andromeda Council bio-sphere to face charges against humanity.

Bobby Joe Fanin received his message in Sacramento., Drake will receive his in West Virginia and Lady Dragon hers in Canada. We will be shutting these people down as we begin to cleans the realm of these agents of Dracos.


Impressive Numbers, eh, Laddies and Lasses?


This is my 500th post that also sees the 4 million hits mark of this blog. People turn here for truths they will not get anywhere else.

Leftover Stuff on Mars from the Diamond Spider Battles

The battle on Mars with the diamond spiders from Ganymede and Titan 12 years ago, that I was a part of, has some visible remains, like this station and this leftover husk of the Queen Slug:

Ron Paul Still Has a Trump Card to Play

..missing time…

We had enetered the Bolivian pyramid, 100 of us, when a bright yellow and green light flashed and I lost time…I regained conscuiousness several hundred feet outside the entrance to the pyramid with a dead diamond-spider nearby in a dozen pieces.

Three hours had gone by and I have no idea how long I was out.

Feels like missing time…a mystery to be solved.

Thank You for the Light

Your combined light has had a great effect here at Chantilly. People can feel it. I can feel it. Some things will take a few days or weeks to manifest. I have received intel that several Bilderberg members left the meeting on the pretense of “an emergecy at home.” The ones that were cloned have been malfunctioning. There has been in-fighting and large disagreements on courses to take.

Thank you for all your good intentions.

Another Evil Plan of the Cabal

Will the Brethern of the White Robe and Plejarans stop this plan?

It is in the works as I land in Arizona here…

Might I Trigger You/Activate an Alter?

O My Droogies @ the Milk Bar, Lads with White Lips

code 4 u

I am neither a Jack Burns nor a John Barkley in US Space Command…

…I am just an anonymous bloke.

Call me Chad Chadwick.

The Paranoid Insanity of Randy Maugans

Asshat Maugans has gone off the deep end, spouting off paranoid accusations in two blogs, lies, conspiracy theories…look into his eyes: those are the eyes of bughouse bobby.

I feel a necessity to address Randy Maugans’ insanity.

To wit:

I do not know Kerry personally. I met her in passing a few times at conferences, but she does not know my name, we are not in cahoots, I am not her “hatchetman,” she is not my handler; I am not her operative, as Maugans accuses. It is easy for you people to want to believe that, that there is some sort of “group” after you (typical paranoia of the mentally ill who believe in mind-controlled gang-stalking, that some devious operatives in an NSA basement are controlling groups of people with computer chips and chemtrails to harass a “targeted individual”).

I do not attack genuine victims of satanic ritual abuse and MK Ultra programs, and have helped those who have in a real-world capacity; what I do, and have done, is call on the carpet, and expose, liars, fakes, double agents, and the mentally ill. Randy Maugans seems to have fallen for the fabricated stories of a lot of con artists, or he is working with them in their disinfo campaigns, such as:

 Sarah Stanga: She is not who she says she is. That is not even her name. She is not the “victim” she plays but is in all actuality a black witch, an operative for The Priory of Dracos, and she is the property of such. She has many alters, so you never know who you are dealing with, and while she is indeed a “victim” of thus torture and control, she is still under their control: her job is to lure the unsuspecting into her sphere, to find real victims, and destroy them and/or turn them over to her handlers. She goes by many names online, Purple Pebble and Violet and so on, attacking people via these alters, the same people she acts like she is reaching out to in her “Sarah” alter.

Duncan O’Finioan: not his real name. His real strawman name is Bobby Joe Fanin. You cry out about my anonymity, yet why would a man who says he stands for a truth not use his actual name? Could it be that Bobby Joe Fanin has quite the police record from the 10 years he lived in Pahrump, Nevada (where he met David Corso in a repeat offenders group?)…it would certainly destroy his story if it were known that his criminal past makes Bill Brockbrader’s look like a J-walking ticket).  The first interview I saw with Bobby Joe, I pegged him for a pathological liar via his body language, just as MK Ultra researcher Anthony Forwood (whom several accused me of being) realized when he interviewed Bobby Joe –  a bullshitter clone.  He is a boy in a man’s broken down body playing G.I. toys. I looked at his bogus “knife fighting: video and had a good laugh – the man has no idea how to actually knife fight. He has conned many people, like Maugans, into buying his bullshit, and he has done more harm than good for people. He engages in physical threats against anyone who exposes or criticizes him, to the absurdity of threatening me with grand jury indictments and convictions of, what, exposing and making fun of him? He lives in the same fantasy world of the law that Drake does when Drake threatened to have Kerry charged as a domestic terrorist over a forum post she did not write or know of, not to mention his threat of getting his Pentagon buddies to shut the website down. What world do these two think they live in? Bobby Joe now threatens me with a fictional cousin of his who is a federal prosecutor who will come after me for my blog….here we have two men who claim to want to take down the evil Cabal government, then turn around and makes threats to use the very same government to “punish” anyone who dares to criticize them (gee, didn’t Obama do and does the same with journalists? And Castro? And Lenin? And Mao?)

