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The Battle Below Northern Italy and What’s Up at The Hague

The intricate network of 12 bases and the European high-speed rail system in Northern Italy is under way and quite horrendous on both sides. Look for it to spread into Austria, France, Germany and Greece…and in southern Latin America, look for action in Chile soon.

The situation on the island of Tonga, part of  the Republic of New Lemuria, was neither quake nor explosion, but Sean-David Morton (an ambassador of New Lemuria) jumping up and down trying to eat Artcurians flying over.

I am in Belgium, land of ancient Gaul, before the Roman Empire invaded and enslaved the Celtic-Germanic Gauls. There was a Mantis base there then, and still operates now. There are Mantoid shapeshifters in the Belgium government, but there are also good guys.

In The Hauge, they are considering bringing in Bill Brockbrader to answer for black ops war crimes in Iraq; they are also considering the war crimes files of Bobby Joe Fanin, Dave Corso, White Wolf, Andrew Pero, Steve Erics, and Larry Freemont, each who have, when activated, slaughtered many civilians including women and children. I am sure the World Court will take into consideration they were mind-controlled; what they want to know is: these men are aware of what they did in , alters or not, so why have they not come forward to turn themselves in for all the lives they took in the past?

This is something all these guys and gals need to be asked: you remember all those you assassinated and murdered, you know where the bodies are buried, how come you don’t do the honorable thing and turn yourself in to the War Crimes Tribunal and ask for immunity in exchange for exposing the Cabal black ops?

Unless, of course, your stories are b.s.

Wave of Beamships over the Kiwi

The New Zealand Herald writes about a wave of UFOs on North Island…

Just as I had reported with the temporary Pleiadean bridge that was there…most of the sightings are Plejaran and Arcturian, with some Sirian and Gevhnoyian ships.

Where Are the Two Murdered Witnesses’ Bodies in the Streets of Jerusalem?

There is a rumor on the net that Ronald Weinland and his wife committed suicide to make it seem like the fulfillment of the fate of the Two Witnesses. I have no idea if this rumor is true; his last blog post was May 23, about 3.5 days before the 27.

Talking Points:

1. According to his own book, God’s Final Witness, they, the two witnesses of The Revelations of St. J0hn, he and his wife must be murdered at the end of the 1,260 days of Tribulation by Satan, their dead bodies left on the streets of Jerusalem for the 3.5 days, whereupon they will be resurrected to life and Jesus and the 144,000 will show up. That means they should have been killed two days ago…and evenif they are dead, why are they not, as Weinland claims, having their dead bodes seen on TV in Israel? And if they committed suicide to fulfill this prophecy, would that not make them satan, or controlled by Satan hands? I would like to see the wiggle way out of this discrepency…oh, sure, it was all some sort of metaphor, right? Their “murder” is the ridicule they are facing? Weinland writes that the “sackcloth” the witnesses wear is a a metaphor for “humility.” The two have not appeared to be humiliated then or now, especially this “warning” that anyone who mocks him will die.

2. Seven plagues are supposed to spread across the earth during the 3.5 years of Tribulation…hasn’t happened.

3. The last seal is supposed to bring about the destruction of 1/3 of the USA…well, the first seal has not even been opened yet, and the deadline is in 43 hours until 12:01 May 28 as I compose this from Panama.

4. Weinland says China and Russia will attack Europe. These two nations could not mobilize such an invasion force in 24 hours, sorry — however, the Dracos can! But Weinland does not say the military force are lizards….in this vid, he does talk of aliens, but this vid also shows that when the truth is obvious that mankind has been on earth much longer than 6,000 years, and that humanity was created by ancient aliens and not a “God” as they believe, they will not be able to comprehend it, and will wage war or commit mass suicide…their paradigms will shatter like glass goblins!

5. If you know how currency exchange and a nation’s value and debt is measured, the dollar is not going to collapse over the weekend, or today, a holiday weekend where people are spending like crazy and foolishly forking out $5 a gallon; a currency will collpase during a stock market and currency trading crises, yet this week the dollar has gained strength. In Weinland’s scenario, the dollar has to crash today, 1/3 of the U.S. popultion has to die today, China and Russia have to strike all of Europe with nukes and troops today (and it is well underway the 27th on that side of the globe)…well?

6. The notion of fundamentalists who have no idea they are actually worshipping Satan that the earth is on 6,000 years or that humans have only been on earth for 6,000 years, contrary to logic and historical evidence, is quite the joke, eh, laddies.

