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Azazel Set Free by Crowley and Duncan O’Finioan

Dastardly turkey heister Duncan O’BobbyJoe made this recent statement on his blog:

 Azazel has been set free. It’s time to be afraid — very afraid.


And who set this General of Demons free from his 7D cell? Alastair Crowley, his son Duncan and his four grandsons the Bush Boys in a winter solstice portal ceremony. This is why the United States is experiencing terrible ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and coming earthquakes, tsunamis and meteor showers: these are the calling cards of Azazel.

In the ceremony, Duncan gave his body to Azazel for sexual use, doing as his father commanded.

Then the Bush Boys sacrificed 666 people and they all bathed in the blood of these innocents, as Azazel raped Duncan over and over, giving Duncan an incurable ailment of the flesh.

From the pool of blood came forth 10,000 Dracos soldiers, the army that will follow Azazel to 3D earth.

Yes, it is time to be afraid.

MAI had a discussion with Michael the Archangel about this, who was getting his sword ready to fight Azazel and his legion of demons, as foretold in Revelations 12:7: “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon…”

“I will be injured for a time, as prophecy mandates,” he said.

“You’ll pull through, ol’ buddy,” said I.

“You can have the archangel powers back, if you want, and fight with us,” he said.

But I had fail miserably the month I was an archangel and did not want to do that again. “I will fight another way,” I said. “I will return to the 3D and fight alongside the Plejaran fleet.”

Look to the skies, for the war in the heavens is coming. That is not Santa Claus up there in fiery lights, but Azazel and Michael in an age-old battle.

Woe to the inhabitors of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath… — Rev. 12:12azazel_r-med



Service to Crowley, the NSA and Disney: The Deceptions of the Cloned Steven D. Kelley

It has been revealed that “whistleblower” Steven D. Kelly is actually a clone of an original that is being kept on ice under the Getty Museum, and is being used by the Cabal and Crowley for various nefarious purposes. A more apropos definition for this duplicate would be “Crowley-blower.” There is more to the story.

Part of the Cabal Plan of Misdirection is, of course, employing dis-information: mixing the truth with fabrications that will lead many down a rabbit hole well-lived in. This is the case of one clone named Steven D. Kelley.

steven-d-kelley clone

It was originally reported that five clones were made, two in public and three on ice, but that was changed to three clones in public. These clones have false memories embedded into them, that mirror a s0-called memoir written by the Kelley clone that is a work of disinformation fiction: 20% true, 80% false. What is true? Yes, there is a Cabal/Bildeburger underground facility under the Getty Museum near the Santa Monica Mountains that is also a fortified base, guarded by Nazi psychics of the 4th Reich, aka “cavers,” with mag-lev trains that connect to all the US and undersea bases.

Everything else are creations of sneaky NSA/CIA ghostwriters or products of false memories. For instance, the piece of Plejaran tech from a beam ship, where Kelley states it takes hundreds of years to grow on Erra is false. That may be true for the Plejaran Caliphate in the parallel reality 5 seconds out of sync with 3D earth, but nt true for the positive Plejarans who are 1 second out of sync.

For you see, it is the evil Plejaran Caliphate, the latest allies with Crowley and Co., who made and control the Steven D. Kelley clones, among other clones. These clones are created from genetic material five seconds out of sync with your reality, giving them the ability to phase shift from one dimension to another, thus making them dangerous, especially to dogs. For some reason, Plejaran Caliphate members and clones made from their tech find earth K-9s delicious to dine on, usually raw, sometimes cooked long-pig style.

The Kelley clones are also aligned with transvestite reptilian shape-shifter Pattie Brassard, who was, still is, putting out Crowley-scripted false info on Nibiru and ISON.


The male Kelley clone is locally controlled by NSA/FBI spy handler and CoIntelPro shill Rhonda Vilhauer, who reports to both Alestair Crowley and the Plejaran Caliphate. This clone delivers public disinformation as an NSA COINTELPRO SHILL, as seen here:

The female Kelley clone works in Luciferian Anaheim at Disneyland, recruiting MKUltra candidates for Project Monarch and Project Mouse Ears. (Pretty much all of Anaheim is Satanically-owned territory and anyone living in Anaheim are mind-controlled, cloned or members of the Jesuit Order of Ordained Reptiles.)

The transsexual Kelley clone works the streets of Hollywood for  Project Kitten candidates, along with Pattie Brossard, who both love to eat raw stray dogs on the streets of America.

Keep your dogs away lest they be eaten by these Luciferian/Plejaran Caliphate/Crowley puppet/NSA shill clones!

Lau Re-awakens

Crowley has summoned from a long slumber an ancient deity known as Lau, who was buried deep in the Andaman Islands. Lau is actually a soul eater originally from the Kuieper Belt who has been on earth for 24,000 years but has been asleep for the past 1,000. Its brethren who hitched a ride on ISON are on earth, at least a dozen of them from what I can see from the 5D. Lau is hungry and has been devouring the souls of hundreds of people on the island group in the Indian Ocean and its making its way into Burma, Thailand and Vietnam to feast on more souls. Meanwhile, at least 15,000 people across the globe have been eaten by reptilian invasion forces. The Idylwild Group and Andromeda Council forces have been dispatched to take care of this, with the help of the reptilian hunter known as The HiJacker.

Earth Surrounded

Yes, your 3D earth is surrounded by motherships, as this guy in the video finds. Not to fear, these are the Andromeda Council and Timmer motherships. While Lesus on ISON was destroyed by Minerva, there is still factions of his army deploying from ISON and the  evil Plejaran Caliphate from the out of sync universe moving in on the solar system.

The Plejaran Caliphate

It is now obvious that Commander Lesus is in league with the evil Plejaran Caliphate, a Plejaran political faction from a parallel universe three seconds out of sync with your 3D hell, where te Bafath were victors in the Plejran civil wars and caliphate, sultanates, emirs and vizers were set up to rule over various parts of the Galaxy by order of Queen Pleja of Lyra. All along, Alestir Crowley has been in communication with Lord Tugy, a sultan general with the reptilian Lesus on board ISON. Anya Briggs, that Gizeh puppet, and her lesbian slave lover, the High Priestess of the Priory of Dracos, Sarah Stenga, both act as psychic links between Tugy, Lesus and Crowley, ptherwise known as the Five Columns of the Purple Pebble. This is not good.