Miranda Kelly aka AX: fixes his illiterate writing for him, she is a good editor, and a conspirator in this con. That podium talk on video, from a Camelot video, which I attended, wherein they claim some story of her crying about her hair being messed up during a parachute jump into enemy territory, is a scene taken straight from the TV show, ALIAS, about, of yes, spies and secret super soldiers. Did they think no one watched that show or would remember that scene? A big red light of bullshit.

Randy Maugans: my assessment that he is an ass-hat stands. He does not seem to be particularly intelligent and in possession of an IQ above a speed bump, as evident in his blog posts and statements. He has fallen for the bullshit of the above-mentioned, and fallen for many others; he comes up with bizarre conspiracy theories about me, Cassidy, and others, none of which are near the truth; his attempts at logic are lacing logic; and he is obsessed with Kerry, and me. He said several blog posts ago that he would no longer address us, yet he keeps doing so…what is apparent is that he is quite jealous of Kerry…he noted she is “a gateway to Coast and Noory” and that she has a significant audience, 1000 times bigger than what he gets. This was the same situation with Art Bell: when Art went big internationally, many small time radio hosts attacked him brutally out of sheer green-eyed monsters.  Face the facts, Randy: you will never be popular and you will never have an audience over 300 people. I have not sent you voicemails, I do not have your number; you are either lying or someone is messing with you (I would never put my voice out there, which is why I turned Noory down for an interview on C2C.

So, now, I ask: why the obsession finding out my identity? What do you want to do, threaten my family or me? “Expose” me, and for what? What does it matter? Many of you have already come up with a dozen names of whom you think I am, and then say I am a group of people, that I am CIA psyops (I was in the Navy, guys, I already admitted this, and ONI, but that is the past)…Maugans seems particularly obsessed in unmasking me. What happens if you find out I am someone you actually know, and trust, and that I have been working against you all this time? – now that should fuel your paranoid conspiracy theories. After all, you call me “a tool of a media empire” out to get you. Gee…I hope they are paying me well if I am.

Bottom line: you people take yourselves way too seriously, You are not comic book heroes like Bobby Joe imagines himself as, you are not so important that the feds will convene grand juries over your feelings getting hurt, and you are not the mighty truth seekers who will topple the Cabal-Rockefeller-Illuminati machine.

Look clearly at your unhealthy obsessions with me, and Project Camelot, your desires to destroy both, and ask yourself: is this a healthy mental attitude?



To the Lizards Boys and Would-Be Assassins:

I am in D.C. for Memorial Day to honor my fallen brothers in the Navy; as well as brothers in the Marines, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard, and even more so the unknown fallen brothers of intel, the white hats who refused to be compromised, the lost Brethren of the White Robe who died protecting the earth from reptoids and Cabalists…

I am in D.C., fuckers — come and try to get a piece of me.

Where Are the Two Murdered Witnesses’ Bodies in the Streets of Jerusalem?

There is a rumor on the net that Ronald Weinland and his wife committed suicide to make it seem like the fulfillment of the fate of the Two Witnesses. I have no idea if this rumor is true; his last blog post was May 23, about 3.5 days before the 27.

Talking Points:

1. According to his own book, God’s Final Witness, they, the two witnesses of The Revelations of St. J0hn, he and his wife must be murdered at the end of the 1,260 days of Tribulation by Satan, their dead bodies left on the streets of Jerusalem for the 3.5 days, whereupon they will be resurrected to life and Jesus and the 144,000 will show up. That means they should have been killed two days ago…and evenif they are dead, why are they not, as Weinland claims, having their dead bodes seen on TV in Israel? And if they committed suicide to fulfill this prophecy, would that not make them satan, or controlled by Satan hands? I would like to see the wiggle way out of this discrepency…oh, sure, it was all some sort of metaphor, right? Their “murder” is the ridicule they are facing? Weinland writes that the “sackcloth” the witnesses wear is a a metaphor for “humility.” The two have not appeared to be humiliated then or now, especially this “warning” that anyone who mocks him will die.