The point I am making is that, yes, these things had been planned by the Cabal in cahoots with the dark entities who would masquerade as JC…but it has been stopped. JC was not stopped; the false messiah, false flags, and  a bogus Apocalypse were stopped — these things we had seen occur in a number of timelines when we were unable to come back and fix it due to what the Wingmakers did. And this was why we had to return on May 19, 2012, before the alignment.

So, come the 28th, if Weinland and wife are still alive, do you think this fellow will step up to plate and admit he was wrong, that he was deceived by Sam’el/St Germain, that he is a false prophet? Don’t count on it. If he does not disappear with his church’s money, that a Grand Jury has already inducted him on stealing, he will come up with another excuse, like he did last year when Jesus did not show up; we have seen it time and again…at least Camping had publicly admitted he was full of shit…Weinland is obviously too full or hubris with the heart of a criminal to ask forgiveness of how he has led people astray from any kernel of truth…so what will be his excuse? The wrong calendar calculations like the Jehovah’s Witnesses claimed? That Jesus postponed it until June, July, November, 2013?

And the 2 or 3 people who have been posting about May 27, we will not see them here on May 28 admitting they were deceved and Weinland was wrong…they will either not show up or will support Weinland’s excuses. I do not have the time to read many paranormal blogs and forums out there, but after a quick look, I see a number of Weinland sheep out there posting…they do not believe in the paranormal stuff, they are members of Weinland’s congregation who were instructed to widely post Weinland’s falsehoods all over the net. Eh, laddies? It is like the born-agains hanging out with hookers in the redlight district in hopes of “saving” a few wayward whores.

Here is one certainty for Weinland: Federal prison for tax evasion and fraud; incarceration of justice as is the case with his masters, Sam’el/St. Germain/Sananda/Ashtar.

In 5D earth, there will be no false prophets and con men preying on the fears and confusion of the masses…there will be no need to look to these kind of people for salvation because salvation will be within, the Christ Consciousness will be within all, connected to all, and there will be no use for organized religion and no jobs for egomaniacal pastors, preachers, reverend, rabbis and Imans; there will be no fear for these shapeshifters to feed on; there will be no “end times” to create worry because there will be no time that has an “end.”

Andromeda Council Arrests Fallen Angel Sam’el, aka “St. Germain” and “Sananda” for Crimes Across the Wounded Galaxies

As’bel aka “Ashtar” has a cell mate in the Galactic Prison: his fellow fallen angel Sam’el, masquerading as both “Saint Germain” and “Sananda,” false light beings, deceivers of good, grand masters of disinfo and deception.

For the past week, the Brethren of the White Robe, the White Dragons, the Knights of the Silver Sword, the Daughters of the Phoenix, the Born 250, the Accomplished 505, and the Sons of the Mystic Waters, with help from the  Arcturians, Plejarans, and Procyon warriors, with 80% of the awakened 144,000, have been thwarting all kinds of efforts by Sam’el/Germain and the Cabal to create a hell on earth: the three nukes placed in Chicago were all deactivated, certainly to the chagrin of the Bushes and Rockefellers when the codes were sent and nothing happened; the clone take-over of the Denver IA by 200 omega unit 197s was stopped; the destruction of the Fakashima and San Onofre nuclear plants, which would have radiated all of the Pacific Ocean was averted; caches of tons of gold mysteriously appeared in Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve to ensure the dollar would not crash.

These thwarted events were to be an impetus for St. Germain to appear on all TVs and the Internet and in people’s dreams as the Second Coming of the Christ Emmanuel Joshua Issa, aka Jesus.

Sam’el has masqueraded as both St. Germain and Sananda, just as a third entity, Gader’el, has shown himself as both Sananda and St. Germain as well; the third of this unholy trinity is the captured As’bel.

There is still a chance that Sananda will attempt to cause some destruction and deceive many as Christ, as he has taken a similar look:

Either way, it appears that their plans for a May 27th great deception have come to an end.

For hundreds of years, Sam’el found followers to believe he was a light being, while working against humans often in channeling. He was never Hesiod the Greek Poet, Merlin the wizard or Francis Bacon/Shakespeare.

More later.

St. Germain’s Fool/Sam’el’s Tool

Sam’el/St. Jermain has admitted to the Arcturians that he sent deceptive messages to Ronald Weinland, as well as 300 other people, that he was Jesus and coming back.,

Sam’el laughed when he confessed.

Or is that a psyops counter-deception for the real Second Coming?

Many are watching the countdown here.

