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California in 7 Years

Prepare for the New West Coast, with Santa Rose as the capitol of AguaCali.

Map by Asket of Erra

Californi Submerged

Oct. 12

In terms of backwards time, it seems tens of thousands of people are re-expericning October 12, 2013, over and over again, making changes or keeping it as is. The question is: what is important about that date?

The Sun

It won’t explode. It is being fixed by the Sons of the Sun.

What Really Caused the Phillipines Tsunami?

A chunk from ISON after Minerva crashed into it?

Sean David Morton falling from the sky?


Or all three?

Nov 11

Crowley and the cabal plan to knock out the power grid in North America around Nov. 11, perhaps 12. The Idylwild Group is working to stop it. They may fail, so prepare for a possible national power outage for two weeks if they fail.

Syria Has Been Nuked

Hence the blackout and mushroom cloud.

Nukes in San Francisco

Douglas Dietrich and the Idylwild Group have found all but one of the suitcase nukes in San Francisco. One is missing still and believed to be somewhere in the Russian Hill area.


The Syrian incident is another staged event. Believe nothing. The Jesuits and the Tall Whites are behind it all.

ISON Debris Hitting USA

Meteors have been raining down on the western states of the US. While much of it has been blacked out by major news to quell mass panic, many people are reporting sightings and impacts,

However, ISON is now in stasis, not moving, being held in check by the Andromeda Council biosphere’s tractor beam.

Nukes in San Francisco

Mossad/Jesuit agents have entered San Francisco with three suitcase nukes. The idylwild Group, with the help of Douglas Dietrich, are trying to locate them before the nukes are set off. The blast radius is a city block but the entire city will be flooded with radiation.


death is not the end, only a transition.  those who are about to go chose this life and circumstance to graduate from the 3D,

01018811 Level Green

Plejaran? No, an Aldebaran/Gizeh spy


Casbolt took this photo of what he thought was a Plejaran following him in the airport. Not Plejaran — this woman (Code Name Leparia)  is the half-Aldebaran daughter of Maria Orsic, who was involved in the milab situation with David Vanderbeek, would-be governor of Nevada and MKUltra handler.


As of today, reality has been classifed top secret.


The Third Dimension

I am here for a few days. Much has happened…

The Truth About Xena Warrior Princess on Mars


Sometimes people believe certain TV shows are couched in truth, as a way for the Cabal Illuminati Elite Luciferians (aka CIEL) to disclose the truth — and often this is the case with shows like Fringe, Stargate SG1, The Event, Last Resort, The Flying Nun, Seaquest, Time Tunnel, The Invaders, The A-Team and My Name is Earl.

What few know is that Zena Warrior Princess is based on fact, but tales from ancient Mars, not earth.

Back in the mid-1980s, two young jumproom operatives (and gay lovers) named Andrew Basiago and Barry Soetoro traveled from 999 North Sepulveda to Mars on a routine recon mission. They decided to check out an unmapped cave where inside they found, encased in a time stasis amber, an 11-foot tall mighty woman with four arms, each clutching a sword. Her skin was blue. Now you see where the Kali image originated.

This woman was taken back to Area 53 and thawed out. Her name was Xena and she was a Martian warrior princess from 450,000 years in the past, when life was teeming on Mars. She told of her adventures. Those adventures were passed to Sam Raimi and made into a TV show

This is true.



Weird Scenes at Awake and Aware


There was an Awake and Aware Conference in Los Angeles last weekend. DAARPA was directing Anti-time particles at various guest speakers there, causing numerous timelines to cross over and intersect. Many there were caught up in a time flux, including Kerry Cassidy whose timelines changed every half hour. At one point Steven Kelley and David Wilcox merged into one being and then were separated when Sean David Morton ate the temporal tendrils that bound them. “Chrono calamari!” cried SDM, who proceeded to eat half a dozen timelines into oblivion.

Stranger things have happened. Preston Nichols, whose 1982 self back at Montalk was really behind the anti-time particle attacks, began to eat downtown Los Angeles, but SDM beat him to it,

There are timelines where L.A. no longer exists, because they are in the digestive tracks of Nichols and Morton.

And who is in the digestive tracks of Anthony “Dirty” Sanchez? Richard Hoagland, by all means. 

“Dirty Sanchez really blows me away,” said Hoagland in a long-winded manner.

But that is not the real and true gentle Hoagland but a clone. Why has the real Hoagland been quiet for a long time? He is on Mars building a tetrahedron condo in the Cydonia region of Mars with Hugo Chavez and Timothy McVeigh.

Strange bedfellows abound at Awake and Aware.


Greetings from the Fifth Density and the Inner Halls of the Akashiac Records.

Much deceptions has been cloaked over your 3D world. First, Cyprus: the banks do not have issues, the bankers merely want to steal what they can before the poop hits the fan. Cyprus is off-shore banking, mainly Russian, Ukranian and East European mob, drug, and blood money.Like Pope Ratzinger’s stepping off the pontifcate chair, all is not what it seems. Cyprus is a testing ground for what Crowley’s Cabal intends to do in England, Germany, France, the United States, Mexico and Austrailia/New Zealand. You may want to consider turning whatever digital money you have in banks into gold, silver and copper. As I pointed out last year, when I operated around the earth, moon and Mars, I maintained no bank ccounts or credit cards and used only gold coins and bars, which I would covert into whatever currency needed in whatever nation I was in; and when I was done, I would re-convert the currency back into gold.

Second, North Korea: a TV production, all staged. Meant to distract the attention of U.S. citizens from what is really going on: the failure of the dollar, the rise of Mexican gangs operating in the U.S., the dictatorship of the Obama Clones and overall, Alesitar Crowley’s puppermaster moves from Mount Weather’s underground facility.

Archangel No More

I am no longer an archangel. My time has ended.

The power was too much.

I will write of it later.

For now, I am in the 5D working at the Akashaic Records. I have access to 3D communictions but I will not be going on 3D advnetures.

I am just a senior clerk here, reporting to Uriel and Raphael.


The Former White Hat

The Papal FWH?

Will the white smoke rise from the Vatican and the Former White Hat announced as the new Pope? The first time an Archangel was made pontificate?

Anything is possible.

Underwater Battle Rages On

A pretty big underwater battle between the Annunaki and the Andromeda Council fleet is raging on in the Santa Cruz Islands region. More later…

Ingo Swann

Ingo Swann’s soul was captured by the greys and they intend to force it into a mantoid body. The Idylwild Group is on the rescue.


this is getting ridiculous


Duncans the left of me

Maugans to the right

here I am

stuck in the middle

of universes


believes he has it figured out

…still stuck in this half-second…


The human known as The Former White Hat has left this earth and timeline and is on Planet Hope.. He did travel forward to December 22-24, so expect messages from him then before final 5th Density ascension.

Please refer to The Idylwild Group Blog for updates on your world.

The Mongoose

So Long Gizeh Boys!

Spent this weekend helping take out most of the Gizeh Intelligence aka the Bafath negative Lyrans. Took out the main Egypt, Austria and Argentin bases. There are only a dozen or so left scattered about and hiding on Ganymeade.  Their crap and mind control should be at an end. The Idlywild Group will have more details. This concludes my final military action on earth, I am ready to pack my bags.

Timequake rumbles

Some of you are starting to feel the fIrst rumbles of the time quake. You may not realize your lives are caught in loops of moments. You must become aware and break free.


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