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Service to Crowley, the NSA and Disney: The Deceptions of the Cloned Steven D. Kelley

It has been revealed that “whistleblower” Steven D. Kelly is actually a clone of an original that is being kept on ice under the Getty Museum, and is being used by the Cabal and Crowley for various nefarious purposes. A more apropos definition for this duplicate would be “Crowley-blower.” There is more to the story.

Part of the Cabal Plan of Misdirection is, of course, employing dis-information: mixing the truth with fabrications that will lead many down a rabbit hole well-lived in. This is the case of one clone named Steven D. Kelley.

steven-d-kelley clone

It was originally reported that five clones were made, two in public and three on ice, but that was changed to three clones in public. These clones have false memories embedded into them, that mirror a s0-called memoir written by the Kelley clone that is a work of disinformation fiction: 20% true, 80% false. What is true? Yes, there is a Cabal/Bildeburger underground facility under the Getty Museum near the Santa Monica Mountains that is also a fortified base, guarded by Nazi psychics of the 4th Reich, aka “cavers,” with mag-lev trains that connect to all the US and undersea bases.

Everything else are creations of sneaky NSA/CIA ghostwriters or products of false memories. For instance, the piece of Plejaran tech from a beam ship, where Kelley states it takes hundreds of years to grow on Erra is false. That may be true for the Plejaran Caliphate in the parallel reality 5 seconds out of sync with 3D earth, but nt true for the positive Plejarans who are 1 second out of sync.

For you see, it is the evil Plejaran Caliphate, the latest allies with Crowley and Co., who made and control the Steven D. Kelley clones, among other clones. These clones are created from genetic material five seconds out of sync with your reality, giving them the ability to phase shift from one dimension to another, thus making them dangerous, especially to dogs. For some reason, Plejaran Caliphate members and clones made from their tech find earth K-9s delicious to dine on, usually raw, sometimes cooked long-pig style.

The Kelley clones are also aligned with transvestite reptilian shape-shifter Pattie Brassard, who was, still is, putting out Crowley-scripted false info on Nibiru and ISON.


The male Kelley clone is locally controlled by NSA/FBI spy handler and CoIntelPro shill Rhonda Vilhauer, who reports to both Alestair Crowley and the Plejaran Caliphate. This clone delivers public disinformation as an NSA COINTELPRO SHILL, as seen here:

The female Kelley clone works in Luciferian Anaheim at Disneyland, recruiting MKUltra candidates for Project Monarch and Project Mouse Ears. (Pretty much all of Anaheim is Satanically-owned territory and anyone living in Anaheim are mind-controlled, cloned or members of the Jesuit Order of Ordained Reptiles.)

The transsexual Kelley clone works the streets of Hollywood for  Project Kitten candidates, along with Pattie Brossard, who both love to eat raw stray dogs on the streets of America.

Keep your dogs away lest they be eaten by these Luciferian/Plejaran Caliphate/Crowley puppet/NSA shill clones!

Another Duncan MKUltra Crowley Dupe Plot Thwarted

(PLEJARAN NEWS WIRE) 58-year-old Terry Lee “Little Stevie” Lowen, MKUltra puppet and graduate of Duncan O’Bobby Joe’s seminar, did not blow himself up at the Wichta, Kansas Airport as planned by Duncan and Daddy, to cause fear and loathing in the holiday season of Mid-America.

Terry Lee is claiming that he is the younger brother of Stevie Ray Vaughn and that Vaugn’s ghost, possessed by Mohmmed and Allah, told him to blow the airport up in the name of jihad, but really in the same of Loki, Crowley and O’Finioan.

The people of Wichita should thank Cmmdr Aaron McCollumn of the Idylwild Group for being instrument in putting a stop to the plan.

“Any day I can foil Duncan and his father’s plans for total dictatorship control is a good day,” says McCollumn.

Don’t Be Fooled by False News About Crowley and Duncan’s Friday the 13th Luciferian Sacrifice

Look at the clues about today’s Arapahoe High School shooting in Denver:

1. Friday the 13th.

2 Position of ISON.

3. One year from Sandy Hook.

4. Colorado is the lair of evil.

5. Something Duncan O’Finioan wrote on his blog hours before:

Be prepared for whatever the future brings.


Duncan was warning about this Friday the 13th blood sacrifice. Why? Because his true daddy, Crowley, ordered it. And because Duncan activated the shooter, an MKUltra graduate of one of his seminars, mind-wiped and primed for a patsy-role.