Weinland recently wrote:

May 27, 2012 is the time that I have stated as being the date Jesus Christ will return as King of kings over all government on this earth. For such an event to come to pass, the Trumpets of Revelation must all sound, the United States and dollar collapse, the ten nations of Europe arise to fulfill the final revival of the Holy Roman Empire, and Russia with China must unite against Europe in WWIII.

There is about 36 hours left for the trumpets, for the collapse, and WW 3.

But the real good guys already put a stop to Sam’ael/St. Gernain’s game plan.

I guess JC could still show up and thank the ETs and the 144,000 and then say they were doing his bidding and take all the credit?  Or will this be another fake JC, Sam’el’s buddy sometimes known as Senanda?

dem lights

The Tooth of Time or Meet My Plejaran Dentist Below the Bianucus Crater of Luna!

Why the moon? I needed to go to the Plejaran base here to have a “time anchor” placed in me. I am obviously phasing in and out of a variety of timelines…just 17 hours ago, I was in a timeline where Hilary Clinton was President and Ron Paul was winning the Republican delegates, Obama was given the lowly cabinet position of Secretary of of the Interior (his nickname is Mr InterirO”), war with Iran was under way and the Chinese had control of Florida, California, Arizona and New Mexico, and Hilary was going to launch a nuke at the 2 million Chinese troops in Florida…

Anyway, to keep me anchored to this time, a complex computerized device with a 20 teraflop memory was implanted in one of my teeth. The same thing happened to Anya Briggs, she was unstuck in time after a botched Montauk time-travel deal at the hands of perverted Stewart Swerdlow; so her Plejaran friends put an time anchor in one of her teeth.

So Long, Humans, and Thanks for All the Kiwis

The North NZ bridge to the Pleiades has closed.

The conversations with Maui were incredible; hell I could write a whole book in line with Whitley Strieber’s The Master of the Key.

Fred Bell and an original SDM also left…I tried to convince SDM to remain but he reminded me he was from another timeline, and how could he explain being younger, thinner, with no memories of this life’s timeline, if he were to replace his clone? (Asket did supply him with a copy of his 2012 novel, Sands of Time, so I am not sure what kind of paradox that could create!) Besides, he tells me he believes his original is still alive, contrary to information I have.

The bridge in L.A. also closed, and I am certain the minor ones will soon.

The energy around the earth is amazing — I cannot sleep and my 3D body is super-charged. Who needs, or has time, for ZZzzzs?

I am...The Man Who Had No Time for Time.

The Maui-Montauk Connection

Three hours ago, NZ time, I was met by a teenage version of Laura Eisenhower. She had been sent through a time portal from Mantauk Station, 1983, to show us the way to the Pleiadean bridge. We found it north of Rotorua by the Bay of Plenty.

Sitting at the foot of the bridge was Maui, a Lyran-reptoid hybrid from millions of years ago. Maui is from Maori myth:

Māui and his brothers were fishing from their canoe (the South Island) when he caught a great fish and pulled it from the sea. While he was not looking his brothers fought over the fish and chopped it up. This great fish became the North Island and thus a Māori name for the North Island is Te Ika-a-Māui (The Fish of Māui). The mountains and valleys are believed to have been formed as a result of Māui’s brothers’ hacking at the fish.

An allegory, for certain, about a crashed ship and the devestation of Atlantis.

“Like the Lemurian queen,” said Maui in a tired voice, “I too have awakened, and I offer you drink, my friends!”

A mixed fruit drink of kiwis, apple and banana…we have been conversing with him.

But the real news: from the Mantauk portal emerged Sean-David Morton — the real one. Not a clone! A slender, 185-lb Morton too. He was accompanied by a past verson of Fred Bell, who was in stasis; the Bell they said died was, it seems, a clone…

More news later…there is so much happening I do not know where to collate it all.

Multiverse ReBoot — or, These ReBoots are Made for Ascendin’

from Kerry Cassidy’s blog, a reader send her this which I concur:

You may be feeling [if you are awake and aware --FWH] a huge rush of photon energy on May 20th, directly related to our central sun, Alcyone, as the alignment is estimated to take place between 4:44 pm and 4:50 pm PST [today].

Alcyone is in the middle of the photon belt, and we are going to be lined up to Alcyone, our Sun, and the Moon (ring of fire eclipse), which is very cool, and full of weirdness. You can be certain that the energy will nothing short of incredible. This Photon Belt has been outside our solar system for a long time and now it is inside our system, and guess who is feeling it — YOU! 

