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Yet Another Whistle is Blown on Drake

This received by “Long Johnsson” (albeit a short one)”

i know i spoke out against it when i heard him say that i know your real you might not know who i am

if you want to disclose that you can if not ill say i was dealing with drake drake readybehind the scenes and i had to deal with a few things and i dealt with them its an ongoing maintenance to keep things in check i will say not everything that bump in night is a trash can or a car door because real crap is taking place all the time but drake has lost the plot and lost favor he is about as useful as a monkey with a shotgun and just as dangerous i am not feeding him any info but i am watching for his F-ups of any scale and exposing them so they do not grow out of control like his transhumanism rant would be one major example i have the means to fix crap like this on many levels some in the physical realty and involving my personal actions and some are of a higher mind set that i do not think white hat wants to get involved with right now he is welcome to ask me to explain or to do so him self if knows i have no objections other then not wanting it to said at the right time white hat you know your fan club best and i trust you on this so the choice is yours i have seen nano bots go bad really bad on many occasions and it can be like a plague that survives 6000 degrees kelvin that eats steel plastic and biologicals alike in a worst case

i have gone under the name Dihydromonoxide a long time ago for many things i said mostly on topix and i still post under that name on face book i am using the name long johnson and leaking out info on how to use scalier waves to reduce radioactive fallout and FTL communications and even some over unity tech

Drake Bailey Gets His Panties All Knotted Up and Freaks Out, Claims He is God

drake readyThe Drake clone finally flipped on July 25, as Grammy J tells it here, when Drake screams at her on the phone: “YOU CAN STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DON’T SHINE BECAUSE I AM ON THE GOD LEVEL AND YOU WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO MEEEEEE!!!!” and then empties the clip of his gun outside, reloads and shoots again…see the audio at 25:00 on…

… curious, at 26:08, she states, “and the words of Former White Hat hit me…and I then woke up.”

She knows now what I said was true.

As I stated last year, when Drake began to claim he was Jesus/Mohammed and Merlin all rolled in one turkey burger, it was obvious the old gal was bonkers. Now he is dangerously firing a weapon in public, the same gun he once said he would use on me (on air) as target practice.

Wow. Bobby Joe O’Duncan posts a video of him faking arrow shots at my name as a bulls eye, Drake’s fantasy of shooting me, and many other threats the past while…and these crazies do not stop to consider I no longer exist in the 3rd Density world.

Waking people up one at the time….FW Hat.

So Long, Drake Bailey

What ever happened to Drake Bailey, the brain-damaged mentally ill Vietnam vet? He has been bounced from a dozen radio stations online, such s the recent break of Global Voice and Universal Voice Networks. Basically, when people realize this old turkey is full of horse puckey, they drop him like The Mongoose dropped Duncan O’Finioan to the ground, weeping.


The Strange Rakmeister-Deatra Loomer Connection

New intel shows that Sarah Palin’s DNA was not used in its creation but in fact it was the DNA of Deatra Loomer.

It is starting to make sense. Deatra, as I wrote before, was a handler of one of the Drake clones, and had a Cabal connection. The criminal mugshot of Deatra resembles The RAKMEiSTER, an aberration of Cabal experiments with Down Syndrome, in many ways.

This could be why The RAK is obsessed with Drake…a possible human father along with the DNA of reptilians and insectoids?

     DNA mother of The RAKMEiSTER?

Arrest Warrant for Drake: True or False?

A story went out a few days ago, supposedly sourced from the New York Post. It was on the NY Post web site for a few hours and then was mysteiously vanished.

 NYPD Puts Out Warrant for Drake’s Arrest

Published:October 20, 2012 at 2:05 pm

A man known as Drake — whose anti-american on-line rhetoric — is going to be arrested for cyber terrorism, The Post has learned.

Drake is expected to be charged with reckless endangerment, sources said, after a witness told cops the on-line leader has declared “get your guns and ammo ready” aluding to overthrowing the government.

The witness didn’t believe Drake was kidding, he says this is very serious.

If Drake doesn’t agree to surrender by early next week, cops may arrest him during a radio show he appears on at his home in West Virginia, the sources said.

“Drake’s lawyers and the police are looking into whether Drake was conspiring out with known terrorist members,” the source said.

But an attorney for the host of the radio show said Drake started the rumors or the overthrow of the United States.

“I have turned over evidence that it was Drake who instigated this. The evidence makes it clear that I am the victim in all of this,” said Denise’s attorney, Frank Stevens.

“I believe the police are building a case against Drake and his on-line followers,” Stevens added. “Clearly, Drake was the instigator, and there is evidence he has been leading this plot for a long time.”

Detectives were also probing witness accounts and on-line facebook archives .

Source: NY Post

How can they arrest Drake who is an FBI/DHS clone operative, along with fellow FBI informant Rick Light?

Yes, there were many complaints filed with the Sheriff’s office in West Virginia against Drake for calling for a militia attack on politicians, judges, and bankers…there were reports to the FBI that Drake had illegal munitions on his land…the FBI buried it. They do that for one of theirs.

Now, apparently, Drake (who says he is the reincarnation of Jesus and Mohammed) has issued the green light for attack and to make citizen’s arrests…


Is Drake Jesus?

Drake is now telling people he is The Second Coming, that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ AND Mohammed rolled into one. “I don’t mind turkeys cracking jokes about me,” he says, “so people, don’t be so sensitive, ewwooohhh, it ain’t none bothers me, and I say this as Jesus and Mohammed, who I really am, whether you like it or not, I am here.”

Is this the face of the two prophets?

“Churches across the nation are ringing their bells for my coming,” he claims. “I have contacted many religious radio stations and told them that I, Jesus, have returned to save the world.”

He urges people to join the Jesus Militia and take out the evil bankers.

And yet, still no mass arrests…”in two more weeks…in a few days…”


And he no longer takes live calls and questions, just selected written questions vetted by his producer. He doesn’t want to get caught off guard or questioned why nothing he has predicted has happened.

Who knew Jesus was such a turkey!

Where Did All the Bankers Go?

Reports coming in of sightings of Drake Bailey and The RAKMEiSTER around the Hague in South Holland, apparently waiting for those 600 bankers to be marched in a perp walk for all the world to see. Drake was there to cry “I TOLD ALL Y’ALL SO!” and The RAKMEiSTER was there as a show of loyalty to its masters, for all the kidnappings and ritual tortures it has done in their name.

No bankers showed up. Just another quiet day at The Hague.