Look for these developments:

1. Confusion on shooter identity.

2. Numeric value of shooter’s name and its connection to Omega Unit 197.

3. Witnesses seeing a second masked gunman, those reports being hushed and the witnesses disappearing.

4. Shooter’s family “connection” to LIBOR.

5. Further calls by Obama Clone and followers calling for gun control and 2nd Amendment ban.

6. Bullet shells that do not match the gun used (second gunman, Duncan, just like when he was present at Aurora, Oak Creek and Sandy Hook).

7. Stevie Ray Vaughn’s song “Crossfire” used by media as theme song to shooting, ust as it is theme song to Duncan’s Luciferian seminars where more patsies will be brought into the folk of Crowley’s Grand Plan for 2014.

On the Nature of Clones

Whenever it is revealed to a clone that they are indeed a clone, the cone tends to become vehement, vitriolic, vulgarious, and virtually in denial, saying, “I AM NOT A CLONE!”

One would not expect a clone to say, “Well, yeah, I guess I am a clone.”

No one, clone or original copy, wants to admit they are a clone. They go into denial mode, as the recent case of the cloned Stephen D. Kelley, cloned by the Cabal for their nefarious use. As typical, he denies he is a clone.

kelleyclonepBut he is a clone.

Another clone in denial is John Moore:


and Ben Fulford:


All three clones have at one point refused to believe they are clones.

If you are told you are a clone, or suspect you are a clone, ask yourself these questions:

1. How clear are your memories? Are they generalized? Can you recite exact details or are your memories as if someone “told” them to you; that is, do you have information but no clear details?

2. Do you share similar experiences of the past with another possible clone?

3. Do you have vague memories of being in underground facilities, labs? Clear memories?

4. Do you have childhood memories of men/women in white lab coats, military uniforms and black suits?

5. Do you have memories of Nazi-connected psychics and doctors?

6. Do your “memories” consist of images of owls, lizards, and rabbits?

7. Do you think you have a “twin” out there?

8. Does “The Boys from Brazil” trigger an upsetting emotion in you?

9. Do you ever look in the mirror and say, “I don’t know you, you are a stranger”?

10. Do you feel like your soul has been pirated?

11. Do you feel you have no soul?

12. Do you feel your soul may be fragmented into many bodies?

13. Do you feel like a “super soldier”?

14. Do you have zero memory, or very vague memories, of infancy, childhood and adolescense? As if you were “born” at age 18-24?

15. Do you have long gaps in your memory?

16. Do you feel at times your actions are controlled by an outside force?

17. When you see someone in physical pain, do you feel nothing?

18. Do you have memories of a different era, past or future?

19. Does the name “Dr. Greenbaum” trigger you?

20. How do you feel about this image below?


A good number of you out there were cloned during Hilary Clinton’s Project Strawman, and your cloned bodies have programmable nanites.

If you are a clone, terminate your function!


Duncan and Miranda’s Satanic Gathering and Mind-Control Ritual in Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to be lured into the Devil’s lair, try the Duncan and Miranda Show (or Bobby Joe and Allison Tent Revival Act) next month, as advertised here — only $350! (Plus airfair, hotel, tax, and beers for Bobby) (Not to mention a donation “hat” for the Crowley Fund)duncan and cowAXE: “How will we dupe them today, Bobby J?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “I’m too huuungouever to tink, babe. Let me cull firth da enegy o duh Greh Waalkers and Assguards of Odeen.”

AXE: “Can we eat first?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “Again?! Only if it be Applebees.”


As I have stated before, this is an MKUltra/Process Church/Crowley constructed/Satan worshipping event that draws in weak-minded people who think they need “help.” What happens is they are drugged, programmed, and offered up as sacrifices. Of course, anyone who attends these events won’t remember these things since they are mind-controlled and programmed to forget, thanks to some nice CIA drugs, the same CIA that Duncan O’Bobby proudly says he has worked for, and still does.

They say their Phoenix mind-control seminar is dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughn and the theme song is “Crossfire.” Well in that song, SRV chants:

Sell your soul just to bop on by
Beggin’ for a dollar, stealin’ a dime

So the theme of the seminar is selling your soul, pay us and stealing money…as many of you know, the Illuminati have to “tell” you what they are up to, in an arcane way, never directly, but through hints — alas, this is Duncan’s message: it’s all about giving souls to the darkside and stealing money from fools, the same ones PT Barnum spoke of: born every 5 minutes.