Photon Light vibrates at a very high frequency and it has a direct impact on our bodies, on our DNA, and on our brain waves (which makes you feel so tired in the middle of the day you think what is happening here).  If you keep an eye on you can see the changes to the photon energy every 10 minutes and quite frankly you can feel it increase and then check the website for confirmation (if you want).

I have been told that the May 20th solar eclipse (ring of fire) signifies a ‘reboot’  for the Multiverse. This reboot is not just a local deal, just little old us, but rather it is a major reboot for the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Thereafter we start a brand new 25,920 year cycle.

This eclipse will intercept important energetic lines (the serpent and dragon lines) on Earth at two locations. One is at Mt Shasta and the other is at Mt Fuji.  Those two locations will be charged up with very potent energy.

We have to be emotionally prepared for major changes after this eclipse, some natural, and others contrived to put us into a state of intense fear. The duality of the situation is quite interesting. This period of time marks a fantastic opportunity for humans to wake up and get with the plan, while at the same time it marks the perfect time to create intense emotional fear to feed off of.


I have returned from a visit to Telos, the 5D city inside Mt. Shasta, inhabitated by Lemurain descendents and some positive reptoids, who are all await for their Queen to awaken from the slumber she has been in for 50,000 years.

We were well-received with a wonderful dinner and tour. Words cannot explain the splendor of Telos and its place in Lemurian lore.

Lemurians come in several shapes and sizes — tall blue-skinned people who are connected to the Andromedans, reptillians who are tall and benevolent, with a knack for colorful clothing and head gear; humanoids who are connected to Lyra. They are beautful men and women, 5D, with a series of masters in the 8D.

Things Starting

Certainly there are many seeing the Plejaran beamships going in and out of Lake Shasta near the dam, and dozens of Arcturian orbs circling the mountain to greet the awakening of the Lemurian Queen.

In Hoy Park in Redding, reptoids have been spotted and three people have disappeared, apprently eaten. Procyon operatives are on the scene and have captured 18 lizard boys so far.


Strange Return, Disaster Timelines, Time Travel Issues, Mt. Shasta and the Laher People

I am back, and it has been a damn long time.

In my perspective, I have been gone for five years  but finally made it back to May 19, 2012, because of all kinds of weird and disastrous timelines that mixed together between May 20-30.

Ten days of hell and high weirdness, including nuclear strikes, Dracos city invasions, the destruction of San Francisco by HAARP, the Laher People appearing at Mt. Shasta just when the time portal to ancient Lemuria opens, with SDM eating a lot of Lemurians coming in; Chicago locked down and Chinese troops invading in California, Arizona and New Mexico; 200 clones of Bobby Joe Duncan converging on Denver and taking over the Airport; the Dracos armada breaking through the Andromeda Council  blockade with St. Germaine falsely posing as the Second Coming of Jesus to fight the Dracos but turning against humanity and killing 3 billion worldwide, leading to Dracos occupation of all of Europe, Australia, Japan, South America and half of the US and Canada, and St. Germaine and Lucifer placing themselves on a celestial throne in Jerusalem.

I realized I needed to come back but the solar system was imprisoned by the Wingmakers, stopping all time travel in and out of earth; Al Beilek and James Casbolt worked behind the scenes to shut down the temporal blockade so the Plejarans could return to the pre-hell May 19 and attempt to stop certain things.

I am here in Mt. Shasta with Asket, Remiz, Nellet, and Olein leading a 400 strong brigade of Procyon warriors and 100 Dracos defectors to keep the Laher People from messing with the opening of the Lemurian portal (in a past timeline, the Laher, having gotten in to 75,000 years ago, conquer Lemuria and then Atlantis, with humanity then becoming part Laher and all humans having only one big eye).

In my perspective, I have not blogged here in five years because I could not connect to the planetary net because of the Wingmaker block.

Some of you in various timelines will read this; others will not.

This Hat is Erra Bound

I am soon bound for Erra; Asket and I are taking a certain someone who desperately needs time away from the madness, after months of stressful situations. He is finishing up a blog entry and then we are off for a while — two months there, 10 days here if I calculate right (he has to wear a 5D belt to make his body vibrate at 5D  level but I finally do not need the belt after all these years!). I will provide updates that seem important and finally sit down and compose an essay about my experience in the far future with Al Bielek and the Wingmakers.

On my return, perhaps I will hitch a ride on The Jesus Ship and get here May 27…or maybe I am Jesus, ever consider that for a hat?

The Jesus Lad.

