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Azazel Set Free by Crowley and Duncan O’Finioan

Dastardly turkey heister Duncan O’BobbyJoe made this recent statement on his blog:

 Azazel has been set free. It’s time to be afraid — very afraid.


And who set this General of Demons free from his 7D cell? Alastair Crowley, his son Duncan and his four grandsons the Bush Boys in a winter solstice portal ceremony. This is why the United States is experiencing terrible ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and coming earthquakes, tsunamis and meteor showers: these are the calling cards of Azazel.

In the ceremony, Duncan gave his body to Azazel for sexual use, doing as his father commanded.

Then the Bush Boys sacrificed 666 people and they all bathed in the blood of these innocents, as Azazel raped Duncan over and over, giving Duncan an incurable ailment of the flesh.

From the pool of blood came forth 10,000 Dracos soldiers, the army that will follow Azazel to 3D earth.

Yes, it is time to be afraid.

MAI had a discussion with Michael the Archangel about this, who was getting his sword ready to fight Azazel and his legion of demons, as foretold in Revelations 12:7: “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon…”

“I will be injured for a time, as prophecy mandates,” he said.

“You’ll pull through, ol’ buddy,” said I.

“You can have the archangel powers back, if you want, and fight with us,” he said.

But I had fail miserably the month I was an archangel and did not want to do that again. “I will fight another way,” I said. “I will return to the 3D and fight alongside the Plejaran fleet.”

Look to the skies, for the war in the heavens is coming. That is not Santa Claus up there in fiery lights, but Azazel and Michael in an age-old battle.

Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath… — Rev. 12:12azazel_r-med



Service to Crowley, the NSA and Disney: The Deceptions of the Cloned Steven D. Kelley

It has been revealed that “whistleblower” Steven D. Kelly is actually a clone of an original that is being kept on ice under the Getty Museum, and is being used by the Cabal and Crowley for various nefarious purposes. A more apropos definition for this duplicate would be “Crowley-blower.” There is more to the story.

Part of the Cabal Plan of Misdirection is, of course, employing dis-information: mixing the truth with fabrications that will lead many down a rabbit hole well-lived in. This is the case of one clone named Steven D. Kelley.

steven-d-kelley clone

It was originally reported that five clones were made, two in public and three on ice, but that was changed to three clones in public. These clones have false memories embedded into them, that mirror a s0-called memoir written by the Kelley clone that is a work of disinformation fiction: 20% true, 80% false. What is true? Yes, there is a Cabal/Bildeburger underground facility under the Getty Museum near the Santa Monica Mountains that is also a fortified base, guarded by Nazi psychics of the 4th Reich, aka “cavers,” with mag-lev trains that connect to all the US and undersea bases.

Everything else are creations of sneaky NSA/CIA ghostwriters or products of false memories. For instance, the piece of Plejaran tech from a beam ship, where Kelley states it takes hundreds of years to grow on Erra is false. That may be true for the Plejaran Caliphate in the parallel reality 5 seconds out of sync with 3D earth, but nt true for the positive Plejarans who are 1 second out of sync.

For you see, it is the evil Plejaran Caliphate, the latest allies with Crowley and Co., who made and control the Steven D. Kelley clones, among other clones. These clones are created from genetic material five seconds out of sync with your reality, giving them the ability to phase shift from one dimension to another, thus making them dangerous, especially to dogs. For some reason, Plejaran Caliphate members and clones made from their tech find earth K-9s delicious to dine on, usually raw, sometimes cooked long-pig style.

The Kelley clones are also aligned with transvestite reptilian shape-shifter Pattie Brassard, who was, still is, putting out Crowley-scripted false info on Nibiru and ISON.


The male Kelley clone is locally controlled by NSA/FBI spy handler and CoIntelPro shill Rhonda Vilhauer, who reports to both Alestair Crowley and the Plejaran Caliphate. This clone delivers public disinformation as an NSA COINTELPRO SHILL, as seen here:

The female Kelley clone works in Luciferian Anaheim at Disneyland, recruiting MKUltra candidates for Project Monarch and Project Mouse Ears. (Pretty much all of Anaheim is Satanically-owned territory and anyone living in Anaheim are mind-controlled, cloned or members of the Jesuit Order of Ordained Reptiles.)