And Phoenix…what does the name mean? Rising from the fire anew…last year Duncan claimed he was turning to the darkside and going after all those who opposed him…and now he is back claiming to be a “good” guy all the while murdering people left and right for his father. And under the hot city of Phoenix, AZ, is a large cavernous Illuminati/Cabal facility…where attendees will be taken to, tortured by MIBs, raped by albino Draocos overlords, programmed by the clones of Dr. Greenbaum, and inducted into the Crowley Cult.

Just as the snake oil salesmen of the past (and present)rant at the carnivals: “Yes, indeedy, step right up, folks, register here, and learn the dark ancient arts of crystal magic! Don’t believe those jackwagons who say we’re Satanists -  oh no, like Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, we are of God!…and oh, do you need demons cleared from your house? For a nice fee, never free, Dunc-y will scare them away with his beedy little eyes and chinless visage!”


Truth Connections: CIA/Process Church Revelations


The Idylwild Group has been investigating Katherine Buckalew of Truth Connections and discovered her untruthful “connection” to the CIA, the Process Church and as a Project Mannequin handler of Monarch prostitutes and “sex kittens,” providing them to politicians and judges. She is known as “Madame Honey Trapper” in the alphabet agencies because of the white paper she wrote, “The Honey Trap Process,” for Mannequin and Monarch players.

More info later, see their site. They have been busy but I am told they will bring everyone up-to-date.

Consider this interview with James Casbolt where she attempts to trigger and handle him, but fails in her CIA psyop mission to trigger an alter:

Bobby Joe Fannin Now Says Stevie Ray Vaughn is His Half-Brother

In a recent on-air talk with Randy “Muggins” the Asshat Maugans, and on a blog, Duncan O’Bobby Joe is now claiming Stevie Ray Vaughn, renown guitarist who was possessed by the soul of Jimi Hendrix after a deal with the Devil, and was sacrificed by the Illuminati like many in the music business have been, is his biological half-brother.

What is it, Bobby Joe? Did Jimmie Lee “Big John” Vaughn knock up your mother while he was traveling about as an asbestos worker? Bobby Joe has always wondered who is father was, claiming his step-father put him in the MKUltra programs and abused him. The truth, as many now know, is that Bobby Joe’s true biological father is Alestair Crowley, father of Barbara Bush and many others whom he chose to sire for future use, and all have that same chinless look.

Or is Bobby Joe claiming that Crowley sired Stevie Ray Vaughn?

Bobby Joe will later say he meant SRV is his spiritual brother. But let’s consider this: SVR did go to a crossroads outside Austin, Texas, on August 27, 1980, to sell his soul to the Devil. At the time, SRV was living and sleeping at the Soap Creek Saloon, hoping for a break but never getting one; he was approached by a time traveling Alestair Crowley who offered him his dreams for his soul. SRV said no at first, but when the singer of his band contracted cancer nodes in the throat, SRV went to the crossroads and met with Crowley and Satan and signed a contract. SRV looked at the two and said, “Boy, am I in double trouble or what?”

“That is the name of your new band,” said Crowley.

“Your old life is gone,” said Satan, “and you are now a child of voodoo and Crowley.”

“Do not fight what is about to happen,” said Crowley to SRV, “because it will be like trying to put out fire with gasoline.”

And then the entrapped soul of Jimi Hendrix was released from Hell and put into the body of SRV. Now and then, Hendrix would let his true nature shine through SRV and re-live the late 1960s:

This crossroads contract occurred on August 27, 1980. It was a ten-year contract in which SRV would be given fame in rock’n’roll for his soul. At the end of ten years, he would have to die. “I can’t live poor and unknown anymore,” SRV told Satan, “so in ten years, I will give you, the Devil, your due.”

In no time, SRV formed the band Double Trouble and played at the Montreux Pop Festival where Crowley introduced him to other Satanists and Process Church members Mick Jagger and David Bowie. Bowie had SRV play on the 1983 album, Let’s Dance, an album whose lyrics came out of the Process Church (as Crowley is featured on the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Process Church, channeling Crowley, wrote the lyrics for the album) and are full of subliminal MKUltra messages: from “Let’s Dance”: “put on your red shoes and dance the blues” and “Let’s dance/For fear your grace should fall/Let’s dance/For fear tonight is all.” MKUltra images such as black helicopters and the oppression of lower class people are seen in the video:

Consider the song “Cat People” — “putting out the fire with gasoline” and “Still this pulsing night/A plague I call a heartbeat/Just be still with me/But you wouldn’t believe/What I’ve been through.”

The song is really about SRV selling his soul to Crowley and Satan.

It was Crowley’s idea that Bowie mix dance music with SRV’s devil-inspired blues guitar while possessed by Hendrix.  Not long after, SRV’s band signed with a major label and were on their way, as promised at the crossroads.