All Duncan O’Finioan Bobby Joe Fannin Clones No Longer an Issue

Bobbi Joe Fanin and all his roaming Duncan Omega clones in the solar system are off the grid. The clones were wiped out by Cmmdr Aaron McCollumn and the Idywild Group, and the Bobby Joe Fanin creature, sired by Alestair Crowley, is in custody of the Plejarans, having been captured  by Roan of Procyon IV (aka The Mongoose) in Belize, where he was hiding out and having sex with goats and sheep.


Plejaran? No, an Aldebaran/Gizeh spy


Casbolt took this photo of what he thought was a Plejaran following him in the airport. Not Plejaran — this woman (Code Name Leparia)  is the half-Aldebaran daughter of Maria Orsic, who was involved in the milab situation with David Vanderbeek, would-be governor of Nevada and MKUltra handler.

The Agarthans and India

UFOs over India are increasing, many triangular ships with big blue lights. These are tHE Agarthans from inner earth, not aliens.

This is Plejaran:


This is Arcturian:


This is a tech support line worker on hash:

The Time Quartet

I don’t why yet, but Ike and Tesla have picked up Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart out of time to join them on their loop rip to stop the time quake. When I woke up this “morning” I knew the “day” would be weird.

Imagine sitting in a conference room on a Plejaran command ship with Eisenhower, Tesla, Mozart and Heisenberg discussing the Wingmakers….well, for some, it’s just another day at work.

Travel Back to 1776: Tesla, Ike, The Speech of the Unknown, and the TimeQuake

Only three of us could go, I was told, something about the triad required for this Arcturian tech we were using. This happened a few days ago, August 2. Dwight (Ike) Eisenhower, who had travelled forward physically from 1958 with old friend P’Taah, Semjase’s father, told me it was necessary to find Nicolas Tesla. Tesla had never died in the New Yorker hotel, that was a double and a ruse; Tesla had gone deep underground to work on Project Rainbow, and instead of being used by the growing shadow government, he disappeared into time, going backwards and forwards, essentially escaping death although he had visited the body his soul was in 2001-onwards (temporal mechanics here).

The Arcturian tech would not send the three of us physically back in time because we were going to attend an event where we would have stuck out, and did not have an invite to; our normal presence would cause a timeline shift.

We were going to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The tech allowed our psyches to do a walk-in of a person who was there, that we had some sort of DNA-connection to. Ike walked into the body of Thomas Jefferson, P’Taah walked into the body of  Samuel Adams (who was a Lyran soul) and I went into the body of Francis Lewis from New York, also a Lyran soul but whom was a human ancestor of mine, apparently.

What an experience! There I was with the Continental Congress in Pennsylvania; the document had een approved on July 4 and now it was August 2, 1776, and ready to be signed…

…but a number of the esteemed men there were hesitant to sign the parchment, for fear of retaliation by the Crown. They would be branded traitors against England, their property could be taken, they could be imprisoned or killed, their heads on gibbets.

I was wondering if we had altered the timeline doing the walk-ins. Francis Lewis seemed prepared to sign, as did Adams and Jefferson: while we were in these bodies, and could control them, and see through them, the essence of the souls inside were still over-all in control, with history not at stake.

“GIBBET!” cried a loud, booming voice that echoed throughout the building. All looked up at the balcony, where stood a tall, regal man dressed all in white, holding a white cane and top hat.

“The doctor,” someone mumbled.

“The professor,” uttered Benjamin Franklin with a smile….

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A Few Things Before Things Get Stranger



Whoever they have in custody is obviously not James Holmes.

Some believe it was all staged using actors.  This is a disinfo campaign that they want the conspiracy folk to latch onto. So many theories out there, fake witnesses vs. real witnesses…now while I say the murders were not staged, there have been plenty of plants: witnesses, on site medical teams, etc.

They don’t even care if it is obvious, as in the above photos (which is why the judge won’t let cameras into the court next hearing and has put a gag order on lawyers involved). The point is to cause chaos. Look to see what happens tomorrow, Friday, with new “evidence” and the voting on the UN gun treaty.

A neighbor on Holmes’ witnessed him running into his apartment with another man, stocky and Caucasian. It is looking like it is indeed Bobby Joe Fannin, an alter of his activated.

On Drake’s latest show, he urged for “citizen’s arrests” of bankers and turkeys since the military and his so called “ETs” aren’t doing it. This clone is malfunctioning and not making much sense.

There is intel that Lady Dragon is related to the Bushes and her father helped design the RFID chips. More on that later.

Elsewhere, Benjamin Fulford is gone. His original was found and taken off world for his own safety, and all his clones were taken out of the picture. Uncertain if they have more on ice. There will be no updates on his pay website…if anything pops up on his free website, it is not written by “him.”

President Eisenhower has joined us. What? you say, Yes, Ike himself, he has travelled from his time to 2012 on a personal mission. Semjase’s father, P’Taah, has joined the fleet because he brought Ike into our time from the past. More on that later.

Diamond-Ruby Spider hybrids have been spotted in London.

The Annunaki are in Turkey in full force.

Odin caused the ice of Greenland to melt. He blew his Odin breath on the land, and…why I don’t know. More on that later.

Timeslips have decreased.  The Wingmakers seem to be gone for now.

The Ringmakers are still between earth and the moon. Uncertain what is next.

Need help for a mass meditation of white light. Soon.

I am in Europe. Or above it.

The Idyllwild Group!

It has become apparent to me that after I leave to Hope and then 5D, there will still be much work here to do. My mission will be complete and I cannot remain, nor do I really want to. I have other matters to attend to.

I have decided to form a team that will continue what I have been doing. I call this team The Idyllwild Group, consisting of Plejaran sub-commanders Nellet and Olein, Jgaptel from Zeta Reticuli (a gray), Chenuha from Tau Ceti, Aaron McCollum and two other earth folk yet to be chosen.

A team of seven: three human super soldiers, two Plejarans crew leaders, one Tau Ceti supermind , one Zeta time traveller, all the top of the top when it comes to cognitive and military strategy, all seasoned in this war, all ready and willing (well, that depends on who I choose for the other two humans).

They will answer only to Semjase, who will dispatch them on missions with or without approval of the Andromeda Council. They might be called rogue at times, without respect for the galactic chain of command, the seven protegé of one loose cannon.

The Idyllwild Group…they will get the job done, no matter what universe, no matter what timeline, no matter what may seem “impossible,” they make possible.

COBRA: New Age Scammer from Slovenia or: Boštjan Košir Wants Your Ascended Money!