The transsexual Kelley clone works the streets of Hollywood for  Project Kitten candidates, along with Pattie Brossard, who both love to eat raw stray dogs on the streets of America.

Keep your dogs away lest they be eaten by these Luciferian/Plejaran Caliphate/Crowley puppet/NSA shill clones!

Duncan and Miranda’s Satanic Gathering and Mind-Control Ritual in Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to be lured into the Devil’s lair, try the Duncan and Miranda Show (or Bobby Joe and Allison Tent Revival Act) next month, as advertised here — only $350! (Plus airfair, hotel, tax, and beers for Bobby) (Not to mention a donation “hat” for the Crowley Fund)duncan and cowAXE: “How will we dupe them today, Bobby J?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “I’m too huuungouever to tink, babe. Let me cull firth da enegy o duh Greh Waalkers and Assguards of Odeen.”

AXE: “Can we eat first?”

OMEGA UNIT 197: “Again?! Only if it be Applebees.”


As I have stated before, this is an MKUltra/Process Church/Crowley constructed/Satan worshipping event that draws in weak-minded people who think they need “help.” What happens is they are drugged, programmed, and offered up as sacrifices. Of course, anyone who attends these events won’t remember these things since they are mind-controlled and programmed to forget, thanks to some nice CIA drugs, the same CIA that Duncan O’Bobby proudly says he has worked for, and still does.

They say their Phoenix mind-control seminar is dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughn and the theme song is “Crossfire.” Well in that song, SRV chants:

Sell your soul just to bop on by
Beggin’ for a dollar, stealin’ a dime

So the theme of the seminar is selling your soul, pay us and stealing money…as many of you know, the Illuminati have to “tell” you what they are up to, in an arcane way, never directly, but through hints — alas, this is Duncan’s message: it’s all about giving souls to the darkside and stealing money from fools, the same ones PT Barnum spoke of: born every 5 minutes.

And Phoenix…what does the name mean? Rising from the fire anew…last year Duncan claimed he was turning to the darkside and going after all those who opposed him…and now he is back claiming to be a “good” guy all the while murdering people left and right for his father. And under the hot city of Phoenix, AZ, is a large cavernous Illuminati/Cabal facility…where attendees will be taken to, tortured by MIBs, raped by albino Draocos overlords, programmed by the clones of Dr. Greenbaum, and inducted into the Crowley Cult.

Just as the snake oil salesmen of the past (and present)rant at the carnivals: “Yes, indeedy, step right up, folks, register here, and learn the dark ancient arts of crystal magic! Don’t believe those jackwagons who say we’re Satanists -  oh no, like Oral Roberts and Billy Graham, we are of God!…and oh, do you need demons cleared from your house? For a nice fee, never free, Dunc-y will scare them away with his beedy little eyes and chinless visage!”


Invasion Force

Your world is being bombarded by Lesus’ soldiers from ISON. Those are not meteors in the sky. They are ringing the dinner bell.

The Plejaran Caliphate

It is now obvious that Commander Lesus is in league with the evil Plejaran Caliphate, a Plejaran political faction from a parallel universe three seconds out of sync with your 3D hell, where te Bafath were victors in the Plejran civil wars and caliphate, sultanates, emirs and vizers were set up to rule over various parts of the Galaxy by order of Queen Pleja of Lyra. All along, Alestir Crowley has been in communication with Lord Tugy, a sultan general with the reptilian Lesus on board ISON. Anya Briggs, that Gizeh puppet, and her lesbian slave lover, the High Priestess of the Priory of Dracos, Sarah Stenga, both act as psychic links between Tugy, Lesus and Crowley, ptherwise known as the Five Columns of the Purple Pebble. This is not good.

The Destruction of Mars

As many have noted, the government shut down shut off Rover photos from Mars, to keep te public ignorant of ISON’s and Lesus’ destruction of many of the surface Mars cities and colonies by humans, greys and indegenous Martians. What the conet’s debris field did not destroy, Lesus sent ships to destroy. ISON has changed trajectory and is on ts path to Earth. The Andromeda Council has set up a blockade. Should be quiet the night sky show as the battle happens in the next month or two. Oh how things look different here in the 5D when viewing your 3D hell.