“But…but…but I read it on Kerry Cassidy’s blog,” moaned The RAKMEiSTER in a little whiny wussy Eourtrash accent that grinds the molars, “it has to be true!”

“I’m gettin’ a sinkin’ feelin’ that not everythin’ on the internet is true,” muttered Drake, “that them turkeys and thingmabobs play folks like us for fools.”

“Is it the rabbithole, Drake?” asked The RAKMEiSTER in a very small, very cowardly Dutch inflection.

“It’s a fool’s paradise,” said Drake.

Hand in hand (or paw in paw), the two wabbits hopped away, ready to take another wrong turn.

Midnight in the Valley of the Two Hicks Standing Between Light and Dark

Here is a quote from a blog post recently scribbled  by Bobby Joe Fannin (that is, more drunken whuss-whining about how important he wants people to think he is):

Let me tell you people who don’t know shit, what a GreyWalker is. We, the GreyWalkers HOLD THE BALANCE BETWEEN LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

Think that’s easy? Yeah,well, the Easter Bunny is real and elected leaders give a shit about YOU. Yeah, think it’s easy holding that balance? Well it ain’t!

Compare it to a past contention of Drake Bailey:

Yes, I hold several ‘positions of responsibilities’. The part dealing with light and dark as such seems to escape most understanding in that this is very ‘real’. To be blunt, only if ‘they’ can pass by me ‘they’ will gain access to all the rest of you…like it or not, I was given the all facing rainbow sword. It was inferred with responsibility to defend our existence against those who are the thieves of light. These are few, have limited powers, and seem to like challenging me. The challenges are on several levels, physical realm, psychic, and mental power abilities.

Basically what we have here are two hillbillies with over-inflated egos who both claim to stand between the dark and the light, protecting humanity from the hee-bee jee-bees…Two peas in a pod, really, made of the same cookie dough.

Well, don’t you now feel safe with these two protecting us on multiple realms — Mr. “I Trained Chuck Norris in the CIA” O’Finioan and Mr. “In Two Weeks” Hillbailey?

I sure do.

nada on Chinese Ships and 600 bankers

There were no Chinese war ships off the coast of San Francisco and 600 bankers were not arrested and put on a Chinese prison ship and taken to the Hague. That was a wet dream concocted by Drake Bailey in an attempt to justify his bullshit as he keeps saying “it will happen in two weeks” every two weeks.  If anything happened like that you would have heard it here.

The Idyllwild Group is in Santa Clara with me….or I am with them, doing some house cleaning.

Drake Accuses Me of Being CIA Illuminati!

Well that was a funny one. Oh yeah, I am part of some nefarious “group” of Illuminati  bad guys funded by the CIA.

Drake knows I am former ONI. Why? I have said so here, I even told him so. He should know that The Company would never “hire” an ex-member of The Water Company. Besides, earlier Drake was claiming he had “info” that I was “kicked out” of the White Hats. He must have got his info from the same person who told him the mass arrests would go down back in April-July.

He does mention him, or he and a few people, trying to get info on me off government databases that would get him charged with a federal offense. This is probable. There are files on “me” in every agency server, all inconclusive and filled with misleading info. These fools never know when they are slamming into a brick wall until their bones are broken and their noses bloodied.

I have a feeling one of my former colleagues in the compromised white hats has been giving him false info for a laugh. Many have given Drake false info for a laugh. He has been the joke bag  of the Pentagon and the Bricklayers for months.

Lady Dragon is no longer connected to Drake for a very good reason…she is in a dark cell.

Oh yeah the “St. Germain Trust” does not exist, just as the White Dragon Family Fund does not exist…and yet, the Templar Fund does.

Drake’s Fundraiser Water Dunk!

Having lost 90% of his listeners and supporters, Drake’s platorm, Global Voice 2012, is badly need in operating funds, so Drake participated in “DRUNK THE TURKEY” at a fundraiser. Every time the ball hit the target and Drake was dunked, he bellowed, “GET ‘ER DUNN!”

Who is Pulling the Strings of Drake?

Well, lo and behold: two weeks ago Drakeman said things would happen “in two weeks or less,” and of course: nada.

Now he is saying, “in three weeks…’

And claiming the sightings of troops in the streets doing drills, military movements, and tanks are all of “the good guys” to “protect us” now that the “end game is near.” Uh huh. So why would the so-called good guys flaunt it in front of the Cabal? Who is really pulling Drake’s strings to mutter this disinfo and b.s.?

And those 100s of tanks seen going south from Burbank n Youtube? Well, Drake says they are going to the border for the border closure, and continues on a somewhat racist diatribe about Mexicans and their culture.

If Drake was as military-savvy as he wishes he was, he would know that (1) these are old tanks, around 8-12 years old, and many are M1A2 Bradleys without cannons, which is an indication that they are decommissioned (often the tank commander or one of the crew will take the 25mm cannon home as a momento– tank commander comes to love his tank the way a cowboy loves his horse, especially the Calvary models). Bradleys are used as scouts, possibly good for the border, but doubtful. While the few M1 Abram tanks have their big cannons intact, the ones we see are too old for field use, and an Abram is too bulky for the border, unless it were up against similar tanks and heavy armored vehicles. These tanks are heading to Camp Pendleton to be stripped or used on the bombing range for training and target practice (bazookas, anti-tank guns and helicopters).

The military has not done the arrests, the ETs have not done it, so now Drake is begging citizens do it so he will be vindicated for his bogus info.

Drake continues his ignorance of legal procedures, stating that to arrest someone for “treason” there only needs to be two affidavits supported by documentary facts delivered to a sheriff for arrest. Okay. Sure. While such complaints can certainly be filed, before an arrest would occur for “treason” or “evil banksterdom,” an investigator would have to investigate and submit fundings to the D.A. or US attorney’s office, who would determine if prosecution is viable, and then the sheriff or marshal would be sent in for an arrest. What Drake seems to think — and indeed is urging people to do — is for many to engage in citizen’s arrests or to walk into sheriff’s office with affidavits of complaint and demand this banker or politician be arrested. That ain’t the way it “gets er done,” you idiot.

Or maybe Drake wants people to make fools of themselves in this manner to get press coverage?

And why is Drake not at his local sheriff’s office filling out claims and demanding his West Virginia bankers and politios be tossed in the pokey.

He calls for state judge’s to ignore guidelines and penal codes and legislate from the bench who should be charged with felonies or get life sentences. There is a reason why the judicial branch follows legislative branches so that so-called judges do not abuse their power…of course Drake thinks is okay.