I cannot take credit for this net detective work, it was mostly done by a reader here, Honey Badger, with some slight follow-up and verification by your friendly neighborhood Former White Hat, Inc.

My first assessment that COBRA was Lady Dragon using a voice modulator was wrong (I can admit when I am wrong, contrary what some turkeys would there contend); it was the syntax of English language use that made me believe this. While COBRA is not French-Canadian, it turns out he is Eastern European, from Slovenia.

The trail:

Honey Badger sent COBRA an email asking how one could donate money (COBRA was asking for donations in $1,000 increments, far more brash and bold than Deatra Loomer, freedom scam artist). COBRA said one could use the Paypal of a “friend,” giving this email:

That email belongs to someone named “Istar Antares,” author of this article full of terms used by COBRA, such as the Galactic Codex that justifies the use of space dust on the Cabal, etc. Ishtar writes:

I live and work in Slovenia, Europe. I lead Galactic Tantra seminars and am a Cosmic astrology consultant. I began leading workshops about twin souls in 1993 and was very active in the following few years spreading messages from the Ascended Masters about the transformation that Earth is entering into. I also wrote a book about this transformation called ” Ascension Star” in Slovenian language. I translated it into English also but has not yet been published outside Slovenia. I spread knowledge about tantra, Light Body Activation, telepathic communication, group merger process and other higher dimensional teachings on group meetings and workshops in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and USA. I like to do workshops worldwide and I can travel anywhere if there are people interested to hear what I have to say. I am enclosing my program of activities. My contact phone number is cellular: 386 40 236 600 and my email is .
The source of my information is Ashtar and Krotron of the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians and a physical source that once belonged to the Resistance Movement. I belong to the Antara Star Family that originates from the Pleiades.

COBRA also belongs to the Resistance Movement, which sprinkles wondrous “stardust” into the atmosphere to nullify the Cabal, although he now claims:

Through the years, top members of the Cabal have created many protective defence mechanisms around them in case anything happens to them. Those mechanisms include, but are not limited to the use of biochemical weapons. There are certain devices that constantly monitor all main bodily functions of the top members of the Cabal, and if anything strange happens, they send alerts to their advanced weapons systems. Then a special computer program decides if any of those weapons is to be used. Those mechanisms would be triggered automatically if Stardust 2 was to be used or if any of the key members of the Cabal would be arrested. This is the reason why they seem to be untouchable and always able to get away with everything that they do.

You can hear him on this blog talk radio archive, where he talks about meeting “Pleiadians” who helped him become aware. (Believe me, he is not one of the 250 and he is not a Plejaran contactee.) Ishtar Antares runs this blog: Aroura2012, shich is a lot like COBRA’s blog, Portal2012. He even has a book you can buy! Of ascension, Ishtar writes:

When the critical mass of consciousness will be achieved the first wave of Ascension will occur. Mother ships of the Galactic confederation will hover as brilliant white clouds above the islands of light, where teleportation beams will descend and lift the volunteers into the mother ships. Those volunteers will reappear on Earth shortly in Ascended state in their rainbow bodies of light. Soon afterwards another critical mass will be achieved and the second wave of Ascension will happen. Masses of Ascended masters that will return to Earth will prepare humanity for the third wave of Ascension and for the Evacuation. Great planetary cataclysms will begin then as a cleansing of the physical matter of the planet. At the moment of most intensive cataclysms a polar shift will happen and that will trigger the third wave of Ascension with final Evacuation. Linear time as we know it will end and Earth will enter a new, higher dimension…

Now this is somewhat correct, but not exactly, and is in the same use of words and ideas that come from COBRA.

On this page, we find that Ishtar Antares is really Boštjan Košir, who lives in Brebovnica, Slovenia. He has a photo on his Facebook


“Send me $3,000 and you will ascend.”

One can see/feel the dark energy around him. Bostjan/Ishtar/COBRA is nothing more than a New Age scam artist, repeating the same that greater gurus have been saying, first scamming his Eastern European audience with seminars, a book, and asking for donations, now scamming the Western Hemisphere audience by jumping on the Drake mass arrests bandwagon, and asking for donations. He has in the past come to the United States to spread his disinfo, at the invite of New Age groups in Encinitas, California, home of the upper middle class Cabal-led cults.

What does an ET like COBRA need with money?

Bostjan is being mind-controlled by the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and the nagative Aldebarans, allies of Dracos. He may have indeed been taken into a ship and “awakened,” but it was a Bafath ship and he was “programmed” to believe he is a messenger for the false light beings of destroyed Ashtar Command.

Now, some of you may say what Ishtar says rings true, and some of what he says is true, like Plejarans only contact those who are souls from Erra or ancient Lyran souls, but the Bafath know this because they are also Lyrans and keep the incarnated souls of their faction close by and as human agents (which Bostjan seems to be). But what of the meditations both Ishtar and COBRA call for? These are ruses; they may seem like light-based meditations on the outside, but imbedded in the protocols and wording is a method that opens YOU up to Bafath mind-control.



July 9 Sightings

I am hearing that many others are announcing the mass sightings, from Greg Giles to various forums, and the information is being twisted, which is most likely Cabal agents. The sightings fopr July 9 are not all over the world, but the US/Canada/Mexico only, and only over major cities, not rural areas or “lesser” cities. The whole point is to say, “Hello.”

However, we have learned that the Cabal is planning to attack any visible ships via their stealth, reversed engineered ships, Dracos and grey ships, possibly Laher, and orbital platforms. If air battles become dangerous for people on the ground, it may have to be deterred to a unanncouned date. This is of course always the problem when announcing such things, the Cabal will try to stop it, which is why it was not announced last time.

The Aftranes and Timmers from the DAL-Universe will be in orbit for cover fire if necessary.

Be advised that the Cabal may try to create fake and false flag events, abductions and attacks on structures to cause distrust of the “good guy” ETs.

If Drake or Cobra say that sightings are proof the ETs are engaging in the mass arrests, it is not true and the typical b.s. from those two.

If you have night vision goggles, you will see a better show.

Hope’s New 3,000 Residents

I have been away helping transport 3,000 children to Planet Hope. Soon, in a few months, that will be my main job before shifting to 5D permanently. It takes careful compassion and understanding helping all these children adjust — but they do get excited traveling in a spaceship and looking out the windows (well really screens receiving signals from whisker probes but you get the idea). Despite the excitement of it all, they are leaving their homes and 9 times out of 10 their family (although in some cases, the people destined for Hope who have children go together as a family), so they become uncertain and scared, but they are met with so much love on Hope, with nice new homes and new surrogate parents, their discomfort goes away.