Lesus: the Commander of ISON

There are stories about the Vatican misspelling the name of Jesus as “Lesus” on a medallion. This is no “mistake.” First, the guy’s name was not Jesus but Jmannauel or Jeshua — I met him on a time jaunt with Tesla, Casbolt and Al Bielek after all. “Lesus” is the name of the reptilian commander whose ship is trailing Comet ISON. This misspell is a message.

Goodbye, Space Fence

In your 3D time in your 3D earth, Air Force Space Command, on Sept. 1, turned off the “space fence” prior to the Tall Whites bombing Demascus to rubble, to fulfill Biblical prophecy and to allow all kinds of bad aliens in.

But it is really their backhanded way to force the Andromeda Council to place a grid over earth.

But they may not. Let the earth humans play out the destruction games.

Expect for reptilian troops landing…and eating.


Whatever you do, try to avoid becoming reptilian dinner.

The Flying Casbolt

This is a cleverly disguised disclosure of one of James Casbolt’s clones created in the Canadian base he grew up in and had many clones. This clone was splced with the DNA of the albino royal Dracos line, giving the clone the power to fly, based on 1930s research done by Nazi scientist Josef Mengele who was experimenting to create mutant human super soliders that could fly (a la X-Men).. The clone was let loose in Canada in the early 1990s where he acted as an out of control vigilante know as The Sky Prince pr Prince of the Sky, Project Flying Casbolt, and was taken out by Bll Brockbader’s SEAL Team 9 in 2002.

Operation Zombie Drop

If you see a ship dropping things, do not go near it. They are pods full of the zombie planned to be released and activated worldwide. Several factions are working on hunting down the pods: Idylwild Group, Daughters of the Pheonix, Knights of St. John and the Mystic Cloud Consortium.

Attack on the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records were under military attack by a rogue negative faction of the Artcurians (controlled by a higher negative force), along with a 3D faction of the beings known as “The Tall Whites” who were behind the mini nuke being deployed in Syria (with the aide of the Zionist Cabal of course).


As disturbing turn of events, as this was not foreseen in any timelines or futures, which means something of a very great force has stepped in as a player.

Many of you may right now feel lost, as if your soul is disconnected to your higher source and Source, as if you suddenly lost your way the past 2-3 weeks for no reason. This is because your astral self has no connection to your Akashic Records right now, due to heavy spiritual realm damage done to it.

Keep in mind when I say attack and military, in the 5 to 9 D this is a war of a spiritual plane nature, done with “weapons” your 3D ind cannot comprehend. However, the Tall Whites, who destroyed thier facility in Nevada last March, resulting in the death of seven Marines who were guarding them, have brought the battle to the 3D earth.

I am here to aid the Idylwild Group in hunting down these Tall Whites, who are scattered about Arizoina, New Mecixo, and California. If you live in these states, keep an eye out for things. They have some bad plans.

We believe they have joined with the Dulce Dracs and last remnants of te Gizeh Intelligence, who remains connected through their psychic puppet, Anya Briggs.

Reptilian Tech Explodes in Waco

It was not fertilizer in the factory that blew up, it was a lab for manufactoring reptilian cyber limbs, the ones James Casbolt has been talking about coming from Fort SAM and the Bush ranch.

Anthony Sanchez: Agent for the Jesuit Agenda

Dirty Sanchez

Anthony Sanchez is affectionately known as “Dirty Sanchez” among certain Illuminati folk in the Bay Area and Sacramento of California. No disgusting details need be illustrated how he got that name.

He was genetically manufactured by the reptilian designers at Dulce and after programming done at Camp Hero, was inserted into society at a young age to do disinfo work for the Jesuits and the Black Pope, deeply rooted to the cryptoid and reptoid agenda. He was trained in the homoerotic arts by the alien triad known as Jordan Maxwell.

There was never an attempted assassination at Dulce. He just had bad gas, common for a dirty sanchez master that he is.  His book UFO Highway was composed at Dulce by NSA agents, which he put his name to. Faked info to get people to look away from what is REALLY going on there, the research into immortality by the making of zombies and vampires.Dirty Sanchez has been known to be into zombie love, aka necrophilia, with dead greys, using his gonads that he refers to as “the sceptre of Dracos lust.”