All Drake can repeat like a broken record is “arrest, arrest, behind bars, arrest” as if that would be the solution, failing to realize that these folks would quickly pay bail and have lawyers all over it to bury things under years of courtroom prodecures….and then there would have to be a trial…jurys…legal manuevers…Drake’s followers seem to think all that needs to be done is toss an evil cabalist in the jailhouse and lose the key, forgoing due process and certain rights, and then the U.S. will be fixed.

So who is pulling Drake’s strings as shown on the above art I found online?

Answer: himself.

He is pulling his own strings like he is pulling his own pud.

This is Drake masturbating to his delusions of grandeur.

Drake and His Meetings with Top Men

Drake’s show revealed more of the man’s mental illness: he claims in the last few days he had “security briefings” with “top people” about things happening “in the next two weeks” that will be “as big as the shot heard around the world.”
There you have it: voices inside his head, meetings with imaginary generals and intel ops, and again another two weeks. So what will he say two weeks from now? Who wants to bet $10 that come December 21, 2012, Drake will be saying, “Okay, folks, it will all happen two weeks from now, I mean it this time…”
He also claimed he was as important as Alex Jones and Glenn Beck, although he has perhaps 1% of the audience those two guys have.

Rick Light aka Minuteman Exposed as FBI Informant…and Drake Too?

It has come to my attention a bligtalkradio program today will shed light on Rick “Minuteman” Light as an FBI informant, and Drake’s connection to all this.

Tune in here # 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, right after Drake’s Global Voice show.

Should prove to be informative.

A Few Things Before Things Get Stranger



Whoever they have in custody is obviously not James Holmes.

Some believe it was all staged using actors.  This is a disinfo campaign that they want the conspiracy folk to latch onto. So many theories out there, fake witnesses vs. real witnesses…now while I say the murders were not staged, there have been plenty of plants: witnesses, on site medical teams, etc.

They don’t even care if it is obvious, as in the above photos (which is why the judge won’t let cameras into the court next hearing and has put a gag order on lawyers involved). The point is to cause chaos. Look to see what happens tomorrow, Friday, with new “evidence” and the voting on the UN gun treaty.

A neighbor on Holmes’ witnessed him running into his apartment with another man, stocky and Caucasian. It is looking like it is indeed Bobby Joe Fannin, an alter of his activated.

On Drake’s latest show, he urged for “citizen’s arrests” of bankers and turkeys since the military and his so called “ETs” aren’t doing it. This clone is malfunctioning and not making much sense.

There is intel that Lady Dragon is related to the Bushes and her father helped design the RFID chips. More on that later.

Elsewhere, Benjamin Fulford is gone. His original was found and taken off world for his own safety, and all his clones were taken out of the picture. Uncertain if they have more on ice. There will be no updates on his pay website…if anything pops up on his free website, it is not written by “him.”

President Eisenhower has joined us. What? you say, Yes, Ike himself, he has travelled from his time to 2012 on a personal mission. Semjase’s father, P’Taah, has joined the fleet because he brought Ike into our time from the past. More on that later.

Diamond-Ruby Spider hybrids have been spotted in London.

The Annunaki are in Turkey in full force.

Odin caused the ice of Greenland to melt. He blew his Odin breath on the land, and…why I don’t know. More on that later.

Timeslips have decreased.  The Wingmakers seem to be gone for now.

The Ringmakers are still between earth and the moon. Uncertain what is next.

Need help for a mass meditation of white light. Soon.

I am in Europe. Or above it.

The Latest Turkey Crap from Drake Hillbailey

Drake is telling people he has “a couple of surprises” for me. I tell you, I get this twice a week, so it must be Tuesday. I will be waiting, Drake. Maybe it was not meant to be a threat, but his surprises will be songs dedicated to me during his next drag queen show in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, he posted on his blog his alleged DD-214 Army discharge paper:

In the comments section, the text is marked out. What did the release officer write that Drake wants hidden?

Why does he not post his VA med papers, the one about his brain damage, hallucinations, and the meds he takes so he will stop seeing dragons on the ceiling.

For a man who holds the military in high esteem, and claims to be a Pentagon spokesperson, why did he nit stay in the Army and become a career officer, working his way up to a Pentagin position? He  was discharged honorably for his combat injury, but it was his injury — brain damage — that made him unfit for a military career.

On his Sunday show, he sounded like he was a clone on a nervous breakdown. He did not address any dates and times for mass arrests, for a change, but bragged about carrying a firearm and had he been in that Aurora theatre, he would have shot Holmes down before the turkey could get two shots off.

Yeah, Drake: a handicapped old clone faster than two highly weaponzied young gun men…and did you forget Holmes was wearing Kevlar?

Drake does not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. They do not give people with verified mental illness permits to carry guns in public.

He revealed his continued lack of knowledge about legal procedures. He said he could go to any sheriff and swear out an affidavit to arrest bankers, politicians, Cabalists, whatever, then the sheriff would hand it over to the FBI to make an arrest. Well, if this were so, why isn’t he doing it? Does he and those few who still listen and follow really believe the FBI, under Cabal control, would actually arrest one of their own, or even listen to such crazy turkey crap?

Drake, old fellah: arrests cannot be made by affidavit accusations alone. First such accusations need to be investigated thoroughly, then handed over to the Attorney General who will proceed to prosecute and issue the arrest warrant. That could take a long time — years in fact. Why does the FBI often spend months gathering evidence on criminals? They need a lot to build a case. You do not just go hand a sheriff your affidavit to give to the FBI and wa-la, mass arrest!

You previously revealed your ignorance of law and due process when you threatened to have Kerry Cassidy charged with domestic terrorism over a forum post she did not even write.

I will be awaiting the surprises you have for me. I hope it’s a good cabaret song while dressed as Donna Summers. Oh wait, she is black — someone is amassing evidence on you and Rick Light that you are both racist “white is might” American militia types. Must be the reason behind your racist, anti-Mexican rant you gave on the July 4 show, eh, pappy?

Rick Light: FBI Stoolie

Found this online –

More information has been popping up on the Internets that Drake co-hort “The Minuteman” is connected to White Supremacy Groups (including Drake).

I cannot say for certain that Minuteman is connected to American Nazi Party, but he an informant for the Cabal G-men, passing along information about various militia members and militia movements.

You just can’t trust anyone these days, even these so-called “Patriots.”