I cannot even begin to explain the divine beauty of Hope that would do it justice, a terra-formed moon on the other side of the galaxy, far away from other inhabited systems, in direct alignment with the Galaxy’s center so that energy is always there. Hope has two main land masses, Bridliam and Templiam, with only a dozen islands where the defense bases and the planet cloak centers are. Towns instead of cities, homes spread out, schools with no more than 35 choldren in each (adults have their own educational centers); a thickly green planet with only vegetarian animals, no predators (some earth , some Martian, some from Erra and Procyon, like the wonderful three-headed winged giraffe, the singing flowers, and fairy folk in the 7D). Waterfalls, mountains with snow, jungles and forests and deserts without any industry. Free energy, no money, no stress, no banks, no bills, no hunger, no 9 to 5 slavery, simply a transitional safe place to work on the spirit and prepare to ascend without interference of war, fear, and lizard people.

Semjase’s Ship

A Close One: the CIA Hooker Trail, the Truth About Drake, and the MONGOOSE Calvary

This is what happened the past 24 hours:

I was gathering intel on the CIA-run call girl service (or agents/assets posing as high-priced escorts) after I received this photo from the Super Solider Summit, showing MKUltra victim/super solider Max Spiers (who was “twin-ritual” bonded with James Casbolt when they were kids, a curious Satanic Cabal projects ceremony) with the prostitute/asset in question to the left:

(Note the orb by his face.)

She looked very familiar but I could not place her in my memory. I ran a face recog on her and found her code name, Lady R, who works for a Cabal-run escort service out of L.A., Vegas, Dallas and Phoenix (that is, she is flown out to clients in these cities, commands a $5K a night price, but all are CIA missions or, as a Project Monarch graduate, for use free-of-price by politicians and bankers of the Cabal). I found her name, or a name she uses, but I will not reveal that just yet. I remember her being assigned to a colleague of mine who was at Lockheed-Martin working with new alien tech handed over by the NRO and ONI, acting as a friend of his 19-year-old daughter, she was actually reporting on him and seduced him, and he later vanished. Lady R was younger (and probably underage) and had brunette hair, so this was why I could not place her at first,

I contacted a former asset of mine from the ONI days, a double-agent who worked for the same escort service but now under a new name, because she had been in Monarch with Lady R. I needed to know what she had on her fellow sex slave. My asset, whom I will call Lady Buttercup, said she would only tell me in person at a public place. (The photo to the left is ten ir eight years old and she has since had plastic surgery and does not look like this anymore.)

I was in Barcelona and she is in San Francisco but that was no problem, I said I could meet her in two hours. She mentioned a restaurant on Russian Hill that I knew and had outdoors seating.

I saw her waiting. Something did not feel right but I sat down anyway. “I’m sorry,” is all she said, “they kidnapped my son and made me do it.”  Half a dozen cammo dudes with guns drawn surrounded me, plus an agent in a black suit appeared using teleportation and placed a gun to Lady B’s head. He told me, “Shift out and she dies, and so does her kid.”

I was indeed going to shift to 5D and get the hell out of dodge but I knew he would kill her and probably put her son in the programs or give the boy to a Draco to eat, so I remained still. My curiosity got the best of me as well. A second suit guy (I hate to use the term “man in black”) appeared by my side and slipped a damper collar around my neck — this collar kept my body vibrating at 3D…if I attempted to shift, it would tighten so hard my head would be severed. I know, because I have used the same collar on aliens.

I was ushered away and blindfolded and taken onto a vessel that I am pretty sure was some sort of TR-3, perhaps the E or G Tier 2 model.

BTW, there was a small news item about my apprehension:


Man abducted by military seems real

Customers having lunch at a Russian Hill restaurant were shocked and awed when a military unit of seven heavily armed men converged on a couple in the outdoors patio and arrested both. The man was led away in handcuffs and what appeared to be a collar around his neck and the woman was also cuffed.

Alongside the soldiers were two men in dark suits and sunglasses looking every part the mysterious government men-in-black types.

And playing the part was what it was all about. When asked about the incident, the public information office of the SFPD stated, “That was a scene from a movie being filmed in the city. The scene called for the action to be caught on a cell phone by an on-looker and, wanting it to appear realistic, with real public reaction, no one was told a film was being shot.”

The PIO did not know the name of the film but stated, “We will just have to look for it in theaters next year.”

A waitress at the restaurant said, “I’m pretty sure the man who was arrested was Clive Owen, when he walked in I even thought, Hey that guy looks like Clive Owen.”

The flight was five minutes but I could have been taken anywhere. I knew wherever we landed, the platform went below ground based on the sound. I was escorted to a room, hit in the stomach by te butt of a gun, and handcuffed to a chair. I sat there for eight hours, never fed or given water, a Geneva Conventon violation if I might say.

The blindfold was taken off and the two suit guys stood there plus an armed guardby the door.

“If you’re going to fuck me,” I said, “I expect you buy me dinner first.”

The suits did not have a sense of humor.

“We finally got you,” one said, “Mr. Former White Hat…did you think you could really elude us? Did you really think it would be that easy?”

“You know,” I said, “for a while, I did.”

“You’re in for a universe of hell, F.W. Hat.”

I turned to the other suit guy and said, “Can I ask you a serious question? When you got your dick in his mouth, does he talk away like that? It must be really annoying: you’re getting a blowjob from your MiB partner and he won’t shut up…”

I didn’t finish because two technicians in lab coats and a tray came in. They took my fingerprints, blood and hair samples, and performed a retinal scan.

“We’ll know your true identity soon,” said talky suit guy, “and then we’ll grow a few good clones and infiltrate your group of alien pals.”

“Don’t you know,” I replied, “I’m a Rothschild bastard. Like Hitler.”

“Funny guy,” said suit.

When the techies left with my DNA, a four star general entered the room, along with a pudgy and short woman with a deep French Canadian accent. I knew her instantly: Lady Dragon.

“You have been a pain in the ass, Former White Hat,” said Lady Dragon.

“I’m sorry,” I said to her, “I don’t remember having anal sex with you.”

“It was only a matter of time before we got you,” said the four-star general.

“And who are you, sir?” I asked. “I would salute you, sir, being former military, but my hands are oppressed from following protocol.”

“It does not matter my name, Hat,” said the general, “just know I am the one who will give the green light on the mass arrests.” He smiled.

“You are Drake’s Pentagon contact,” I said.