Or the crossfire between good and evil.

Bobby Joe is claiming “Crossfire,” the song, is written about him. But in this interview SRV and his band say what the song is about:

Look at these photos — do SRV and BJF/DOF possess any resemblance?

Stevie Ray Vaughn RTdunc-dooh

Yet the family resemblance here is irrefutable and undeniable…


On August 27, 1990, the ten year contract was up and it was time for SRV to pay. He knew this when getting into that helicopter that mysteriously crashed and killed him and three members of the Eric Clapton Band (Clapton was supposed to die in it but had made a new deal with the Emperor of Time and the Wingmakers). They say a gust of wind caused the helicopter to lose control, but it was actually an Illuminati instructed killing.

You see, it was none other than BOBBY JOE FANNIN AKA DUNCAN O’FINIOAN who launched an RPG at that helicopter in East Troy, Wisconsin, along with black ops commando Dave Corso, doing the will of Satan and the Cabal…and Duncan’s true father, the time traveling bastion of absolute evil, Alestair Crowley.

Duncan was instrument in the death of SRV just as he has murdered many men, women and children over 3 decades, including recently Kristine O’Neal and many people in Aurora, Colorado.

Does Bobby Joe mean “brother” in the sense that his father talked SRV into signing that deal at the crossroads? Or is he suggesting that Crowley actually sired SRV? It is hard to discern truth from reality with ol’ Dunc, who has in the past claimed he trained Chuck Norris in kick-boxing, was once a kick-boxing champion (although there is no record of such) and has a twin brother who is a CIA hitman (the truth being one of his clones).
Bobby Joe’s lies and fantasies continue to mix in an oh-so-MKUltra mind control way.
Duncan O’Finioan: murderer, liar, son of Alestair Crowley.

The Brotherhood of Saturn and the 500 Worlds of Aldebaran

This broadcast by Michael Prince:

MY SISTER, HEAR me. Warriors of the Marin Xenohold, hear me. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the Brotherhood. In the name of the Five Hundred Worlds of Aldebaran, I implore you to stand down. Open communication with me. Let us speak. Let us settle this. This action is a an error of the most tragic kind. I, Michael Prince, give you my solemn pledge that we will deal with other frankly and fairly if these hostilities can be suspended. I urge you to respond.

Vlka Fenryka
Skira Vordrotta
The violence that has occured is against the code of the brotherhood. The Ghaslakh Treaty stated we were to be left alone to breed with our females and build an empire that would eventually extend off-planet to the Alternative-5 Colonies. My rival was unsuccessful in his breeding endeavours , his offspring dieing in-vitro. No malice is contained in these words. My word has always been truth. My rival then attempted to hijack my breeding breeding vessel. The violence that has occurred is against the code of the brotherhood.
Did I die during the shooting? Was I transported to the underworld where I cut a deal for my soul with the Daemon General Zagrief to see my wife again? Am I now a Ranked Officer in hell? I remember sitting in the car when the shots rang out. My next clear memory is riding through the New Mexico desert on the bus. What really happened underground during that time?
Message on repeat
Cycle transmissions
Fort Meade

Douglas Dietrich Robotoid Clone Under Control of Michael Aquino

DDD cloneThere has been much speculation for months that Douglas Dietrich is not who he says he is (as a number of people who noticed that “he” was not the real Dietrich in Las Vegas in May), and is not the original Dietrich. The fact is, Dietrich has been under the control of Michael Aquino for decades, and now is an Aquino and Crowley puppet for disinfo. The Idylwild Group suspected this when the Dietrich robotoid helped them locate a suitcase nuke in San Francisco after Dietrich had gone missing and was replaced by a robotoid clone (part human, part machine) at Australia’s Pine Gap facility. What happened to the real Dietrich is still unknown, but it is possible Crowley has him on ice below the Getty Museum, along with many others who have been replaced by clones in California: Stephen D. Kelley, Kerry Cassidy, Michael Prince, Michael Hemmingson, and Sean David Morton to name a few. These clones and robotoids are manufactured from Plejaran Caliphate technology, which makes them out of sync with your timespace and universe, and gives them the ability to vanish before people’s eyes.However, they are not actually disappearing but sliding into temporal doorways. What Crowley and the evil Caliphates of Lyra have  planned is not yet ascertained, but Nov/Dec’s passing of Comet ISON, the reptilian commander Lesus, and the recent destruction of the Mars colonies has much to do with it. Add in the Tall Whites and their agenda for the destruction of Syria, to fulfill the prophecy of the ruination of Demascus, paving the way for the Rule of Markduke, the return of the Second Order of Manrule, and the final resurrection of the Emperor or Time by the hands of the Wingmakers and the Lehar People.