Many Are Waking Up and Saying Ol’ Turkey Drake is a Flake Fake


Insane, Inane Rambling of Rick Light aka “The Minuteman” or the Undercover FBI Informant

The Minuteman, one of Drake’s radio buddies like Lady Dragon, is an idiot, plain and simple, but reading script from the Cabal. Rick Light is one of these good ol’ boy Texas “American patriots” without a shred of military or police experience (or fit for combat duty, the fellow is a stickman of bones) yet calls for such and the use of militias.  Here is what he said on a “Special” show yesterday, after Drake’s Sunday show was cut off (gee, how did that happen?):

We get with FBI, militia, LEO, they are seeing the same things we see. There is going to come a time (my date is the 27th), I don’t care if that gun treaty passes or not. Anyone who votes YES or supports anymore of NWO crap, and tries to shove it down someone’s throat. It’s time WE start arresting these people We get a coordinating effort to place them under arrest. No guns and violence, but a coordinated effort to communicate with FBI, LEO, military, people’s militias. Time to pull this all together…I am calling on FBI, Military, Militias and Law Enforcement and everyone who believes in this country who believes in freedom, and all you who hear my voice. It is time for this to
end. It is going to take us to end this….

Okay, let’s look how ridiculous this call of action is: the FBI works for the Cabal, the FBI infiltrates American militias seeking sedition and domestic terrorism, and to go to te FBI and say, “Hey, you gotta start arresting all these Cabal bankers and politicians” will get you laughed at or even detained and questioned. Minuteman says the FBI was created to protect us…this fellow must not have read his history right, to see why and what for J. Edgar Hoover created the FBI (to stops threats against the Federal Reserve Bank and quell any uprisings and revolt against the Cabal) with cute male agents all shorter  than J. Edgar (he did not like to look up at anyone, only down, so many G men were short men) and all looking good in dresses behinds the scenes (the Ivy League-Elite drag queen gov agency), using the newspapers and newsreels and Hollywood as a propaganda machine that lied about what the FBI was, when from the get-go until today, that agency does not follow any laws and rules of citizen privacy…

Rick Light/Minuteman is play stupid but is in fact propagandizing the FBI…which leads to one conclusion: Rick Light/Minuteman is an FBI asset who has infiltrated the militias.

This has been confirmed: Rick Light is an FBI informant.

He says, “Does the sheriff want to be arrested too? If a sheriff doesn’t take his job seriously, and doesn’t take the proper procedures, they will get arrested!”  Arrested for what, Rick? What law on the U.S. books says a law enforcement official can be arrested for not arresting, unless said official is in cahoots with the bad guys like YOU are, Rick Light? All we hear from these guys is: “Arrest! Arrest them all! Take them down!” without warrants and due process, without solid evidence and a clear war to indict and convict…and who will file charges? Does he forget that the Justice Department also works for the Cabal?

Meanwhile, Drake has been desperately pleading for the military to make arrests, even one arrest, public, to vindicate his claims; he has lost 80% of his followers, as evident on the Global Voice FB Page and the listener stats on the blogtalkradio site.

Drake’s warrants? Civilian-based warrants that he thinks can be switched to as militray arrest warrants. He says:

This is for you military listeners. I have a military arrest warrent for a civilian. A lot of people don’t know how it is involved. So, if military want to arrest, and if they want to exercise something like that, and I will help them culminate the arrest of that dink.

Anyone can write up a “warrant” on their computer and claim it to be viable under citizen’s arrest, although lacking a grand jury hearing and sworn indictment. These are warrants that exist in Drake’s brain-damaged head and nowhere else. (Although I give him some kudos for suggesting that the military makes sure that all Cabalist clones be rounded up so that an arrested Cabalist will not show up again.)

Next, Drake says he will go to his local sheriff and demand arrests be made, with him at the forefront, leading the way in his cammo gear.

A hoot, seeing that the Sheriff of Pocahontas County, of N.V., is currently investigating complaints that Drake Kent Bailey is a militia domestic terrorist advocating violence.

And this:

Denise: When will Drake make his first arrest?

Drake: When sheriff partners with me we will make arrest.

Denise: Should we concentrate on big person?

Drake: Soros, Pelosi, Holder, both Clintons, Bush, run down the nasty list, and yea it’s a good idea, the more the better.

Hmm, yes, Drake and a few Sheriffs heading to D.C. to arrest these top Cabalists, sheriffs outside their jurisdictions of arrest power.

Say, Section 8 Drake and FBI agent Rick Light, the evil ones are all in Bohemian Grove, why not start there? What’s keeping you turkeys from getting the Illuminati Thingamabobs there?

BTW, Drake’s Sunday show was never “cut off by the Cabal.” That was done intentionally by Denise and Drake, to garner supporters, to make people believe that the evil gov wanted to shut them up (like shutting down blogtalkradio takes any effort). It was a PR ruse. No is buying it, guys.

When it comes to mass arrests, I say let’s have Betty White take the lead, not Section 8 Drake…


The Deception Continues…

After examining the remains of The Emperor of Time/the FAL-Universe me, the Plejaran medics have concluded that this person did not originate from the FAL-Universe, the cellular vibration does not match that Universe…this person was a synthetic. Not a clone, but a synthetic made from Draco-Grey technology.

The Dracos working with the Wingmakers, that is no surprise.  Does this mean that this synthetic never went to the Andromeda Galaxy four trillion years from now, and did not kill the others of the Time Consortium? We would have to inquire with the “present” Time Consortium but no one feels contacting them would be a good idea, for they might be involved in this massive deception?

The question remains: why me? I know they made the synthetic “look like” Drake to nudge me to go to the Moon and confront him. But why make a synthetic of me and make us believe it was my doppelgänger from the FAL-Universe? Was it really all for moving ships and troops interdimensionally to Colorado?

I know there is another, more nefarious reason.

I believe this it fitting as the first job for the Idyllwild Group to take on, a mystery to be solved.


The WingMakers and the The Emperor of Time

A very devious entity from the center of the Andromeda Galaxy, who comes from five trillion years in the “future,” to give some 3D-based perception,  has joined the WingMakers. It — or he — calls himself the Emperor of Time and plans to mess up earth’s timelines bad.

The WingMakers have taken control of the moon and placed seven orbital weapons platforms in earth’s orbit to shoot down Plejaran ships tonight during the flyovers. This could pose a problem. The Emperor of Time is claiming his rule over all centuries of mankind, and says he and the WingMakers will go to every turn of the century going back 15,000 years and make alterations in history.

Procyon forces have been dispatched to the moon. While it may seem a good thing the Emperor of Time killed all Dracos and greys on and in the moon, he also attacked Plejaran and Naval Space Command bases and took them over.

They have also taken out all Turnip vegetable-based technology ships.