“And we have had that clone spilling the bullshit to the public. A nifty game.”

“What did you do with original?”

“He is safely tucked away,” said Lady Dragon.

“A wonderful plan devised by Hilary Clinton and Poppy Bush,” said the general. “You have this sincere-sounding old solider talking about freedom and mass arrests, he gets the militias worked up, the people pissed off, you keep holding off the arrest dates so they will get so mad they will do it themselves; then you give a green light, arrest a few bankers and congressmen of no great consequence, you ask the militias to head out, and things look fishy, a few planned terrorist attacks, a war brewing in the Middle East, and the President declares martial law, and we move in without none of this Constitutional rights baloney. Riots and civil unrest starts up –“

“And then Project Strawman and Op 711 goes green light,” I said, feeling defeated.

He smiled broadly. “You are looking at the man who has the codes to activate millions of clones out there: women, children, men of all stripe and strata. This was Hilary’s design, the bitch has some brains.”

“And a fat ass,” Lady Dragon chortled.

“You shouldn’t talk,” I said.

“Fuck you, Ex-White Hat!” she snapped. “I say we kill him now.”

“Not just yet,” the general said.

“Are you going to murder me,” I asked, “or bore me to death with useless banter?”

“Let’s see how smart-mouthed you are when we have you on the torture table,” said Lady Dragon. “What witty retorts will you utter when your fingers are being cut off and a hot metal rod is shoved up your skinny butt?”

“I imagine I will say ‘ouch,'” I said. To the general: “Why tell me all this crap? If you’re going to torture me, get on with it. At least something interesting will be happening.”

“I wanted you to know,” he said, “that we will send your clone out, your clone will back Drake up, will post online anything we want, and we will get your Plejaran and Procyonian friends reigned in.”

“You do know my friends can detect a clone,” I said.

“We have perfected the tech,” he informed me, “where a high-grade clone cannot be discerned from the original, and can live up to 10 years.”

“Wow,” I said, “progress of western civilization.”

“And you will –“

But he did not finish because an alarm sounded off. Outside the room were the sounds of explosions and men screaming from laser fire.

“What the heck is going on?!” cried Lady Dragon.

The guard stood read, the general pulled out his 9 mm. He looked worried as further sounds of explosions, laser and gun fire, and screams were heard.

I smiled. “Did you consider that if I did not check in, my ‘friends’ would know something was wrong? And that I have a Plejaran friend whom I am always in telepathic contact with?”

“We are here,” I heard Asket in my mind.

“I’m just kicking back, been waiting for the Calvary,” I replied to her.

Lady Dragon said, “Holy shit, Procyon warriors!”

“Did you really think grabbing me would be that easy?” I said.

The general came after me just as the door exploded open. The guard was vaporized instantly and screamed.

The Procyon warrior MONGOOSE came in, along with my female counterpart from the GAL-Universe, dressed in a black jumpsuit and combat face. They both wielded laser cannons.

“I surrender!” screeched Lady Dragon, falling to her knees, hands up. “Please don’t kill me!”

The general had it in his mind to use me as a shield, put the gun to my head and bargain his way out. But I jumped up, turned, slammed him with the metal chair I was strapped to. I kicked the gun out of his hand and head butted his face, breaking his nose.

“Miss me?” asked my counterpart.

“Could you have waited thirty seconds?” I said. “I was just having fun.”

Aaron McCollum then came in with one of the suit guys, bloodied, by the neck tie. “Release him,” Aaron said, nodding to me.

The suit guy, not so talkative now, used a small electronic device that released the damper on my neck, and then the cuffs.

“Nothing to say?” I asked him.

“Suck my willy,” he muttered.

I punched him in the mouth and teeth flew everywhere. He fell down next to the general, who was trying to keep a stream of blood from flowing out of his broken nose.

Feeling like Chuck Norris, I said, “I would say ‘sorry’ about the physical damage, sir, but I never apologize to anyone.”

“You always have to have the last word,” said my counterpart, “you remind me of me.”

“Where are we?” I asked. “Where and what is this facility?”

“Just one of many of those nasty underground bases in Colorado,” she told me.

The base was taken by 20 Procyon fighters. All the guards were killed, the military personnel and technicians taken prisoner. The first thing I did was destroy the fingerprints and blood nd hair samples they took from me.

They found, in stasis chambers, numerous clones of Bobby Joe Fannin, Bill Brockbrader, Drake, Benjamin Fulford, and Max Spiers. All were destroyed.

Asket was waiting in her beamship.

“The Calvary,” I said.

“Have fun?” she said.

Since I never had lunch in Frisco and had been in the base ten hours without food or water, I said, “Pizza and iced-tea sure sounds lovely right now.”

“You know how to use the food replicator,” Asket said, “but no replicated anchovies or salami.”

Extra cheese and pineapple was my choice.

As we left the base, the Colorado wildfires raged around us. A perfect camouflage, I thought, burn the above ground and no one will suspect the center of the phony mass arrests and clone activation was right below…

So, we have the general (I will release his name later) and Lady Dragon in custody…but this Lady Dragon is a clone. There is still an original, and maybe more clones, out there. Apparently this Lady Dragon did not know she was a clone and broke down in malfunction.

We got the mass clone activation codes from the general but he said, “You won’t stop it. Hilary also has the codes. Operation 7-11 will happen!”

But not the mass arrests. This general was Drake’s contact, and this general was to give the order of the fake mass arrests. That will not happen — but what about July 11? We need to still stop that.

ALSO: I am not ruling out this was a set-up. Something still does not feel right here. They had to know that I would have been rescued if I did not check in, and they never drugged me to block any telepathic communication, which seems odd. And why the small base and not the Pentagon or off-planet where it would have been more difficult to spring me? I have to be suspicious that I was intentionally fed false information or that this was an operation to see how effective the Procyon ground forces are at extraction. Don’t worry, I have been tested and I am not a clone, and now we have data on their new upgraded clones who are hard to detect.