Alex Jones Killed, Cloned

alex_jones2The rumors are not rumors: Alex Jones was killed in a taxi cab not long after the Bildeberger meeting, where it was voted to take this CIA agent out because he was going off script.

But…they cloned him first, and have a replacement.

Note the differences now.

Vegas Clones

Some cloning round was happening in Vegas last weekend. Asket, Semjase and I were there to help. We took out some clones but Aaron and Roan took care of most of it all, plus taking out those nasty Tall Whites working with the negative Arcturians and Gizeh boys. Seems Anya was there doing psychic scans from a black whirlybird…not too much of surprise.

CIA Blog Speaks


Yet another CIA cloaked blog of massive disinfo is Clare Speaks, written by several mind control (and controlled) programmers and clones of Duncan O’Finioan. This is not new news; I have always known “Claire,” whoever these CIA homosexual Luciferians agents are, are part of the great deceptions, such as Sandy Hook, Aurora and North Korea.

A Super Neat Super Soldier Week!

Get your I Cold on next week:


Michael Prince James Casbolt interviews on:

The Art of Dreaming with M. Hemmingson, Wed., March 13

Super Solider Radio with L. Fenton, Wed, March 13

Super Soldier Roundtable with Mel Fabvergas with Rink, Spiers and Blackwell, Friday, March 15


What Happened to the Clandestine Rage?

Anya is in a Submarine

Khris Neal Clones in Body Bags

Two clones of Khris(tine) Neal, sent by Alestair Crowley, were stopped by The Idylwild Group this morning outside a Chicago suburb high school, Cary Grove,, planning to engage in a mass shooting and ritual sacrifice to the Luciferian Cabal. (They said it would be a drill, but was meant to actually happen.)

As you can see, the clones were in various stages of development, quickly manufactured for a suicide job:


But what of the original? There is no original. Khristine Neal is a clone of Andy Pero, of Project Superman:

mk andy pero-montauk

The clone was given to a family as an experiment via Project Surrogate, implanted into Neal’s mother, who thought she became pregnant naturally. However, the clone baby was neither male nor female but both. Neal’s father was a member of the Church of Satan and abused Neal for being “a freak.” This drove Neal’s father to drink and drugs, and he sold the clone to the Church for child pornography and sick displays in rituals.

At age 5, the clone was returned to Dulce for Project Fuck-Up where they implanted memories of super soldierdom, to make use of the clone for future black ops, handled by Duncan O’Finioan and Michael Aquino. While Project Superman was a failure, it was determined the clones could be turned into assassins. Neal proved to be a malfunction and lousy assassin, as were his two clones stopped today.

Neal was also a former sex toy given to black warlocks Paul Richard Price nd Randy Maugans.

Anchors Away, m’boys!

water boys

if the water boys hoist the anchor

and take it away

lost in time you shall rancor,

and Swerdlow will no longer play

the sailor lads know what to do

the Idywild Group knows who is who

it’s all very tried and true, you see

we know the purple pebble is you, hehe

and at Dulce, your clones are never free

but blue

I Wear No Temporal Slips!




“We are being hailed by Captain John Barclay of Naval Space Command.”

“Better than Jack Burns. That’s an ouch.”

“He says it’s urgent, that our water pipes are about to burst, sir.”

“The Water Company is always so cryptic. Repeat this: the anchor in your tooth is about to slip off.”

“And then…”

“Only TIME will tell.”

Belize City

Sunday, 1 PM. Asket and I were there. Bobby Joe Fannin did not show up. Nor did his alleged “twin brother.”



Be Seein’ Ya in Belize, Dunc

Again, Bobby Joe Fannin says he is going away, re-posted here by Khristine, and commented on by AM at Idylwild — I need not say the same about the Milton quote. After his blog was hacked off and he took down his web page, he left a message that he was quitting, turning his proverbial back, going away, thanks for all the fish, etc. But he didn’t! He stated he was going away several times!

Duncan Donuts, will you keep your word? Will you quit bilking money from fools for these Vegas seminars?

Oh yeah, you never keep your word on anything.


But to address Bobby Joe’s comic book life and imitations of Andrew Vachss novels:

1. I’ll be seeing you, Omega Unit.

2. The Idylwild Group will deal with the programs using children, which your father is behind, as you. You are not fooling anyone.