2. Seven plagues are supposed to spread across the earth during the 3.5 years of Tribulation…hasn’t happened.

3. The last seal is supposed to bring about the destruction of 1/3 of the USA…well, the first seal has not even been opened yet, and the deadline is in 43 hours until 12:01 May 28 as I compose this from Panama.

4. Weinland says China and Russia will attack Europe. These two nations could not mobilize such an invasion force in 24 hours, sorry — however, the Dracos can! But Weinland does not say the military force are lizards….in this vid, he does talk of aliens, but this vid also shows that when the truth is obvious that mankind has been on earth much longer than 6,000 years, and that humanity was created by ancient aliens and not a “God” as they believe, they will not be able to comprehend it, and will wage war or commit mass suicide…their paradigms will shatter like glass goblins!

5. If you know how currency exchange and a nation’s value and debt is measured, the dollar is not going to collapse over the weekend, or today, a holiday weekend where people are spending like crazy and foolishly forking out $5 a gallon; a currency will collpase during a stock market and currency trading crises, yet this week the dollar has gained strength. In Weinland’s scenario, the dollar has to crash today, 1/3 of the U.S. popultion has to die today, China and Russia have to strike all of Europe with nukes and troops today (and it is well underway the 27th on that side of the globe)…well?

6. The notion of fundamentalists who have no idea they are actually worshipping Satan that the earth is on 6,000 years or that humans have only been on earth for 6,000 years, contrary to logic and historical evidence, is quite the joke, eh, laddies.

The point I am making is that, yes, these things had been planned by the Cabal in cahoots with the dark entities who would masquerade as JC…but it has been stopped. JC was not stopped; the false messiah, false flags, and  a bogus Apocalypse were stopped — these things we had seen occur in a number of timelines when we were unable to come back and fix it due to what the Wingmakers did. And this was why we had to return on May 19, 2012, before the alignment.

So, come the 28th, if Weinland and wife are still alive, do you think this fellow will step up to plate and admit he was wrong, that he was deceived by Sam’el/St Germain, that he is a false prophet? Don’t count on it. If he does not disappear with his church’s money, that a Grand Jury has already inducted him on stealing, he will come up with another excuse, like he did last year when Jesus did not show up; we have seen it time and again…at least Camping had publicly admitted he was full of shit…Weinland is obviously too full or hubris with the heart of a criminal to ask forgiveness of how he has led people astray from any kernel of truth…so what will be his excuse? The wrong calendar calculations like the Jehovah’s Witnesses claimed? That Jesus postponed it until June, July, November, 2013?

And the 2 or 3 people who have been posting about May 27, we will not see them here on May 28 admitting they were deceved and Weinland was wrong…they will either not show up or will support Weinland’s excuses. I do not have the time to read many paranormal blogs and forums out there, but after a quick look, I see a number of Weinland sheep out there posting…they do not believe in the paranormal stuff, they are members of Weinland’s congregation who were instructed to widely post Weinland’s falsehoods all over the net. Eh, laddies? It is like the born-agains hanging out with hookers in the redlight district in hopes of “saving” a few wayward whores.

Here is one certainty for Weinland: Federal prison for tax evasion and fraud; incarceration of justice as is the case with his masters, Sam’el/St. Germain/Sananda/Ashtar.

In 5D earth, there will be no false prophets and con men preying on the fears and confusion of the masses…there will be no need to look to these kind of people for salvation because salvation will be within, the Christ Consciousness will be within all, connected to all, and there will be no use for organized religion and no jobs for egomaniacal pastors, preachers, reverend, rabbis and Imans; there will be no fear for these shapeshifters to feed on; there will be no “end times” to create worry because there will be no time that has an “end.”

Anything Sound Familiar from this Clone?

Unmasked! F.W. Hat is Really Glenn Beck…or is he?

When it came out the other day that Glenn Beck was once involved with The White Hats but separated from them when he realized they had been compromised and corrupted (leading to his stepping away from FoxNews, the Cabal cable station that he thought he was infiltrating), a number of media pundits started whispering in NY and DC, “Now we know who this Former White Hat fellah is!” claiming:

1. I have a similar sense of humor as Beck.

2. I have stated that I quit drinking the same time Beck did.

3. Similar ardent passion and mockery.

4. Similar errors of words and spelling on his chalkboard due to writing quick and hastily.

So…another name on the list…

Am I Glenn Beck?





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