Olein’s Beamship Caught on Camera in Waldo Canyon

Not intentional but it happens…


Of Thule, Vril, and Aryan People from the Past

I have returned from Germany and Austria…as I noted I was in Europe, first having dinner in Paris with an old friend from my intel days, who said important people from the past had arrived here in 2012.  From there we went to Berlin and met with a striking young woman with very long brown hair…her name was “Sigrun” in the 1930s-40s and she is 170 years old, but looks no older than 25. She is not an alien, she has kept her body in a perfect, unaging state using Vril energy. Yes, she is of the Thule and later Vril Societies from Nazi Germany fame…

She told me about the ten thousand Aryan Ukraine women who had been taken in 1944 to the Antarctica as wives/breeders for 2500 selected Aryan men, to create a pure master race that would always stay young and powerful via Vril energy, what would later become the 4th Reich. Something went wrong, they were infiltrated by the Bafath and Dracos…

She said 2,000 of these women and their children left in 100 Vril ships to go to Aldebaran but they were stopped by the Wingmakers and Laher People from the future, many of them killed or captured. 349 women and 200 children were flung into 2012 and landed in Austria.

They had wound up in 1998 for a while, but left for 2012.

We were met outside Berlin by another member of the group, Heike, also striking and young-looking but was born in 1865, and then taken to the Black Forest, and joined by Semjase, Nellet, Olein, Asket and others, who transported the Vril women and children to the Andromeda bio sphere. They are being hunted. They are pure blood Aryans with 5D bodies like Plejarans and would be choice prisoners for the Cabal. The women and children are as humanity once was and always meant to be: perfect healthy, beautiful, with bodies meant to last 600-800 years and never looking older than 40.

Sigrun knows some weaknesses of the Bafath and Lager that could be of use…she also says a fleet of 10,000 Aldebaran ships are on their way to come to earth January 2013…what their intentions, friend or foe, is unknown.

A Few Words from Your Friendly Neighborhood Former White Hat Operative

Gentle peoples,

I appreciate your confidence and support, but some of you have been asking in the comments (which I delete) or via email personal requests from either me or the Plejarans/Andromedans/Arcturians that are not in my, and their, necessity to do: we cannot, and will not, turn your electricity back on, pay your bills or put money in your bank account, get your spouse to return, keep the demons away, pick you up just because you want to ride in a UFO, save you from the country you are in and take you to a new home,  take you to the 5th Density or teach you “how” to ascend, and, to quote Drake, “that sort of thing.”

They are here to assist mankind as a whole, not fix individual problems in your life — these struggles are challenges you must face yourself, and figure out the best solution.

This is exactly the sort of thing that out ET family is concerned about: that many people would worship them as gods, or a direct line to Source, and petition the selfish and impossible. Like prayer to Source, there is a big gap between what you want and what you need. Many stories have been written regarding the folly of choosing lust over love.

We need only look at our past to see how the ET presence affected cultures: building the a Tower to reach heaven, building monuments as gifts for the “gods” to return or engaging in human sacrifice because they think that will  appease the gods to return or grant prayers. While a good many of people in the Western world are prepared to, or can handle, the revealing of the ET presence and the truth about the galactic community, the number who are not, in other countries, outweighs those who are: the shattering of paradigms and the threat to their faith and view of the Universe (that mankind is superior and “God” favors the earth) will result in riots, violence, suicide and war. However, the time has come that revelation is unavoidable and must be handled delicately and responsibly.

You are not alone and you never were. Some things you must do for yourself; you will receive guidance but it won’t be just handed to you.


Open Letter to Lady Drake & Lady Dragon/COBRA

Today, Drake in his update says, “We will know by the end of Monday or Tuesday if the military is for real about this or not. If they are, they should give me a green light.”

Got that rainbow sword in hand, eh, Lady Drake?

Yo, Drake-y,

I am giving you the same warning as I did to Sarah Stanga, Bobby Joe Fanin and Lady Dragon: Enough with the lies, the deception, the false hope and the games. If you do not discontinue the bullshit that is harming innocent people and causing confusion, you will be required to pack your bags and forced to a new home.

You are calling for war and violence on the home front; you are frightening We the People with false information. This must stop.

In your voice, I can tell you are still mentally trapped in Vietnam, these memories were transferred from original to the clone you are, and all the Drake clones suffered the same. I am very sorry you were sent to kill people by the Cabal over a false conflict in a bogus “Cold War” and young men were used for control of the drug trade, that it was all for “their” profit and control, for the CIA to fund their black projects. Many died who should not have died and many suffer mentally still, as you do: your suffering has caused you to live in a fictional world where you are the savior of humanity, as you claimed with your Rainbow Sword, are an insider in the Pentagon, and messenger to the free world. I know you see an ugly world and feel powerless to do anything to stop the bad guys, so you have concocted a role-playing game. Your stating that you are waiting for a helicopter of Pentagon generals to land on your property to have an elite meeting with you to plan the mass arrests is a Green Light indication of your delusions of grandeur and messiah complex.

Leave the cleaning up of the planet to the professionals, and stop telling lies about the Plejarans — they will not “scoop up” people from cities and fling Cabalists into the sun. If you knew anything about what “benevolent ETs” means, you would know they do not resort to violence outside self-protection.


Lady Dragon,

Enough with Operation Stardust nanites that “can immobilize or kill a Cabal person.” You never explained how these nanites discern between a Cabal person and a regular person. And if this were true — the Plejarns do not use this sort of thing and it is not “of the cosmic law thingy” as you and Cobra claim. If anything, the nanites being spread in the air is to harm and control We the People, to dumb down and thwart the many who are awaking up, whose energies and powers are coming to fruition: the very thing the Cabal fears and does not want.

You say, “Don’t shoot at the aliens, please.” As if they could be harmed by shotgun pellets. If “all the bad aliens are gone” as you and Cobra contend, then why are they still everywhere? Why is Queen Elizabeth still on her throne? Why are the shapesifters still in seats of power in the world governments?  Why are their bases at Dulce, NM, South Africa, China, Russia, Venezuela, Canada, England, and Austria heavily fortified and active? Why is their high priestess Sarah Stanga still on earth?  You say, “If you see a UFO, they are here to help you,” is exactly what the Cabal wants people to think, to trust the reptilians and greys. Ever see that Twilight Zone based on the Damon Knight story, “To Serve Man”? Or the show V? 

The “bad aliens” are being dealt with but they are hardly gone and still have mankind enslaved…they are losing their grip and are uselessly trying to tighten the rope. They cannot stop Ascension. The 3D world they and the human Cabal will inherit will not have the amount of people they need to remain as monarchs and lords, and that really bothers them, they do not want to let go of their slave race, life would not be any fun for them without people to play war games, to impoverish, to make hungry and scared.

Go back to stealing money from gamblers and playing your video games, Lady Dragon, instead of making the radio a video games to play your bullshit and ask money for COBRA.

Message from Semjase About COBRA

I was asked to pass this on. If it resonates, then it does; if not, then not.

Gentle people of the earth.