Weapons of Mass Karma: An Inevitable Ballet

O My Bright and Risen Angels!  Alas, yes, unfortunately, inevitably as it were, it may take a major and horrific event to happen to wake humanity up and stop munching Doritos while watching American Idol (tho I used to be  a fan when Simon was on it)…This is why certain matters must now play out, such as a nuclerar exchange…only the terible event and slaughter of millions will cause an uprising to dismantle all bombs and never use them again…

Many of the benevoemt ET racess went through that in their collective pasts, and from such stupidity came the wisdom they have been trying to impart on world and military leaders.

If it were up to me, I would have us skip all that, and the huamns and ETs working together have indeed presented dozens of attempts to start up a nuclear exchange. It appears that the A-Council and Plejarans and Arcturians will step back from interfering with nuclear launches and allow mankind’s karma to come forth (the USA still has a great karmic debt over the bomvbings in Japan with the a-bomb) like a deformed monster infant from a dead womb of the whore of Babylon.

O My White and Risen Knights of Truth! This does not mean The Brerthren of the White Robe, the Knights of the Silver Word, the Order of St. John, the White Dragons and others will stop their efforts to thwarft…we will continue to stop false flags and nukes buried underwater, but we will not have gthe assistance of the ETs.

It is now humanity’s choice.

Timeline Changes

D. Wilcock’s new postings discusses much of what I have been discussing regarding the Plejarans/Andromeda Council, the Cabal and the battle…this could be why the armada is in a holding pattern right now. He notes that the window for the mass arrests has passed but believes it will still happen at some point. The fact is the Plan has been so infiltrated and corrupted that it will be used against the people of earth instead of for them — there may be arrests, Obama will claim coup d’etat and ask the Chinese to move their forces in from the south, Russia from the North, Annunaki from the sky and Dracos/Gizeh from the ground and Laher jumping in and out of timelines, with submarines nuking the west coast and clone soldiers patrolling the streets — this is Operation 711 from Project Strawman, the activation of three million clones who are your neighbors, friends, family, lovers, co-workers: when activated they will start rounding people up to keep revolt down. The Iran War will occur after. Before the false flag mass arrests, an attack on Tokyo is planned to stop the new financing system and eliminate leaders of the White Dragons.

Meanwhile, all of Europe will fall into turmoil as their money fails. Putin will move his armies in and declare himself Emperor of the Expanded Soviet Empire of the West and East, then giving the power over to his Dracos Queen Elizabeth who will take command of the Russian werewolf army that will overtake Canada while China will rule Mexico, Latin America and Australia.

Will this all happen? This is their plan; as Wilcock notes, our famiy in the sky is fighting for us, whether ascension is postponed to 2034 or not, but are limited to certain preventations. Should this plan go down and the Dracps armada breaks through, you must resist. Five million innocent children will be removed to Hope, the fathers and mothers for the future humans in 3D, afforded work to ascesion in peace and harmony.

Will this happen? It may be up to YOU, as in all y’all laddies and lasses.

What Happened at Camp Hill…

Nothing really. Observed an old cloned man with a beer gut and limp try to convince duped people that he was a survival expert and more than just an antiquated aged unit whose salad days are long gone. Like I said before, all I felt was pity for the lad.

It was my intention to help Bobby Joe Fanin become free of his programming, nanites and implants, but he is not real, he is not the original Omega Unit 197…

Clones cannot be saved.

But clones are quite evil, and at night, in the dark wee hours in the cold and rain, I also heard and witnessed Bobby Joe and Black Witch Miranda and cross-dresser asshat Maugans dancing to the devil and being possessed by evil spirits.

I overheard Miranda tell someone they were going to eat some children with three reptilians who were going to join them…I have no idea if that happened or was just talk. I hope it did not happen.

And on the last day, a change in the Galactic Plan transpired, May 6th…it was a heavy weight on the heart and I feel many Cabalists and their clone minnions were performing these rituals all over the world to bring this change into reality.

I was relieved when Asket picked me up in her ship and we went out to Ganymede and then the outskirts of the Kuiper Belt, even though that was disconcerting as well.

The Laher People as Illuminati Mascots

So take a good look at the 2012 Olympic Games’ two mascots…one eyed creatures that look exactly, from head to toe, like Laher beings from the future.

Doesn’t this seem rather curious…

Do any of you nay-sayers out there doubt me now? Reality is stranger than any of us can imagine.