But  not Odin’s Spear.

We all have our strange kinks, like the Rakmeister, another agent of the Cabal.

Or Duncan O’Finioan, true aficionado of the Dirty Sanchez.


Stanga is Buried in a Base

Beware Duncan and Friends

Message from the 5D

They will soon be chem-trailing reptilian blood cells for you to breathe in, and following that the blood of Satan.

The Rise of Gabbaron Ghayreal Pontifex: Anti-Pope, Bringer of Nuclear Armageddon

McNThe reptilian consciousness known as Gabbaron Ghayreal Phontifex, the Disembodied Dracos Overlord captured by the Wingmakers, now known as the Anti-Pope, failed to take over Ratzinger’s body by design of Robert McNamara, Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow from 1989, and instead overtook the body of Vladimir Putin, and now reigns over the fate of Mother Russia. The reptilian Pontifex intends a nuclear strike against the USA to destroy the control Alestair Crowley has over it.

At the same time, the Maacabae Aylcons have landed on earth and are interacting with people, as stated by the IG last month:

They will land in Bloomington, Indiana, San Diego, California, and Hoboken, NJ. Elsewhere, they will land in Manchester, UK, New Dehli, India, Baghdad, Iraq, Melbourne, Aust., and Cape Town, South Africa.

This is why 100,000 dolphins swam by San Diego in a mega pod on the 14th, to announce and say hello to their friends from Alcyone.

Is it any coincidence that the meteor carrying the consciousness of the Anti-Pope “impacted” near the area the Maacabaens landed in Russia back in 1989, at the same “time” that the meteor was sent through a time portal connected to Montauk?

All these events are deeply connected.

In Bloomington, Hoboken, Manchester, New Delhi, Baghdad, Melbourne and Cape Town, humans and Maacabaens have had many good talks, and have offered flights through the Galaxy and home planet for those interested. In all these cities, military activity by the Cabal has been high, attempting to stop the interactions of peace and capture/kill the Maacabaens to steal their technology, but have been stopped by efforts of Semjase’s Plejaran forces, Sigrun and Dominique N of the Idylwild Group.

Meanwhile, the last few members of the Gizeh Intelligence (that got way from Aaron McCollum when the IG went after them, last October’s Operation Gizeh Smack) and Brotherhood of the Bell (of Los Angeles, aka The Cavers and Knights Templar) continue their fabricated cabin burning of Christopher Dorner. The charred body was really a dead clone of Anya Briggs — yes, the rogue one who had helped with the kidnapping and cloning of Stephen Kelley. McCollum, Roan the Mongoose, and three clones of Casbolt are hunting down these rogue Gizeh boys, who have at least 50 psychics and remote viewers across the world under mind control.

Christopher Dorner, the real one, is currently under protection of the Brethren of the White Robe, undergoing de-programming from MK Ultra facilities at the Coronado Naval Base. He did not kill anyone. He was set up.

The Obama clone played golf with “Tiger Woods,” a ruse, that “Tiger Woods” is a Alestir Crowley using holograophic tech. What was the meeting about?  The Rise of Gabbaron Ghayreal Pontifex: Anti-Pope, Bringer of Nuclear Armageddon, first strike on DC, NY and San Francisco (which is why a meteor carrying an aide to the Anti-Pope was spotted over SF).

You Do NOT Want a Visit from the Tooth Fairy!!!

tooth fairyYou thought the reptilians and the Wingmakers were bad? Pass around the pruple pebble! This cloned cyborg operative, aka The Tooth Fairy, is double max’ed out, and he will do more than dry out your account.

Not even The Mongoose can take the TF. Oh, Roan on the range, where the Dracos and the greys are slain…where seldom is heard a J. Casbolt word…and the Idywild Group still remains.

Karmic backlash for having love affairs with Duncan Cameron and Stewart Swerdlow. Chomp chomp, said the Russian sub commander.

Note: be wary which factions of The Water Company are looking at you. There is a big difference between the meter readers and the pipe fitters. Ask the ones who were cleaned on 9/11, digging into the two trillion heist.