The entity naming itself COBRA is not associated with the Plejaran fleet, the Andromeda Council, the Arcturian Initiative, or any non-human race other than those known as the Gizeh Intelligence, a negative faction of Lyran descent.

COBRA is a signifier for: Clandestine Operative Bafath Regional Agent. It is neither male nor female. It is a synthetic located in Montreal, Canada.

In the coming weeks and months, many such entities proposing to be of the light and against the Collective Cabal will attempt to lead you astray. They will attempt to make you believe the benevolent races, your brothers and sisters from the stars, are the true dark ones. They will attempt to trick you into following the Priory of Dracos, to enslave you, clone you, and devour your flesh and torture your soul. Look to your heart of hearts and ask: does this entity resonate with Source?

The entity known as Drake is not associated with the Pentagon or Plejarans.  We are not “impatient” for “mass arrests.” There was never any such plan after a similar plan was defeated by your political leaders and banking kings many years ago. Our plans for the removal of the Collective Cabal will be under way in a different manner which does not involve violence. We have offered re-location to a third density moon that can sustain human and Draco-Hydra life. Many have already accepted this alternative.

Look to the skies, gentle people. We are there. Open your eyes and hearts and you will know that you are not alone. You were never alone. We are family.

Drake and Friends Talk Turkey

First the Illuminati were thingamabobs, now Drake persistently refers to them as “turkies.”

It is June 21st, the deadline for the Cabal to, shaking in their boots and high heels and leather loafers, surrneder to Drake and Friends.

Joining Drake on his Wednesday show was a slew of other Resistance Fighters with comic-book names: Minuteman, Lady Dragon and Spectre the Minister.

Drake mentions that Lady Dragon was “listening to an interview with Cobra”…listening to herself? It is rather amusing how Lady Dragon boasts how famous she is pre-Google and in all countries, and slyly refers to my post with her Playboy Mansion photo (for those of you saying, “How do you know that is really Lady Dragon?”)  (And according to Drake, Lady Dragon alone will free Canada — all hail the Cannuck Savior, Lady Dragon!) Lady Dragon says Cobra says (or she says): “No human knows the exact deadline date, but things are happening.”  Wow! No deadline extends Drake’s story for at least another year, eh, laddies?

To start, Drake back peddles and claims he never said things would start happening after June 21st; it was Cobra who did…is there dissent going on between Drake and Lady Dragon’s alter? Yet, Drake was told by yet another connection to the Pentagon that “crazy things” will start happening in two weeks.

Two weeks…he keeps pushing things: 30 days, soon, two weeks, the 21st. How long can he keep this b.s. up and how long will the fooled continue to be fooled?

Maybe it was Drake’s letter to the Pentagon that opened the eyes of all those generals: “Gee, we better do what Drake says, gentlemen, because Drake’s E.T. buddies will kick our butts if we don’t.” After all, according to Lady Dragon, the letter twice landed on the O-Clone’s desk, and millions in every country read it and, like the Cabal, trembled in fear.

Drake contends there are aliens in disguise working in the Pentagon…well, that is one thing he has right, but they are not the Plejarans there at the Pentagon, they are shapeshifting and human-hybrid reptoids. Lady Dragon says that 20 million “good aliens” beamed in from Planet X to an undersea base and are awaiting when we need them, to help the 300 aliens deep in the government and 5 million other incarnated aliens.

Okay look: the only aliens in undersea bases are Dracos and greys. 25 million waiting to be called on? 25 million is the estimated number of cloned citizens of Project Strawman, to be activated for Operation 711. Lady Dragon/Cobra is a shill, backing up Tolec, which I have reported is a disinfo A.I. “We have all these aliens helping us so now it’s time we get up and go do something, you know,” she says.

If it is not obvious, this is the exact plan the Cabal has been working on: present their troops as the good ETs and paint the picture that makes the Andromeda Council and Plejarans as the bad guys.  And how are these human-looking aliens in the Pentagon if not Plejaran? Two answers: the Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence and shapeshifting reptilains.

Some memorable Drake quotes:

“Don’t give the turkey a loaded gun…that is not intelligent.”

“I will not, and never, challenge these entities.”

“Let’s arrest George W. Bush for his lies…and other such things.”

Drake and the ET Cops

It should be obvious by now that the Drake Clone 6, the false Drake Kent Bailey, has malfunctioned and gone off the deep end more than Bobby Joe Fanin and its worst hair day, as apparent in this Sunday radio show.

What does Drake say now? He does not know why the mass arrests have not happened, and he is irked “and that sort of thing,” and the good guy ETs are getting impatient and might do it themselves.  He does not say outright said ETs are the Plejarans, just says they “don;t look that different from us” and that they don’t have 25 eyes and tentacles, but Cobra is claiming the same and that the “Pleiadians” are the ones. (I should note that I have some close ET friends wo have 30 eyes and 25 tentacles, and find his remark insulting and racist!)

Drake says these ETs will “scoop up” hundreds of people in cities and sort out the good guys from the bad guys, putting the good ones back. I assure you that no benevolent beings would do something like that, and since they are telepathic, they would know who has been naughty and who has been nice, because they have a list and they check it twice.

However, this does sound like “Operation Rapture,” a Cabal plan to have the greys abduct 2-3 million people worldwide and killing them, but having political and religious leaders claim the event to be the Rapture…this would cause confusion, anger and fear among the many Christians who believe they were righteous and have been left behind by God…this is a doorway for a anti-Christ leader to convince the masses to turn against “God” and follow his path to salvation…which will be no more than the path to enslavement and clones with numbers on their foreheads.

That is a plan but there are those working to stop it because the slaughter of millions in that fashion is  a matter that can be interfered with, it has nothing to aide anyone in evolution.

This Drake is advocating mass arrests and then figuring out “who you are, what you are and what you did” later. What does this sound like? All these arrests without warrants, due process, charges filed within 72 hours…it is inevitable that some innocence would be rounded up in such a sweep — what of their rights as they sit for weeks or months in a FEMA Camp or jail cell? What of innocent util proven guilty for all? Does this sound like a “restored Constitutional United States” or a fascist witch hunt whatchmacallit turkey thingamabob?

There will be no positive mass arrests anymore; it did not happen because the plan was infiltrated by the Cabal and is now in their control…they may, perhaps, sacrifice low-level minions and  couple of high players like Congress and Senate members, and there may be disruptions of money and food, anarchy and chaos, leading to an excuse for martial law and foreign troops (Chinese, Russian) to come into the nation “to help” by request of the O-Clone and Company.