I still have not told my story about going to 2749 with Al Beilek and finding out who the Laher are and their connection to Project Montauk, Tesla, Alesiter Crowley, and the Alvah Consciousness from the Sanctum of Abbadon…I need to sit down for a while and figure out how to explain it all in a way that will make sense to you all…it still blows my mind…

I can say this: the Laher plan to attack during the games, which will be interesting since the Cabal plans a false flag attack and blame it on the Plejarans, making the Greys look like the good guys.

The Deceiver Called “Ashtar” Arrested!

The fraudulent light being, “Ashtar,” has been arrested and will await trial in the Galactic Court for crimes against 30 worlds of deceit, lies, murder, and sexual defilement of humans.

Semjase and company knew where a portal would open and this being’s ship would emerge, down by the Antarctica, to rendezvous with members of the Bafath and Gizeh Intelligence.

“Ashtar” is really “Asb’el,” a reptoid-human Archon shape-shifted  who has been deceiving beings on 30 planets the past 250,000 years as a protector, a good guy, a light being — his greatest crimes include setting himself up as a God Messiah and having beings kill one another in his honor. This was something he and his companions were planning for earth as well.

Asb’el is one of the 12 original fallen angels, a right-hand Archon of Lucifer. He has appeared to people as a divine being, he has intercepted channels, he has raped children and dined on their living and dead flesh, he has controlled politicians such as Ronald Reagan and James Madison, he has given false information to those who follow him to spread the Gizeh/Draco lies, presenting himself as a blonde tree-hugging hippie ET but really has pressed the superior-Aryan dogma the Nazis fell for.

Take a look at the above illustration and the damning clue sticks out: the saucer is an old-model Gizeh/Vril ship, first manufactured on earth by the Nazis and 4th Reich, a design nearly 400,000 years old from when the Bafath broke off from the light and set out to control the human genetic descendants of Lyran-Plejarans on earth and other planets; the Zionist Cabal-Santanic pentagram on his chest; the hair curl that is one-half of the Nazi swastika.

He now sits in a cell, as well as 45 of his followers, and will be transported to Andromeda to be tried for thousands of crimes spanning thousands of years.

I hesitate to say that those who believed they were getting messages from “Ashtar” will be freed from the fraud, but any other Archon or reptoid or Bafath can easily masquerade as Ashtar and continue the con.

I could not help it — when he as detained, I kicked him in the balls.

But he has no testicles.

And he laughed at my attempt and spat at me. “Weak aberration of Creation!”  he yelled.

Still, it was therapeutic for me, even though the Andromedans present looked at one another with confusion on their blue faces, wondering why I did that.

“Chalk one up to the remnants of my barbarian Third Density self,” I said.


I am currently in Semjase’s command ship, parked above MacQuarie Island between Tasmania and Antarctica: see here.

We are waiting for something to emerge from a portal.

It is icy cold and spooky quiet out,

Old News, John Kettler! Plus, the Cabal is Getting Desperate for War and Gold

John Kettler’s blog entry today contains week-old info, a lot of which I have already reported on. I am starting to think people are lifting from this blog. Ha — that is okay, this blog is for public domain and for spreading the info.

However….Kettler…I stated two weeks ago that Drake was protected by the Plejarans and Arcturians. But why no mention of the clones they made of him? Lt. Cmdr. McCollum tracked them all down and terminated their functions.I have stated twice that Kettler is not in contact with any ET/EDs, nor does he have sources within the intel community passing him info. He is a handicapped, mentally ill and delusional old man sitting at home behind his computer all day dreaming things up…I do know that some pranksters from an NSA basement in Long Beach have been sending him telepathic messages just to screw around with him, making him think ET/EDs are talking to him…these boys kick back with a few beers, feet up on desk, and say, “How will we fuck with Kettler’s mind today?” He did serve them as a source to spread disinfo, but he was not that effective, so now they play jokes on the poor dude. His one redeeming quality is that he is the reincarnated soul of John von Neumann, former director of Montauk and expert in time travel.

Sometimes I wonder if it was Preston Nichols’ idea to get the NSA to mess with Kettler’s head, Nichols being a former NSA guy himself with an old beef against Dr. von Neumann, and sometimes still activated in an alter to do things, when he is not in a world-eating contest with Sean Morton like the two did yesterday.