But you can never trust the WingMakers, or someone something calling itself the Emperor of Time, taking on a human form that looks suspiciously like Drake!

This has taken us all by surprise.

COBRA: New Age Scammer from Slovenia or: Boštjan Košir Wants Your Ascended Money!

I cannot take credit for this net detective work, it was mostly done by a reader here, Honey Badger, with some slight follow-up and verification by your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, Inc.

My first assessment that COBRA was Lady Dragon using a voice modulator was wrong (I can admit when I am wrong, contrary what some turkeys would there contend); it was the syntax of English language use that made me believe this. While COBRA is not French-Canadian, it turns out he is Eastern European, from Slovenia.

The trail:

Honey Badger sent COBRA an email asking how one could donate money (COBRA was asking for donations in $1,000 increments, far more brash and bold than Deatra Loomer, freedom scam artist). COBRA said one could use the Paypal of a “friend,” giving this email:

That email belongs to someone named “Istar Antares,” author of this article full of terms used by COBRA, such as the Galactic Codex that justifies the use of space dust on the Cabal, etc. Ishtar writes:

I live and work in Slovenia, Europe. I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and am a Cosmic astrology consultant. I began leading workshops about twin souls in 1993 and was very active in the following few years spreading messages from the Ascended Masters about the transformation that Earth is entering into. I also wrote a book about this transformation called ” Ascension Star” in Slovenian language. I translated it into English also but has not yet been published outside Slovenia. I spread knowledge about tantra, Light Body Activation, telepathic communication, group merger process and other higher dimensional teachings on group meetings and workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and USA. I like to do workshops worldwide and I can travel anywhere if there are people interested to hear what I have to say. I am enclosing my program of activities. My contact phone number is cellular: 386 40 236 600 and my email is .
The source of my information is Ashtar and Krotron of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and a physical source that once belonged to the Resistance Movement. I belong to the Antara Star Family that originates from the Pleiades.

COBRA also belongs to the Resistance Movement, which sprinkles wondrous “stardust” into the atmosphere to nullify the Cabal, although he now claims:

Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

You can hear him on this blog talk radio archive, where he talks about meeting “Pleiadians” who helped him become aware. (Believe me, he is not one of the 250 and he is not a Plejaran contactee.) Ishtar Antares runs this blog: Aroura2012, shich is a lot like COBRA’s blog, Portal2012. He even has a book you can buy! Of ascension, Ishtar writes:

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of Ascension will occur. Mother ships of the Galactic confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the mother ships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in Ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light. Soon afterwards another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of Ascension will happen. Masses of Ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of Ascension and for the Evacuation. Great planetary cataclysms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet. At the moment of most intensive cataclysms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of Ascension with final Evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension…

Now this is somewhat correct, but not exactly, and is in the same use of words and ideas that come from COBRA.

On this page, we find that Ishtar Antares is really Boštjan Košir, who lives in Brebovnica, Slovenia. He has a photo on his Facebook


“Send me $3,000 and you will ascend.”

One can see/feel the dark energy around him. Bostjan/Ishtar/COBRA is nothing more than a New Age scam artist, repeating the same that greater gurus have been saying, first scamming his Eastern European audience with seminars, a book, and asking for donations, now scamming the Western Hemisphere audience by jumping on the Drake mass arrests bandwagon, and asking for donations. He has in the past come to the United States to spread his disinfo, at the invite of New Age groups in Encinitas, California, home of the upper middle class Cabal-led cults.

What does an ET like COBRA need with money?

Bostjan is being mind-controlled by the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and the nagative Aldebarans, allies of Dracos. He may have indeed been taken into a ship and “awakened,” but it was a Bafath ship and he was “programmed” to believe he is a messenger for the false light beings of destroyed Ashtar Command.

Now, some of you may say what Ishtar says rings true, and some of what he says is true, like Plejarans only contact those who are souls from Erra or ancient Lyran souls, but the Bafath know this because they are also Lyrans and keep the incarnated souls of their faction close by and as human agents (which Bostjan seems to be). But what of the meditations both Ishtar and COBRA call for? These are ruses; they may seem like light-based meditations on the outside, but imbedded in the protocols and wording is a method that opens YOU up to Bafath mind-control.



Section 8 Drake

From Drake’s sister,  Lee: “Sad to say, my brother Drake suffers from PTSD & brain damage he got in Viet Nam. I hope he doesn’t get himself in trouble. He does better now with his meds, I thought. This is upsetting.”

From one of his daughters, asked to not be named: “Dad has had these issues since I can remember. Sometimes he can be funny, sometimes not so funny and scary. He grabs onto these crazy ideas and doesn’t let go and it gets worse and worse. He talks to himself and talks on the phone but no one is on the other line. Confront him and he says, ‘Things are not what they appear to be.’ He says that he is an important asset at the Pentagon… he has been saying that for 25 years.”

His ex-wife, Joyce Peters, divorced him because she could no longer deal with his grand delusions, and he would get abusive verbally and physically toward anyone who questioned him, convinced they were being mind-controlled by the CIA.

Discharged from the Army under Section 8, psychological evaluation: “Cpl Bailey has lost the ability to discern between reality and fabrication. Tendency toward dissociation reaction and paranoia. Hallucinations frequent. It is of the opinion that Bailey is no longer fit for duty.”

That was 1968. They no longer call it Section 8 but “Administrative Separation” under Army Regulation 635-200.

Engaged in conspiracy theories with fellow ex-soldiers he met at the VA in group therapy. After reprimand from medical personnel, he believed the CI had targeted him and started to move about fringe groups, such as occultism, numerology lore, black magic (Loyal Order of the Royal Dragon), UFO contactee/abductees, and regional militias, branching off to Sovereign Citizen Redemption Movement, Anti-Immigrant Minutemen, and Patriot’s Socialist Movement. Expressed a desire for coup d’etat and the taking down of the Federal government.

Drake has mentioned that he had been demoted and/or passed over for rank advancement because of his mouth, not following orders, and disrespect for the chain of command. His service record indicates that he would have episodes much like Terret’s and curse at officers who gave him direct orders, talking about how he was the Chosen one, had friends in high places, was mankind’s savior, was in contact with time traveling military personnel from the Pentagon since he was a child.

He was not even fit for latrine and KP duty and refused to take duties that he deemed were below a man of his importance. “Did Jesus clean the outhouse? I don’t think so!” he told a Gunny Sergeant. Believes that citizens should be subject to “strict military rules of law until such time as they are ready for responsible and structured freedom.”