Renegade Anya Clone


I hear there is a renegade clone of Anya Briggs on the West Coast causing problems, helping to MILAB people and clone them, aligned with the Illuminati cavers and Dulce Dracos.

There is more than one clone of her out there, but these clones do not have time anchors in their teeth. I know that Stewart Swerdlow and his half sister Sarah Stenga are behind these clones.

But what of Jesse Ventura’s involvement? Because that was when she was cloned.

But she was also cloned at Montaulk many many years ago, wghen Casbolt was just an infant in time.

Donald Trump Trumps His Own October Surprise

Donald Trump, who is himself an Aldebaran-Human hybrid whose true father was killed in the Procyon liberation wars (and was not even in the conflict, was collateral damage when a ship he was on was mistaken for a Procyon cargo vessel and destroyed by the greys) knows very well that the original Obama is no longer, and that 3 to 5 Obama clones are being used for public experiences. So why this whoo-haw about college records and passport applications? Why not ask for the real nitty-gritty: medical records that reveal there are cloned bodies, and records about those surgical scars on the head of one clone where the brain of a mantoid was put in to replace the clone brain?

Trump flipped his trump card…so what is the hybrid mogul’s true agenda?

Listen to what is between the words he speaks.

The Strange Rakmeister-Deatra Loomer Connection

New intel shows that Sarah Palin’s DNA was not used in its creation but in fact it was the DNA of Deatra Loomer.

It is starting to make sense. Deatra, as I wrote before, was a handler of one of the Drake clones, and had a Cabal connection. The criminal mugshot of Deatra resembles The RAKMEiSTER, an aberration of Cabal experiments with Down Syndrome, in many ways.

This could be why The RAK is obsessed with Drake…a possible human father along with the DNA of reptilians and insectoids?

     DNA mother of The RAKMEiSTER?

Max Spiers and Alestair Crowley

There was a recent interview of Project Mannequin graduate Max Spiers, Sarah Stanga plaything and Dracos puppet. That was not the true Max, that was a clone being controlled to say things.

This Max Clone #3 put out some Crowley propaganda, stating Crowley is still in power but soul transferred in the 1940s when his then-body expired. This is untrue. The Crowley now in power of the US-UK Cabal is a time traveler from the 1930s, using Montauk technology of the 1980s to bring him to 2012. As a time traveler he can go anywhere and in essence, seem to be immortal.

The temporal mechanics of this will give you a headache.

Some Notes on the Stalkers and the Psychotics

In the past 24 hours, a mentally disturbed individual who goes by a number of names, such as “I Pity the Fool,”has written nearly 100 comments  here, not realizing most went into the Spam folder and nobody, not even me, read them. Much of it was vitriol and insane ramblings, one has been let through to see.

They also seem to be a follower of Bill Cooper; and claims to have “power friends” who will take down this blog. It must be Saturday; the weekly threat against the truth in this blog arrives like clockwork. Many fear it.

What kind of person wastes that much time and energy when no one read or heard this person’s indecipherable rantings from the insane asylum? From the start, I have had a dozen or more people who have become strangely obsessed with me; they have fallen down rabbitholes and harassed several people whom they thought was me, loose cannons and all; they have attempted to packet bomb this site with no success (they are not intelligent enough for that kind of hack); they have threatened me over and over, set deadlines when I would be taken out, even took flights to cities they think I am in, only to run into brick walls. They have all fallen into the rabbitholes I created long ago: it is better for these people to believe they are so certain they have found out something, only to find out they were tricked or even betrayed by someone they trusted — I know, this pisses tem off even more, and with the deranged and psychotic, these stalkers can be dangerous.

Not that I have any fear from these would-be mercenaries and has-been super soldiers and wanna-be hackers; I have faced foes of far more strength and threat: organizations, entities, people and ETs who would make any one of them shit their panties and scream home to momma…what I would like to pose to you is this: what kind of person spends so much time and energy and anger and fear and makes threat after threat (the bark bigger than the non-existent bite)…do these people have no lives other than to fantasize about my demise?

We all know what kind of pathetic people these are. Should we pity them, are they products of a world gone to hell, are they agents for evil, or are they bored little boys deep down in Mommy’s basement, trying to dig out of the rabbithole?