The “open letter” Drake wrote to the Pentagon…one needs to ask, doesn’t he have a lot of contacts and buddies in the Pentagon? Why does he need to write an open letter?  And does he think this letter will really sway the minds of all those compromised four star generals? He calls those who failed to act “turkeys.”  But who is the one flapping the goggle goggles here?

There is one thing he stated that is true: Gaia in her 3D form will start shaking us off her hide with quakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and that sort of thing. She will. And those who stay in 3D have chosen that reality over ascension.

And the person chosen to deliver the “surrender by June 21st or else”ultimatium? Yes, by her demeanor and strength of voice, it is certain that the powerful bankers and politicians and the royal Dracos and Orion Greys are trembling in fear:

The Cobra/Lady Dragon Deception

This “entity” calling itself  “Cobra,” is, as I said before, full of shayte, pardon my Irish. It gave its first interview the other day and claims that the Plejarans have joined “the Resistance” and are going to step forward and make the mass arrests since the Pentagon generals have not, something Drake is now saying as well.

The Plejarans, nor any other friendly ETs, or EDs, or light beings, are not going to start arresting bankers and politicians and Luficerians. yes, they have arrested the likes of Astra and St Germaine but that is under galactic and universal law, for crimes on many planets against many beings.

The issue with the Cabal is something for 3D bound humanity to deal with on its own.

Cobra is Lady Dragon using a voice changer and claims to be a reincarnated Plejaran. This I can say for certain: Cobra/Lady Dragon is not one of the 250. What is most likely is that he/she/it is a Bafath/Gizeh Intelligence, as this is the sort of psyops they engage in. Plus, no one refers to them as Pleiadeans anymore except the disinfo shills.

The Cobra has a Nazi connection…

And consider this: these people all have reptilian nicknames…Drake (Dracos) of the Royal Order of the Dragon…Cobra the snake and Lady Dragon who runs an online gambling business…gambling being an addictive matter that destroys people just as addictions to alcohol, heroin, and pornography does.

And gambling being one of the Cabal’s bigger money makers.

This video that my counterpart posted, while employing animation as humor, speaks of how the Cabal and evil entities fool people as being “The Galactic Federation of Light” the way Ashtar was luring people in, the way Duncan O’Finioan and Sarah Stanga and Stewrt Swerdlow lure people in with false hope, lies and bullshit, to snag them in a web of deceit as an offering to the Dark Overlords of Bullshit.


Typology of UFOs

My GAL-Universe counterpart soul was looking at various Youtube vids and wondering why no one points out which kind they are, race and reason behind ship designs. Good question, I guess I assumed people knew, but not many people even open their eyes and look up to see the skies full of these (expect those with cameras).

So she has been posting explanations about various ships…

Update: Diamond Spiders in Chile

Seems that while the red-hair giants can tear off the limbs of the Diamond Spiders, and have tried t cook the bodies in huge iron cauldrons, the bodies of the legless spiders quickly re-grow their legs, and individual legs start to grow new bodies. This is something there was never any intel on…

The sonic cannons that can kill them have arrived on earth. Since I have experience, I am training several operatives and Procyon soldiers how to use them here in Chile, then we will go to the U.S. and India. My posts on other things will be minimal but my counterpart is in the field with the Plejarans, crewing on Semjase’s command ship. She also has experience with the cannons when she fought the Ruby Spiders 12 years ago in the GAL.

In Japan, ninja units of the White Dragons have not found any success in killing the spiders with katana swords. All ninjas have been eaten. The spiders there are growing much faster as they have also been feeding off radiation fro Fukashima.

Several spider pods have landed outside Chicago but Semjase’s team took care of them. Obviously they were attracted to the high level of radaition.

Radiation Spreads in Great Lakes Region…

The Plejaran and Andomedan fleets have been dispatched to assess the problem and attempt to clean up the massive radiation spread.You can thank the black ops gov Cabal for thinking the use of nukes is the best way to stop an alien force from taking all their precioius gold…unless of course this was the plan all along,

A user called Alaska Freedom reports on the fallout of the battle at SurvivalistBoards:

Been following it since it started hours ago. Have print screen of the changes every few minutes at both sites. At exactly the time Fox news was called by a local there the sites went into re-set, but then started up again.
Now mind you they are not connected in any way so coincidence is a 50/50 thing. but after re-set both went up again so now its not coincidence. At the same time other areas picked up higher amounts, nothing major just higher in a short period of time
and far apart. Sweden picked up 700CPM. also.
Direct tv went down in many parts of the country from Alaska to the East Coast.
Many websites crashed at the same given time. Ok coincidence if you say so but think about it.
I think something stinks and it is being covered up.

Here is more.

Northern Indiana weather live never moved for hours. Stayed the same. Rain storm was in the shape of a circle. No rain storm looked like that I ever say.

South Chicago airport webcam, also live, refreshes every few seconds, never moved for hours, not even a fly past the street light, not a light or car or anything. It was totally froze in place. WHY?

HAARP site: When I went there when it was first starting, I was one of two people there, but with in minutes there were thousands from all over, Why?

Radar showed rain but it was actually clear there. (Clear-weather channel)

People in area reported feeling sick

News media refused to take the reports and stories from local people flooding the phone lines. WHY? CNN,FOX NEWS, MSMBC ect….would not respond to request.

Thousands spent hours scared and not knowing what was really happening.

Its easy for many here to joke about it till one day its your town and you will see that fear is no joking matter. Think about it next time


Notes from Chantilly, VA

There are a lot of aliens, demons, lizards and disguised Annunaki here.

There goes Alex Jones, banned from the hotel, but that is all an act, Alex being a CIA shill.

The O-Clone and Hilary Clone…yikes…

No Timothy Geithner.

I have seen three versions of James Casbolt, the reptilian shapeshifter Bill Ryan, and a hologram version of George Clooney…

One Fulford clone again, but picked up by the Plejarans…will the Fulford clone thing never end?

Cabal plants within the protesters, agents and aliens alike…

Lots of Monarch hookers and underage girls and boys ushered into the back in limo buses…how many will leave alive, how many will be sacrificed, how many feasted on?

David Rockefeller…old man…

Paul Volcker, shapeshifter…


Something big is going to happen, it is in the air.

The ceremony worshipping Moloch will be tonight.

Another Evil Plan of the Cabal

Will the Brethern of the White Robe and Plejarans stop this plan?

It is in the works as I land in Arizona here…


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