Believes he should be placed into position of authority, believes his military career was sabotaged by those who knew he was destined to be a four-star general in the Pentagon. “They are afraid of my power, and the all-facing rainhow sword I was given.”


Drake’s Lies

Drake says he has been in contact with Fulford and Keenan. Well, since Fulford and Keenan are both gone and replaced by clones, this is a lie. And yet Drake is also one. So take that for it means.

And yes, he has given the fifth dateline: “”I’m gonna say two weeks or sooner this time, not two weeks or longer…I’m telling you, it’s happening. Two weeks or sooner, that’s accurate.”

He will say the same come August, and September…and take credit for any bank closure, arrest big or small, and UFO sighting. But he has lost thousands of followers and will soon be talking to crickets on the radio.

Hitler Reacts to Drake and the Non-event of July 4

This is funny.

Drake Bailey’s Combat Brain Damage and Schziophrenia

Intel reveals that Drake’s sisters, ex-wife, and his many children from two marriages have no idea what Drake has been up to on the radio waves; they are concerned about his mental instability because Drake has had a history of delusional and schizophrenic outbreaks.  Whether his current wife, Ellen Bailey, knows what her husband has been up to when he is on the computer and phone is not known; I seriously doubt she does, and has dealt with his delusional episodes before.

Drake suffers from PTSD, which s obvious in his voice every time he talks about his combat experiences, and was severely injured in Vietnam resulting in brain damage, possibly from the grenade exploding near him that he has mentioned.  He has been on various medications and in and out of psychiatric hospitals since the 1970s.

I released damning information on the likes of Deatra, Bobby Joe Fannin, Sarah Stanga, etc. because they are con artists and lairs.  The issue with Drake, the PTSD and mental illness/handicap transfers over to clones. Because Drake is an injured solider, I will not release embarrassing information, emails from his family and ex-wife, copies of his VA Medical records and psychological assessments if he does the right thing and do what David Wilcock suggested, or fade away. (I should note that Drake claims his ex-wife, siblings and the VA doctors are all lying and being controlled by nanobots to destroy him, the typical paranoid schizophrenic excuse that everyone is conspiring against them.)

It is the 4th July and no mass arrests have happened, no Calvary has arrived, no special fireworks are launched to kick back and enjoy; this is the third dateline he gave. Three strikes and you are out.

David Wilcock wrote on his web site:

“So let’s assume that nothing happens between now and the end of July 4th. If this is the case, Drake will have to issue an embarrassing retraction and public apology.”

If Drake is a man of honor (but being a clone, this may not have transferred), he will issue the retraction and apology.The best choice would be for him to stand down and fade away. But clones do not have honor, conscience, or souls; clones malfunction and the evidence in Drake’s voice show that this is happening.

People are having their hones foreclosed and some have expressed suicide if the mass arrests do not happen and they have to keep living in a world run by usury, fiat money and Luciferian Zionist Cabalists. Drake will answer for these matters.

The “mass arrests” and disclosure will not start happening until the end of September for a true October Surprise. Much light will be shed on the Cabal, grand juries will meet, indictments handed out, trials public and fair — for human minions that is; for shapeshifters, Dracos, greys, and all other bad ET/EDs involved, things will be handled differently.

NEXT: Cobra’s true identity has been discovered and intel that Lady Dragon is a Christian-hating Luciferian will be revealed.


Asket’s Beamship Over West Virginia

Asket doing a flyover at Marlinton, West Virginia today, leaving a “message” at Drake’s abandoned home.

Mass Arrests Update: A Tale of Two Clones

The Drake Clone has finally spoken out about why he was absent from his show — I want to say that while he claims to have been kidnapped by agents of the ONI, I did not have a hand in Drake Clone’s Water Company service visit. On his Facebook Page, he writes:

I will talk about the matter in more detail later when I get my brain unscrambled. I am very sorry that the green light has now turned to red and it is uncertain when it will go green again. I was not on Global Voice Radio last Sunday because I was “detained” by men from the Office of Naval Intelligence. These turkies like to say things like “detained” and that sort of thing but what they did was kidnap me from my home blindfolded, roughed me up, and flew me to the Pentagon where five generals chewed my old ass out something fierce. They said the green light was red and the fireworks are called off. They said it was all a test run or a psyops or some such thingamabob to see how We the People would react to such news. I feel in my heart the mass arrests will happen one day and I hope soon. That doesn’t mean we can’t take matters into our own hands. This is what I think those generals were implying. They will help those who help themselves and that sort of thing. I will have more details later. In the meanwhile, listen to Bill Brockbrader and ignore Cobra. Cobra was part of the psyops. I am sorry if this disappoints you. No one is more disappointed than I.

The clone of Bill Brockbrader, freshly minted, is now speaking of the mass arrests. As we see in this video, the clone is already breaking down and not looking well:

Here and on his Monday night show at Wolf Spirit Radio, the Brock states the mass arrests will happen after July 4th, perhaps from a False Flag event, and that the people must instigate the mass arrests and push the military into it through so many people protesting the streets will be over-filled and the cops will not be able to transport protestors away. This has been happening in other countries, from Brazil to Japan, with the police even joining the citizens in protest against the bankers and politicians and Dracos-run governments or usury and fiat money,

Drake Clone claims he is bowing out from embarrassment and shame, that he will “fade away,” and that the Brock “will take up where I left off.” Seems like the two have mended their disagreement — and then like a Janus effect, or schizophrenic, Drake says the Green Light is back on and urges American militias to do what the Pentagon won’t: take the law into their own hands/ He writes:

I have been on the phone all day with militias all over the dang nation and no one wants to sit on their duffs and do nothing. I am hereby calling all American patriots, in or out of service, common defense and neighborhood watch alike, to get together and prepare for war. Mobilize now, gentlemen and fierce women, and let’s show the world that we are in the freedom business for real and that sort of thing. Form groups of no less than 12 and begin the mass arrests. Start at the local level by arresting all city council and mayors, assemblymen and women, state senate, and onward to the Governor of each state. From there, we will arrest district congress members and senators. By this time you will not be alone because the sheriffs, marshalls and military will have no choice but to get off their heineys and join in like these turkies were supposed to. This unstoppable force will converge on Washington D.C. and take the Bushes, Hilary Clinton, and President Obama into custody to answer for their crimes.

If these Cabalists and bankers and crooks do not surrender peacefully, take a shot over the bow as they say in the Navy. If they put up a fight, and some just might do that sort of tom-foolery, then you will have no other choice but to use deadly force. With extreme prejudice, people.