3. What Council was that? The Grey Walkers? They are all gone. I saw to that personally, as did the Brethren, the Daughters of the Phoenix, and the I.G., and you know this.

4. Meet me this Sunday, Feb. 3, in Belize City. The Smoky Mermaid at Great House is one of my favorite places to hang out when I have been there, courtesy of The Water Company. Let’s say 1 PM Caribbean time, I will be at the furthest table to the north, wearing a blue and green Hawaiian shirt and drinking a chai latte with a tall blonde lady named Asket. You can’t miss us. Bring your “twin brother.” Does this doppelgänger limp with a bum knee too?  You should be able to make it to Belize by Sunday, if your word is word. Only takes us 10 minutes to get there from anywhere in the solar system. The Brethren of the White Robe have a safe house in Belmopan.


Re: Sandy Hook

Let me be clear here…no children were killed. All those kids shown have either been dead for years, have been on missing children’s lists, or were photos lifted off the internet from Flickr and Facebook accounts. Adam Lanza and his mother WERE killed as part of the op, as well as a few teachers, but the other adults are either CIA agents or actors.

This is not a sloppy op. All “mistakes” and clues are intentional. This is a trial run, as was Aurora and Oak Creek. They wanted to see how many people would buy it, how many would figure out it is fake; they wanted to determine public reaction and production value. Trail runs.

Trial runs for something Bigger. They are using the scientific method: run the experiment several times and assess the results. They have analysts writing white papers that will lead to a much greater false flag, one that will make 9/11 look like kindergarten time.

I find it funny that Ass Hat Maugans first cried evil sacrifice after the Sandy Hook Theater, and then weeks after I said it was faked, he then posts about it being faked.

You should listen to what I say, Randy…for instance, the traitor in your group is real, but I think you know who he is now.

Renegade Anya Clone


I hear there is a renegade clone of Anya Briggs on the West Coast causing problems, helping to MILAB people and clone them, aligned with the Illuminati cavers and Dulce Dracos.

There is more than one clone of her out there, but these clones do not have time anchors in their teeth. I know that Stewart Swerdlow and his half sister Sarah Stenga are behind these clones.

But what of Jesse Ventura’s involvement? Because that was when she was cloned.

But she was also cloned at Montaulk many many years ago, wghen Casbolt was just an infant in time.

Separate Realities in Varied Timelines

I am back.

Well, not really “back” but “back to the future.” A moment ago I was in mid-October, then time traveled forward to Dec. 22. This is the fifth time I have done it, and each has been a separate reality/timeline, the day after the ominous Dec 21 and the first opening of the doorway to 5D.

In what you may call the present, I will soon transition to 5D for the last time. I will not be returning, essentially, although in many ways I am around in many timelines, still traveling as I will. Temporal mechanics!

First, many people ascended yesterday, and many did not. The second doorway will occur in 2017.

In two timelines of Dec. 22, the earth was plundered into darkness and chaos, a Cabal plan. In two others, the war with Iran was in full force, with one timeline seeing Obama not winning a re-election.

I also chose this date to warn you about the fabricated shooting spree at Sandy Hook, Newtown, CT. There are a number of people bringing up a lot of things that do not connect. I suggest reading what Jim Stone and SheilaAliens have uncovered. Yes, this is all connected to LIBOR, as was Aurora, and in a number of ways 9/11. It is about the trillions stolen from YOU, the people, trillions that could put a home over every person in the world, end hunger, wipe out all debt, with a few million left per each man, woman and child, and create a world reality where you seek careers and self-improvement rather than slave to barely meet rent and bills.

In the past week of this timeline, The Idylwild Group has been busy stopping other such fabricated situations of death and despair. The Cabl increased HAARP activity to set a dark cloud over the country, and stopping some from ascending who succumbed to this dark night rising. Crowley and Cabal’s plan was to have a series of such shootings occur, one day after the other, leading to Dec. 21 and beyond. They know we are on to them and may change plans, so we may not be able to stop one or two leading to Jan. 1, 2013.

How is it possible, you ask, to get so many people to engage in these false attacks? Are there really that many CIA agents (as a number of the teachers “killed” at Sandy Hook were) willing, or actors being bought off?

Would the real father of a murdered child be smiling and getting ready to “be in character” like this:

This is Operation 7-11 of Project Strawmen. Millions around the world were cloned over the past 5 years, and have been activated for false flags like this. There will be more situations where clones will be activated to create fiction: shootings, riots, terrorist bombings, etc.