News about the 1,000 missing Chinese missiles and a fourth Israeli German made dolphin sub, this one carrying an antiquated hydrogen bomb, interfered with by Semjase and her command ship lifting the subs out of water (as well as the Chinese subs that were to attack the west coast of the USA three weeks ago) is indeed going on. As I have said many times, our friendly neighborhood tree-hugging hippy aliens will indeed intervene when nukes come into play, because the repercussions are felt throughout the galaxy and inner earth and in 5-11D.,

The Cabal is getting desperate to start WWW 3 with its repeated attempts to find a reason to war with Iran and Pakistan and get the Chinese and Russians to attack US forces; and then there is the issue of all that gold off the Phillipines they have been trying to steal. The Cabal is getting ancy because their forces of reptilian and gray bases are diminishing and nearly one million clone units have been vaporized.

Chiapas Underwater Battle

Earlier I noted to someone that I was in Mexico City with a group and to wait for activity that indicates base destruction and battle. The clone lab in Michocuan was taken out by McCollum and his team with help from the Caballeros de la Corazon Blanco; several undersea bases, a whole bunch of them in trench, were taken out by Olein, Ramiz, Azket leading Plejaran and Procyon forces. Reptoids shape-shifted as bankers and other “humans” have been rounded up in Mexico City by the Brethren of the White Robe and Procyon troops. An air battle is happening right now over the coast of Chiapas. Mexican news cameras are catching it but I doubt any footage will make it on air…maybe someone will sneak it on youtube.

Drake and the Tree-Hugging Hippy Aliens

Listen to the April 29 interview with Drake, which seems to be from the real Drake and not one of his clones (however, McCollum seems to have taken care of that); this is the first time he addresses the ET issue — and he seems to be taking it right from this blog.

1) Advises not to engage in hand-to-hand combat with reptilains because they are bigger, stronger, faster and telepathic, so know your moves before you make them.

2) Leave it to special elite forces (aka, Procyon ground troops and members of the Brethren of the White Robe, etc) that are trained to hunt down and fight them (Casbolt, McCollum, etc).

3) Why the benevolent ETs take care of certain things but are obliged by “non-interference” rules.

4) Military cabal refers to Plejarans as “tree-hugging hippy aliens.”  Ha-ha!

What I find curious is that all these questions/concerns were recently addressed in the comments section of this blog, and I know Drake and possibly his clones are reading this blog.

Goodbye to a Huge Clone Warehouse in Canada

Q552 is the name of an underground base in the Rocky Mountains Canada area, in a town called Nelson, where much cloning has been going on since the late 1970s. James Casbolt had information that it had now become a warehouse for a clone army that would strike the Olympics.

Procyonian ground troops of the elite Roan Brigade and Plejaran air cover led by Remiz stuck the base/warehouse at 9:00 pm CMT. What they found there…was horrifying.

They found, in cold storage, 100 clones of Duncan O’Finioan, 100 clones of Eva Moore, and 200 clones of James Casbolt…but these clones had been genetically spliced with horses, bulls, reptoids and elephants, so they did not look quite “human.” These were clone monsters. The O’Finioan clones were especially hideous, with tucks coming out of his cheeks, green scaly skin and four horse legs.

This was a combined operation between the Gizeh Intelligence and the Federal Reserve.

The facility was nuked.

Out Near the Kupier Belt…Do Reptoid Legs Taste Like Chicken?

…Sean David Morton wants to know! He could be our last line of defense.

Anyway, the three thousand Draco-Hydra-Mantis-Annunaki ships have halted a few light years from the Kupier Belt, long with the planetoid in stasis. It is unknown what they are doing…assessing the Andromeda/Plejaran blockade? Waiting for additional forces?

Kettler on Cassidy

I have no idea why Kerry Cassidy, doing her show from Procyon tonight, interviewed John Kettler when I already said he is a nutcase being used by prankstes in a basement in Langley and a basement in Utah by sending him false info to spread.

Kettler has the clone issue wrong, the Chinese troops info wrong, and Drake wrong. He is basically WRONG. Kettler is as crazy as a three-legged chair in an ass-kicking contest. He is nuttier than soup sandwiches.

I think Kerry has done this intentionally, to show how much disinfo is coming out with the soon invasion of the USA and naval and air wars between China and the US.She has strange ways.

But know this: the war is a puppet game, it was planned, there is no good vs. evil, it is placed to create fear and to dclare martial law.

Know this: the Plejarans and Andomedans will only interefere if nuclear weapons might be used, or Project Bluebeam is used. This is a war of free will, and for the ground crew to stop.

The Brethren of the White Robe and Uncompromised White Hats and White Dragons and Knights of the Silver Sword and the Daughters of the Phoenix are working to stop this. Or if not stop, make it less taxing.