THE GREEN LIGHT IS ON FOR JUSTIFIED SUMMARY JUDGMENT AND EXECUTION. Most of these Illuminati turkies are monsters and not even human, so they do not deserve the constitutional rights of humans or the Common Law of decent people. When a farmer catches a fox in the chicken coop gobbling up eggs and baby chicks, does the farmer arrest the fox and give the critter due process? No, he shoots to kill because the fox was stealing and killing what is not his. The same applies to the Cabal critters: they have stolen from you and killed your friends and family, thus karmic universal law goes into effect. An eye for an eye and that sort of thing.

Form your militias now, people! Hit the streets and start knocking on the doors of your city council, your mayor, your assembly people and Governor’s mansion. Many of them will sing like scared little magpies and give up other bad guys. I now believe this was the message those Pentagon generals and ONI spook boys wanted me to convey: We the People must begin job, and then they will join us when the public rallies on our side.

If you have a militia formed and we have not spoken, you can call me in West Virginia at 304-799-6927. Your call will be re-routed to my cell phone where I am at. If you get a message, leave your name and number and I will return the call and explain in further detail and give you contact info for the men and women who will act as regional colonels and majors at the CentComs set up in every state in the US and every province in Canada.

The red light is now back to GREEN!





Brock calls for passive-resistance and Drake calls for civil war and a coup d’etat.

Tomorrow will tell which way independence has its day.

A Close One: the CIA Hooker Trail, the Truth About Drake, and the MONGOOSE Calvary

This is what happened the past 24 hours:

I was gathering intel on the CIA-run call girl service (or agents/assets posing as high-priced escorts) after I received this photo from the Super Solider Summit, showing MKUltra victim/super solider Max Spiers (who was “twin-ritual” bonded with James Casbolt when they were kids, a curious Satanic Cabal projects ceremony) with the prostitute/asset in question to the left:

(Note the orb by his face.)

She looked very familiar but I could not place her in my memory. I ran a face recog on her and found her code name, Lady R, who works for a Cabal-run escort service out of L.A., Vegas, Dallas and Phoenix (that is, she is flown out to clients in these cities, commands a $5K a night price, but all are CIA missions or, as a Project Monarch graduate, for use free-of-price by politicians and bankers of the Cabal). I found her name, or a name she uses, but I will not reveal that just yet. I remember her being assigned to a colleague of mine who was at Lockheed-Martin working with new alien tech handed over by the NRO and ONI, acting as a friend of his 19-year-old daughter, she was actually reporting on him and seduced him, and he later vanished. Lady R was younger (and probably underage) and had brunette hair, so this was why I could not place her at first,

I contacted a former asset of mine from the ONI days, a double-agent who worked for the same escort service but now under a new name, because she had been in Monarch with Lady R. I needed to know what she had on her fellow sex slave. My asset, whom I will call Lady Buttercup, said she would only tell me in person at a public place. (The photo to the left is ten ir eight years old and she has since had plastic surgery and does not look like this anymore.)

I was in Barcelona and she is in San Francisco but that was no problem, I said I could meet her in two hours. She mentioned a restaurant on Russian Hill that I knew and had outdoors seating.

I saw her waiting. Something did not feel right but I sat down anyway. “I’m sorry,” is all she said, “they kidnapped my son and made me do it.”  Half a dozen cammo dudes with guns drawn surrounded me, plus an agent in a black suit appeared using teleportation and placed a gun to Lady B’s head. He told me, “Shift out and she dies, and so does her kid.”

I was indeed going to shift to 5D and get the hell out of dodge but I knew he would kill her and probably put her son in the programs or give the boy to a Draco to eat, so I remained still. My curiosity got the best of me as well. A second suit guy (I hate to use the term “man in black”) appeared by my side and slipped a damper collar around my neck — this collar kept my body vibrating at 3D…if I attempted to shift, it would tighten so hard my head would be severed. I know, because I have used the same collar on aliens.

I was ushered away and blindfolded and taken onto a vessel that I am pretty sure was some sort of TR-3, perhaps the E or G Tier 2 model.

BTW, there was a small news item about my apprehension:


Man abducted by military seems real

Customers having lunch at a Russian Hill restaurant were shocked and awed when a military unit of seven heavily armed men converged on a couple in the outdoors patio and arrested both. The man was led away in handcuffs and what appeared to be a collar around his neck and the woman was also cuffed.

Alongside the soldiers were two men in dark suits and sunglasses looking every part the mysterious government men-in-black types.

And playing the part was what it was all about. When asked about the incident, the public information office of the SFPD stated, “That was a scene from a movie being filmed in the city. The scene called for the action to be caught on a cell phone by an on-looker and, wanting it to appear realistic, with real public reaction, no one was told a film was being shot.”

The PIO did not know the name of the film but stated, “We will just have to look for it in theaters next year.”

A waitress at the restaurant said, “I’m pretty sure the man who was arrested was Clive Owen, when he walked in I even thought, Hey that guy looks like Clive Owen.”

The flight was five minutes but I could have been taken anywhere. I knew wherever we landed, the platform went below ground based on the sound. I was escorted to a room, hit in the stomach by te butt of a gun, and handcuffed to a chair. I sat there for eight hours, never fed or given water, a Geneva Conventon violation if I might say.

The blindfold was taken off and the two suit guys stood there plus an armed guardby the door.

“If you’re going to fuck me,” I said, “I expect you buy me dinner first.”

The suits did not have a sense of humor.

“We finally got you,” one said, “Mr. Former White Hat…did you think you could really elude us? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

“You know,” I said, “for a while, I did.”

“You’re in for a universe of hell, F.W. Hat.”

I turned to the other suit guy and said, “Can I ask you a serious question? When you got your dick in his mouth, does he talk away like that? It must be really annoying: you’re getting a blowjob from your MiB partner and he won’t shut up…”

I didn’t finish because two technicians in lab coats and a tray came in. They took my fingerprints, blood and hair samples, and performed a retinal scan.

“We’ll know your true identity soon,” said talky suit guy, “and then we’ll grow a few good clones and infiltrate your group of alien pals.”

“Don’t you know,” I replied, “I’m a Rothschild bastard. Like Hitler.”

“Funny guy,” said suit.

When the techies left with my DNA, a four star general entered the room, along with a pudgy and short woman with a deep French Canadian accent. I knew her instantly: Lady Dragon.

“You have been a pain in the ass, Former White Hat,” said Lady Dragon.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her, “I don’t remember having anal sex with you.”

“It was only a matter of time before we got you,” said the four-star general.

“And who are you, sir?” I asked. “I would salute you, sir, being former military, but my hands are oppressed from following protocol.”