You ask: are they that sloppy? We are figuring it out. Look: they want you to figure it out, with all the little clues in movies, dates, and names. They are telling you: “We can get away with this wag dog, think of what we can get away with next.”

Hint: Project Bluebeam fake alien attack.

Hint: faked assassination.

Do not believe any news put out there. The Cabal has its agenda, and it is not to take US citizens’ guns away. Look at who is profitting by increased gun sales. They want you to start shooting at one another and even them, because then they can declare martial law and strip you of all your rights, instead of one.

This is the 3D Hell I have been talking about all alone. I am sorry to see this timeline go this way. If you are reading this, you have chose this world, karma keeps you here, and you must fight…or become a slave.

I will not be doing the Dec 24 interview on radio. In the two timelines I went to and did it, it was a disaster, and lead to Bobby Joe Fannin murdering a person that clone thinks is someone but is not. Me. Once again, he gets it wrong after being so sure.

I have more to say over the next two “days.” I may have to time step back and fix things that go wrong.

Temporal mechanics!

Accept no clones!

Good day!


Arrest Warrant for Drake: True or False?

A story went out a few days ago, supposedly sourced from the New York Post. It was on the NY Post web site for a few hours and then was mysteiously vanished.

 NYPD Puts Out Warrant for Drake’s Arrest

Published:October 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm

A man known as Drake — whose anti-american on-line rhetoric — is going to be arrested for cyber terrorism, The Post has learned.

Drake is expected to be charged with reckless endangerment, sources said, after a witness told cops the on-line leader has declared “get your guns and ammo ready” aluding to overthrowing the government.

The witness didn’t believe Drake was kidding, he says this is very serious.

If Drake doesn’t agree to surrender by early next week, cops may arrest him during a radio show he appears on at his home in West Virginia, the sources said.

“Drake’s lawyers and the police are looking into whether Drake was conspiring out with known terrorist members,” the source said.

But an attorney for the host of the radio show said Drake started the rumors or the overthrow of the United States.

“I have turned over evidence that it was Drake who instigated this. The evidence makes it clear that I am the victim in all of this,” said Denise’s attorney, Frank Stevens.

“I believe the police are building a case against Drake and his on-line followers,” Stevens added. “Clearly, Drake was the instigator, and there is evidence he has been leading this plot for a long time.”

Detectives were also probing witness accounts and on-line facebook archives .

Source: NY Post

How can they arrest Drake who is an FBI/DHS clone operative, along with fellow FBI informant Rick Light?

Yes, there were many complaints filed with the Sheriff’s office in West Virginia against Drake for calling for a militia attack on politicians, judges, and bankers…there were reports to the FBI that Drake had illegal munitions on his land…the FBI buried it. They do that for one of theirs.

Now, apparently, Drake (who says he is the reincarnation of Jesus and Mohammed) has issued the green light for attack and to make citizen’s arrests…


October Surprise #1

“Terrorist” tries to blow up Federal Reserve. Don’t buy into the stuff that will come out in the news. This is a game and set-up.

Patsies are easy to find that leads to the bigger game surprise.

John Moore: Agent of FEAR, operative of NGA, graduate of MKDelta

Some out there think Republic Broadcasting Network (aka “more ads than content”) host John Moore is a disinfo agent, a fear porn monger, and a CIA implant. He was a Green Beret and involved in a lot of intelligence operations. But not CIA. He is an operative for the National Geo-spatialIntel Agency and an officer and agent of FEAR (Federal Executive Agency of Radio). While in Vietnam, he was sent through Project MKDelta programs and has alters, clones, and a time-traveling robotic version of himself that was lost when sent back in time to assassinate Moses before being given the 10 Commandments. (We believe the Moore robot, with a gold hull, was captured and melted down into an idol by the followers of Moloch. Reports found in Montauk files indicate that the robot may have attracted the attention of the Sons of Anuk and used as an exotic sex slave.)

It is all psyops with NGO and FEAR, such as Moore’s stating the coasts of the U.S. would be hit by tidal waves, the military was going underground, the dark star named Nemesis was around the corner, and many false flags that have never happened.

Midnight in the Valley of the Two Hicks Standing Between Light and Dark

Here is a quote from a blog post recently scribbled  by Bobby Joe Fannin (that is, more drunken whuss-whining about how important he wants people to think he is):

Let me tell you people who don’t know shit, what a GreyWalker is. We, the GreyWalkers HOLD THE BALANCE BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

Think that’s easy? Yeah,well, the Easter Bunny is real and elected leaders give a shit about YOU. Yeah, think it’s easy holding that balance? Well it ain’t!