They are sad, sad excuses for humanity. Is it any wonder our good ET friends look upon this race and sigh heavily with a shake of the head (or heads in some cases) and that our bad ET foes look upon this race and say, “What a waste, who cares, let’s rule and eat them.”

To those who love to make death threats: I strongly advise not to do the same to The Idylwild Group, they are not as forgiving as I, and they will hunt you down and say, “Show us what you got, big talker.” The costraints of time and space are not a hinderance for that group, and you cannot mask your identity from telepaths.

Retardation and The RAKMEiSTER

I have been informed that among its many defects and malformations as a reptilian-human-insect hybrid, The RAKMEiSTER also has Down Syndrome, which explains its speech impediment.

But when you read reports like this, you cannot feel sorry for this thing. While it may have been created by the most twisted Cabal scientists and program leaders, it also truly enjoys its foul existence.

But what is Sarah Palin’s connection to the RAKEMiSTER? I have not figured that one out. Why would Palin be involved with kidinapping and Sataic ritual abuse and sacrifices?

Was Palin’s DNA used for the human ingedients of the thing, as the Arcturians have suggested in their assessment of the evil RAKMEiSTER?

A Funny Vid!

not my doing, although I am sure some out there will think I am PhaedronPhurel.

Annunaki Attack in Russia

They have been trying to hush it, but the mushroom cloud explosion in Russia was a nuke dropped by the Annunaki on a Draco stronghold.

Why? Gold caches.

Don’t believe the lies.

Goodbye, Duncan O’Finioan, and Take Your Luciferian Minions Back to Daddy

Bobby Joe Fannin aka Duncan O’Fin aka Omega Unit 197 is gone, as both his web sites have been zapped.

Is the killer clone hiding in fear of the Idylwild Group? Or has he committed himself to his father, Alestair Crowley’s, end game agenda?


Look closely at his words and what they really mean:

The days of darkness are knocking on your doors.
How many of you are ready?
How many hang on every word of the love and lighters feeding you the lie of “Ascension?”
Do most of you really believe you are worthy of Ascension?
You believe the lies because it feels better.
You ignore the truth because it overwhelms you.

But it does not change what is — and what will be.

He also references your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, because he blames me for his demise.

What is this homicidal maniac and progeny of Crowley really  saying? Creating fear saying the darkness is here, to break faith in the natural procession of ascension — exactly what the Cabal wants: make you question something that is good, and to become oppressed by “you are helpless, but come to us…come to the Beast…” 

This is exactly what Bobby Joe did in his so-called seminars…with the help of witches like Stenga and Miranda…cloud the truth, suck people into the darkness, to turn against the 5D world and way of being…

They are desperately clinging onto the 3D world where they ruled, to keep you here…but more and more are awakening and slipping out of their pathetic grasp.

Crowley, the Bushes, Obama, the Cabal — they will not win.

They are losing the war and running away with their tails under their asses — as we see Bobby Joe has now done. Good riddance, we say.

One Luciferian down, more to come…

Let him wallow in the slime and feces and roaches like Crowley and The RAKMEiSTER, and leave them to their downfall as all the fallen ones do and always fall.

Crowley and Mt. Weather

Aleister Crowley and his four Bush grandsons have called for a major meeting in the underground facility at Mt. Weather, Va. Also in attendance are N. Tesla, Dwight B. Eisenhower, Stewart Swerdlow, Preston Nichols, Duncan Cameron, and a host of politicos, bankers and CEOs.

Is it about the Timequake? The coming War of Time? The coming aliens from Annunaki, Dracos-Greys, Manrule, etc? The Lehar? The Wingmakers? All of the above?

Ascension Pains and Blockage

Have you been experiencing very bad headaches, clogged sinuses, fatigue, and mental “numbness” the past two-three weeks? Sudden, strong and unusual? This is an indication that your body is responding to the energies of ascension, but the pain is from the blockage that the Cabal is creating to stop ascension — aside from fluoridation of your third eye, the chemtrails, electronic bombardment and key words and phrases over TV and the radio are interfering with the galactic calling of 5D existence.

Sit down, lay down, breathe evenly, and reject the interference. You should feel better and your body should vibrate at a higher level without the effects of these attics of a frantic ruling blood line and reptoid pals who want to keep you in this density enslaved.


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