“It does not matter my name, Hat,” said the general, “just know I am the one who will give the green light on the mass arrests.” He smiled.

“You are Drake’s Pentagon contact,” I said.

“And we have had that clone spilling the bullshit to the public. A nifty game.”

“What did you do with original?”

“He is safely tucked away,” said Lady Dragon.

“A wonderful plan devised by Hilary Clinton and Poppy Bush,” said the general. “You have this sincere-sounding old solider talking about freedom and mass arrests, he gets the militias worked up, the people pissed off, you keep holding off the arrest dates so they will get so mad they will do it themselves; then you give a green light, arrest a few bankers and congressmen of no great consequence, you ask the militias to head out, and things look fishy, a few planned terrorist attacks, a war brewing in the Middle East, and the President declares martial law, and we move in without none of this Constitutional rights baloney. Riots and civil unrest starts up –”

“And then Project Strawman and Op 711 goes green light,” I said, feeling defeated.

He smiled broadly. “You are looking at the man who has the codes to activate millions of clones out there: women, children, men of all stripe and strata. This was Hilary’s design, the bitch has some brains.”

“And a fat ass,” Lady Dragon chortled.

“You shouldn’t talk,” I said.

“Fuck you, Ex-White Hat!” she snapped. “I say we kill him now.”

“Not just yet,” the general said.

“Are you going to murder me,” I asked, “or bore me to death with useless banter?”

“Let’s see how smart-mouthed you are when we have you on the torture table,” said Lady Dragon. “What witty retorts will you utter when your fingers are being cut off and a hot metal rod is shoved up your skinny butt?”

“I imagine I will say ‘ouch,’” I said. To the general: “Why tell me all this crap? If you’re going to torture me, get on with it. At least something interesting will be happening.”

“I wanted you to know,” he said, “that we will send your clone out, your clone will back Drake up, will post online anything we want, and we will get your Plejaran and Procyonian friends reigned in.”

“You do know my friends can detect a clone,” I said.

“We have perfected the tech,” he informed me, “where a high-grade clone cannot be discerned from the original, and can live up to 10 years.”

“Wow,” I said, “progress of western civilization.”

“And you will –”

But he did not finish because an alarm sounded off. Outside the room were the sounds of explosions and men screaming from laser fire.

“What the heck is going on?!” cried Lady Dragon.

The guard stood read, the general pulled out his 9 mm. He looked worried as further sounds of explosions, laser and gun fire, and screams were heard.

I smiled. “Did you consider that if I did not check in, my ‘friends’ would know something was wrong? And that I have a Plejaran friend whom I am always in telepathic contact with?”

“We are here,” I heard Asket in my mind.

“I’m just kicking back, been waiting for the Calvary,” I replied to her.

Lady Dragon said, “Holy shit, Procyon warriors!”

“Did you really think grabbing me would be that easy?” I said.

The general came after me just as the door exploded open. The guard was vaporized instantly and screamed.

The Procyon warrior MONGOOSE came in, along with my female counterpart from the GAL-Universe, dressed in a black jumpsuit and combat face. They both wielded laser cannons.

“I surrender!” screeched Lady Dragon, falling to her knees, hands up. “Please don’t kill me!”

The general had it in his mind to use me as a shield, put the gun to my head and bargain his way out. But I jumped up, turned, slammed him with the metal chair I was strapped to. I kicked the gun out of his hand and head butted his face, breaking his nose.

“Miss me?” asked my counterpart.

“Could you have waited thirty seconds?” I said. “I was just having fun.”

Aaron McCollum then came in with one of the suit guys, bloodied, by the neck tie. “Release him,” Aaron said, nodding to me.

The suit guy, not so talkative now, used a small electronic device that released the damper on my neck, and then the cuffs.

“Nothing to say?” I asked him.

“Suck my willy,” he muttered.

I punched him in the mouth and teeth flew everywhere. He fell down next to the general, who was trying to keep a stream of blood from flowing out of his broken nose.

Feeling like Chuck Norris, I said, “I would say ‘sorry’ about the physical damage, sir, but I never apologize to anyone.”

“You always have to have the last word,” said my counterpart, “you remind me of me.”

“Where are we?” I asked. “Where and what is this facility?”

“Just one of many of those nasty underground bases in Colorado,” she told me.

The base was taken by 20 Procyon fighters. All the guards were killed, the military personnel and technicians taken prisoner. The first thing I did was destroy the fingerprints and blood nd hair samples they took from me.

They found, in stasis chambers, numerous clones of Bobby Joe Fannin, Bill Brockbrader, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and Max Spiers. All were destroyed.

Asket was waiting in her beamship.

“The Calvary,” I said.

“Have fun?” she said.

Since I never had lunch in Frisco and had been in the base ten hours without food or water, I said, “Pizza and iced-tea sure sounds lovely right now.”

“You know how to use the food replicator,” Asket said, “but no replicated anchovies or salami.”

Extra cheese and pineapple was my choice.

As we left the base, the Colorado wildfires raged around us. A perfect camouflage, I thought, burn the above ground and no one will suspect the center of the phony mass arrests and clone activation was right below…

So, we have the general (I will release his name later) and Lady Dragon in custody…but this Lady Dragon is a clone. There is still an original, and maybe more clones, out there. Apparently this Lady Dragon did not know she was a clone and broke down in malfunction.

We got the mass clone activation codes from the general but he said, “You won’t stop it. Hilary also has the codes. Operation 7-11 will happen!”

But not the mass arrests. This general was Drake’s contact, and this general was to give the order of the fake mass arrests. That will not happen — but what about July 11? We need to still stop that.

ALSO: I am not ruling out this was a set-up. Something still does not feel right here. They had to know that I would have been rescued if I did not check in, and they never drugged me to block any telepathic communication, which seems odd. And why the small base and not the Pentagon or off-planet where it would have been more difficult to spring me? I have to be suspicious that I was intentionally fed false information or that this was an operation to see how effective the Procyon ground forces are at extraction. Don’t worry, I have been tested and I am not a clone, and now we have data on their new upgraded clones who are hard to detect.

Drake Bailey a No Show

Drake was a no show on his radio program…gee, I wonder why? Mayhap that it is past 72 hours after he gave the green light on Wednesday and said the mass arrests would happen within a 72 hour time frame?

Too shamed to make a public apology, Lady Drake Clone?

I have some 411 on Drake and Co. The Cabal had captured me for 10 hours but I was spring free thanks to MONGOOSE. I will post on that in a bit…


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