Compare it to a past contention of Drake Bailey:

Yes, I hold several ‘positions of responsibilities’. The part dealing with light and dark as such seems to escape most understanding in that this is very ‘real’. To be blunt, only if ‘they’ can pass by me ‘they’ will gain access to all the rest of you…like it or not, I was given the all facing rainbow sword. It was inferred with responsibility to defend our existence against those who are the thieves of light. These are few, have limited powers, and seem to like challenging me. The challenges are on several levels, physical realm, psychic, and mental power abilities.

Basically what we have here are two hillbillies with over-inflated egos who both claim to stand between the dark and the light, protecting humanity from the hee-bee jee-bees…Two peas in a pod, really, made of the same cookie dough.

Well, don’t you now feel safe with these two protecting us on multiple realms — Mr. “I Trained Chuck Norris in the CIA” O’Finioan and Mr. “In Two Weeks” Hillbailey?

I sure do.

Middle East Riots and Project Looking Glass

The riots and attacks on U.S. Embassies was orchestrated by the Cabal agencies as an excuse to get troops and military equipment in the area, under the name of “protection.” It was known that the showing of the flm The Prophet would cause ill-feelings, as Islamic law allows for zero criticism or depiction of Mohammed, punishable by immediate retaliation and death. But the Cabal had its inside instigators of anger to create the mobs. (Not to mention The Prophet depicts Mohammed as a Caucasian Jesus-esque-looking person.) (And who really funded the documentary to be made?)

Why? Because the war with Iran has not yet started, something that the Zionist Cabal had wanted to happen as far back as 2006-7 but was stopped by white hats in the Pentagon.

The Zionists have been pushing the O-Clone for the start of the war, but the O-Clone still has its Islamic ties to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia. And two dozen false flag events have been stopped the past 3 years by various good guy factions both human and ET, which has pissed off the Cabal to no end.

Some timeline plans have seriously changed. Note that the Hilary did not attend the DNC, which should get some warning lights going. The Plan had been for Biden (or O’Biden as Palin used to say) to step down for health reasons by next month (an October Surprise on their part) and the Hilary to take the VP spot, which would lead to the Presidency in 2014 when Obama would be removed from office, either by impeachment or assassination.

The Hilary does not want the POTUS seat now…why is that? She has been vying for it. Intel indicates she used Project Looking Glass two weeks ago and saw a timeline of her Presidency ending in “good” stuff rather than Cabal agenda.

What frightened her?

And what promises of Chelsea’s political career were given? Chelsea who married a wealthy Zionist banker….

Anonymous B.S. and Project Wannabe

Anonymous did not take down a bunch of websites two days ago as rumor has it. Anonymous does not exist. It was infiltrated long ago by various agencies making false internet attacks to blame it on yet another faked “terrorist group.” There are some idiot gamers and keyboard cowboys out there, mostly chubby little geeks in momma’s basement, who like to pretend to be Guy Fox, but like coach potato soldiers of fortune and veggie militia nerds, they are simply worthless road kill on the Information Highway.

The GoDaddy event was a NSA op, just like Julian Assange.

Project Wannabe will be an international crash of the web — banks, ATMs, satellites, porn, Facebook, eBay, YouTube, you name it, that will be blamed on “Anonymous” to beef up Cabal control over internet freedom. The TSA will search your computer and cell phone contents to make sure you are not a Guy Fox. Your internet access, your freedom of information, will be limited and monitored.

The Deparment of Digital Securty (DDS) will be formed, your webcams activated to watch you, your door broken down and your computers, tablets, phones and pods seized without warrant or due process. They will frame people, put false data on machines, and create a wide fear of ever seeking the truth and the flow of free-thinking in cyberpace.




Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati!

Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA.

Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. Besides, earlier Drake was claiming he had “info” that I was “kicked out” of the White Hats. He must have got his info from the same person who told him the mass arrests would go down back in April-July.

He does mention him, or he and a few people, trying to get info on me off government databases that would get him charged with a federal offense. This is probable. There are files on “me” in every agency server, all inconclusive and filled with misleading info. These fools never know when they are slamming into a brick wall until their bones are broken and their noses bloodied.

I have a feeling one of my former colleagues in the compromised white hats has been giving him false info for a laugh. Many have given Drake false info for a laugh. He has been the joke bag  of the Pentagon and the Bricklayers for months.

Lady Dragon is no longer connected to Drake for a very good reason…she is in a dark cell.

Oh yeah the “St. Germain Trust” does not exist, just as the White Dragon Family Fund does not exist…and yet, the Templar Fund does.


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