Random Alien Brain Droppings

I recommend Suzanne Chancellor’s brave blog about her abduction experiences. She quotes Howard Biel in Network: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”, a healthy attitude for what has been done to her by the grays, reptoids and Mantis beings,  and done to her daughter as well.

Suzanne may or may not know it, but she is a Plejaran soul and half Plejaran physically. This is the basis for why the grays are interested in her.

The Cabalist Clock is Cheap…and the Countdown is for Your Downfall

Keep ticking and tocking at me, Cabalists and Luciferians, reptoids and black hats, would-be assassins and wanna-be submarine commanders, because your empty threats make me smile. with big bright shiny teeth.

Hey what happened to the guy, back in March, who kept writing to me and saying, “In two days, this blog will be shut down.” I am waiting.

Or those who keep telling me, “Soon you will go down.” I am waiting.

Ot those adolescent ninjas who said they would cut me down for exposing the truth about the Fulford clones. I am waiting.

Or those who say, “Tick tick, Hat Man, enjoy life while you can.” I am waiting.

Every time my life gets threatened, I know it must be Tuesday. You people may have been able to make David Wilcock cry and weep in fear, but four leaf clovers cover me from head to toe, laddies, and the Daughters of the Phoenix stand in front of me, the accomplished 505 behind me, the angels of the seven sisters above me, and the bones of the wicked crunch under my feet.

I am waiting.

You deceivers are weak; you claim you are of the light and good but you draw the ignorant innocents into your false flame and turn them into pawns for your dark overlords, your alphabet soup masters, your desert-dwelling handlers.

All you say is, “Just wait, it’s coming, we will get you soon.” If you had any power and could do anything to keep me quiet, you would have done so already, or now.

I am waiting.

You are weak. Far more powerful sources have tried to terminate me and have failed. And yet you little ants think you are mightier than the aardvark.

I am waiting.

It was Not a Meteor, Folks, but Nasty Nazis

The media is putting out a cover story again. The explosion and debris was a Gizeh Intelligence “bell” shaped saucer, shot down by Remiz and Olein. It was targeting the Procyon-Earth shuttle leaving Catalina Island and heading toward a cargo pick-up on the moon, with Kerry Cassidy on board. I am not sure if they were after her, as there were a number of uncompromised white hats on the shuttle, including a very important person I cannot name for his own protection.

Apr 22, 5:59 PM EDT

Explosion, fireball reported in Nevada, California

RENO, Nev. (AP) — A loud explosion heard across much of Nevada and California on Sunday morning rattled homes and prompted a flood of calls to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the Sierra Nevada, some reporting fireball sightings.

The sound and the light show were likely caused by a meteor that entered Earth’s atmosphere, astronomers said.

“It made the shades in my room shake hard enough to slam into the window a couple times,” said Nicole Carlsen of the Reno area. “I kept looking for earthquake information, but (there was) nothing. I even checked the front of my house to make sure no one ran into the garage. I wish I had seen the meteor.”

Erin Girard-Hudson of Arnold, Calif., told The Union Democrat of Sonora, Calif., that the loud boom that occurred around 8 a.m. made her 2-year-old daughter, Elsie, cry.

“It knocked me off my feet and was shaking the house,” she said. “It sounded like it was next door.”

No damages or injuries were immediately reported. There were no reports of earthquakes at the time.

Some people reported seeing a brilliant light streak across the sky at the same time. Sightings occurred over roughly a 600-mile line across the two states, including Reno, Elko and North Las Vegas in Nevada, and the San Francisco, Sacramento and Bakersfield areas in California.

They Got to Drake

As I feared, Drake was targeted and they got to him. He says he will no longer do radio interviews because of people being “disrespectful and rude” except for a weekly report on

In his latest interview two days ago, he lets out much info either openly or in Intel code. He mentions “all of the sudden there are many Drakes out there” and “There is only one of me.” This indicates that they have clones of him ready to go out and put forth disinfo.

As I suspected, Bill Brockbrader and Dave Corso buddied up to him in order to attack him, clone him, and discredit him, by order of the CIA, their masters.

The OSI seems to have their targets on him.

Sarah Stanga and her Order of Moloch and Dracos have been physically and astrally attacking Drake, claiming he is really a Jesuit Overlord, which he is not; he is also being astrally attacked by Duncan O’Finioan (Bobby Joe Fanin) and his black witch wife Miranda, Stewart Swerdlow, Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger and David Icke.

These attacks were inevitable.

The Brethren of the White Robe offers haven and protection to Drake. With Plejaran tech, we can place a psychic shield around him. He knows who to contact.


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